Goals and highlights: Germany vs Latvia in International Friendly (7-1)


4:38 PM14 days ago

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Thank you here for your audience in this friendly match in preparation for the Eurocup. Thank you very much and see you next time!
4:36 PM14 days ago


With seven goals, Germany beats Latvia with a rout in the last friendly before the Euro!
4:25 PM14 days ago


Hummels received a good pass from Werner inside the box and tried to shoot, being stopped by the goalkeeper and the defense!
4:23 PM14 days ago


Substitution in Latvia: Uldrikis out, Varslavans in.
4:21 PM14 days ago


Substitution in Germany: Muller out, Musiala in.
4:20 PM14 days ago


Muller received the ball inside the box and put it in front of Sané to score the seventh goal!
4:18 PM14 days ago


Saveljevs, with a beautiful shot from a distance, after a move to the side, sent it into the corner and reduced the score!
4:16 PM14 days ago


Hummels received a good passse on the edge of the area, took the marking and hit hard, but out!
4:12 PM14 days ago


Double substitution in Latvia: Zjuzins and Cigankis left for Jaunzens and Saveljevs.
4:08 PM14 days ago


Kimmich received a turn of play on the right, arranged for Sané, who hit hard, but out of the goal!
4:03 PM14 days ago


And we will have substitutions. In Latvia, Karklins is out, Krollis is in. In Germany Gundogan, Gosens and Rudiger went out, and Gunter, Can and Sule came in.
3:54 PM14 days ago


Kimmich crossed from the right after receiving from Sané and found Werner in the middle of the box to put the ball in the back of the goal!
3:50 PM14 days ago


Uldrikis makes the first touch on the ball and it rolls into the second half of Germany-Latvia!
3:49 PM14 days ago

Players on the field

The teams are on the field once again and come up with substitutions. In Germany Ikaunieks and Oss are out for Maksimenko and Tarasovs. In Germany, Gnabry and Havertz are out to replace Werner and Sané.
3:33 PM14 days ago


In the first 45 minutes, FIVE goals and Germany goes on to defeat Latvia at home in this first half!
3:33 PM14 days ago


Gnabry received a beautiful long pass from Hummels in the box and hit a cross to put the ball in the back of the net!
3:26 PM14 days ago


Muller received a long throw-in, found Havertz on the right inside the box, who took the defender out and hit a cross, with a deflection off the goalkeeper, to score the fourth goal!
3:24 PM14 days ago


Kroos shot from a distance, and Ozols sprawled in the small area. On the rebound Gnabry shot, but blocked by the defense!
3:22 PM14 days ago


Yellow card for Gundogan and for Oss, for a start of confusion, which has now been controlled.
3:14 PM14 days ago


Gosens went to the back line, after a pass from Gnabry, crossing and finding Muller to put it in the back of the net!
3:12 PM14 days ago


Gosens crossed the ball from the left, the defense didn't clear and Kimmich dominated on the right, hitting it hard and hitting the post!
3:08 PM14 days ago


Havertz, on the right, found Gundogan in the middle, who attempted the pass and took the rebound from the defense's cut, finishing outside the box and sending it high into the air, with no chance for Ozols!
3:06 PM14 days ago


Havertz's cross received the ball on the end line, and Gosens came in, finishing high up to open the scoring!
3:05 PM14 days ago


Yellow card to Zjuzins, for a foul in the midfield.
3:04 PM14 days ago


Havertz crossed the ball from the left and Muller came in to finish, but it went wide of Ozols right side!
3:00 PM14 days ago


Ginter crossed into the box and the ball deflected twice before Gnabry deflected off!
2:58 PM14 days ago


Germany keeps exchanging passes in the attack field, suffocating Latvia, but still unable to score.
2:48 PM14 days ago


Havertz received on the left, inside the penalty area, and hit it hard, cross, but out!
2:47 PM14 days ago


Ginter found Muller inside the box, who beat the goalkeeper and won a corner, already taken quickly.
2:46 PM14 days ago


Muller gets his first touch on the ball and it rolls into the first half of the friendly match between Germany and Latvia!
2:43 PM14 days ago

National anthems

The national anthems of Germany and Latvia are now playing.
2:41 PM14 days ago

Teams on the pitch!

The players appear on the field to start the match!
2:32 PM14 days ago


The players go back to the locker rooms to continue their preparation and later take the field to start the match!
2:21 PM14 days ago

Retrospect 3

In those three games Germany scored six goals, averaging two per game, with only one scored by Latvia.
2:21 PM14 days ago

Retrospect 2

Germany has hosted Latvia only once as a host nation. On that occasion, in a friendly match, Germany emerged 3-0 victorious.
2:21 PM14 days ago

Retrospect 1

The two teams have met only three times in history, with Germany winning twice and drawing once. In friendly matches, such as today, Germany won both.
2:18 PM14 days ago

Game site

The Dusseldorf Stadium looks like this for today!

2:16 PM14 days ago


The German and Latvian players take to the pitch to start their warm-up exercises for the match.
2:01 PM14 days ago

Line up of Latvia

New additions to the Latvian lineup are Fjodorovs, Ozols, Ikaunieks and Uldriks
1:56 PM14 days ago

Latvia lined-up!

Latvia are also lined up for tonight's match and come in with: Ozols, Fjodorovs, Cernomorijs and Jurkovskis; Emsis, Karklins and Zjuzins; Gigankis, Ikaunieks and Uldrikis.
1:51 PM14 days ago

Line-up of Germany

There are many new additions to the German team. In defense Hummels and Rudiger will play. In the middle Gundogan and Kroos come in, and in the attack Havertz starts.
1:46 PM14 days ago

Germany lined-up!

Germany has the following line-up for the friendly match: Neuer, Ginter, Hummels and Rudiger; Kimmich, Kroos, Gundogan and Gosens; Havertz, Muller and Gnabry.

1:41 PM14 days ago


Welcome to the broadcast of the Germany-Latvia match, the International Friendly before the start of the Euro Cup!
1:36 PM14 days ago

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Key player Latvia

The eye in Latvia is on Uldrikis. With a goal in the national team's last match, the 23-year-old young striker is one of the team's standouts with his 6.4 feet!
1:21 PM14 days ago

Key player Germany

Manuel Neuer continues to be Germany's main man. The cool goalkeeper has held his position as one of the best in the world for many seasons now and could be decisive in another Germany match.
1:16 PM14 days ago

Latvia line-up

Ozols, Savalnieks, Cernomorijs, Oss e Jurkovskis; Karklins, Emsis e Zjuzins; Jaumzems, Gigankis e Uldrikis.
1:11 PM14 days ago

Germany line-up

Neuer, Ginter, Sule e Koch; Kimmich, Neuhaus, Gosens e Hofmann; Sané, Gnabry e Muller.
1:06 PM14 days ago

Latvia: sentence

Latvia comes in after beating Lithuania last Friday (4) in the Baltic Cup. Beneta, against, Emsis and Uldrikis scored the three goals for Latvia, while Golubickas scored the goal of honor for Lithuania. In group G Latvia has one point from three games and is in fifth place, just ahead of Gibraltar. Above them are Turkey with seven and the Netherlands, Montenegro and Norway with six.
1:01 PM14 days ago

Germany: sentence

Germany arrives after drawing with Denmark in another friendly last Wednesday (2). Neuhaus opened the scoring and Pulsen equalized. In World Cup Qualifying group J Germany is in third place with six points, tied with North Macedonia, three behind Armenia and three ahead of Romania and Iceland. Liechtenstein closes the group with no points.
12:56 PM14 days ago

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