Goals and Highlights: Paraguay (3-1) Bolivia in Copa America 2021
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10:06 PM2 months ago


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10:03 PM2 months ago

95' Match ends

Paraguay beats Bolivia 3-1 to take first place in Group A.
9:59 PM2 months ago

90' Addition time

The judge adds five minutes to the commitment.
9:56 PM2 months ago

88' Control by Paraguay

The local team manages the intentions of the engagement.
9:53 PM2 months ago

85' Paraguay holds possession

The home team is still looking to add to its score.
9:48 PM2 months ago


Angel Romero scores the third of the match.
9:46 PM2 months ago

78' Bolivia's shot

Fernandez shoots from outside the area, and Silva sends for a corner kick.
9:43 PM2 months ago

74'Bolivia seeks to rebuild

The Bolivian team shakes off the rival pressure.
9:38 PM2 months ago

70' Paraguay wants to go long

Possession is all the home side's, and they want to increase the score.
9:33 PM2 months ago


Ángel Romero scores Paraguay's second goal.
9:32 PM2 months ago

64' Bolivia substitution

Wayar replaces Saavedra in the match.
9:30 PM2 months ago


Romero scores the equalizer for Paraguay.
9:28 PM2 months ago

60' Bolivia is saved

Romero's shot hits the crossbar.
9:26 PM2 months ago

58' Paraguay substitute

Gonzalez replaces Piris in the engagement.
9:25 PM2 months ago

57' Paraguay gets closer

Avalos' shot bounces off his shoulder and goes wide.
9:22 PM2 months ago

54' Chance for Paraguay

Sanchez's shot goes wide, and the equalizer is lost.
9:20 PM2 months ago

52' The ball is fought for in the middle of the pitch

Bolivia seeks to shake off Paraguayan pressure.
9:18 PM2 months ago

48' Bolivia is saved

Ávalos's shot is deflected.
9:16 PM2 months ago

Second half begins

The ball is rolling in the second half.
9:15 PM2 months ago

Changes in Bolivia

Fernandez and Villarroel replace Alvarez and Bejarano.
9:14 PM2 months ago

Changes in Paraguay

Sanchez replaces Villasanti.
8:57 PM2 months ago

56' First half ends

The first half ends with Bolivia in the lead.
8:55 PM2 months ago

54' Bolivia sent off

Cuellar is sent off at the end of the first half.
8:53 PM2 months ago

52' Paraguay attacks

The home team continues to search for an equalizer.
8:50 PM2 months ago

48' Paraguay keeps looking for the equalizer

The Paraguayan team is still looking to tie the game.
8:46 PM2 months ago

45' Addition time

The referee adds eight minutes to the first half.
8:44 PM2 months ago

42' Bolivia is saved

Romero unbelievably missed the equalizer.
8:43 PM2 months ago

41' The ball is being fought for in the midfield

The teams seek to maintain possession of the ball.
8:39 PM2 months ago

37' Yellow card in Bolivia

Cuellar is cautioned for a foul in the middle of the field.
8:37 PM2 months ago

36' Bolivia is saved

Avalos' shot goes wide.
8:34 PM2 months ago

32' Bolivia is saved

The Paraguayan team missed the chance to tie the game from a corner kick.
8:31 PM2 months ago

29' Yellow card for Bolivia

Bejarano is cautioned for a foul in the middle of the field.
8:27 PM2 months ago

26' Back and forth game

The teams are looking for their respective goals, with speed in both attacks.
8:24 PM2 months ago

22' Penalty annulled

The penalty kick is disallowed after VAR review, for offside.
8:21 PM2 months ago

19' Penalty for Paraguay

After a series of rebounds, the goalkeeper commits a penalty on the striker.
8:19 PM2 months ago

17' Paraguay is saved

Bolivia is approaching dangerously in the opponent's area.
8:17 PM2 months ago

14' Paraguay looks for the equalizer

The Paraguayan team is still looking for an equalizer.
8:12 PM2 months ago

9' Bolivia goal

Saavedra takes advantage of the penalty, and scores the first goal of the match.
8:09 PM2 months ago

8' Penalty for Bolivia

After the VAR review, the penalty for the Bolivian National Team is confirmed.
8:08 PM2 months ago

6' Review for possible penalty

Possible penalty for Bolivia is reviewed.
8:05 PM2 months ago

4' Paraguay's approach

The Paraguayan team was in control, looking for the first goal.
8:02 PM2 months ago

1' Paraguay's shot

Arzamendia's shot is blocked by the rival goalkeeper.
8:00 PM2 months ago

Match begin's

The ball is rolling in the second Copa América match of the day.
7:57 PM2 months ago

Captain's draw

The kickoff is drawn in the engagement.
7:53 PM2 months ago

Teams on the field

The teams take the field.
7:42 PM2 months ago

Starting XI: Bolivia


Cordano; Bejarano, Jusino, Quinteros, Sagredo; Justiniano; Flórez, Cuellar, Saavedra, Céspedes; Álvarez.

D.T.: César Farías

7:39 PM2 months ago

Starting XI: Paraguay


Silva; Arzamendia, Alonso, Gómez, Espinola; Villasanti, Piris, Kaku; Almirón, Ávalos y Romero.

D.T.: Eduardo Berizzo

7:36 PM2 months ago

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Squad List: Bolivia

4:16 AM2 months ago

Squad List - Paraguay

4:11 AM2 months ago

Key player: Bolivia

Marcelo Moreno Martins is the player to watch for the visitors. He is currently the leading scorer in the South American qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup.
4:06 AM2 months ago

Key player: Paraguay

Angel Romero is the player to watch for the local team. 
4:01 AM2 months ago


The teams have met 67 times, with 34 wins for Paraguay, 17 draws and 15 victories for Bolivia.
3:56 AM2 months ago

Bolivia wants to surprise

The Bolivian team, since 1997, has only advanced from the group stage once, so it wants to change this situation.
3:51 AM2 months ago

Paraguay wants to reaffirm its favoritism

The Paraguayan team arrives as favorites for this match, and seeks to revalidate this in the beginning of this tournament.
3:46 AM2 months ago


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