Highlights: Spain 0-0 Portugal in friendly match


3:38 PM12 days ago

Transmission ended

Thank you to those who are accompanied us a another game and see you again.
3:36 PM12 days ago


3:25 PM12 days ago

End of the match

The Iberian Classic at the Wanda Metropolitano ends with a scoreless draw between Spain and Portugal.
3:24 PM12 days ago

Unai Simón makes the save

90+2' Bruno Fernandes takes a free-kick from the right, Danilo Pereira gets a free header up. Unai Simón makes the save.
3:24 PM12 days ago


90' Gayá raises the ball from the left, Álvaro Morata comes forward alone, enters the box, and shoots at Rui Patrício. The ball hits the crossbar and the score remains level.
3:23 PM12 days ago


90' Two minutes left in the match.
3:23 PM12 days ago

Defensive cut-back

87' Nuno Mendes gets on the left side of the box, goes on a counter attack and opens up on the right, but Eric García gets ahead of him and heads the ball back to Unai Simón.
3:23 PM12 days ago

Rui Patrício saves

87' Koke takes a free-kick from the left with a dangerous cross, Ferran Torres fumbles the ball and Rui Patrício manages to get a save.
3:15 PM12 days ago

It's not CR7's day

81' In his first appearance in the game, Nuno Mendes gives a beautiful throw to Cristiano Ronaldo. The striker tries to keep the ball under control, but moves the ball forward and Unai Simón restarts the game for Spain.
3:14 PM12 days ago

Substitution in Portugal

80' Raphaël Guerreiro out and Nuno Mendes in.
3:14 PM12 days ago


79' Gayà crosses from the left and Morata can't deflect in the face of goal.
3:10 PM12 days ago

Spain substitutions

78' Laporte out, Diego Llorente in.
3:10 PM12 days ago

Counterattack wasted

77' Bruno Fernandes comes down the middle at speed on a counter attack and plays to Rafa Silva on the right. The cross to Cristiano Ronaldo is too strong, Pote tries to keep the ball in play but heads it the wrong way.
3:10 PM12 days ago

Out comes the goalkeeper

75' Nélson Semedo makes a throw-in from midfield to the attack, but the pass is stretched and Unai Simón comes out of the goal to make the save.
3:09 PM12 days ago

Spain substitutions

74' Pablo Sarabia and Fabian Ruiz out, Gerard Moreno and Koke in.
3:09 PM12 days ago

Passes through the area

71' Spain is on a good run down the left side with Gayà the ball goes all the way through the area and nobody gets it away.
3:08 PM12 days ago

Portugal substitutions

70' Out come Diogo Jota and Renato Sanches, in come Rafa Silva and João Palhinha.
3:08 PM12 days ago

Misses the target

69' Bruno Fernandes takes a corner and Cristiano Ronaldo heads the ball away.
3:08 PM12 days ago

Flirting with danger

64' Unai Simón receives a rebound in the area and tries to dribble on Diego Jota. He took a big risk.
2:57 PM12 days ago

Substitutions in Spain

62' Out come Thiago Alcántara, Busquets and Pau Torres, in come Pedri González, Rodri Fernández and Eric García.
2:57 PM12 days ago

Over the goal

59' Cristiano Ronaldo receives the ball at speed from Nélson Semedo and makes the cross from the back line. Diogo Jota and head. It is deflected and Portugal wins a corner.
2:56 PM12 days ago

Portugal substitutions

58' Out come Pepe and Sergio Oliveira, in come William Oliveira and Bruno Fernandes.
2:56 PM12 days ago

Clear chance missed by Spain

57' Marcos Llorente is activated on the right side of the area, disputes the ball with Pepe on the back line and plays it to Pablo Sarabia. In the face of goal, the striker shoots over the goal.
2:55 PM12 days ago

In the hands of goalkeeper

54' Gayà makes a mistake in the defensive field, Pote regains possession and slips at the time of the cross. Unai Simón makes an easy save.
2:55 PM12 days ago

