Goal and Highlights: Japan 1-0 Serbia Friendly Game
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1:07 PM4 days ago

Highlights: Japan 1-0 Serbia

8:37 AM4 days ago


93' Full time. Japan wins Serbia 1-0.
8:37 AM4 days ago

Injury time

90' Three minutes to end the second half
8:36 AM4 days ago


86' Asano shoots from the edge of the box with his right foot, Rajkovic stretches out and saves
8:36 AM4 days ago

Double substitution in Japan

82' Haraguchi and Ogawa in place of Minamino and Nagatomo
8:36 AM4 days ago

Substitution in Serbia

78' Ivan Ilic replace Nemanja Maksimovic
8:36 AM4 days ago

Substitution in Japan

76' Takuma Asano in place of Junya Ito
8:35 AM4 days ago

A touch of class

73' Morita saves a scissors kick from the edge of the box, but shoots over the crossbar 
8:34 AM4 days ago

Substitution in Serbia

72' Sava Cestic replace Mitrovic 
8:26 AM4 days ago


70' Morita plays to Kamada, who shoots from outside the box with his right foot, but the goalkeeper saves
8:22 AM4 days ago

Substitution in Japan

65' Yamane replace Muroya
8:22 AM4 days ago

Goal canceled

64' Ado Onaiwu receives from Ito and shoots for goal, but the referee signals offside
8:19 AM4 days ago

Yellow card

61' Pavlovic, of Serbia
7:55 AM4 days ago

Substitution in Serbia

58' Zeljko Gavric replace Nemanja Jovic
7:54 AM4 days ago

Easy, easy

53' Mitrovic takes a free-kick on goal, Gonda saves without giving a rebound
7:50 AM4 days ago

Playing with fire!

52' Muroya commits a harsh foul, Terzic sets the ball free
7:48 AM4 days ago


48' Shogo Taniguchi deflects a header into the box and Junya Ito completes it into the net
7:47 AM4 days ago

Watch out

47' Morita crosses from the right and wins a corner.
7:47 AM4 days ago


00' Second half begins
7:44 AM4 days ago

Double substitution in Serbia

Petkovic and Vulic replace Grujic and Makaric
7:42 AM4 days ago

Double substitution in Japan

Kawabe and Onaiwu in place of Hashimoto and Furuhashi
7:32 AM4 days ago

Substitutes of Serbia

Djordje Nikolic, Marko Petkovic, Marko Ilic, Ivan Ilic, Milos Vulic, Zeljko Gavric, Sava-Arangel Cestic
7:30 AM4 days ago

Substitutes of Japan

Kawashima, Shoji, Nakamura, Kawabe, Asano, Sasaki, Haraguchi, Nakatani, Ogawa, Yamane, Onaiwu, Schmidt, Sakamoto
7:28 AM4 days ago


46' Referee ends the 1st half in Kobe. The score is level for the time being.
7:25 AM4 days ago

Yellow card

46' Joveljic, of Serbia
7:24 AM4 days ago

Injury time

45' One minute
7:22 AM4 days ago

Na bronca

43' Outraged at the missed chance, coach Dragan Stojkovic gets angry and throws his protective mask on the floor
7:19 AM4 days ago


43' Makaric receives in the area, shoots a cross and the ball is close to the right post
7:16 AM4 days ago


41' Joveljic shoots at the angle, the ball goes to the right of the goal
7:14 AM4 days ago

Serbia on

38' Jovic crosses dangerously, defender moves away from the area
7:12 AM4 days ago


33' Junya Ito shoots to the right corner, goalkeeper Rajkovic stretches out and makes the save
7:10 AM4 days ago

Japan again

32' Furuhashi takes off from the right and raises in the area, defense moves away
7:01 AM4 days ago

No, no

29' Furuhashi tries a deep pass, but the ball runs too far.
6:59 AM4 days ago


24' After a fast triangulation on the left side, Japan sends a ball into the box and the defender cuts it off with a header
6:57 AM4 days ago


21' Serbia's defense fumbles to get out of the game, misses a pass, then the ball is lifted to Kamada inside the box, but he can't reach it.
6:55 AM4 days ago

Attack against defense

19' At this point, Serbia's players all position themselves behind the ball, Japan exchange passes
6:53 AM4 days ago

Ball possession

17' Japan: 65%, Serbia: 35%
6:49 AM4 days ago

No danger

15' Gudelj takes a frontal free-kick in the middle of the penalty area, but the defense pulls it away
6:48 AM4 days ago

Good play by Japan

12' Furuhashi breaks quickly down the right and shoots, Rajkovic fumbles
6:46 AM4 days ago

Japan again

9' Nagatomo goes forward on the left and lifts the ball into the box, but the defense takes it away
6:43 AM4 days ago


8' Defensive midfield pass to Furuhashi on the right side, but he was ahead of schedule
6:42 AM4 days ago

Game studied

7' Japan pass from foot to foot, looking for space, Serbia position themselves behind the ball
6:37 AM4 days ago

Hard foul

2' Pavlovic brings down Hashimoto at midfield height
6:35 AM4 days ago

Japan on

1' Gonda tries to launch into the attack field, the ball travels to the midfield and Serbia regains possession
6:33 AM4 days ago


