Goals and highlights: Austria 3-1 North Macedonia in Euro 2020 match


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12:55 PM2 years ago

Match ended

Austria won, with great authority and demonstrating that they have more experience in this type of matches, managed to withstand the attacks of Macedonia and with good quality plays, could take the three points and a good goal difference, in this first match.

Macedonia proved to be a good team, but their inexperience cost them, as they gave away a lot when they should have kept the scoreboard and the debut in this cup was not so happy for the beginner team. 


12:52 PM2 years ago

⏱ Min 90+2

Time is running out, the victory is almost certain for Austria, who took advantage of Macedonia's mistakes and achieved a comfortable and authoritative victory.
12:51 PM2 years ago

⏱ Min 90

4 more minutes will be played
12:50 PM2 years ago


Arnautovic's pass filtered through to Arnautovic, who entered the box alone, beat the goalkeeper and shot into the net to make it 3-1 in Austria's favor.
12:48 PM2 years ago

⏱ Min 90


Goooooooooooooooool de Austria


12:47 PM2 years ago

⏱ Min 88

We entered the attacking field through the flanks, with many crosses and without order.

Macedonia played more with desire than with offensive quality and failed to reach the opponent's goal.

12:46 PM2 years ago

🔄 Change


Exit: Musliu

In: Ristovski

12:45 PM2 years ago

⏱ Min 84

Macedonia can't find a way to reach at least the last quarter of the court and gives the ball away very badly, provoking counterattacks from Austria, with their defense being very poorly stopped.
12:43 PM2 years ago

🔄 Change


Exit: Bardhi

In: Trickovski

12:42 PM2 years ago

⏱ Min 82

Macedonia tries, but Austria's defensive order is not easy to overcome and the Austrians hold the game well.
12:40 PM2 years ago

⏱ Min 80

Austria retreats, wants to defend the score and Macedonia fights in the middle of the field and will start looking for an equalizer at any cost.
12:38 PM2 years ago


Alaba's great cross on the edge of the six-yard box was met by Gregoritsch's foot to change the direction of the ball and give the Austrians their second.
12:37 PM2 years ago

⏱ Min 78


Goooooooooooooooool Austria


12:36 PM2 years ago

⏱ Min 76

Austria dominates possession and the game is played in the Macedonian half.
12:35 PM2 years ago

⏱ Min 74

Austria is getting a bit of a midfield game, as it brings several players into the attack, fails to finish the play and on the counter, it always looks bad in front of Macedonia.
12:33 PM2 years ago

⏱ Min 72

Neither side was able to find an attacking outlet and there continued to be a lot of action in the midfield, but little play in the penalty area.
12:30 PM2 years ago

⏱ Min 70

The intensity of the match dropped, and once again the ball began to be disputed a lot in the midfield, with no clear dominator of the ball.
12:28 PM2 years ago

⏱ Min 68

Macedonia takes a little breather and plays in the opponent's half, trying to build up play,
12:26 PM2 years ago

⏱ Min 66

A double aerial move in the Macedonian penalty area almost gave Austria a second goal, but Dimitrievski made a magnificent save.
12:23 PM2 years ago

⏱ Min 64

Asutria was saved, a great pass filtered to Nikolov, who shot first in the area, but the rival goalkeeper did very well to avoid the goal, the rebound was left for Pandev, but he sent it over the goal.
12:21 PM2 years ago

⏱ Min 62

Macedonia loses a bit of what they benefited from in the first half and that was their quick and precise start. Now they have a bad delivery and can't get to three quarters of the field with the ball.
12:20 PM2 years ago

⏱ Min 60

Austria's offensive surge continues, as they look to extend the score and take the first three points in dispute.
12:19 PM2 years ago

🔄 Change


Out: Baumgartner and Kalajdzic

In: Gregoritsch and Arnautovic

12:15 PM2 years ago

⏱ Min 56

Austria began to fill the Macedonian area with crosses and none of them managed to generate danger, all of them were well resolved by the Macedonian defense and goalkeeper.
12:14 PM2 years ago

⏱ Min 54

The Austrian team equalizes the game and the match becomes a back-and-forth affair.
12:13 PM2 years ago

🟡 Yellow card

Austria: Alioski

Second yellow of the match, both for Macedonia.

