Goals and Highlights: Colombia 1-2 Peru in Copa América


10:06 PM2 days ago

Live ended

I thank you for following us in the game Colombia vs Peru and we will be together later.
10:05 PM2 days ago


10:03 PM2 days ago

Next round in Group B

- Ecuador vs Peru - 5pm ET, Olympic Stadium, Goiânia

- Brazil vs Colombia - 8pm ET, Nilton Santos Stadium, also known as Big Mill, Rio de Janeiro

- Games will be played next Wednesday (23)

10:00 PM2 days ago

Group B standings

  1. Brazil - 6
  2. Colombia - 4
  3. Peru - 3
  4. Venezuela - 2
  5. Ecuador - 1
9:53 PM2 days ago

Taboo broken

Peru beats Colombia again after ten years.
9:52 PM2 days ago

Ful time

Game over.
9:49 PM2 days ago

Peru substitution

90+1' Cueva out, García in.
9:48 PM2 days ago

Added time

90' Four minutes to go.
9:43 PM2 days ago

Peru substitution

82' Lapadula out, Ormeño in.
9:43 PM2 days ago

Peru substitution

82' Peña out, Cartagena in.
9:42 PM2 days ago

Colombia substitution

81' Medina out, Morelos in.
9:42 PM2 days ago

Passed through the area and no one concluded

80' Cuadrado recovers possession in the attack field, advances down the right side of the area and hits a cross, but no Colombian striker took advantage to complete the shot.
9:42 PM2 days ago

Missed the target

78' Yotún takes a free-kick from the left, Ospina makes a partial cut when he gets the ball out of the box and Cueva gets the rest, but misses the shot.
9:38 PM2 days ago

Colombia substitution

69' Cardona out, Chará in.
9:38 PM2 days ago

Colombia puts on the pressure

68' Borja is again involved in the attacking play and shoots over the goal.
9:37 PM2 days ago

Gallese saves Peru

67' Cuadrado takes a corner from the right wing, Borja heads the ball and Gallese saves.
9:37 PM2 days ago

Colombia looks for the equalizer again

67' Muriel makes a great individual play, passes through the Peruvian marking and is blocked by Callens when he shoots.
9:37 PM2 days ago

Peru goal

64' Cueva takes a corner from the right, Mina deflects it against his own goal and Ospina gets the ball out of the net.
9:35 PM2 days ago

Colombia substitution

59' Zapata out, Muriel in.
9:35 PM2 days ago

Colombia substitution

59' Pérez out, Cuéllar in.
9:34 PM2 days ago

Missed the target

57' Borja is played between the Peruvian defenders, enters the area and hits a cross, but the ball goes out of bounds.
9:11 PM2 days ago

Colombia goal

52' Ball on one side, goalkeeper on the other. Borja takes the ball on the right side and Gallese jumps to the opposite corner. The score is equalized.
9:11 PM2 days ago

Yellow card

51' Gallese, Peru goalkeeper, for the penalty on Borja.
9:11 PM2 days ago

Penalty to Colombia

50' Tesillo makes an exquisite throw-in to Borja in the backfield. The striker goes free in the box and Gallese brings him down.
9:06 PM2 days ago

Ospina saves

48' Lapadula takes a long shot and Ospina drops to his right corner to make the save.
9:02 PM2 days ago


Second half begins.
9:01 PM2 days ago


Athletes back on the field.
8:47 PM2 days ago


End of the first half.
8:46 PM2 days ago

Added time

45' Two minutes left in the first half.
8:45 PM2 days ago

Yellow card

42' Carrillo, Peru midfielder, for a foul on Mina.
8:44 PM2 days ago


36' Game stays without shots and increases the combat on the field. Lots of hard fouls.
8:36 PM2 days ago

Gallese intercepts

32' Medina is picked out on the right side of the box and crosses low. Gallese anticipates and prevents the shot with an important save.
8:30 PM2 days ago

Medical attention

29' Gallese, Peru goalkeeper, is in pain and falls to the ground after being fouled.
8:30 PM2 days ago

