Highlights and goal: Finland 0-1 Russia in UEFA Euro 2020
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11:23 AMa year ago


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Next game

Finland's next match will be against Belgium, while Russia will face Turkey. Both matches will be played on Monday, June 21.
11:00 AMa year ago

90+7' Match Ended!

MATCH ENDS! Russia has won! Aleksei Miranchuck's goal is enough for the Russians to revive in the UEFA Euro.
10:56 AMa year ago

90+3' Russia misses!!

Pass to Zhemaletdinov, who feinted and shot into the box, but the ball was deflected wide.
10:54 AMa year ago

90' Additional time

Five more minutes will be played in the match.
10:49 AMa year ago

85' Double substitution in Russia

Aleksandr Sobolev and Maksim Mukhin come in for Artem Dzyuba and Aleksei Miranchuk.
10:48 AMa year ago

85' Substitution in Finland

Fredrick Jensen reeplaces Joona Toivio.
10:50 AMa year ago

80' Final stretch of the match

Last 10 minutes. The end of the game is approaching, with the Finns looking for an equalizer and the Russians retreating to counter-attack.
10:38 AMa year ago

75' Double substitution in Finland

Pyry Soiri and Lassi Lappalainen replaces Jukka Raitala and Teemu Pukki.
10:36 AMa year ago


The ball to the left to Kuzyaev, who went inside and shot low, but the Finnish goalkeeper made a fantastic save.
10:31 AMa year ago

67' Substitution in Finland

Joni Kauko replaces Rasmus Schüller.
10:30 AMa year ago

65' Russia misses!

Pass to Zhemaletdinov, who shot a cross-shot at ground level, but the ball went just wide of the left post.
10:25 AMa year ago

61' Substitution in Russia

Rifat Zhemaletdinov replaces Magomed Ozdoev.
10:20 AMa year ago

57' Finland looking better

The Finnish team push and look for the goal defended by Safonov with great frequency, but failed to score.
10:17 AMa year ago

53' Finland approached

Pukki's shot was well saved by Safonov.
10:14 AMa year ago

53' Russia approached!

Golovin's shot went very close to the right post.
10:13 AMa year ago

49' Finland approached

pass to the empty for Pukki, but his shot was blocked by a defender. The referee ruled that it was a goal kick for the Russians.
10:08 AMa year ago

Second half begins

The last 45 minutes of this match are underway.
10:04 AMa year ago

Match statics, in GioScore.com

9:54 AMa year ago

45+6' Half time

The first half comes to an end. Russia wins with a nice goal by Miranchuk.
9:52 AMa year ago

45+4' Russia approached

Dzyuba headed a cross from the right and the ball was saved by Hradecky.
9:49 AMa year ago

45+2' GOAL for Rusia!

Miranchuk proposed the wall with Dzyuba, who gave the ball back to him and the Atalanta player put it into the corner of the right post for the first goal of the game.
9:47 AMa year ago

45' Additional time

Six more minutes will be played in the first half.
9:41 AMa year ago

40' Last minutes of the first half

The game has been cut off a lot in the last minutes.
9:38 AMa year ago

37' Finland was saved

Golovin's cross ball from the left, Karavaev arrived and was blocked by an opponent.
9:35 AMa year ago

34' Yellow card

Magomed Odzoev is cautioned for Russia.
9:31 AMa year ago

30' Half hour of play

The score remains unchanged at 30 minutes
9:29 AMa year ago

25' Substitution in Russia

Vyacheslav Karavaev replaces Mario Fernandes.
9:28 AMa year ago

24' Match stopped

Mario Fernandes is treated on the field after a bad fall. It seems that he cannot continue.
9:26 AMa year ago

22' Yellow card

Glen Kamara in Finland is cautioned.
9:22 AMa year ago

20' Finland came close!

A ball to Pohjanpalo, who took a shot, but it was well blocked by an opponent.
9:16 AMa year ago

15' First quarter of an hour

The score remains at zero for the moment.
9:15 AMa year ago

13' Dzyuba almost gets there!

