Goals and Highlights: North Macedonia 0-3 Netherlands in UEFA Euro 2021
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Next match

The Netherlands qualified first in the group with a perfect score and awaits its opponent for the next stage. North Macedonia finished in last place and will be eliminated from Euro 2021.
1:53 PMa year ago

Match ends

The game ends at the Johan Cruyff Arena and the Netherlands wins by a score of 3 goals to 0 against North Macedonia.
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4 more minutes will be played.
1:49 PMa year ago

Minute 89 - Netherlands arrived

De Ligt sent a powerful mid-range shot that was cleared by goalkeeper Dimitrievski.
1:48 PMa year ago

Minute 88 - Netherlands arrived

Timber and Berghuis came together in a great team move that was cleared by the North Macedonian defense.
1:46 PMa year ago

Minute 87 - North Macedonia is here

Nikolov arrived after a play on the left, but his shot went wide.
1:44 PMa year ago

Minuto 84 - Amonestado en Macedonia del Norte

Kostadinov is cautioned for an infringement in the Dutch half. The Netherlands will play from their own half.
1:41 PMa year ago

Minute 81 - North Macedonia is here

After Churlinov's individual play, the Macedonian earned a corner kick for his team.
1:39 PMa year ago

79th minute - Change in Netherlands

De Jong was replaced by Gakpo.
1:38 PMa year ago

Minute 78 - Changes in North Macedonia

Bardhi and Ademi are replaced by Stojanovski and Nikolov.
1:35 PMa year ago

Minute 75 - Netherlands arrived

Berghuis sent a powerful close-range shot that hit a North Macedonian defender.
1:33 PMa year ago

Minute 73 - Netherlands arrived.

Timber sent a powerful mid-range shot that was well controlled by Dimitrievski.
1:32 PMa year ago

Minute 72 - Goal disallowed for North Macedonia

Churlinov scored but the goal was disallowed for offside. Still 3 goals up Netherlands.
1:29 PMa year ago

Minute 68 - Changes in North Macedonia

Trajkovski and Pandev were replaced by Hasani and Kostadinov.
1:26 PMa year ago

Minute 66 - Changes in the Netherlands

Memphis Depay and Malen were replaced by Weghorst and Quincy Promes.
1:23 PMa year ago

Minute 61 - Netherlands arrived

After a pass from Van Aanholt, Wijnaldum's shot went over the goal.
1:22 PMa year ago

Minute 60 - North Macedonia arrived

Elmas tried a header from a corner kick but it went wide.
1:19 PMa year ago

Minute 57 - Goal Netherlands

1:19 PMa year ago

Minute 56 - Change in North Macedonia

Trickovski was replaced by Churlinov.
1:18 PMa year ago

Minute 55 - Stekelemburg made a save

The free kick did not generate any risk thanks to the Dutch goalkeeper.
1:16 PMa year ago

Minute 54 - Free kick for North Macedonia

North Macedonia will have the opportunity to kick 22 meters from the Dutch goal.
1:15 PMa year ago

Minute 53 - The Netherlands has arrived

Gravenberch tried from half distance but the shot did not generate risk and went wide of the goal.
1:12 PMa year ago

Minute 50 - Goal Netherlands

1:11 PMa year ago

Minute 49 - The Netherlands has arrived

After a corner kick, De Ligt sent a powerful header that was deflected by a North Macedonian player.
1:10 PMa year ago

Minute 48 - North Macedonia cautioned.

Musliu was shown the yellow card after stopping an attack by Memphis Depay.
1:09 PMa year ago

Minute 47 - North Macedonia arrived

Trajkovski came down the right flank and sent in a cross for Pandev, who was unable to score.
1:07 PMa year ago

Second half begins

The second half of the engagement is underway.
1:06 PMa year ago

Netherlands' substituttion

Dumfries and De Vrij are out, Timber and Berghuis are in.
1:05 PMa year ago

The teams take the field

The teams are getting ready to start the second half.
1:02 PMa year ago

FH Hight points - Netherlands

Memphis Depay's level is superlative and every time he touches the ball he generates fear and risk for North Macedonia.
1:00 PMa year ago

FH low points - Netherlands

They looked unfocused for a few minutes and North Macedonia threatened him with the goal that was disallowed.
12:59 PMa year ago

FH High points - North Macedonia

Despite being underdogs, they managed to score a goal (disallowed) and seemed to take the lead in the match.
12:58 PMa year ago