12:11 PM2 years ago

⏱ Min 52

Alioski is fouled hard in the opponent's half and Dragovic is hurt.
12:10 PM2 years ago

⏱ Min 50

Possession is no longer as wide for Austria, who finished the first half with 66% and now find themselves with 56%, showing Macedonia's change in attitude.
12:08 PM2 years ago

⏱ Min 48

The second half started with a different Macedonian side, which came out looking for the game and stationed itself in the opponent's field, pressing high and looking for Austria's mistake at the start of the game.
12:07 PM2 years ago

🔄 Change

A change was made at halftime.


Out: Dragovic

In: Lienhart

12:05 PM2 years ago

⏱ Min 46

The game is played on Austria's home field.
12:04 PM2 years ago

The second half started

Macedonia has moved and the second half of this Euro 2020 Group C match is already underway.
11:54 AM2 years ago

First half ended

The first half ended with two goals, but most of the time the game was cut, with a lot of friction and little action in the areas.

The first half began with a Macedonia that did not need to have much of the ball to achieve depth in their plays, but gradually lowered the offensive level, retreated and gave the ball to Austria, who with horizontal circulation, began to look for changes of pace of the ball and filter passes into the area. And that's how the first goal arrived.

Macedonia tried to react quickly, took possession of the ball and after a goalkeeper's mistake, equalized only 10 minutes after Austria's goal.

After the equalizer, the match was again dominated by Austria, who although they had the ball 66% of the time, did not generate real danger and the match ended again in a lot of rose and rough play.

11:48 AM2 years ago

⏱ Min 45

2 more minutes will be played in this first half.
11:46 AM2 years ago

🟡 Serve with amarilla

Macedonia: Trajkovski
11:46 AM2 years ago

⏱ Min 42

Dragovic falls after a foul by Trajkovski when they disputed a ball in the air and the referee considers that it was a foul and issues the first yellow card of the match.
11:43 AM2 years ago

⏱ Min 40

Very long possessions for Austria, but they have little depth and when they manage to reach the opponent's area, they do not generate any kind of danger in Dimitrievski's goal.
11:41 AM2 years ago

⏱ Min 38

The game continues to be cut short, too many unnecessary fouls, a lot of fouls, and the referee has yet to show a yellow card.
11:40 AM2 years ago

⏱ Min 36

The Macedonian team created a collective offensive play, but when they reached the edge of the box, the play turned into a knot, they ended up giving the ball back, they took a long-range shot, but the ball went wide.
11:37 AM2 years ago

⏱ Min 34

An attacking wave of Austria is coming, playing close to the opponent's area and generating danger in the Macedonian goal.
11:35 AM2 years ago

⏱ Min 32

A very tight game, dominated by Austria, but at times it became very disputed in the middle of the field and the actions were far away from the areas.
11:32 AM2 years ago

⏱ Min 30

Once again, Austria began to take the initiative, playing with long possession in the midfield.
11:32 AM2 years ago


Incredible mistake by the Austrian goalkeeper, who came out for a simple ball on the edge of the box, but after an unintentional collision with another player, he knocked the ball out of his hands and Pandev came from behind to equalize and score the first goal in Macedonia's history in the Euro.
11:30 AM2 years ago

⏱ Min 28


Goooooooooooooooooool for Macedonia


11:29 AM2 years ago

⏱ Min 26

The ball is disputed in the midfield, with a lot of fouls by Austria and so far no yellow card.
11:28 AM2 years ago

⏱ Min 24

Let's remember that this is the first match in Macedonia's history at the European Championship and that motivates them to try to equalize early, that's why they advanced their lines a bit and are already playing in zone 3 of the field, hovering around Austria's area.
11:25 AM2 years ago

⏱ Min 22

Macedonia did not suffer in the match, but after a defensive lapses, they will now have to row against the tide in order to equalize the match.
11:24 AM2 years ago

⏱ Min 20

Macedonia plays with possession in its own half, but no longer makes it to the last quarter, as in the first few minutes.
11:22 AM2 years ago


