Highlights and goal: Ukraine 2-1 North Macedonia in UEFA Euro 2020
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11:10 AMa year ago


Thank you for following our coverage of Ukraine vs Macedonia, in the second match of Group C of UEFA Euro 2020. Stay tuned to VAVEL.com for the best information from the world of sport.
11:06 AMa year ago

Next game

Ukraine's next game will be against Austria, while North Macedonia will play its last chance against the Netherlands. Both matches will be played on June 21.
10:54 AMa year ago

90+5' End of match!

Fernando Rapallini decrees the end of the match, UKRAINE WON! A good win for Andriy Shevchenko's team, to get a new breath of fresh air in the group.
10:52 AMa year ago

90+4' North Macedonia missed!

Trajkovski's shot went just wide of the right post. It was the last of the match.
10:49 AMa year ago

90+2' Substitution in Ukraine

Eduard Sobol replaces Ruslan Malinovskyi.
10:48 AMa year ago

90' Additional Time

Four more minutes will be played in the match. North Macedonia pulls out all the stops for a draw.
10:43 AMa year ago

85' Double substitution in North Macedonia

Ivan Trickovski y Kire Ristevski replaces Darko Velkovski y Ariijan Ademi.
10:42 AMa year ago


Malinovskyi shot to the right post and there came the Macedonian goalkeeper to bring the game back to life.
10:41 AMa year ago

82' Penalty for Ukraine

Avramovski's handball in the box after Malinovskyi's free kick was reviewed by the VAR. The Macedonian player is cautioned.
10:40 AMa year ago

81' There's a VAR check

The referees in charge of the VAR call Rapallini to go and review a play.
10:36 AMa year ago

78' Substitution in North Macedonia

Serhiy Sydorchuk replaces Mykola Shaparenko.
10:37 AMa year ago

74' Ukraine missed it!

Malinovskyi's pass to Tsygankov, who took a first-time shot, but the ball went wide.
10:29 AMa year ago

70' Double substitution for Ukraine

Artem Besyedin and Viktor Tsygankov replaces Andriy Yarmolenko and Roman Yaremchuk.
10:26 AMa year ago

68' Buschan save!!

Trajkovski's shot from outside the area was sent to a corner kick by the Ukrainian goalkeeper.
10:23 AMa year ago

65' North Macedonia is still trying to

Motivated by the equalizer, the Macedonians now dominate the ball for much of the time. Ukraine has retreated.
10:17 AMa year ago

59' Yellow card

Darko Velkovski is cautioned in North Macedonia.
10:15 AMa year ago

57' North Macedonia's GOAL!!!

Alioski shot to the left and Buschan saved it, but the rebound fell to him and he pushed the ball in for the Macedonians' discount.
10:14 AMa year ago

55' Penalty kick for Macedonia

Trajkovski had a great shot on goal, but Buschan's save was even better, then in the box Goran Pandev was brought down by Karavaev on his way to the rebound.
10:08 AMa year ago

50' Now Dimitrievski saves!

Zabarnyi's shot was well saved by the Macedonian goalkeeper and sent to a corner kick.
10:05 AMa year ago

47' Buschan saved!

Ademi's shot in the box hit the right post and the Ukrainian goalkeeper sent it to the corner kick.
10:04 AMa year ago

There were two changes for Macedonia

For the second half, Igor Angelovski moved the bench: Aleksandar Trajkovski and Darko Churlinov in place of Boban Nikolov and Stefan Spirovski.
10:03 AMa year ago

The second half begins

The second leg of the match between Ukraine and Macedonia gets underway.
9:49 AMa year ago

45+1' End of first half

The first half is over. Ukraine wins 2-0 against North Macedonia with authority.
9:47 AMa year ago

45' Additional time

One more minute will be played in the first half.
9:45 AMa year ago

43' Yellow Card

Ukraine's player, Shaparenko, is cautioned for simulates a foul in the penalty area.
9:41 AMa year ago

39' Goal disallowed against North Macedonia

Pass into the empty space to Pandev; in the box took out an opponent's marker and then scored with quality in front of Buschan, but the play was disallowed for offside.
9:37 AMa year ago

34' Ukraine's GOAL!!

Yarmolenko's masterful pass to Yaremchuk, who scored past Dmitrievski to make it 2-0.
9:32 AMa year ago

29' Ukraine's GOAL!!!

Karavaev changed the direction of the ball after a corner kick and Andriy Yarmolenko appeared to push it in at the far post.
9:31 AMa year ago

28' Dimitrievski Saved!

Malinovskyi's brilliant pass to Yarmolenko, who scored in front of the Macedonian goalkeeper and then the defense cleared it for a corner kick.
9:26 AMa year ago

23' Ukraine approached!

First Yarmolenko tried a shot that deflected off an opponent and Dimitrievski cleared, then came a cross from the left and the Macedonian goalkeeper appeared again.
9:22 AMa year ago

20' The score remains the same

The start of the match was favorable for Ukraine, but North Macedonia has been balancing the game.
9:19 AMa year ago

16' North Macedonia approached!

Nikolov's cross from the right was anticipated by Elmas, but the ball went just wide of the post.
9:17 AMa year ago

15' North Macedonia missed it!