FH low points - North Macedonia

It has been very inferior at times and has been widely outclassed in different opportunities.
12:50 PMa year ago

First half ends

The Netherlands win fairly thanks to Memphis Depay's 24th minute goal. The Dutch team is dominating the game.
12:48 PMa year ago


Two more minutes will be played.
12:47 PMa year ago

Minute 44 - The Netherlands arrived

Malen sent a pass to Depay that was intercepted by Dimitrievski, who cleared the danger.
12:46 PMa year ago

Minuto 43 - Llegó Países Bajos

Depay came down the left flank and beat 3 North Macedonian players with skill. However, Dimitrievski interceded to stop the cross from being assisted.
12:44 PMa year ago

Minute 41 - Safe corner kick

The ball was headed into the box but went wide. The Netherlands will play from the goal.
12:42 PMa year ago

Minute 39 - North Macedonia has arrived

Trickovski came down the right flank and sent in a cross that was cleared for a corner kick.
12:41 PMa year ago

Minute 38 - Tiro libre para Macedonia del Norte

There was an offensive foul on the corner kick and North Macedonia will play from their area.
12:40 PMa year ago

Minute 37 - Corner kick for the Netherlands

The Netherlands played from the corner and the ball again went for another corner kick.
12:39 PMa year ago

Minute 36 - Netherlands arrived

Gravenberch was the one who sent a pass into the area that went long and had no receiver.
12:37 PMa year ago

Minute 34 - Ball in the North Macedonian field

North Macedonia's defensive backline controls the ball by making passes in the first third of the field.
12:35 PMa year ago

Minute 32 - Netherlands advance

Wijnaldum and De Jong linked up in midfield and advanced forward, but the ball ended up in the hands of Dimitrievski.
12:33 PMa year ago

Minute 30 - Chance for the Netherlands

Dumfries arrived at speed and sent a shot that was controlled by Dimitrievski. The rebound was left for Depay who sent a powerful shot that hit a defender.
12:32 PMa year ago

Minute 29 - North Macedonia has arrived

Trajkovski again tried again from half distance but the ball went over the goal.
12:31 PMa year ago

Minute 28 - The Netherlands arrived

Van Aanholt and Depay came together, the latter ran into the box but the North Macedonian goalkeeper controlled well.
12:28 PMa year ago

The goal is valid

Memphis Depay's goal was validated by the VAR.
12:28 PMa year ago

VAR checking

The score is being reviewed by the VAR.
12:27 PMa year ago

Minute 24 - Goal Netherlands

12:25 PMa year ago

Minute 22 - Opportunity for North Macedonia

Trajkovski sent a strong mid-range shot that hit the right post of the goal guarded by Stekelenburg.
12:24 PMa year ago

Minute 21 - Counter-attack by North Macedonia

The Netherlands attacked and the action was blocked by a North Macedonian defender, a team that went on the attack. The counterattack did not generate risk.
12:22 PMa year ago

Minute 20 - The Netherlands has arrived

After a succession of passes, the ball found its way to Malen who sent a powerful shot that hit a North Macedonian defender.
12:22 PMa year ago

Minute 19 - Advancement of North Macedonia

The Macedonian team now tried to attack on the left flank of the field, but they lacked a link for Pandev to play a greater role.
12:20 PMa year ago

Minuto 18 - Amonestado Ristovski

The North Macedonia full-back is cautioned for rubbing in the box prior to a Netherlands corner kick.
12:19 PMa year ago

Minute 17 - Play is stopped

Ademi is lying on the field after an infraction and play is stopped.
12:18 PMa year ago

Minute 16 - North Macedonia can't find its game

The North Macedonian team tries to advance but is a disjointed team in the Dutch camp.
12:16 PMa year ago

Minute 13 - Netherlands advance

Van Aanholt sent a pass to Wijnaldum, but it went long and found no receiver. The Netherlands are the team now in complete control of the game.
12:14 PMa year ago

Minute 12 - The Netherlands has arrived

Blind sent a pass to Depay, who received the ball and sent a shot narrowly wide.
12:13 PMa year ago

Minute 11 - Netherlands advanced

Malen, Depay and Wijnaldum teamed up on offense to attack Dimitrievski's goal, but the ball ended up in the corner kick. The latter did not generate any risk.
12:12 PMa year ago

Minute 10 - Goal disallowed for North Macedonia

Trajkovski moved forward at speed and got to a deep pass and then scored well. The player was offside.
12:11 PMa year ago

