Goals and Highlights: China 2-0 Philippines in 2022 World Cup Qualifiers
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90+5' End of the match!

CHINA WON! Well worked match by Li Tie, to get within three points of the leader (Syria).
2:57 PMa year ago

90' Additional time

Five more minutes will be played in the match.
2:52 PMa year ago

87' Three substitutions in China

Alan Carvalho, Yin Hongbo y Ming Tian replaces Wu Lei, Zhang Xizhe y Tang Miao.
2:50 PMa year ago

85' Last five minutes

The match seems to be decided. The Philippines did not come close to their opponents' goal again.
2:45 PMa year ago

80' Yellow card

Olivier Bias is cautioned in Philippines.
2:43 PMa year ago

78' Double substitution for Philippines

Luke Woodland and Mike Winhoffer came on for Carli De Murga and Mike Ott
2:39 PMa year ago

75' The match is stopped for a moment

Time for the teams to hydrate.
2:35 PMa year ago

70' China looking for more goals

The home team today, still looking for the goal to score more goals, even though Filipina tries to slow down the pace despite having to go for the discount.
2:30 PMa year ago

65' China's GOAL!

Wu Xinghan crossed the ball in from the right sector and pushed it in to increase the score for the home team.
2:25 PMa year ago

60' Intense game

The teams are giving their all and putting a lot of intensity into every ball they play.
2:23 PMa year ago

58' Yellow card

Javier Gayoso was cautioned in the Philippines.
2:21 PMa year ago

55' China's GOAL!

Wu Lei's right-footed shot to the left post and Schippman played to the other side opens the scoring!
2:20 PMa year ago

54' Penalty for China

Ball into space for Wu Lei, and Schippman brings him down in the box.
2:19 PMa year ago

53' China approached

Wu Xinghan's cross, goalkeeper Schipmann handled it and on the rebound, Wu Lei's shot hit Elkeson's back.
2:13 PMa year ago

47' China approached

A cross from the left was headed by an opposing defender. Fortunately for the visitors, the ball went wide.
2:10 PMa year ago

Second half begins

The second stage of the match is underway.
2:01 PMa year ago

The statistics of the match, on GIOSCORE.com

1:52 PMa year ago

45+4' End of first half

The first half ends with a scoreless draw on the scoreboard.
1:48 PMa year ago

45' Additional time

Four more minutes will be played in the first half.
1:42 PMa year ago

40' Last five minutes

The end of the first half is approaching. The game is still very balanced, with the Philippines going from less to more in what has been this lapse. China circulates the ball, but misses in the last quarter of the court.
1:38 PMa year ago

36' Yellow card

Carli de Murga is cautioned in the Philippines after a hard foul on Elkeson.
1:39 PMa year ago

33' Substitution in Philipphines

Javier Gayoso replaced Kenshiro Daniels.
1:38 PMa year ago

33' Philippines approached

Yan Juling intervened again after a cross from the left was closing in.
1:35 PMa year ago

30' Half an hour of match

The match is still scoreless. China is getting closer, but has not generated a clear scoring option.
1:35 PMa year ago

30' Media hora de juego

Sigue el partido sin anotaciones. China se acerca, pero no ha generado una opción clara de gol.
1:23 PMa year ago

21' Substitution in Philippines

Michael Kempter was injured. Martin Steuble came on.
1:21 PMa year ago

20' The Philippines came closer

The goalkeeper Yan Juling failed to clear a cross from the right and the ball was played to Mark Hartmann, who shot, but the Chinese defense cleared the ball almost on the line.
1:18 PMa year ago

15' First quarter of hour

Intense play up to this point, very frictional.
1:14 PMa year ago

11' The Philippines came closer

Ángel Guirado shot and the ball deflected off an opponent. Corner kick.
1:12 PMa year ago

10' First minutes of game

China is the one that takes the initiative and has more dynamics to attack. It looks for both sides to be more unbalanced.
1:08 PMa year ago

4' China approached

Wu Lei shot, but the ball went wide.
1:03 PMa year ago

The match begins!

The game between China and the Philippines is underway.
12:54 PMa year ago

Los equipos salen a la cancha

Salen los jugadores de China y Filipinas al terreno de juego.
12:53 PMa year ago

Alternates - Philippines

04. Mar Diano, 06. Luke Woodland, 11. Mark Winhoffer, 13. Justin Baas, 14. Javier Gayoso, 15. Quincy Julian Kammeraad, 16. Kevin Mendoza, 23. Martin Steuble.

