Goals and Highlights: Chile 1-0 Bolivia in Copa América


7:15 PM2 days ago

Live ended

I thank you for following us in the game Brazil vs. Peru and we will be together later.
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7:00 PM2 days ago

Bolivia's next game

Bolivia will have the day off in the third round of Copa América and will face Uruguay in the next match.

- Bolivia vs Uruguay - Arena Pantanal, Cuiabá, at 5pm ET next Thursday (24)

6:59 PM2 days ago

Next round in Group B

- Uruguay vs Chile - 5pm ET, Arena Pantanal, Cuiabá

- Argentina vs Paraguai - 8pm ET, Mané Garrincha, Brasília

- Games will be played next Monday (21).

6:56 PM2 days ago

Group B standings

  1. Chile - 4
  2. Paraguay - 3
  3. Argentina - 1
  4. Uruguay - 0
  5. Bolivia - 0
6:53 PM2 days ago

Full time

End of the match.
6:52 PM2 days ago

Chile's goal disallowed

90+2' Pablo Aránguiz advances in a counterattack on the left side and rolls it to Mena. The defender shoots at Lampe and Vargas shoots at the goal. The ball is disallowed as Mena is ruled offside.
6:50 PM2 days ago

Addition time

90' Four minutes to go.
6:50 PM2 days ago

Bolivia Substitution

89' Justiniano and Ramiro Vaca out, Danny Bejarano e Moisés Villarroel in.
6:46 PM2 days ago

Yellow card

86' Diego Bejarano, Bolivia's fullback. Foul committed on Mena.
6:42 PM2 days ago

Chile Substitution

83' Brereton out, Pablo Aránguiz in.
6:41 PM2 days ago

Yellow card

80' Maripán, Chile defender. Ramallo is fouled.
6:40 PM2 days ago

Bolivia's near draw

79' In his first appearance of the game, Flores appears on the left and crosses. Ramallo pivots and rolls the ball to Bejarano. The ball deflects off Pulgar and goes very close to the goal.
6:38 PM2 days ago

Bolivia Substitution

78' Saavedra out, Enrique Flores in.
6:35 PM2 days ago

Lampe makes good save

75' Pinares crosses from the right and Mena head with freedom. Lampe makes a point-blank save.
6:33 PM2 days ago

He missed the target

72' Saavedra gets on the right side and crosses. The ball deflects off the Chilean defense and falls to Bejarano, who finishes poorly.
6:31 PM2 days ago

It hurts

71' Chilean midfielder Charles Aránguiz is down on the pitch after being hit and feeling pain.
6:31 PM2 days ago

Didn't like it

69' Arturo Vidal is unhappy with the substitution. He leaves in a fury and stays off the bench.
6:29 PM2 days ago

Chile Substitution

68' Arturo Vidal out, Alarcón in.
6:29 PM2 days ago

Poor header

66' Pinares takes a corner from the left side of the box and sends Maripán's header too low. Lampe holds on to the ball.
6:29 PM2 days ago

The ball is deflected

65' In his first appearance in the match, Pinares leads the ball down the central corridor and takes a shot to the left side of the penalty area. The ball deflects off Quinteros and goes out. Chile takes a corner.
6:28 PM2 days ago

Bolivia Substitution

63' With Chura out, Ramallo in.
6:28 PM2 days ago

Chile Substitution

63' Meneses out, Pinares in.
6:28 PM2 days ago

Bejarano removes danger

62' Brereton makes a good individual play on the right side of the area and rolls the ball into the middle. Bejarano controls the ball and sends it away.
6:16 PM2 days ago

Bravo avoids Bolivia's draw

55' Arce is activated on the right, enters the area, makes the cut and rolls to Saavedra. The midfielder kicks hard and Claudio Bravo saves the ball. Bolivia is awarded a corner kick.
6:13 PM2 days ago

Yellow card

52' Ramiro Vaca, Bolivia midfielder. Careless tackle on Mena.
6:11 PM2 days ago

Not like this

51' Meneses reverses play to Mena on the left side of the area. The defender controls the ball, but it goes out the back line with the ball and everything. Goal kick to Bolivia.
6:09 PM2 days ago

Lampe makes the save

49' Vargas receives Isla's pass and finishes. Lampe gets the ball.
6:07 PM2 days ago

Fallen on the grass

47' Chile's midfielder Charles Aránguiz feels pain in his leg and receives medical attention on the field.
6:05 PM2 days ago

Full throttle

46' Saavedra takes a shot from outside the box and Claudio Bravo saves. Bolivia's first shot of the second half with only seconds left on the clock.
6:04 PM2 days ago


The second half begins.
6:00 PM2 days ago

Locker room return

Teams back on the field.
5:48 PM2 days ago


End of the first half.
5:48 PM2 days ago

No direction

45+1' Vargas crosses from the right and Mena appears free and gets a first-time shot. The ball goes out without danger to Lampe.
5:48 PM2 days ago

Addition time

45' Two minutes more in the first half.
5:46 PM2 days ago

Over the goal

45' Bolivia plays the ball around the area, Ramiro Vaca receives, opens space and finishes with a front kick. The ball rises a little and goes over the goal of Claudio Bravo.
5:43 PM2 days ago

Lampe's quiet save

42' Mena crosses from the left, Vidal heads in and Lampe saves.
5:39 PM2 days ago

So close!