Minute 9 - Netherlands advanced

The Netherlands advanced with Memphis Depay, but the player started to run offside.
12:10 PMa year ago

Minute 8 - Free kick for the Netherlands

Pandev committed an offensive infringement and the Netherlands will play from their area.
12:09 PMa year ago

Minute 7 - Netherlands possession

The Netherlands is now the team in control of the ball. They have made passes in their backline but have yet to make deep inroads.
12:08 PMa year ago

Minute 5 - Controlled ball in the center

At the moment, both teams are in the reconnaissance phase and are keeping the ball in the center of the field. Possession belongs to North Macedonia.
12:06 PMa year ago

Minute 4 - North Macedonia has arrived

Bardhi came down the left flank and sent a cross to Pandev, who failed to connect comfortably.
12:05 PMa year ago

Minute 2 - Netherlands advance

After a succession of passes, the ball reached Gravenberch, who sent a shot that passed close to the goal.
12:03 PMa year ago


North Macedonia plays in a white jersey and the Netherlands plays in its black uniform.
12:02 PMa year ago

Game on!

The ball is rolling in Amsterdam and the match kicks off for the third matchday of Group C of Euro 2021.
11:58 AMa year ago

The hymns are playing

The ceremonial acts begin at the Johan Cryuff Arena and the opening whistle of the game is approaching.
11:55 AMa year ago

The teams take the field

The 22 players and the referees take the field to participate in the ceremonial acts.
11:51 AMa year ago

10 minutes to start

It's getting closer and closer to kick-off in Amsterdam for the third matchday of Group C of UEFA EURO 2021.
11:50 AMa year ago

Stadium is ready

The Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam is getting ready for this afternoon's game.


11:28 AMa year ago

Simultaneous match in the group

While the game between North Macedonia and the Netherlands is being played, Ukraine and Austria will meet to complete Group C of UEFA Euro 2021.

For the moment, the qualified teams are the Netherlands (1st) and Ukraine (2nd).

11:23 AMa year ago

Netherlands starting lineup

Maarten Stekelenburg; Patrick Van Aanholt, Matthijs De Ligt, Daley Blind, Stefan de Vrij, Denzel Dumfries; Frenkie de Jong, Ryan Gravenberch, Georginio Wijnaldum; Memphis Depay, Donyell Malen.
11:20 AMa year ago

Starting lineup for North Macedonia

Stole Dimitrievski; Ezgyan Alioski, Stefan Ristovski, Visar Musliu, Darko Velkoski, Elif Elmas; Enis Bardhi, Arijan Ademi; Aleksandar Trajkovski, Goran Pandev, Ivan Trickovski.
11:15 AMa year ago

We are ready

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Tune in here North Macedonia vs Netherlands Live Score

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How to watch North Macedonia vs Netherlands Live Stream on TV and online

If you want to watch the game on television, your options are: ESPN and DirecTV Sports.
If you want to watch it online, VAVEL is your best option.
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Referee: István Kovács  (ROU)
Assitant referees: Vasile Florin Marinescu (ROU), Ovidiu Artene (ROU)

VAR: Marco Di Bello (ITA)

VAR Assistants: Paolo Valeri (ITA), Lee Betts (ENG)

10:55 AMa year ago

Top Player - Netherlands

The most prominent player in the Netherlands is recent FC Barcelona signing Memphis Depay. The striker always brings offensive volume and goals to his national team.
10:50 AMa year ago

Top Player - North Macedonia

Ezgyan Alioski earns the distinction as the outstanding player after scoring in the game against Ukraine. The Leeds fullback leads the way in North Macedonia.
10:45 AMa year ago

History North Macedonia vs Netherlands

These teams have met 5 times. The Netherlands has won on 3 occasions and they have drawn 2 times.

The last time they met was in 2009, when the Netherlands won with a score of 4-0.

10:40 AMa year ago

The Netherlands to consolidate their lead

The Netherlands team is at the top of its group with 2 victories in 2 presentations. The Dutch want to seal their participation with 9 points out of 9.
10:35 AMa year ago

North Macedonia, looking for a surprise

The North Macedonian team is at the bottom of the group with no points and a goal difference of -3. This team wants to surprise and fight against the group leader.
10:30 AMa year ago


The game will be played at the Johan Cruyff Arena in the city of Amsterdam. The stadium has a capacity for 55000 spectators.
10:25 AMa year ago

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