Goals and Highlights: Poland 2-2 Iceland in Friendly Game
Photo: Poland National Team


1:57 PMa year ago

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1:56 PMa year ago

49' Final Time

Poland 2 x 2 Iceland
1:54 PMa year ago


+4 minutes
1:52 PMa year ago


A cross into the box from the right, Świderski receives the ball, gets the ball on his chest, gets the spin over two markers and finishes to score. 2 to 2!
1:50 PMa year ago

41' Substitution (Iceland)

↑In: 16. Thordarson
↓Out: 17. Gunnarssonn
1:45 PMa year ago

40' Poland's Attack

Kozlowski shoots from outside the area, Rúnnarsson gives a rebound to the striker's foot, but recovers and saves, on the left side the ball is crossed in the area again, Kozlowski head out dangerously
1:40 PMa year ago

39' Substitution (Iceland)

↑In: 21. Pórsteinsson
↓Out: 22. Boovarsson
1:35 PMa year ago

38' Iceland's Attack

Gunnarssonn takes a free-kick from the edge of the goal with a lot of force, it goes in the center of the goal and forces Zsczesny to save in two times
1:30 PMa year ago

36' Substitution (Poland)

↑In: 11. Świderski, 13. Rybus
↓Out: 9. Lewandowski, 26. Puchacz
1:25 PMa year ago

34' Substitution (Iceland)

↑In: 23. Pórdarson
↓Out: 7. Baldursson
1:20 PMa year ago

32' Poland's Attack

Klich receives Lewandowski's throw-in alone in the box, heads it past Rúnnarsson, but the Iceland goalkeeper saves
1:15 PMa year ago

29' Substitution (Iceland)

↑In: 14. Eyjólfsson
↓Out: 15. Anderson
1:10 PMa year ago

26' Poland's Attack

In a corner kick from the left, Moder makes the cross in the area, but the defense cuts the danger from above
1:05 PMa year ago

25' Poland's Attack

The ball is crossed in the area, but the defense takes a corner kick
1:00 PMa year ago

18' Substitution (Poland)

↑In: 8. Linetty, 17. Placheta
↓Out: 11. Świderski, 19. Frankowski
12:55 PMa year ago

15' Poland's Attack

Krychowiak takes a free-kick, but the ball explodes off the wall and goes out of dan
12:50 PMa year ago

12' Substitution (Poland)

↑In: 21. Jóźwiak
↓Out: 24. Świerczok
12:45 PMa year ago

10' Poland's Attack

Lewandowski makes a great move on the left wing, passes into the middle of the box, Świerczok receives it and spins over his marker to get the shot into the center of the goal. Rúnnarsson saves!
12:40 PMa year ago

8' Poland's Attack

Świerczok receives at speed the back of the defense, invades the area and shoots hard and cross, but the ball goes over the goal
12:35 PMa year ago

2' Yellow Card (Poland)

12:30 PMa year ago


A cross in the box on the left side, the defense can't clear it, the ball goes to Bjarnason who shoots in the corner with no chance for Szszesny
12:25 PMa year ago


The 2st half begins
12:20 PMa year ago

00' Substitution (Poland)

↑In: 6. Kozlowski
↓Out: 20. Zielínski
12:15 PMa year ago

47' Half-time

Poland 1 x 1 Iceland
12:10 PMa year ago


+2 minutes
12:05 PMa year ago

43' Yellow Card (Iceland)

Baldursson is cautioned
12:00 PMa year ago

42' Iceland's Attack

Thórarinsson takes a dangerous free-kick inside the box, but Szczesny gets out of the way and keeps the ball
11:55 AMa year ago

38' Poland's Attack

Frankowski takes the ball through the middle at speed, the Iceland defense opens space, and he shoots very hard and over the goal
11:50 AMa year ago

37' Poland's Attack

Świerczok gets in on the left, makes a low cross into the box for Lewandowski, the defense misplaces it, and it's left for Moder to finish off
11:45 AMa year ago


Świerczok gets on the end line, makes a low cross, the Iceland defense cuts it off badly, and the ball is left cleanly for Zielínski to push it into the back of the net. 1 to 1!
11:40 AMa year ago


Possession: Poland 66% x 34% Iceland
11:35 AMa year ago


After the referee disallowed the goal for offside, VAR analyzes the play and Gudmundsson's goal is valid. 1 a 0!
11:30 AMa year ago

25' VAR in action!

Video referee analyzes goal in favor of Iceland!
11:25 AMa year ago

23' Goal disallowed - Iceland!

In a rehearsed corner kick, Gunnarssonn shouldered the ball with his foot at the first post, the ball goes to Boovarsson free in the small area, in an irregular position, and he scores.
11:20 AMa year ago

22' Iceland's Attack

Thórarinsson is quick to set up on the left side of the field and gets a low cross into the box, but Glik gets there and cuts it off
11:15 AMa year ago

18' Iceland's Attack

Bjarnason steals the ball in the backfield, goes forward at speed, invades the area and shoots at the goal, but the ball goes into the net from outside
11:10 AMa year ago

13' Poland's Attack

Moder takes a fierce corner kick in the box, but goalkeeper Rúnnarson comes out of his goal to punch it away
11:05 AMa year ago

10' Poland's Attack

A low cross in the box, the defense cuts it off badly, it is left alive to Lewandowski, who passes to Moder, he gets to the bottom line and shoots a cross, but Rúnnarsson saves
11:00 AMa year ago

8' Poland's Attack

In a fast counter-attack pulled by Lewandowski, he makes a cross in the area, Hermannsson cuts it off, on the left Zielínski arrives finishing from midfield, but the ball deflects off the defense and goes out
10:55 AMa year ago

5' Poland's Attack

Lewandowski makes a table outside the area with Puchacz, who goes to the back line and crosses, but Bjarnason head away
10:50 AMa year ago

3' Iceland's Attack

Gudmundsson takes the ball through the middle, goes forward and passes to Boovarsson on the left side, he shoots straight at goal but gets in the hands of goalkeeper Szczesny
10:45 AMa year ago

1' Poland's Attack

Lewandowski receives a throw-in on the attack field, takes it to the left side and crosses into the box, but goalkeeper Rúnnarsson punches it away
10:40 AMa year ago


The 1st half begins
10:35 AMa year ago

Teams on the field

The teams enter the field to start the game
10:30 AMa year ago

Everything is ready!