37' Isla makes a low throw to Vargas in the attack field and plays it to Meneses. The striker finishes with his left foot and the ball goes very close to the goal.
5:37 PM2 days ago

Double chance missed

35' Eduardo Vargas is picked out by Medel, who releases a shot to the back of the defense. Lampe saves with his knee. In the rebound, Vargas shoots and sends it over the goal.
5:37 PM2 days ago


34' Ball recovered in the attack field. Jeyson Chura is sent on and opens up the left side for Saavedra. The midfielder hits the ball and Claudio Bravo makes the save.
5:33 PM2 days ago


31' Eduardo Vargas receives a pass on the right side of the attack, enters the area and is tackled by Quinteros.
5:32 PM2 days ago

Bolivia misses a great chance

29' Saavedra makes a good individual move on the right wing and crosses low. Roberto Fernández, completely free and with space, hits it first time, but misses the direction. Chile takes a goal kick.
5:30 PM2 days ago

Lacked control over the ball

25' Jeyson Chura is activated on the right side, manages to get rid of the marker, but leaves with the ball and everything by the end line.
5:27 PM2 days ago

Bolivia's first finish

25' Arce takes a chance from outside the box, but his shot was not a danger to the goal saved by Claudio Bravo.
5:23 PM2 days ago

Lampe defends

21' Eduardo Vargas receives in the area and rolls to the middle for Brereton's shot. Lampe makes the save.
5:19 PM2 days ago

Oh my shoulder

17' Bolivia's goalkeeper Lampe falls to the ground. He feels pain in his shoulder and receives medical attention on the pitch.
5:19 PM2 days ago

And again

16' Meneses tries a strong shot from outside the area and Lampe again stretches to save.
5:18 PM2 days ago

Lampe again

15' Mena comes forward from the left and crosses low. Meneses breaks the ball up when it's time to finish, but gives it to Pulgar. The midfielder flicks his foot and Lampe makes a save. Chile is cornered.
5:18 PM2 days ago

Lampe defends

14' Arturo Vidal crosses from the right towards the second post and Brereton gets a firm header in. Lampe makes the save.
5:12 PM2 days ago

First goal

10' It was Brereton's first goal with the Chilean National Team. Brereton was born in Stoke, England. He plays for Chile because of his Chilean mother.
5:12 PM2 days ago

Chile Goal

9' Arturo Vidal sets up Eduardo Vargas in the offensive field and the forward plays to Brereton. The player takes advantage of an open defense and shoots the ball into the corner to open the scoring.
5:08 PM2 days ago

Bejarano gets it out of the area

6' Vargas receives on the right side of the area and crosses. Bejarano heads the ball away.
5:07 PM2 days ago

Full pressure from Chile

5' Chile tem o controle do jogo nos primeiros minutos. Bolívia não sai do campo de defesa.
5:07 PM2 days ago

Lampe saves

4' Play rehearsed. Aránguiz takes a corner from the left wing and Medel gets a first-time shot away. Lampe stretches out and makes the save in the corner.
5:07 PM2 days ago


3' Brereton receives on the left side and hits a cross. Ramiro Vaca blocks it and Chile has a corner.
4:59 PM2 days ago


Chile vs Bolivia kicks off.
4:58 PM2 days ago

Are you ready?

The match will start in a few minutes.
4:58 PM2 days ago


Chile wil play with a red shirt with white sleeves, blue shorts and blue and white socks.

Bolivia will play with a green shirt and white shorts and socks.

4:55 PM2 days ago

Chilean anthem

The Chilean National Anthem is now playing.
4:54 PM2 days ago

Bolivian anthem

The Bolivian National Anthem is now playing.
4:54 PM2 days ago

On the pitch

Referees and players from both teams are on the pitch.
4:43 PM2 days ago

Return to the locker room

Athletes finish warming up and return to the locker room. The match starts in a few minutes.
4:29 PM2 days ago

Final warm-up

Players of both teams on the field of the Arena Pantanal in the final physical preparation before the friendly match begins.
4:28 PM2 days ago

Video assistant referee

VAR - Ricardo de Burgos (SPA)

AVAR - José Luis Munuera (SPA)

4:26 PM2 days ago


Referee - Jesús Gil Manzano (SPA)

Assistant referees - Diego Barbero (SPA) and Ángel Nevado (SPA)

Fourth official - Andrés Rojas (COL)

4:24 PM2 days ago

Bolivia: substitutes

Cordano, Rojas; Sagredo, Flores, Barboza, Wayar, Villarroel, Céspedes, Sánchez, Danny Bejarano, Ramallo.

