Goals and highlights: Tunisia 0-2 Algeria in international friendly match


5:43 PM4 days ago

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5:37 PM4 days ago

Match ended

The visitors won with a very good first half, but with a second half where the level dropped a lot. The Algerian team was enough to take the victory in this great international friendly.

Tunisia lacked offensive play that represented danger in the areas and had a hard time reaching the opponent's area.

Algeria showed two sides, a very fast offensive game, with order and precision, but also a game of construction and creation.

Although they did not manage to hold their opponents, what they did in the first half was enough to win and not suffer the match. 


5:30 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 90+ 3

The final stretch of the match arrived and Tunisia could not even get on the scoreboard.
5:29 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 90

The game will be played for 5 more minutes.
5:29 PM4 days ago

🔄 Change


Out: Feghouli and Mahrez

In: Abeid and Ghezzal

5:27 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 88

Guedioura is fouled and as he already had a yellow card, the referee decides to send him off.
5:25 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 86

The intensity of the match has dropped a lot, the game is no longer played in the areas, the ball is no longer delivered well and the players' exhaustion is noticeable.
5:22 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 84

With the changes, Tunisia showed a different face, a little more offensive and with more depth, creating danger in the Algerian area.
5:21 PM4 days ago

🔄 Change


Exit: Sliti

In: Hannibal


Out: Belaili

In: Adam Ounas

5:20 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 80

Changes are prepared in both teams. 

They will exhaust all available changes.

5:18 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 78

There was a lot of fighting for the ball in the midfield, little offensive order, few actions in the goals and a lot of fouls.
5:16 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 76

The game is played with a lot of intensity, but with little order and technique.

In addition, there is no real danger in the area.

5:14 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 74

The game is still going strong and there are already two yellow cards for each team, too few for so many fouls.
5:12 PM4 days ago

🔄 Change


Exit: Khazri

In: Jaziri

5:11 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 72

The intensity of the game dropped again, there was not much action in the areas and Tunisia, who tried with more desire than order, did not have good depth, nor did they manage to create real danger in the opposing goal.
5:08 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 70

Algeria was saved.

Khazri, who is Tunisia's best player, received a low cross from the left and couldn't get on the end of it to put the score on the scoreboard.

5:06 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 68

An offensive wave in Tunisia's area, Algeria is close to scoring the third and the home team is holding on.
5:04 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 66

The Algerian counter was coming, Mahrez had 3 delivery options, but the player took too long to give the pass and when he wanted to do it, he ended up losing it.
5:03 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 64

Great fast play by Tunisia, which ended with Khazri's shot in the box that the goalkeeper sent to the corner.
5:01 PM4 days ago



Out: Anis Ben Slimane and Yassine Meriah

In: Khaoui and Montassar Talbi

4:59 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 60

Tunisia settles in the opponent's field and tries to score, but Algeria holds the game very well and does not suffer the score.
4:58 PM4 days ago

🔄 Change


Exit: Buonedjah

In: Slimani

4:57 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 58

Tunisia loses the ball very quickly and struggles to get into the final quarter of the field.
4:55 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 56

High possession continues for Algeria, which has 62% and Tunisia has 38%.
4:54 PM4 days ago

🔄 Change

Changes were made at halftime


Out: Ali Ben Romdhane and Oussama

In: Hamza Rafia and Ali Maaloul

4:52 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 54

Possession is once again starting to go to Algeria and a lot of play is taking place in the home side's half.
4:51 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 52

Feghouli is heavily fouled and there is a dangerous free kick for Algeria to be taken by Mahrez in front of goal.
4:48 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 50

Skhiri took a shot from half distance and the goalkeeper saved and controlled it in two times.
4:46 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 48

The game is played in the middle of the field and there is no clear dominator of the ball.
4:43 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 46

The same tone of rough play continues, with repeated fouls in the first few minutes.
4:43 PM4 days ago

The second half started

The home team moved and the second half of this exciting international friendly is already underway.
4:25 PM4 days ago

⏱ First half ended.

With a better game and greater offensive capacity, the Algerian national team won calmly and comfortably by 2-0 in this first half.

Tunisia never knew how to play to their opponents, as Khazri continually fell into offside when they tried to play direct play with long passes and quick transitions. In addition, when they tried to play collectively and build up play, they could not get past three quarters of the field.

On the other hand, Algeria played comfortably and loaded their offensive production on the flanks, and both goals came from set pieces that helped them to change their depth and good collective construction into goals. 


4:19 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 45

Two additional minutes will be played.
4:16 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 42

Wahbl's long-range shot was saved by the Algerian goalkeeper.
4:15 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 40

Tunisia's offensive inability is partly due to their poor third quarter delivery.
4:13 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 38

It is incredible that this match, with so much rose and fouls, only had one yellow card, Tunisia's strong play was more predominant than its offensive quality and Algeria is slowly starting to fall into this game and committing many fouls.
4:11 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 36

The intensity of the match as such dropped, Algeria did not try to attack as in the first minutes and Tunisia could not find its soccer and be able to reach the opponent's area collectively.
4:08 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 34

Algeria's intensity dropped a bit, so the possession started to be more divided and Tunisia took advantage of that to play in the opponent's half and could score before the end of the first half.
4:07 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 32

Tunisia tried to react and moved forward a little in an attempt to gain more men in the middle and dominate possession of the ball.
4:05 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 30

Algeria's attacking power is still in full force, as they want to increase the score and their insistence on the flanks allows them to reach the opponent's area very easily.
4:03 PM4 days ago


The team's star player took the shot, which was a half-hearted shot that bent the goalkeeper's hands and went powerfully into Tunisia's goal.
4:02 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 27


Goooooooooooooooooooool for Algeria


4:01 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 26

A very dangerous free kick on the edge of the box, which Mahrez collects, has not yet been taken.
4:00 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 24