La Roja in the attack

53' Marcos Llorente advances free on the right after receiving from Thiago Alcántara and crosses in the area. Alvaro Morata hits it first time and José Fonte makes the cut. On the left side, Morata shoots out.
2:55 PM12 days ago

The field is over

51' Nélson Semedo takes a corner kick, Renato Sanches controls it, but the ball goes out of the back line.
2:54 PM12 days ago

Too bad

50' Laporte tries to rebound and misses. Portugal takes a corner.
2:54 PM12 days ago

Rui Patrício makes the save

49' Ferran Torres throws the ball to Alvaro Morata in the box. The striker shoots and Rui Patrício saves.
2:53 PM12 days ago

Lack of attack

47' In his first appearance in the game, Pote triggers Diogo Jota on the left side, but the ball hits his arm and the play is stopped.
2:53 PM12 days ago

Portuguese defense takes it away

46' Fabián Ruiz tries to play Morata in the area, but the Portugal defense anticipates and makes the cut.
2:35 PM12 days ago


The second half begins.
2:34 PM12 days ago

Replacement in Portugal

João Félix out and Pote in. At 22 years, striker makes his debut with the Lusitanian shirt.
2:31 PM12 days ago

Return to the field

Athletes return to the field.
2:17 PM12 days ago


End of the first half.
2:16 PM12 days ago


41' The match continues at the same pace. Spain have a lot of possession of the ball and pass the ball around in the attack, but Portugal's defense stops Hispanic attacks.
2:09 PM12 days ago

Unai Simón almost gets in trouble

36' Portugal counterattack with Renato Sanches in the middle. The midfielder gets forward and opens up with Cristiano Ronaldo on the right. Gayà intercepts, Unai Simón pokes out and hits Cristiano Ronaldo. Simón recovers in time.
2:07 PM12 days ago

Control your temper, guys

33' Gayà and Renato Sanches get in each other's way twice in a row and the referee intervenes to contain the players' tempers.
2:03 PM12 days ago


31' Ferran Torres makes an effective pass to a free Fabián Ruiz on the left side, but the ball is long and goes out of bounds.
2:00 PM12 days ago


26' Spain recover the ball in the offensive midfield, Alvaro Morata tables and crosses three fingers to Ferran Torres. The striker misses the target.
1:59 PM12 days ago

Portugal's goal disallowed

22' Sergio Oliveira takes a corner from the left, José Fonte rises and commits an attacking foul on Pau Torres. The defender gets to score, but the goal does not count.
1:59 PM12 days ago

Interrupted advance

20' Renato Sanches moves forward in an individual play, gets into the box, but is put off by the defender. Unai Simón kicks the ball away
1:57 PM12 days ago

Initial view

19' Spain has more possession, but does not result in shots.
1:49 PM12 days ago

Pepe again

14' Fabián Ruiz takes a corner from the left, the ball stays alive in the area and Pepe takes the danger.
1:48 PM12 days ago


13' Fabián Ruiz receives on the left and crosses. The ball hits Nélson Semedo and goes out. Corner to Spain.
1:47 PM12 days ago

Defense removes the danger

11' João Félix wins a dispute with his marker and crosses. Spain's defense keeps the ball out of the way.
1:46 PM12 days ago

Pepe cuts it off

9' Pablo Sarabia tables the left side with Fabián Ruiz and crosses. Pepe deflects the ball and Marcos Llorente can't finish.
1:46 PM12 days ago

Fouls and fouls

6' Match without many chances. The match is concentrated in midfield with many fouls.
1:35 PM12 days ago

No danger

2' Ferran Torres crosses from the right side of the area and Portugal's defense clears the danger.
1:34 PM12 days ago


1' Danilo Pereira falls to the ground after being fouled by Sergio Busquets.
1:31 PM12 days ago


The Iberian Classic starts!
1:29 PM12 days ago

Are you ready?