HC: César Farías.

4:23 PM2 days ago

Chile: substitutes

Arias, Castellón; Roco, Vegas, Pinares, Galdames, Alarcón, Núñez, Pablo Aránguiz, Mora, Arriagada, Montes.

HC: Martín Lasarte.

4:22 PM2 days ago

Line-up: Bolivia

Lampe; Diego Bejarano, Quinteros, Jusino, Roberto Fernández; Justiniano, Saavedra, Ramiro Vaca, Chura; Juan Arce, Gilbert Álvarez.

Head coach: César Farías.

4:21 PM2 days ago

Line-up: Chile

Bravo; Isla, Medel, Maripán, Mena; Pulgar, Vidal, Charles Aránguiz; Vargas, Meneses, Brereton.

Head coach: Martín Lasarte.

4:20 PM2 days ago

Scaled teams

Squads defined by both teams a few minutes ago.
4:15 PM2 days ago

Arrivals at the stadium

Both teams are already present at Arena Pantanal, the stage for the match between Chile vs Bolivia.
4:10 PM2 days ago

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Bolivia: Possible line-up

Cordano; Quinteros, Jairo Jusino, José Sagredo, Enrique Flores; Céspedes, Justiniano, Saavedra e Danny Bejarano; Álvarez e Rodrigo Ramallo.
3:55 PM2 days ago

Chile: Possible line-up

Claudio Bravo; Isla, Gary Medel, Maripán, Mena; Arturo Vidal, Pulgar, Charles Aránguiz; Palacios, Meneses, Eduardo Vargas.


3:50 PM2 days ago

Bolivia: Team news

As if the come-from-behind defeat against Paraguay 3-1 wasn't enough, the Bolivian coach had a few absences in the game considered crucial for the recovery and for the first points in the Copa America.

Striker Jaume Cuéllar was sent off against Paraguay and is suspended. In addition, defender Luis Haquín and strikers Marcelo Moreno and Henry Vaca were diagnosed with Covid-19 and remain isolated under treatment for recovery.

3:45 PM2 days ago

Chile: Team news

After a 1-1 draw in the opening game of the Copa America against Argentina, Chile will be looking for their first win in the competition.

Coach Martín Lasarte still can not count on striker Alexis Sánchez. With a foot injury, the player is expected to play from the quarterfinals on. For now, the player remains in Chile in medical treatment.

3:40 PM2 days ago

Bolivian National Team roster for Copa America

Goalkeepers - Carlos Lampe, Rúben Cordano, Javier Rojas;

Defenders - Jairo Quinteros, José Sagredo, Luis Haquín, Adrian Jusino, Diego Bejarano, Enrique Flores, Luis René Barboza, Óscar Ribera;

Midfielders - Leonel Justiniano, Juan Carlos Arce, Diego Wayar, Moisés Villarroel, Boris Céspedes, Erwin Saavedra, Roberto Fernández, Ramiro Vaca, Erwin Sánchez, Danny Bejarano;

Forwards - Marcelo Moreno, Henry Vaca, Rodrigo Ramallo, Gilbert Álvarez, Jaume Cuéllar, Jeyson Chura;

Head coach - César Farías.

3:35 PM2 days ago

Chilean National Team roster for Copa America

Goalkeepers - Claudio Bravo, Gabriel Arias, Gabriel Castellón;

Defenders - Eugenio Mena, Guillermo Maripán, Mauricio Isla, Enzo Roco, Francisco Sierralta, Daniel González, Gary Medel, Sebastián Vegas;

Midfielders - César Pinares, Arturo Vidal, Erick Pulgar, Pablo Galdames, Tomás Alarcón, Charles Aránguiz, Marcelino Núñez, Pablo Aránguiz, Claudio Baeza;

Forwards - Jean Meneses, Alexis Sánchez, Eduardo Vargas, Felipe Mora, Carlos Palacios, Ben Brereton, Luciano Arriagada, Clemente Montes;

Head coach - Martín Lasarte.

3:30 PM2 days ago

Bolivia aims to recover

The National Team of Bolivia did not have a good start in the Copa America when they were defeated by Paraguay 3-1. Without some of their top players, La Verde will take the field to get their first points in the competition of South American teams.
3:25 PM2 days ago

Chile seeks first win on Copa America

After drawing with Argentina in their opening game, the Chilean National Team faces Bolivia to get their first win in the national team competition and, depending on the results, take the lead in Group A.
3:20 PM2 days ago

Kickoff time

The Chile vs Bolivia match will be played at the Arena Pantanal, in Cuiabá, Brazil.

The kick-off is scheduled at 5 pm ET.

3:15 PM2 days ago

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