Goal and Highlights: Sweden 1-0 Slovakia in Euro 2020
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Thank you for following the broadcast of Sweden vs Slovakia from the second day of the Euro 2020 group stage.
10:53 AMa month ago

Will be in the round of 16

Sweden, with today's victory, is the group leader and with a foot and a half in the round of 16. Slovakia will play against Spain.
10:52 AMa month ago

End game

Suecia 1-0 Eslovaquia.
10:51 AMa month ago


Olssen's shot from half distance goes over the goal. Slovakia close.
10:49 AMa month ago


Forsberg is replaced by Krafth. Sweden change.
10:46 AMa month ago


Five more minutes are added.
10:44 AMa month ago

Goal Sweden 1-0

10:43 AMa month ago


Ekdal goes off and Svensson comes on. Sweden change.
10:43 AMa month ago


Foul on Weiss for cutting off a counterattacking advance.
10:42 AMa month ago


Agustinsson rejects the service at the near post and gives away a corner kick.
10:38 AMa month ago


Isak is slow to hit it and then Larsson takes the shot that deflects the defender and passes close.
10:36 AMa month ago


Duda has received a yellow card.
10:33 AMa month ago


Sweden goal.

Forsberg hits it with power and takes the penalty flawlessly for the 1-0 lead.

10:31 AMa month ago


The referee has signaled a penalty and also cautions the goalkeeper Dúbravka.
10:27 AMa month ago


Isak's low shot is saved by Dúbravka from the corner.
10:23 AMa month ago


Isak's header goes slightly over the top.
10:21 AMa month ago


Pekarik is replaced by Lukáš Haraslín. Slovakia substitution.
10:20 AMa month ago


Claesson Quaison enters and Berg and Olsson come off. Sweden changes.
10:17 AMa month ago


Isak's shot from half distance goes very close to the post due to a defensive deflection.
10:16 AMa month ago


Double header from a corner kick that Danielsson misses and sends over. Sweden close.
10:15 AMa month ago


Augustionsson's header sends the goalkeeper flying to save his goal.
10:14 AMa month ago


Kucka's header and great save by the goalkeeper, but he had already been flagged offside.
10:07 AMa month ago


Duda's cutback and shot goes over the goal.
10:02 AMa month ago


Isak's powerful shot is swept away by the defender and sent to a corner.
10:01 AMa month ago


The second half begins.
9:46 AMa month ago

Half time

Sweden 0-0 Slovakia
9:43 AMa month ago


Hamšík's first-time shot from half distance goes over the top.
9:40 AMa month ago


Duda is encouraged with the back-heel, but it comes out in an awkward way.
9:35 AMa month ago


Hamšík fails to make contact and the ball goes wide.
9:30 AMa month ago


They claimed a handball by Danielsson, but the referee indicated that he hit him in the chest.
9:24 AMa month ago


Olsson receives the first yellow card of the day.
9:22 AMa month ago


Koscelník is fouled by the referee and the ball is awarded to Slovakia.
9:21 AMa month ago


Olsson tries something different and attempts a breakaway that is blocked by the Slovakian defense.
9:14 AMa month ago


Lustig's header goes over the top of the goal.
9:10 AMa month ago


Olsen's cross was getting away from him, but it didn't go any further.
9:05 AMa month ago


Kucka takes a corner kick and the ball goes over the top of the goal.
9:04 AMa month ago


Larsson with a mid-range shot that Dúbravka saves.
9:03 AMa month ago


Kucka misses the shot, even though it had already been flagged offside.
9:02 AMa month ago


Foul on Šatka and free kick for Slovakia.
9:00 AMa month ago


The match between Sweden and Slovakia kicks off.
8:55 AMa month ago

Enter the field

Sweden and Slovakia take the field and the national anthems will be played shortly.
8:53 AMa month ago

We are minutes away

Sweden and Slovakia are already in the tunnel and are about to enter the field.
8:51 AMa month ago

The stadium

The stadium for this match will be the Krestovsky Stadium, located in St. Petersburg, Russia.

8:45 AMa month ago

They are undefeated

Sweden has not lost to Slovakia in the six games they have played in their history, the first being in 1996 with a 2-1 friendly victory for Sweden.

8:38 AMa month ago

Field reconnaissance

This is how Sweden's players and coaching staff recognized the field of play.

8:27 AMa month ago

The favorite

According to various bookmakers, Sweden is favored to win the match, followed by a draw.
8:22 AMa month ago

Going for the win

It should be remembered that Slovakia closes against Spain, so three points this afternoon will take the pressure off for the final game.

8:16 AMa month ago

XI Slovakia

Dúbravka; Pekarík, Šatka, Škriniar, Hubočan; Kucka, Hrošovsky, Koscelník, Hamšík; Mak, Duda.
8:11 AMa month ago

XI Sweden

Olsen; Lustig, Lindelöw, Danielsson, Augustionsson; Larsson, Olsson, Ekdal, Forsberg; Berg, Isak.
8:06 AMa month ago

How is the group doing?

Slovakia leads the sector with three points, followed by Sweden and Spain with one point, and Poland at the bottom with no points.
8:01 AMa month ago

Nothing to lose

Slovakia started on paper as the easier team, but with the first win against Poland they are motivated and a good result this Friday could put them in the round of 16.
7:56 AMa month ago

Defensive performance

Against Spain, Sweden reduced the spaces and played on the counter-attack that came close to winning the three points, however, the match will not be the same and they will have to go on the attack if they want to steal the whole spoils.
7:51 AMa month ago

We start

Sweden will be looking for their first win of the tournament to guarantee them a place in the round of 16 against a Slovakia side that has taken top spot in the group. We begin.
7:46 AMa month ago

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Last games

In the last 10 games they have played three friendlies with one goal for Sweden and two draws, the last one 1-1 in 2018.
7:31 AMa month ago

Key player Slovakia

Ondrej Duda is the center forward of the national team and if they want to get a good result they will have to generate several goal options for him so that he can have a presence in the opponent's box.

7:26 AMa month ago

Key player Sweden

Striker Alexander Isak has stood out for his talent and the local press is expecting good results thanks to what he can contribute on the field.

7:21 AMa month ago

Last Team Slovakia

Dubravka; Hubocan, Skriniar, Satka, Pekarik; Hromada, Kucka, Mak, Hamsik, Haraslin; Duda.
7:16 AMa month ago

Last Team Sweden

Olsen; Augustinsson, Danielsson, Lindelof, Lustig; Forsberg, Ekdal, Olsson, Larsson; Isak, Berg.
7:11 AMa month ago

Slovakia: all to play for

After the surprising debut against Poland, Slovakia starts as the dark horse of the team and without many expectations on them, they are ready to keep on brewing the surprise in the group.
7:06 AMa month ago

Sweden: Consolidate the point against Spain

The point against Spain in their debut felt like glory, but they will have to consolidate it with a win to almost assure their participation in the round of 16, otherwise the first game will not have been of much use.
7:01 AMa month ago

Kick-off time

The Sweden vs Slovakia match will be played at the Krestovski Stadium, in San Petersburg, Russia. The kick-off is scheduled at 9am ET.
6:56 AMa month ago

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