Feghouli was alone in front of the goalkeeper, but Bronn came from behind and before he entered the area, he committed a strong foul that everyone asked to be sent off, but the referee sanctioned it and only gave a yellow card.
3:58 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 22

Hard play continues in the match, but the referee has yet to issue a card.
3:55 PM4 days ago


A cross into the box from the right, Belaile received the cross and brought it down for Bounedjah, who half-volleyed a first-time shot to score the first goal.
3:53 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 19


Goooooooooooooooooool for Algeria


3:52 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 18

Another Algerian goal and this time, it was the defensive line that saved and prevented the first goal of the match.
3:51 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 16

Algeria had a chance with Mahrez, who arrived in the box on the right, received the pass and shot immediately on the ground, but the goalkeeper saved his team's goal.
3:49 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 14

The match has a lot of friction and unnecessary fouls, which heat up tempers a bit and cause the game to be interrupted a lot.
3:46 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 12

The game was all played in the home team's half, who held off the attacking wave of the visitors and tried to keep a clean sheet.
3:45 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 10

A free kick from the left flank generated danger in the Tunisian goal. Mahrez took it to the far post, but no one could change the direction of the ball and it ended up going wide.
3:42 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 8

Tunisia continues to foul and the Algerian players protest.
3:40 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 6

The match was a bit disputed in the middle of the field, but with a slight superiority of Algeria.
3:38 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 4

The Algerian team is starting to play a little better, with more depth in the field.
3:36 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 2

First foul of the match, on the player Mahrez and the visitors have a set piece in the middle of the field.
3:34 PM4 days ago

⏱ Min 2

The game is being played in the home team's half, with Tunisia dominating the ball in these first few minutes.
3:33 PM4 days ago

The game started

Algeria moved and the friendly match is already being played in Tunisia
3:29 PM4 days ago

The match will start

The captains' draw has been made, everything is ready and only the referee's order is needed to start today's match. 
3:26 PM4 days ago

Protocol events

The anthems of both countries are played, then the captains will be drawn.
3:24 PM4 days ago

Teams on the field

The referee gives the order and the Tunisian team comes out first and then the Algerian team.
3:17 PM4 days ago

Confirmed headline of Algeria

3:14 PM4 days ago

Mixed Zone

Teams in the Mixed Zone, only the central referee's order is missing, so that they can take the field and the match can begin.
3:11 PM4 days ago

All set

Everything is ready for the teams to take the field, it is expected that at any moment they will be in the mixed zone and together with the referee team, they will take the field to start today's match. 
3:07 PM4 days ago


The players will go to the dressing room, change and go out to the mixed zone where the referees will give the signal for them to take the field. 
3:06 PM4 days ago


The warm-up continues, both teams play 'little games' with the ball and begin to end the warm-up. 
2:53 PM4 days ago

Warm-up continues

The teams continue to warm up and work with the ball in order to be ready to play this very good friendly match on an official FIFA date.
2:48 PM4 days ago


The teams are about to take the field to begin their respective warm-up, first they will do it physically, then they will work with the ball.
The goalkeepers are working separately. 
2:38 PM4 days ago

The teams' current streak of success

Tunisia won 4 of the last 5 matches they played, the remaining match was tied.

Algeria, on the other hand, won its last 3 matches and before that, drew two in a row.

Both teams are unbeaten in their last 5 matches.

2:35 PM4 days ago

Confirmed formation of Tunisia

2:30 PM4 days ago

Preview of the visit

2:26 PM4 days ago

Local preview


2:25 PM4 days ago


From very early in the morning, the teams have been using their networks to share and live the preview of today's match. 
11:58 AM4 days ago

Algeria's last training session


11:56 AM4 days ago

Tunisia's last training session before the match


8:59 AM4 days ago

Where, when and how to watch Tunisia vs Algeria live score?

Match: Tunisia vs Algeria Championship: International Friendly

Stadium: Olympic Stadium of Radès
Time: 15:30 hrs. (Washington D.C.)

Where to watch: No broadcast

Where to follow: VAVEL

8:54 AM4 days ago

How to follow the match Tunisia vs Algeria?

The match will not be broadcast on TV in USA, but if you want to follow the game live on the internet, VAVEL is your best option.
8:49 AM4 days ago

Algeria's list of called-up players

8:44 AM4 days ago

List of Tunisia's call-up list

8:39 AM4 days ago

Outstanding player of Algeria

Today's highlight is Riyad Mahrez, a key player for his national team and Manchester City. He was the scorer of the winning goal in his team's last match.
8:34 AM4 days ago

Tunisia top player

Today's highlight is Naïm Sliti, a midfielder who scored the winning goal in his team's last match.
8:29 AM4 days ago


They have met 38 times, with 11 wins for the Tunisians, 11 draws and 16 wins for Algeria.
8:24 AM4 days ago

Algeria's last away game

It was on date 5 of the group stage of the African Cup of Nations, where they drew 3-3 against Zambia.
8:19 AM4 days ago

Tunisia's last home game

It was in the international friendly match won by the minimum difference against Congo.
8:14 AM4 days ago

How does Algeria arrive?

The Algerian national team is coming off a 1-0 home win over Mali in an international friendly.
8:09 AM4 days ago

How does Tunisia arrive?

It is coming off a 1-0 home win over Congo in an international friendly match.
8:04 AM4 days ago


The Radès Olympic Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium located in the Radès district of the capital Tunis. It has a capacity of 60,000 spectators, all of them seated, and is the stadium where the Tunisian national team plays its home matches.
7:59 AM4 days ago

Start of transmission

Hello everybody! Welcome to the broadcast of Tunisia vs Algeria, valid for international friendly.