Goal and Highlights: Colombia 1-0 Ecuador in Copa America


10:11 PMa month ago

Goal and Highlights |

10:06 PMa month ago


It's over! Colombia beats Ecuador by the minimum and earns its first three points
9:59 PMa month ago


Duvan's shot, after a great run to Ortíz's goal, but his shot goes wide.
9:54 PMa month ago


After Cuadrado's cross, Mina appears and with a header sends the ball into the goal, but Ortíz keeps the ball.
9:50 PMa month ago


Excellent header by Duvan avoiding danger in his area.
9:49 PMa month ago


Double change for Colombia. Oscar Murillo and Edwin Cardona are replaced by Dávinson Sánchez and Gustavo Cuellar. 
9:47 PMa month ago


Change for Ecuador. Moisés Caicedo is replaced by Damián Díaz.
9:44 PMa month ago


Great collective play, composed of small passes inside the Colombian box, culminating in a shot by Mina, but Ospina attentively comes out for the ball.
9:40 PMa month ago


Good attack! Great pass to Duván, who plays a cross, but Ortíz attentively holds on to the ball.
9:36 PMa month ago


Ecuadorian double change. Ayrton Preciado and Jordy Caicedo take the place of Gonzalo Plata and Michael Estrada. 
9:31 PMa month ago


A good cut by Barrios prevents the ball from touching the Colombian area.
9:28 PMa month ago


Change of Colombia. Duvan Zapata and Sebastián Pérez are substituted by Miguel Borja and Matheus Uribe.
9:25 PMa month ago


Change of Ecuador. Ángel Mena replaces Fidel Martínez.
9:21 PMa month ago


Borja arrived with danger, but ended up sending the ball into the stands.
9:19 PMa month ago


Excellent shot by Estupiñán, but Ospina manages to deflect the ball.
9:17 PMa month ago


Ecuador presses Colombia and stays in their area creating danger.
9:11 PMa month ago


The actions are resumed, Ecuador will look for the goal.
8:55 PMa month ago


The first part is over! With Cardona's goal, Colombia takes the lead into the dressing room.
8:54 PMa month ago


Colombia change. William Tesillo is replaced by Yairo Moreno.
8:48 PMa month ago


Always yes! Goal, goal, goal for Colombia! Excellent shot by Caardona that ends up putting the Colombians ahead.
8:47 PMa month ago


Goooo! Nothing! The referee signals that Borja is offside and ends up disallowing the goal for Colombia.
8:43 PMa month ago


Uff! After Cardona's cross, Mina's header goes just over the goal.
8:40 PMa month ago


Good control of the game by Ecuador, which seeks to reach the Colombian goal.
8:31 PMa month ago


Borré was looking for the ball after a good pass, but the Ecuadorian defense prevented it from arriving.
8:29 PMa month ago


The ball was contested along the field, but without creating greater danger.
8:22 PMa month ago


Excellent pass from Cardona, but better Moreno, who attentively delivers the ball to his goalkeeper.
8:20 PMa month ago


Martínez's cross, but Ospina attentively holds on to the ball.
8:12 PMa month ago


Good intervention by Murillo preventing Ecuador's move from growing.
8:08 PMa month ago


Estrada's shot goes over Ospina's goal.
8:04 PMa month ago


The match starts at the Pantanal Arena.
7:56 PMa month ago


The ceremony is underway, both teams take the field.
7:49 PMa month ago

Ecuador: LineUp |

P. Ortíz; A. Preciado, R. Arboleda, P. Hincapié, P. Estupiñán; G. Plata, J. Méndez, J. Caicedo, F. Martínez; E. Valencia, M. Estrada.

7:48 PMa month ago

Colombia: LineUp|

D. Ospina; Y. Moreno, O. Murillo, Y. Mina, D. Muñoz; E. Cardona, M. Uribe, W. Barrios, J. Cuadrado; M. Borja, R. Borré.
7:44 PMa month ago

Let's hit it!

Ecuador is already on the Arena Pantanal's field, warming up before the match.

7:32 PMa month ago

Colombia has arrived!

With Reinaldo Rueda at the helm, the Colombians are present.

7:24 PMa month ago

La Tri has arrived!

The Ecuadorians are already at the venue of their Copa America debut.

7:19 PMa month ago

Contagions continue

The Colombian national team announced that assistant coach Pablo Román and physiotherapist Carlos Entrena tested positive for Covid-19.
7:14 PMa month ago

Stay tuned!

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The chosen ones!

These were the players Gustavo Alfaro chose to represent Ecuador in the Copa América.


6:59 PMa month ago

Check the call for proposals

Reinaldo Rueda selected the players who will play the Copa América in Brazil.


6:54 PMa month ago

Soccer is in the air in the city!

The Ecuadorian National Team is also present in Brazil, ready to kick off its participation in the Cup.


6:49 PMa month ago

They're here!

The Colombian National Team is already in Cuiabá, the city where this duel will take place.


6:44 PMa month ago

For the rematch

Ecuador, on the other hand, arrives after losing to Peru in the same way in the qualifiers, so it will go all out for the three points to get off to a good start in the tournament.


6:39 PMa month ago

Getting of on the right foot

Colombia arrives at the start of the Copa América after a draw against Argentina in the qualifiers, so they will be looking to beat Ecuador.


6:34 PMa month ago

Kickoff time |

The Colombia vs Ecuador match will be played at the stadium name, in Mato Grosso, Brasil. The kick-off is scheduled at 08:00pm ET.
6:29 PMa month ago

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