Goals and Highlights: Vietnam (4-0) Indonesia in FIFA World Cup Qualifiers 2022
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2:45 PMa year ago


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Vietnam won 4-0 over the Indonesian team.
2:43 PMa year ago

90' Addittional Time

Four minutes were added to the match.
2:36 PMa year ago

88'Possession of Vietnam

The Vietnamese team holds the ball, avoiding rival surprises.
2:31 PMa year ago

83'Fighting for possession in the midfield

The teams seek to sustain the game in their favor in the final stretch of the match.
2:27 PMa year ago

79'Vietnam Control

The Vietnamese team manages the actions of the match in every area of the field.
2:23 PMa year ago

74' Vietnam Goal!

Van Thanh Vu scores the fourth for Vietnam.
2:19 PMa year ago

71' Vietnam Control

The Vietnamese team controls the actions in the opponent's field.
2:17 PMa year ago

67'Vietnam Goal!

Nguyen Cong Phuong scores the third for Vietnam.
2:14 PMa year ago

65'Indonesia attack

The Indonesian team is looking for a discount.
2:11 PMa year ago

62' Vietnam Goal!

Nguyen Quang Hai scores the second for Vietnam.
2:08 PMa year ago

59' Vietnam Yellow Card

Argawinata is cautioned.
2:06 PMa year ago

55'Vietnam takes back the danger options

The Vietnamese side is looking to widen its gap.
2:04 PMa year ago

53'Indonesia attacks

The Indonesian side is looking to attack for an equalizer.
2:00 PMa year ago

41' Vietnam Goal!

Nguyen Tien Linh scores the first for Vietnam.
1:57 PMa year ago

Second half begins

The second half of the match begins.
1:56 PMa year ago

Substitution: Vietnam

Enter Nguyen Cong Phuong to replace Van Toan Nguyen.
1:36 PMa year ago

48' End of first half

The first half ends with a scoreless draw.
1:34 PMa year ago

45'Three minutes are added

The referee signals three minutes of added time for the first half.
1:27 PMa year ago

41'The ball is fought for in the middle of the field.

The teams seek to maintain possession and control of the game.
1:24 PMa year ago

37' Substitution: Vietnam

Luong Xuan Truong replaces Tuan Anh Nguyen.
1:23 PMa year ago

36'Vietnam Shot

A shot from the Vietnam team goes wide.
1:20 PMa year ago

34'Vietnam attack foul

Vietnam attacks steadily, but commits a foul in the opponent's area.
1:17 PMa year ago

30'Commitment restarts

Activities resume on the playing field.
1:16 PMa year ago

29'Hydration break

The referee authorizes a hydration break for the teams.
1:13 PMa year ago

27'Possession in Vietnam attack

The Vietnamese side is looking for victory on a consistent basis.
1:09 PMa year ago

23'Ball dispute

Possession is fought for in the midfield.
1:07 PMa year ago

20'Vietnam yellow card

Nguyen Quang Hai is cautioned in Vietnam.
1:05 PMa year ago

18' Yellow Card Indonesia

Irianto is cautioned in Indonesia.
1:03 PMa year ago

17'Indonesia attack

The Indonesian team tries to reach the opponent's goal, but the Vietnamese goalkeeper keeps his goal in check.
1:02 PMa year ago

15'Yellow card in Indonesia

Satriya is cautioned in Indonesia.
1:00 PMa year ago

14'Vietnam's attack on the opposing goal

Vietnam comes dangerously close, but the Indonesian defense sends the ball to the corner kick.
12:57 PMa year ago

11' Vietnam's Shot

The Vietnamese side came close through the middle of the field, but their shot went wide.
12:56 PMa year ago

10'Indonesian attack cancelled

The Indonesian team came close, but it was ruled offside.
12:54 PMa year ago

7'Vietnam Shot

Vietnam's shot is deflected wide to the left of the goal.
12:52 PMa year ago

6'Dangerous free kick for Vietnam

Vietnam is approaching with several occasions over Indonesia.
12:50 PMa year ago

4'Vietnam control at start-up

The Vietnamese team seeks from the beginning, the management of the commitment.
12:45 PMa year ago

Match's begins

The game between Vietnam and Indonesia is underway.
12:42 PMa year ago

Teams on the field

The teams of Vietnam and Indonesia take the field.
12:30 PMa year ago

Starting XI: Indonesia


Nadeo Argawinata; Arif Satriya, Rizky Ramadhani, Pratama Arhan, Asunawi; Evan Dimas Darmono, Syahrian Abimanyu, Rachmat Irianto, Yakob Sayuri, Kushedya Yudo; Osvaldo Haay.

D.T.: Tae-Yong Shin

12:25 PMa year ago

Starting XI: Vietnam


Tan Truong Bui; Tien Dung Bui, Duy Manh Do, Ngoc Hai Que, Van Thanh Vu; Quang Hai Nguyen, Hong Duy Nguyen Phong; Tuan Anh Nguyen, Tien Linh Nguyen, Van Duc Phan; Van Toan Nguyen.

D.T.: Hang-seo Park

12:20 PMa year ago

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Squad List: Indonesia

12:00 PMa year ago

Squad List: Vietnam

11:55 AMa year ago

Key player: Indonesia

Evan Dimas Darmono is the reference player for the visiting team.
11:50 AMa year ago

Key player: Vietnam

Tien Linh Nguyen is the player to watch for the home side.
11:45 AMa year ago

They have faced each other 23 times

Of these 23 opportunities, six wins for Vietnam, nine draws and eight wins for Indonesia.
11:40 AMa year ago

Indonesia wants to get out of the bottom

The Indonesian team is in last place, with only one point, and wants to get out of that position.
11:35 AMa year ago

Vietnam, looking to secure top spot

The Vietnamese side are in first place, and a win would put them close to their goal.
11:30 AMa year ago


The Vietnam vs Indonesia match will be played at the Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum Stadium in Dubai. The kick-off is scheduled at 12:45pm ET.
11:25 AMa year ago


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