04. Mar Diano, 06. Luke Woodland, 11. Mark Winhoffer, 13. Justin Baas, 14. Javier Gayoso, 15. Quincy Julian Kammeraad, 16. Kevin Mendoza, 23. Martin Steuble.

12:52 PMa year ago

Starting lineup - Philippines

Tactical mode: 1-4-2-3-1

| 01. Bernd Schipmann |
| 22. Kenshiro Daniels | 05. Tabinas Jefferson | 03. Carli de Murga | 20. Michael Kempter |
| 18. Patrick Reichelt | 07. Mike Ott |
| 17. Stephan Schröck | 08. Ángel Guirado | 10. Olivier Bias |
| 21. Mark Hartmann |

Coach: Goran Milojević

12:52 PMa year ago

Alternates - China

12. Liu Dianzuo (goalkeeper), 23. Dong Chunyu (goalkeeper), 02. Li Ang, 04. Li Lei, 08. Hao Junmin, 11. Alan Carvalho, 14. Liu Binbin, 16. Ming Tian, 18. Zhang Yuning, 19. Yin Hongbo, 21. Chi Zhongguo, 22. Yu Dabao.

12:47 PMa year ago

Starting lineup - China

Tactical mode: 1-4-4-2

| 01. Yan Juling |
| 05. Zhang Linpeng | 20. Tang Miao | 06. Tyias Browning | 03. Wang Shenchao |
| 10. Zhang Xizhe | 15. Wu Xi | 13. Jin Jingdao | 17. Wu Xinghan |
| 09. Elkeson | 07. Wu Lei |

Coach: Li Tie

12:42 PMa year ago

Lineups, coming soon

In a few moments we come with the team formations.
12:37 PMa year ago

Philippines, a team to watch out for in the first minutes of the game

The Filipinos have a tendency to score usually in the first 15 minutes of the game, however, they face an opponent that knows how to take care of itself from the start. It will be a good gauge of this statistic.
12:32 PMa year ago

China, an accurate team after the half-hour mark

The statistics of the Chinese team show a tendency to score very often after half an hour of play usually in each half.
12:27 PMa year ago

We start

We are ready to bring you the broadcast of this match between the Chinese and the Filipinos.
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How to watch China vs Philippines Live TV and Stream

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Philippines lasts 5 games

19/Nov/2019: Syria 1-0 Philippines

Nov 14, 2019: Maldives 0-0 Philippines

15/Oct/2019: Philippines 0-0 China

10/Sept/2019: Guam 1-4 Philipines

05/Sept/2019: Philippines 2-5 Syria

12:07 PMa year ago

China last 5 games

30/May/2021: Guam 0-7 China

14/Nov/2019: Siria 2-1 China

15/Oct/2019: Filipinas 0-0 China

10/Oct/2019: China 7-0 Guam

10/Sept/2019: Maldivas 0-5 China

12:02 PMa year ago

Last game between the two

It was on October 15, 2019, the last time these two teams met. The result ended in a goalless draw.
11:57 AMa year ago

History: China vs Philippines

These teams have met 11 times and the numbers are completely in favor of the Chinese, who have won on 10 occasions, while FIlipinas could only manage a draw.
11:52 AMa year ago

Leaderboard - Group A

1 Siria 18 6 6 0 0 18 4 +14
2 China 12 5 3 1 1 20 2 +18
3 Philippines 7 5 2 1 2 8 8 0
4 Maldives 6 6 2 0 4 6 14 -8
5 Guam 0 6 0 0 6 2 26 -24
11:47 AMa year ago

Philippines with a must-win situation

The Philippine team will only have its first match in the return of the qualifiers, but it is obliged to win in order to keep its chances of getting a place in the third round as the best runner-up.
11:42 AMa year ago

China is not giving up in its quest for qualification

The Chinese team is coming off a 7-0 drubbing of Guam and this match is one of their last chances to reach the third round of the playoffs.
11:37 AMa year ago


The match will be played at the Sharjah Stadium, located in the city of Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates. It has a capacity of approximately 11,000 spectators.
11:32 AMa year ago


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