The Russian captain received the ball, turned and shot; the ball hit the post but was ruled out for offside.
9:12 AMa year ago

10' Odzoev misses!

The Russian player had a very clear opportunity in the box, but his shot went over the bar.
9:08 AMa year ago

5' Goal disallowed

The VAR reviewed the play and decided to disallow Joel Pohjanpalo's goal for offside.
9:07 AMa year ago

3' Russian's GOAL!

Raitala stole the ball on the right and crossed for Joel Pohjanpalo, who headed the first goal of the match.
9:02 AMa year ago

Match Starts!

The game between Finland and Russia kicks off in St. Petersburg!
8:57 AMa year ago

Teams take to the field!

Everything is ready at the Krestovsky Stadium. The players are on the field; the protocol acts are coming.
8:52 AMa year ago

Everything is ready!

The teams are coming to the field.
8:47 AMa year ago

Statements - Roman Zobnin (Russia)

"We have to eliminate the silly mistakes we made [against Belgium], have fewer flaws in our game, play the ball and think faster - everything footballers need to do to play at this level."
8:42 AMa year ago

Statements - Daniel O'Shaughnessy (Finland)

"Everyone knew that Joona Toivio and Paulus Arajuuri would be the center backs and there were several options for the third center back position. It was great to be able to play in Finland's first EURO game. The win was a great result and I have to give full credit to every player for their hard work."
8:37 AMa year ago

Starting lineup - Russia

Tactial formation: 1-4-3-3

| 16. Safonov |
| 02. Fernandes | 03. Diveev | 14. Gueorgui Dzhikia | 23. Kuzyaev |
| 11. Zobnin | 08. Barinov | 07. Ozdoev |
| 15. Aleksei Miranchuk | 22. Dzyuba | 17. Aleksandr Golovin |

Coach: Stanislav Cherchésov

8:32 AMa year ago

Starting lineup - Finland

Tactical formation: 1-3-4-1-2

| 01. Hradecky |
| 04. Toivio | 02. Arajuuri | 03. Daniel O'Shaughnessy |
| 22. Raitala | 11. Rasmus Schüller | 06. Kamara | 18. Uronen |
| 08. Robin Lod |
| 20. Joel Pohjanpalo | 10. Teemu Pukki |

Coach: Markku Kanerva

8:27 AMa year ago

We start!

Everything is ready to bring you our coverage of this match.
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How to watch Finland vs Russia Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the match on TV, your options are: Sky Sports Mexico, SporTV in Brasil, and DirecTV Sports in South America.

If you want to watch it online, VAVEL USA is your best option.

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Referee's Team

Center: Danny Makkelie - Netherlands
Assistant No.1: Hessel Steegstra - Netherlands
Assistant No.2: Jan de Vries - Netherlands
Emerging: István Kovács - Romania
VAR: Pol van Boekel - Netherlands
AVAR1: Kevin Blom - Netherlands
AVAR2: Benjamin Pages - France
AVAR3: Jérôme Brisard - France
8:07 AMa year ago

Key player: Russia

The outstanding player in Russia is Aleksandr Golovin, a midfielder with a lot of talent, who can generate danger for his opponents if he is given the opportunity.
8:02 AMa year ago

Key player: Finland

In Finland it is appropriate to highlight the presence of Teemu Puki, a striker who with the experience he has gained in his career, shows he can take advantage of the slightest mistake of his rivals.
7:57 AMa year ago

History of Finland vs Russia

In total, these teams have met five times. The numbers are in favor of the Russians, who emerged victorious on four occasions, while the Dutch have won once.
7:52 AMa year ago

Russia: to avoid elimination

After their defeat against Turkey, the Russian team needs to improve not only in their soccer, but also to get a victory that will bring them back to life in the group.
7:47 AMa year ago

Finland wants to qualify

After defeating Denmark, the Finnish side will want to get another win in the group to ensure their presence in the next round of the competition.
7:42 AMa year ago

The match will be played at the Krestovsky Stadium

The match Finland vs Russia will be played at the Krestovsky Stadium, in the city of St. Petersburg, Russia.
7:37 AMa year ago

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