Goals and Highligths: Denmark vs Finland (0-1) in UEFA Euro 2020
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3:31 PM2 months ago


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3:31 PM2 months ago

94' The game ends

The match ends with the victory of Finland over Denmark 1-0.
3:27 PM2 months ago

90' Addition time

The referee marks four minutes of added time.
3:24 PM2 months ago

86' Chance for Denmark

Poulsen fails to finish the ball and misses a chance.
3:23 PM2 months ago

83' Denmark attack

Attempt on the right flank.
3:17 PM2 months ago

80' Finland is saved

The rival goalkeeper saves the overflow on the left.
3:13 PM2 months ago

74' Penalty missed

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg takes the penalty kick, but Lukas Hradecky makes the save.
3:09 PM2 months ago

73' Penalty for Denmark

Golden opportunity for a draw.
3:06 PM2 months ago

69'Denmark seeks a draw

The home team is still looking for a draw.
3:01 PM2 months ago

63' Substitutions: Denmark

Jannik Vestergaard and Andreas Skov Olsen replace Jonas Older Wind and Simon Kjaer.
2:56 PM2 months ago

59' Finland goal!

Joel Pohjanpalo scores the first goal of the match.
2:54 PM2 months ago

55' Finland looking to attack

The locals maintain possession of the ball.
2:47 PM2 months ago

50' Total control of Denmark

The locals cause a yellow card for Sparv in Finland.
2:41 PM2 months ago

Second half begins

The second half is played in the match.
2:37 PM2 months ago

49' First half ends

The first half is over. A five-minute break will be taken for the second half.
2:32 PM2 months ago

The match restarts!

The ball is rolling again in Denmark. Jenssen replaces Eriksen.
2:10 PM2 months ago


The Danish Football Federation confirmed that Christian Eriksen is in stable condition and that the match resumes at 2:30 pm (ET).
1:33 PM2 months ago

UEFA Announcement

The player was taken conscious to a hospital. Official report expected at 1:45 pm ET.
1:07 PM2 months ago

The match is suspended

UEFA takes the decision to suspend the match due to the incident.
12:57 PM2 months ago

Finland players leave the field

Eriksen is taken away for medical checks amid strict security protocols.
12:53 PM2 months ago

Moments of tension

The commitment continues to be detained, no response from the player.
12:44 PM2 months ago

43' The game is stopped

Eriksen collapses on the pitch and the match is stopped.
12:42 PM2 months ago

38' Denmark shot

Braithwaite gets in a shot but the ball goes wide.
12:36 PM2 months ago

34' The match is stopped

A player from Finland is found lying on the ground.
12:30 PM2 months ago

28' Ball fight

The teams continue to be aggressive in the midfield.
12:23 PM2 months ago

22' Denmark's shot

Delaney strikes in the opponent's area, but it goes wide.
12:20 PM2 months ago

18' Denmark's shot

Eriksen's shot is cleared by the opposing goalkeeper.
12:17 PM2 months ago

15' Denmark shot

Hojbjerg gets in a header, but the opposing goalkeeper sends for a corner kick.
12:15 PM2 months ago

13' First approach by Finland

The visiting team gets a dangerous free kick.
12:09 PM2 months ago

7'Denmark shot

Hojbjerg shoots, and the opposing goalkeeper saves.
12:06 PM2 months ago

5'Denmark's attack on the flank

After a corner kick and a series of rebounds, Denmark comes dangerously close.
12:03 PM2 months ago

2'Struggle in the midfield

The teams seek possession of the ball.
12:00 PM2 months ago

Match's begins

The game between Denmark and Finland is underway.
11:54 AM2 months ago

Teams on the field

The teams of Denmark and Finland take the field.
11:34 AM2 months ago

Starting XI: Finland


Hradecky; Raitala, Arajuuri, O'Shaughnessy, Uronen; Lod, Kamara, Sparv, Toivio; Pukki y Pohjanpalo.

D.T.: Kanerva

11:30 AM2 months ago

Starting XI: Denmark


Schmeichel; Wass, Kjaer, Christensen, Maehle; Delaney, Hojbjerg, Eriksen; Poulsen, Older Wind y Braithwaite.

D.T.: Hjulmand

11:10 AM2 months ago

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Squad list: Finland

5:12 AM2 months ago

Squad List: Denmark

5:07 AM2 months ago

Key player: Finland

Pukki is the player with the best attacking projection of the Finnish team.
5:02 AM2 months ago

Key player: Denmark

Braithwaite is the player to watch for the home side.
4:57 AM2 months ago


The teams have met twice, both times with Denmark winning.
4:52 AM2 months ago

Finland wants to strike the first blow

The Finns are looking to strike in their first visit of the competition.
4:47 AM2 months ago

Denmark, looking to make its home respected

At the start of this Cup, the Danish team will try to get off on the right foot at home.
4:42 AM2 months ago


The match will be played at the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen.
4:37 AM2 months ago


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