Yellow card

28' Borja, Colombia striker, for a foul on Gallese.
8:28 PM2 days ago

Providential blocking

25' Exquisite throw-in by Tapia in midfield to Carrillo in the box. Lapadula's header is blocked by Sánchez.
8:22 PM2 days ago

In Gallese's hands

18' Cardona takes a free-kick from the left wing and Medina heads it past the Peru goalkeeper.
8:22 PM2 days ago

Medical attention

18' Gallese, Peru goalkeeper. He is in pain after a challenge on Borja and receives medical attention on the pitch.
8:21 PM2 days ago

Peru Goal

16' Yotún's shot from outside the box hits Ospina's left post. On the rebound, Sergio Peña takes full advantage of his freedom in the box and greets the net to open the scoring.
8:20 PM2 days ago


14' Borja receives the ball in the box, opens space and shoots dangerously. The ball deflects off the defense and goes over the goal. Colombia takes a corner kick.
8:13 PM2 days ago

So close!

11' Cuadrado makes space in front of Castillo's marker near the left edge of the penalty area and shoots a dangerous cross. The ball goes very, very close to the post. It's almost a great goal for Colombia.
8:11 PM2 days ago

Far from the goal

9' Cueva crosses from the left and Medina moves away from the area. Tapia takes advantage of an overhit received with plenty of space and takes a shot from afar, but sent it just as far.
8:08 PM2 days ago


6' Cueva makes a diagonal pass to Lapadula on the left side of the area. The forward gives way to López and the winger crosses. Sánchez blocks and Colombia has a corner.
8:06 PM2 days ago

Gallens sends it wide

5' Borja comes forward on the right side of the box, but his shot is blocked by the marking. Gallens completes the move by kicking the ball away.
8:06 PM2 days ago


4' Borja gives a sweet pass to Cuadrado in the box. The midfielder moves forward, but loses his footing and fails to finish. A goal kick is awarded to Peru.
8:04 PM2 days ago

Zapata moves away from the area

3' Cueva controls the ball on the left side of the area and rolls it to López for a cross. Zapata appears at the second post and takes the danger out of the area.
8:02 PM2 days ago

Gallese makes first save of the game

1' Cardona opens up with Zapata on the left side of the box. The forward shoots, but Gallese saves.
7:59 PM2 days ago


Colombia vs Peru kicks off.
7:57 PM2 days ago

Are you ready?

The match will start in a few moments.
7:57 PM2 days ago


Colombia will wear a white shirt, blue shorts and red socks.

Peru will wear a white shirt with a red diagonal stripe, white shorts and white socks.

7:54 PM2 days ago

Colombian National Anthem

The Colombian National Anthem is now playing.
7:54 PM2 days ago

Peruvian anthem

The Peruvian National Anthem is now playing.
7:53 PM2 days ago

On the pitch

Referees and players from both teams are on the pitch.
7:43 PM2 days ago

Return to the locker room

Athletes finish warming up and return to the locker room. The match starts in a few minutes.
7:42 PM2 days ago

Video assistant referees

VAR - Andrés Cunha (URU)

AVAR - Daniel Fedorczuk (URU)

7:38 PM2 days ago


Referee - Esteban Ostojich (URU)

Assistant referees - Martín Soppi (URU), Edwar Saavedra (BOL)

Fourth official - César Vargas (BOL)

7:37 PM2 days ago

Peru substitutes

Cáceda, Carvallo; Santamaría, Abram, Trauco, Lora, Araujo, Cartagena, García, Iberico, Valera, Ormeño.

HC: Ricardo Gareca.

7:36 PM2 days ago

Colombia substitutes

Vargas, Quintana; Muñoz, Murillo, Cuesta, Cuéllar, Fabra, Perlaza, Morelos, Borré, Chará.

HC: Reinaldo Rueda.

7:36 PM2 days ago

Line-up Peru

Gallese; Corzo, Ramos, Callens, López; Tapia, Yotún; Carrillo, Peña, Cueva; Lapadula.

Head coach: Ricardo Gareca.