Nikolov entered the box to grab a rebound, but the ball went wide.
9:13 AMa year ago

12' Corner kick for Ukraine

Yaremchuk approached and Ristovski appeared to avert the danger.
9:10 AMa year ago


Malinovskyi's shot was well saved by the Macedonian goalkeeper and sent to the corner kick.
9:09 AMa year ago

7' Corner Kick for Ukraine

Yarmolenko's cross ball and a defender crossed to clear it.
9:08 AMa year ago

5' Ukraine's first approach

A cross from the left was fisted away by Dmitrievski, the rebound fell to Kavaraev who shot first time, but the ball went wide.
9:02 AMa year ago

Match Starts

The match kicks off in Bucharest. Ukraine and North Macedonia are already playing.
8:57 AMa year ago

First time by a non-European referee

With Rapallini's refereeing, a historic event will take place... He will be the first non-European referee to referee a UEFA Euro match.
8:52 AMa year ago

Teams to the court!

The players of Ukraine and North Macedonia take the field.
8:47 AMa year ago

Alternates - North Macedonia

12. Risto Jankov (GK), 22. Damjan Siskovski (GK), 02. Egzon Bejtualai, 04. Kire Ristevski, 07. Ivan Trickovski, 09. Aleksandar Trajkovski, 11. Ferhan Hasani, 15. Tihomir Kostandinov, 23. Marjan Radeski, 24. Daniel Avramovski, 25. Darko Churlinov, 26. Milan Ristovski.

8:42 AMa year ago

Starting lineup - North Macedonia

Tactical formation: 1-3-4-1-2

| 01. Stole Dimitrievski |
| 13. Stefan Ristovski | 14. Darko Velkovski | 06. Visar Musliu |
| 05. Ariijan Ademi | 20. Stefan Spirovski |
| 16. Boban Nikolov | 08. Ezgjan Alioski |
| 17. Enis Bardi |
| 10. Goran Pandev | 21. Eljif Elmas |

Coach: Igor Angelovski

8:37 AMa year ago

Alternates - Ukraine

02. Eduard Sobol, 03. Heorhiy Sudakov, 04. Serhiy Kryvstov, 05. Serhiy Sydorchuk, 11. Marlos, 12. Andriy Pyatov, 14. Evgen Makarenko, 15. Viktor Tsygankov, 19. Artem Besyedin, 23. Anatoli Trubin, 24. Oleksandr Tymchyk, 26. Artem Dovbyk.

8:32 AMa year ago

Starting lineup - Ukraine

Tactical formation: 1-3-4-1-2

| 01. Stole Dimitrievski |
| 13. Stefan Ristovski | 14. Darko Velkovski | 06. Visar Musliu |
| 05. Ariijan Ademi | 20. Stefan Spirovski |
| 16. Boban Nikolov | 08. Ezgjan Alioski |
| 17. Enis Bardi |
| 10. Goran Pandev | 21. Eljif Elmas |

Coach: Igor Angelovski

8:27 AMa year ago

Formations, coming soon

In minutes we come with the lineups of the teams for this game.
8:22 AMa year ago

Statements - Igor Angelovski (North Macedonia coach)

"We have to play to the maximum, this is the European Championship. That's the only way we can get a good result. We came to the European Championship to reach the round of 16. Whoever wins this match will improve their chances of advancing. We don't feel any pressure, we are motivated and we will play to win".
8:17 AMa year ago

Statements - Andriy Shevchenko (Ukraine coach)

"First of all, we have to play our best game. We have our pattern of play worked out and a lot will depend on our midfield: how they will move and how they will move the ball, the speed and accuracy of their passing. We are a team that likes to attack. The key will be efficiency".
8:12 AMa year ago

We Start!

We are already preparing to bring you our coverage of this match.

8:07 AMa year ago

Tune in here Ukraine vs North Macedonia Live Score

Do not miss a detail of the match Ukraine vs North Macedonia  with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this match.
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How to watch Finland vs Russia Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the match on TV, your options are: Sky Sports in Mexico, SporTV in Brasil, and DirecTV Sports in South America.

If you want to watch it online, VAVEL USA is your best option.

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Referee's Team

Referee: Fernando Rapallini - Argentina
Assistant No. 1: Juan Pablo Belatti - Argentina
Assistant No. 2: Diego Yamil Bonfa - Argentina
Emerging: Slavko Vinčić - Slovenia
VAR: Alejandro Hernández - Spain
AVAR1: José María Sánchez - Spain
AVAR2: Filippo Meli - Italy
AVAR3: Juan Martínez Munuera - Spain
7:52 AMa year ago

Key player: North Macedonia

Undoubtedly the star of the Macedonian team is the veteran Goran Pandev, who has been multi-champion in Italy and has excelled thanks to his scoring power.
7:47 AMa year ago

Key player: Ukraine

In the Ukrainian team, the presence of Andriy Yarmolenko stands out, an attacker who generates danger every time he has the slightest opportunity.
7:42 AMa year ago

History Ukraine vs North Macedonia

In total, these teams have met four times. The numbers favor the Ukrainians, who won twice, drew once and lost to the Macedonians on another occasion.
7:37 AMa year ago

North Macedonia wants to get into the fight for qualification

After their tough loss to Belgium, Macedonia needs a win to boost their morale, gain confidence and have a chance to qualify for the final matchday.
7:32 AMa year ago

Ukraine wants to get back on its feet in the competition

After their loss to the Netherlands, the Ukrainian side comes into this match aiming to win in order to get some air in the group and not lose sight of qualification.
7:27 AMa year ago

The match will be played at the Arena Națională

The Ukraine vs North Macedonia match will be played at the Arena Națională, located at the Lia Manoliu sports complex in Bucharest, Romania. It seats approximately 55,600 people.
7:22 AMa year ago

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