Goals and Highlights: Luxembourg 0-1 Scotland in International Friendly


1:56 PM18 days ago

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1:54 PM18 days ago


With a goal by Adams, Scotland beats Luxembourg in International Friendly!
1:51 PM18 days ago


We'll have three more minutes in the game.
1:45 PM18 days ago


Substitutions in Luxembourg: Skenderovic and Thill are out for Da Mota and Da Graça.
1:42 PM18 days ago


Substitution in Scotland: out goes Dykes and in comes Nisbet.
1:40 PM18 days ago


Dykes received inside the box and tried to hit it over the top, but the goalkeeper threw himself on the ball and saved Luxembourg. Then Dyjes received a cross and headed the ball away!
1:37 PM18 days ago


Replacement in Scotland: Gilmour leaves, still dizzy, to enter Forrest.
1:33 PM18 days ago


Yellow for Thill, who just came in, for a very strong collision with Gilmour, basically a tackle. It would be a foul in the NFL.
1:32 PM18 days ago


Substitution in Luxembourg: Sinani is out, Thill is in.
1:30 PM18 days ago


On the cross coming from the left Adams went high and headed for the goal, but he fouled before the shot and the goal was disallowed.
1:29 PM18 days ago


Skenderovic hit from outside the area and almost sent it out of the stadium.
1:26 PM18 days ago


Rodrigues received in the middle, put it away and hit it from outside the area, but in the hands of Marshall.
1:25 PM18 days ago


Substitution in Luxembourg: Deville out, Bohnert in. In Scotland Robertson and O'Donell went out to Paterson and Fraser.
1:21 PM18 days ago


Morris got a great save on Dykes' shot. On the rebound he himself set up Gilmour, who dribbled into the box, dribbled past two defenders and hit the ball hard, to a great save by Gilmour. In the corner McTominay made the free-kick.
1:18 PM18 days ago


O'Donnel crossed and Dykes was able to score, but he touched the ball with his hand in his domain and the goal was disallowed.
1:17 PM18 days ago


McKennie got his shot from outside the box, with a deflection and sent it into the goal, but Morris put it for a corner, which was already beaten and the defense took it away!
1:13 PM18 days ago


A cross into the box and Mahmutovic got away with a strong header.
1:13 PM18 days ago


From the left another corner for Scotland.
1:11 PM18 days ago


On a cross from the left Mahmutovic deflected it for a corner, which was already beaten into the ground, with possession for Scotland.
1:10 PM18 days ago


A corner is taken and Morris has it in the small area.
1:09 PM18 days ago


Gilmour took off down the middle, got past the defense and hit a cross, but Morris sent it for a corner!
1:06 PM18 days ago


Rodrigues takes the first touch on the ball and it rolls into the second half of Luxembourg and Scotland.
1:01 PM18 days ago

Players on the field

The players appear on the pitch to start the second half of the match. And in Scotland we will have substitutions. Out come Gallagher and McGregor for Gilmour and McKenna.
12:51 PM18 days ago


With a goal by Che Adams, Scotland wins Luxemurgo away from home!
12:47 PM18 days ago


We'll have two more minutes in the game.
12:39 PM18 days ago


Gallagher got the header, but sent it over the crossbar.
12:39 PM18 days ago


From the left, Scotland now has a corner to lift into the area.
12:38 PM18 days ago


McTominay took the free-kick and sent it over the goal
12:37 PM18 days ago


Dykes was streaking down the middle alone to face Moris and Selimovic pulled him, receiving a red card for the foul on the edge of the area!
12:35 PM18 days ago


A corner kick taken in the middle of the area and Dykes took it from there.
12:34 PM18 days ago


On Rodrigues' back pass McKennie deflected for a corner!
12:31 PM18 days ago


Rodrigues is yellow carded for a foul on Tierney in the backfield.
12:29 PM18 days ago


On the right Dykes got it and took it to the middle, finding Adams on the left, who hit a low shot under the goalkeeper, opening the score!
12:28 PM18 days ago


Statistics so far.