Match will start in a few moments.
1:28 PM12 days ago

National Anthems

The Nacional Anthems of Spain and Portugal are being played.
1:28 PM12 days ago

On the pitch

Players from both teams take the field at the Wanda Metropolitano.
1:19 PM12 days ago

Back to locker room

Players return to the locker room. Match will start in a few minutes.
1:16 PM12 days ago

Retrospect of the Iberian Classic

Games: 47

Spain wins: 16

Portugal wins: 6

Draws: 15

Goals for Spain: 75

Goals for Portugal: 44

1:14 PM12 days ago

Final warm-up

Players of both teams on the field of the Wanda Metropolitano in the final physical preparation before the friendly match begins.
1:12 PM12 days ago


Referee - Craig Pawson (ENG)

Assistant referees - Ian Hussin (ENG) and Daniel Cook (ENG)

Fourth official - David Coote (ENG)

1:07 PM12 days ago

Portugal: substitutes

Anthony Lopes, Rui Silva; Nuno Mendes, William Carvalho, Rafa Silva, Rúben Neves, João Moutinho, Bruno Fernandes, João Palhinha, Pedro Gonçalves e André Silva.

HC: Fernando Santos.

1:02 PM12 days ago

Spain: substitutes

David de Gea, Robert Sánchez; Azpilicueta, Diego Llorente, Eric García, Oyarzabal, Jordi Alba, Dani Olmo, Koke, Rodrigo, Pedri González, Gerard Moreno.

HC: Luis Enrique

12:57 PM12 days ago

Line-up: Portugal

Rui Patrício; Nélson Semedo, Pepe, José Fonte e Raphaël Guerreiro; Danilo Pereira, Sérgio Oliveira e Renato Sanches; João Félix, Diogo Jota e Cristiano Ronaldo.

Head coach: Fernando Santos.

12:52 PM12 days ago

Line-up: Spain

Unai Simón; Marcos Llorente, Aymeric Laporte, Pau Torres, Gayà; Sergio Busquets, Thiago Alcántara, Fabián Ruiz; Pablo Sarabia, Álvaro Morata, Ferran Torres.

Head coach: Luis Enrique.

12:47 PM12 days ago

How to watch Spain vs Portugal Live TV and stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: ESPN, TUDN USA, fuboTV.

If you want to directly stream it: ESPN App, TUDN.com, TUDN App.

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

12:42 PM12 days ago

Portugal: Team News

Portugal coach Fernando Santos may not have some players for the friendly against Spain. Midfielder Bruno Fernandes presented to the group two days ago and may have limited performance. The trio of Manchester City players who played in the final of the Uefa Champions League (Rúben Dias, João Cancelo and Bernardo Silva) had a week off and join the group at the next weekend. Striker Gonçalo Guedes finalizes isolation period after being diagnosed with Covid-19 and should not play.
12:37 PM12 days ago

Spain: Team news

Coach of the Spanish National Team, Luis Enrique called 24 players for the Euro 2020 dispute. The big news is the absence of the players from Real Madrid, the biggest Spanish champion and one of the biggest winners of world soccer. The idea is to leave the team ready for the debut in the Euro.
12:32 PM12 days ago

First big challenge

The teams for Iberian Peninsula will have their first major tests ahead of the Euro competition, with a good portion of the playeds called up listed for the friendly match.
12:27 PM12 days ago

Portugal in Euro 2020

Portugal is in the Group F, the most complicated group of the competition, along with France, Germany and Hungary.
12:22 PM12 days ago

Spain in the Euro 2020

La Roja was drown in Group E and will be alongside Sweden, Poland and Slovakia in their group to win the European Championship for the fourth time.
12:17 PM12 days ago

Reigning Euro champions

Portugal won the last Euro 2016 by beating France at the Stade de France. It was the first Portuguese victory in the history of the competition.
12:12 PM12 days ago

Spain in search of its fourth championship

Before Portugal's initial title in the 2016 edition, Spain held the post of Euro winner. La Roja has three trophies won in 1964, 2008 ans 2012.
12:07 PM12 days ago

Kickoff time

The Spain vs Portugal match will be played at the Wanda Metropolitano, Madrid, Spain.

The kick-off is scheduled at 1:30pm ET.

12:02 PM12 days ago

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