A good cross from the left by Sabitzer to the far post and Lainer arrives alone to score with his right foot inside the six-yard box after an acrobatic leap.
11:21 AM2 years ago

⏱ Min 18


Goooooooooooooooool for Austria


11:20 AM2 years ago

⏱ Min 18

The match is getting a little rough, the referee must intervene and lower the tempers of both teams a little, to prevent the match from being a cut and friction match.
11:18 AM2 years ago

⏱ Min 16

Schlager tried to shoot from half distance, but the ball hit the defensive line and ended up being cleared.
11:16 AM2 years ago

⏱ Min 14

Alaba gets in between the center-backs, so that the full-backs can get forward and he can bring the team out from the back with changes of direction of the ball, which divides the ball a lot.
11:15 AM2 years ago

⏱ Min 12

A tendency in possession is beginning to be seen in favor of Austria, who play with long circulations in the midfield, but still do not advance with the ball under control to the vicinity of the opponent's area.
11:12 AM2 years ago

⏱ Min 10

Both teams played very slowly and despite the fact that Macedonia proposed a little more, it did not mean that there was any dangerous play in the opponent's areas.
11:10 AM2 years ago

⏱ Min 8

Macedonia has already managed to play close to the opponent's area, unlike Austria, which still struggles to get past three-quarters of the field.
11:09 AM2 years ago

⏱ Min 6

First arrival that generated danger in Austria's area.

Macedonia arrived on the left flank, they put in the cross and without suffering much, the Austrian defense managed to easily clear the ball.

11:06 AM2 years ago

⏱ Min 4

Macedonia pulls back a bit and now it is Austria who tries to open spaces and surprise with changes of pace, by filtering long balls and through the flanks through horizontal ball circulation.
11:03 AM2 years ago

⏱ Min 2

First minutes with possession for Macedonia, which is looking to play a building game.
11:01 AM2 years ago

The match started

The Austrian national team has moved and Group C of the Euro is already in action.
10:58 AM2 years ago

The match will start

The captains' draw has been made, everything is ready and only the referee's order is needed to start today's match. 
10:53 AM2 years ago

Protocol events

The anthems of both countries are played, then the captains will be drawn.
10:48 AM2 years ago

Teams on the field

The referee gives the order and in an orderly fashion the Macedonian team comes out first and then the Austrian team.
10:43 AM2 years ago

Mixed Zone

Teams in the Mixed Zone, only the central referee's order is missing, so that they can take the field and the match can begin.
10:38 AM2 years ago

All set

Everything is ready for the teams to take the field, it is expected that at any moment they will be in the mixed zone and together with the referee team, they will take the field to start today's match. 
10:33 AM2 years ago

Dressing rooms

The players will go to the dressing room, change and go out to the mixed zone where the referees will give the signal for them to take the field. 
10:28 AM2 years ago


The warm-up continues, both teams play 'little games' with the ball and begin to end the warm-up. 
10:23 AM2 years ago

Sigue el calentamiento

The teams continue to warm up and work with the ball, in order to be ready to play this very good game, which is valid for date 1 of the Euro 2020 group stage.
10:18 AM2 years ago


The teams are about to take the field to begin their respective warm-up, first they will do it physically, then they will work with the ball.
The goalkeepers are working separately. 
10:13 AM2 years ago

The teams' current streak of success

Austria: In their last 5 matches, they won 1 match, drew 2 and lost 2 matches.

North Macedonia: In their last 5 matches, they won 3, drew 1 and lost 1.

The teams are unbeaten in their last match before Euro 2020.

10:08 AM2 years ago

North Macedonia headlines confirmed

10:03 AM2 years ago

Austrian starters confirmed

9:58 AM2 years ago

North Macedonia Preview

9:53 AM2 years ago

Austria Preview

9:48 AM2 years ago


The teams are already living with intensity their first Euro 2021 game, using the networks to live a preview with their fans.
9:43 AM2 years ago

Where, when and how to watch Austria vs North Macedonia live?

Campeonato: Eurocopa 2021

Estadio: The Arena Nacional

Horario: 12:00 hrs. (Washignton D.C.)