7:35 PM2 days ago

Line-up Colombia

Ospina; Medina, Mina, Sánchez, Tesillo; Barrios, Pérez, Cuadrado, Cardona; Zapata, Borja.

Head coach: Reinaldo Rueda.

7:34 PM2 days ago

Scaled teams

Squads defined by both teams a few minutes ago.
7:33 PM2 days ago

Arrivals at the stadium

Both teams are already present at Olympic Stadium, the stage for the match between Colombia vs Peru.
7:32 PM2 days ago

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If you want to watch the game Colombia-Peru live stream on TV, your options are: TUDN USA, UniMás, Fox Deportes, Fox Sports 1.

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What time is Colombia-Peru match for Copa América?

Argentina - 9PM in DirecTV Sports

Bolivia - 8PM in Tigo Sports

Brazil - 9PM in Fox Sports

Chile - 8PM in DirecTV Sports

Colombia - 7PM in DirecTV Sports, Win Sports+, RCN TV, Caracol TV

Ecuador - 7PM in DirecTV Sports

Mexico - 7PM in Sky HD

Paraguay - 8PM in Tigo Sports

Peru - 7PM in DirecTV Sports, América Televisión

United States - 8PM ET in TUDN USA, UniMás, Fox Deportes, Fox Sports 1

Uruguay - 9PM in DirecTV Sports

Venezuela - 8PM in DirecTV Sports, TLT, IVC

7:17 PM2 days ago

Possible line-up for Peru

Gallese; Corzo, Ramos, Abram, López; Tapia, Yotún; Carrillo, Cueva, Peña; Lapadula.
7:12 PM2 days ago

Possible line-up for Colombia

Ospina; Muñoz, Mina, Sánchez, Tesillo; Cuadrado, Barrios, Uribe, Cardona; Muriel, Zapata.
7:07 PM2 days ago

Peruvian National Team roster for Copa América 2021

Goalkeepers - Pedro Gallese, Carlos Cáceda, José Carvallo;

Defenders - Luis Abram, Aldo Corzo, Ánderson Santamaría, Miguel Araujo, Miguel Trauco, Christian Ramos, Marcos López, Alexander Callens, Renzo Garcés, Jhilmar Lora;

Midfielders - Martín Távara, Sergio Peña, Christian Cueva, Renato Tapia, Wilder Cartagena, André Carrillo, Yoshimar Yotún, Alexis Arias, Raziel García;

Forwards - Gianluca Lapadula, Álex Valera, Luis Iberico, Santiago Ormeño.

Head Coach - Ricardo Gareca.

7:02 PM2 days ago

Colombian National Team roster for Copa América 2021

Goalkeepers - David Ospina, Camilo Vargas, Aldair Quintana;

Defenders - Stefan Medina, Óscar Murillo, Carlos Cuesta, William Tesillo, Yerry Mina, Daniel Muñoz, Davinson Sánchez, Jhon Lucumí, Frank Fabra;

Midfielders - Wilmar Barrios, Gustavo Cuéllar, Edwin Cardona, Juan Cuadrado, Matheus Uribe, Sebastián Pérez, Baldomero Perlaza, Leandro Campaz;

Forwards - Duván Zapata, Luis Muriel, Luis Díaz, Rafael Borré, Miguel Borja, Alfredo Morelos, Yimmi Chará;

Head Coach - Reinaldo Rueda.

6:57 PM2 days ago

Peru aims to recover

Peru made its debut last midweek and suffered a hard defeat by Brazil. Despite the result, the team performed well for much of the game and this aspect is the driving force for the team to forget the debut and get their first points in Copa América.
6:52 PM2 days ago

Colombia in search of unbeaten streak

With the victory over Ecuador and the goalless draw against Venezuela, Colombia lost the chance to continue at the top of Group B, occupied momentarily by Brazil. As the Brazilians have the day off, the Colombians can take the lead of the group if they beat Peru.
6:47 PM2 days ago

The match will be played at the Olympic Stadium

The Colombia vs Peru match will be played at the Olympic Stadium, in Goiânia, Brazil.
6:42 PM2 days ago

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