With about 10 minutes to go until the start of the game, Poland and Iceland have already finished warming up
10:25 AMa year ago


The teams enter the field to warm up in preparation for the game later today
10:20 AMa year ago

Iceland's substitutes

12. Ólafsson (GK), 1. Kristinssson (GK), 20. Fridriksson, 18. Óli Ólafsson, 24. Eyjólfsson, 16. Thordarson, 23. Pórdarson, 5. Thrándarson, 10. Jóhannesson, 11. Gudjohnsen and 19. Pórsteinsson
10:15 AMa year ago

Line-up of Iceland

13. Rúnarsson; 3. Thórarinsson, 6. Bjarnason, 4. Hermannsson, 2. Sampsted; 17. Gunnarssonn; 11. Gudmundsson, 8. Bjarnason, 7. Baldursson, 15. Mikael Anderson; and 22. Boovarsson

Manager: Arnar Vldarsson

10:10 AMa year ago

Poland's substitutes

12. Skorupski (GK), 22. Fabiański (GK), 2. Piatkowski, 6. Kozlowski, 8. Linetty, 11. Świderski, 13. Rybus, 14. Klich, 17. Placheta, 18. Bereszyński, 21. Jóźwiak and 25. Helik
10:05 AMa year ago

Line-up of Poland

1. Szczesny; 4. Kedziora, 15. Glik, 3. Dawidowicz; 26. Puchacz, 10. Krychowiak, 16. Moder, 19. Frankowski; 20. Zielínski, 24. Świerczok e 9. Lewandowski 

Manager: Paulo Sosa

10:00 AMa year ago

Game Stage

9:55 AMa year ago

Good morning fans!

From now on, you can follow the pre-match and live streaming of Poland vs. Iceland in a Eurocup warm-up match here on Vavel USA. The ball starts rolling at 12:00 am ET.
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Where and how to watch Poland vs Iceland live on TV in real time?

League: Friendly Game

Venue: Municipal Stadium in Poznań

Time: 12:00 AM

Where to follow: VAVEL

9:45 AMa year ago

Where and how to watch the Poland vs Iceland match LIVE online?

It is possible to watch the match exclusively on VAVEL, which will broadcast the match in real time.
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Probable lineup for Poland

Fabiansk; Piatkowski, Helik, Kedziora; Klich, Krychowiak, Puchacz, Frankowski; Kownacki, Swinderski and Lewandowiski
9:35 AMa year ago

Probable lineup for Iceland

Kristinsson; Fridriksson, Bjarnasson, Hermannsson, Sampsted; Gunnarsson, Porsteinsson, Jóhannesson, Bjarnason, Boovardsson; e Sigporsson
9:30 AMa year ago

Convocation - Poland National Team

Goalkeepers: Fabiański, Szczęsny, Skorupski

Defenders: Kędziora, Helik, Piatkowski, Dawidowicz, Puchacz, Bednarek, Glik, Moder, Bereszyński, Rybus

Midfielders: Zieliński, Płacheta, Kozłowski, Frankowski, Krychowiak, Klich, Linetty, Jóźwiak

Attackers: Lewandowski, Kownacki, Świerczok, Świderski. Milik

9:25 AMa year ago

Convocation - Iceland National Team

Goalkeepers: Elías Rafn Ólafsson, Rúnar Alex Rúnarsson, Ögmundur Kristinsson

Defenders: Alfons Sampsted, Brynjar Ingi Bjarnason, Guðmundur Þórarinsson, Hjörtur Hermannsson, Ísak Óli Ólafsson, Kolbeinn Þórðarson, Valgeir Lunddal Friðriksson 

Midfielders: Andri Fannar Baldursson, Aron Einar Gunnarsson, Aron Elís Þrándarson, Birkir Bjarnason, Gísli Eyjólfsson, Ísak Bergmann Jóhannesson, Jón Dagur Þorsteinsson, Mikael Neville Anderson, Stefán Teitur Þórðarson, Þórir Jóhann Helgason

Attackers: Albert Guðmundsson, Jón Daði Böðvarsson, Kolbeinn Sigþórsson, Sveinn Aron Guðjohnsen

9:20 AMa year ago

Participation in Eurocup

Poland - 3 participations (2008, 2012 and 2016)

Iceland - 1 participation (2016)

9:15 AMa year ago

Last confrontation

13.11.15| Poland 4-2 Iceland - Friendly Game

Goals: Grosicki, Kupustka and Lewandowski 2 (Poland); Sigurdsson and Finnbogasson (Iceland)

9:10 AMa year ago


Hello fans! From now on you can follow live and in real time all the plays and news from the match between Poland vs Iceland live in a friendly match in preparation for the Euro Cup 2021. The duel takes place on Tuesday (08), at 12:00Am ET, in the Municipal Stadium in Poznań.