¿Dónde ver?: DirecTv

¿Dónde seguir?: VAVEL

9:38 AM2 years ago

How to follow the match Austria vs North Macedonia?

The match will be broadcasted by DirecTV and you can follow the game live online at VAVEL Mexico.
9:33 AM2 years ago

List of called-up players North Macedonia


Stole Dimitrievski (Rayo Vallecano), Damjan Šiškovski (Doxa Katokopias) and Riste Jankov (Rabotnički).


Stefan Ristovski (Dinamo Zagreb), Visar Musliu (Fehérvár), Egzon Bejtulai (Shkëndija 79), Kire Ristevski (Újpest), Fjoko Zajkov (Charleroi), Darko Velkovski (Rijeka) and Egzan Alioski (Leeds United).


Arijan Ademi (Dinamo Zagreb), Enis Bardhi (Levante), Stefan Spirovski (AEK Larnaca), Boban Nikolov (Lecce), Tihomir Kostadinov (Ružomberok), Ferhan Hasani (Partizani Tirana), Eljif Elmas (Napoli), Daniel Avramovski (Kayserispor), Darko Čurlinov (Stuttgart) and Marjan Radeski (Akademija Pandev).


Goran Pandev (Genoa), Aleksandar Trajkovski (Mallorca), Ivan Tričkovski (AEK Larnaca), Vlatko Stojanovski (Chambly), Krste Velkovski (Sarajevo) and Milan Ristovski (Spartak Trnava).

9:28 AM2 years ago

List of called-up ones


Daniel Bachmann (Watford), Pavao Pervan (Wolfsburg), Alexander Schlager (LASK)


David Alaba (Bayern), Aleksandar Dragović (Leverkusen), Marco Friedl (Werder Bremen), Martin Hinteregger (Frankfurt), Stefan Lainer (Mönchengladbach), Philipp Lienhart (Freiburg), Stefan Posch (Hoffenheim), Christopher Trimmel (Union Berlin), Andreas Ulmer (Salzburg)


Julian Baumgartlinger (Leverkusen), Christoph Baumgartner (Hoffenheim), Florian Grillitsch (Hoffenheim), Stefan Ilsanker (Frankfurt), Konrad Laimer (Leipzig), Valentino Lazaro (Internazionale), Marcel Sabitzer (Leipzig), Louis Schaub (Luzern), Xaver Schlager (Wolfsburg), Alessandro Schöpf (Schalke)


Marko Arnautović (Shanghai Port), Michael Gregoritsch (Augsburg), Sasa Kalajdzic (Stuttgart), Karim Onisiwo (Mainz)

9:23 AM2 years ago

Outstanding player from Macedonia

Today's highlight is Ivan Tričkovski, who participated in the last match of his national team, prior to the Euro and manifested himself with a goal.
9:18 AM2 years ago

Outstanding player from Austria

Today's highlight is David Alaba, a Bayern Munich player who is a key member of the Austrian team and leadership is expected from him.
9:13 AM2 years ago


They have met only twice in history, with Austria winning both matches, 4-1 in the first and 2-1 in the second.
9:08 AM2 years ago

North Macedonia's last away game

It was on matchday 3 of the European qualifiers for Qatar 2022, where they beat the German national team 1-2.
9:03 AM2 years ago

Austria's last party as a local

It was in the 0-0 draw against Slovakia, valid for an international friendly prior to Euro 2021.
8:58 AM2 years ago

How does Macedonia arrive?

They are coming off a 4-0 international friendly win over Kazakhstan, which helped them prepare for Euro 2021.
8:53 AM2 years ago

How does Austria arrive?

They are coming from a 0-0 draw in an international friendly against Slovakia, which served to prepare them for Euro 2021.
8:48 AM2 years ago


The Arena Nacional is a soccer stadium located in the Lia Manoliu sports complex in Bucharest, Romania. The stadium has a capacity of 55,634 spectators, expandable to 63,000 seats, and has a fully retractable roof.
8:43 AM2 years ago

Start of transmission

Hello everyone! Welcome to the broadcast of Austria vs North Macedonia, valid for the first matchday of group C of Euro 2021.