00' The first half begins. Serbia touch the ball for the first time. 
6:27 AM4 days ago


Playing the national anthems of Japan and Serbia
6:26 AM4 days ago

Backstage of Japan

6:21 AM4 days ago


Ahmed Eisa Mohamed (UAE) is the head referee for this match. In the 2020/21 season he has worked in 19 matches, handed out 96 yellow and 11 red cards and scored 16 penalties.
6:14 AM4 days ago

The FIFA World Ranking

Japan is the highest ranked Asian team, in 28th place, while Serbia is in 25th place. The lead is held by Belgium, followed by France, Brazil, England and Portugal.
6:09 AM4 days ago

Serbia lineup

Rajkovic, Pavlovic, Spajic, Maksimovic, Gudelj, Joveljic, Nemanja Jovic, Mitrovic, Grujic, Terzic, Makaric.
6:04 AM4 days ago

Japan starting XI

Shuichi Gonda; Taniguchi, Muroya, Ueda e Nagatomo; Morita, Hashimoto, Furuhashi, Minamino e Junya Ito; Kamada. Coach: Hajime Moriyasu.
5:59 AM4 days ago


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How to watch Japan vs Serbia in TV and Stream?

If you want to watch the game Japan vs Serbia live on TV, your options is: Fuji TV and CANAL+ Sport 2 (Japan), V Sport Jalkapallo, V Sport Premium (Serbia), Sky Sports (UK). If you want to directly stream it DAZN and Estadio TNT Sports (Brazil), BT Sport app (UK), FuboTV (US), Movistar+ (Japan).
If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your better option!
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Latest games between Japan vs Serbia

Balance marks the historical confrontation between Japan and Serbia, with three victories for the Asians and four for the Europeans, who scored seven goals and conceded three.
5:39 AM4 days ago

Last lineup of Serbia

Nikolic; Petkovic, Cestic, S. Mitrovic, Terzic; Grujic, Gudelj, Ilic, Gavric; Joveljic, N. Jovic.
5:34 AM4 days ago

Serbia Squad list

Former midfielder Dragan Stojkovic has been in charge of the national team since February. Since then he has played only four games, with two wins (Ireland and Azerbaijan) and two draws (Portugal and Jamaica). The 56-year-old Serb even began his career at Nagoya Grampus (Japan), where he worked from 2008 to 2013.

Goalkeepers: Pedrag Rajkovic, Djordje Nikolic, Marko Ilic
Defenders: Stefan Mitrovic, Marko Petkovic, Uros Spajic, Aleksa Terzic, Sava Angel Cestic, Strahinja Pavlovic
Midfielders: Nemanja Gudelj, Nemanja Maksimovic, Marko Grujic, Milos Vulic, Ivan Ilic
Forwards: Dejan Makaric, Dejan Joveljic, Zeljko Gravic, Nemanja Jovic

5:29 AM4 days ago

Last lineup of Japan

Gonda; Shoji, Sasaki, Nakatani, Yamane, Hashimoto, Haraguchi, Kawabe, Minamino, Asano, Furuhashi.
5:24 AM4 days ago

Japan Squad list

The 52-year-old Hajime Moriyasu has been in charge of his home country's national team since July 2018. He was hired after working at Sanfrecce Hiroshima and there he was J-League champion in 2012, 2013 and 2015. 

Goalkeepers: Eiji Kawashima, Stuichi Gonda, Daniel Schmidt, Kosuke Nakamura
Defenders: Yuto Nagatomo, Sho Sasaki, Shogo Taniguchi, Gen Shoji, Miki Yamane, Seo Muroya, Naomichi Ueda, Shinnosuke Nakatani, Ryoya Ogawa
Midfielders: Genki Haraguchi, Junya Ito, Kento Hashimoto, Takumi Minamino, Kyogo Furuhashi, Hidemasa Morita, Hayo Kawabe, Daichi Kamada, Tatsuhiro Sakamoto
Forwards: Takuma Asano, Ado Onaiwu

5:19 AM4 days ago

Serbia: team information

Despite playing in the last World Cup, the team struggled to keep up the pace and fell in the European Championship Qualifiers, losing in the playoffs to Scotland on penalties 5-4 after a draw in normal time (1-1).
5:14 AM4 days ago

Japan: team information

The Samurai Blues have a 100% record in Asian qualifying for the 2022 World Cup. The Japanese team played only four times in 2021 - they beat South Korea, Mongolia, Myanmar and Tajikistan, scored 31 goals and conceded only one.
5:09 AM4 days ago


Noevir Stadium Kobe is located in the city of Kobe, in the Kansai region, and has a capacity of about 42,000 fans. The stadium hosted three matches in the 2002 World Cup (Russia 2-0 Tunisia, Sweden 2-1 Nigeria, and Brazil 2-0 Belgium).
5:04 AM4 days ago

Kick-off time Japan vs Serbia Live

The Japan vs Serbia match will be played at the Noevir Stadium Kobe, in Kobe, Japan. The kick-off is scheduled at 6:25am ET.
4:59 AM4 days ago

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