Ball possession
Luxembourg 59% vs. Scotland 41

Luxembourg 3-4 Scotland

12:27 PM18 days ago


Luxembourg, surprisingly, manages to press and get into the box, but still without creating any dangerous chances. Scotland, on the other hand, tries to get out at speed on the left, with Robertson, but without effectiveness so far.
12:17 PM18 days ago


Robertson crossed from the left and Dykes got the header high, but sent it past Moris' left post!
12:10 PM18 days ago


In the corner taken from the left Selimovic deflected it in the middle and Marshall deflected it away!
12:09 PM18 days ago


Sinani hit a shot from outside the area and, with a deflection, sent it to the corner.
12:08 PM18 days ago


Jans received the ball inside the box and tried a shot, but hit the defense.
12:04 PM18 days ago


The match restarts now with the departure of the Scotland goalkeeper
12:03 PM18 days ago


And the game is already stopped, because the ball was withered!
12:02 PM18 days ago

Thc match begins!

Dykes takes the first touch on the ball and it rolls to Luxembourg and Scotland!
11:58 AM18 days ago

National anthems being played

Now the national anthems of Scotland and Luxembourg are played before the start of the match.
11:56 AM18 days ago

Teams on the field!

The players appear on the field and are greeted by the fans to start the match!
11:42 AM18 days ago

Warm up!

The players were warming up and are now back in the dressing rooms to finish their preparation and soon the ball will start rolling!
11:35 AM18 days ago

Retrospect 3

Luxembourg scored only one goal in all the matches, against 11 for the Scottish National Team.
11:34 AM18 days ago

Retrospect 2

Three of these matches took place at Luxembourg's home, where there was a draw, for the Euro, and two victories for Scotland, for the friendlies.
11:34 AM18 days ago

Retrospect 1

Luxembourg and Scotland have met four other times in history. Three Scottish wins and only one draw. Two of these matches were friendly matches and two were Eurocup matches.
11:33 AM18 days ago

The venue for today's game!

This is the Stade Josy Barthel, the venue of today's match and where the ball will roll in a few moments!

11:19 AM18 days ago

Line-up of Scotland

Scotland has some new additions. In defense O'Donnel starts at fullback, with McTominay at centerback. In the attack Dykes and Gallagher come on!
11:18 AM18 days ago

Scotland lined-up!

Scotland's national team has been lined up and comes into the match with:

11:13 AM18 days ago

Line-up of Luxembourg

The Luxembourg national team comes with some news. In the defense De Graça gives way to Selimovic. In the middle, S. Thill and Martins Pereira are out for Skenderovic and Sinani. In the attack Da Mota gives way to Deville.
11:12 AM18 days ago

Luxembourg lined-up!

Luxembourg is lined up and comes with: Moris, Jans, Selimovic, Mahmutovic, and Pinto; Skenderovic, Carlson, Sinani, and Rodrigues; Thill and Deville.
11:11 AM18 days ago


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Key player Scotland

Considered one of the best left-backs in the world, Robertson is one of the standouts of the strong Scottish national team. Already a well-known starter for Liverpool, Robertson promises strength on the left side of the Scottish attack!
4:13 AM18 days ago

Key player Luxembourg

Luxembourg's main player is Gerson Rodrigues. The number 10 scorer against Portugal plays for Dynamo Kiev and is the hope of victory for the Luxembourg national team!
4:08 AM18 days ago

Sctoland line-up

Marshall, Hanley, Cooper e Tierney; O'Donnell, Gilmour, McGinn, McGregor e Robertson; Adams, Nisbet.
4:03 AM18 days ago

Luxembourg line-up

Moris, Da Graca, Jans, Mahmutovic, Carlson e Pinto; S. Thill, Martins Pereira e O. Thill; Da Mota e Rodrigues.
3:58 AM18 days ago

Scotland: sentence

Scotland, meanwhile, are coming off a draw away from home on Wednesday. Against the Netherlands, Hendry opened the scoring, Depay tied, Nissbet equalized and Depay tied again.In World Cup qualifying Scotland has five points in group F. Above it is Denmark, with nine. Right behind are Israel and Austria, with four. Finally the Faroe Islands and Moldova have one point.
3:53 AM18 days ago


Luxembourg comes after an away defeat to Norway last Wednesday (2). The top scorer of the night, as usual, was Haaland, with a goal. In World Cup Qualifying, Luxembourg is on three points from two games in group A, seeing Portugal and Serbia with seven and Ireland and Azerbaijan with no points.
3:48 AM18 days ago

Kick-off time Luxembourg vs Scotland Live

The match between Luxembourg and Scotland starts at 12 pm this Sunday (6), at the Josy Barthel Stadium.
3:43 AM18 days ago

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