Goals and Highlights Sporting Kansas City 2-1 LAFC in MLS
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7:35 PMa month ago


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Home comeback

Kansas City came from behind and took advantage of the extra man to pull out the victory against a LAFC that is still struggling to get back on its feet.
7:33 PMa month ago

End game

Kansas City 2-1 LAFC.
7:31 PMa month ago


Vela's cross-shot and he came close to scoring the equalizer.
7:30 PMa month ago


At the far post, LAFC failed to capitalize on the set piece.
7:29 PMa month ago


Six more minutes are added.
7:26 PMa month ago


Vela was trying to break through, but he was disarmed inside the area by four players.
7:24 PMa month ago


Kansas City goal.

Sallói's first-time shot to turn it around.

7:21 PMa month ago


In came Harris and out went Espinoza, Kansas City change.
7:19 PMa month ago


In comes Fall and out comes Kim, LAFC change.
7:14 PMa month ago


Hernandez's header inside the box, but Romero reflexively clears the ball.
7:12 PMa month ago


Shelton enters and Pulido leaves injured. Kansas City substitution.
7:10 PMa month ago


Strong tackle by Segura that leaves Alan Pulido lying on his leg and bleeding.
7:08 PMa month ago


Segura's close service fails to reach the far post.
7:04 PMa month ago

Goal Kansas City 1-1

7:01 PMa month ago


Murillo is fouled and LAFC kick the ball out of their own box.
6:58 PMa month ago


Kansas City Goal

Pulido with a shot from outside the box to make it 1-1.

6:56 PMa month ago


Buzio's free kick hits the post and goes over. Kansas City close.
6:54 PMa month ago


Blackmon with the pull on the edge of the area and deserves a red card.
6:53 PMa month ago


Mexico's Carlos Vela enters and Blessing leaves. in exchange for LAFC.
6:49 PMa month ago


LAFC offside.
6:46 PMa month ago


Busio's shot with power and the ball opens passing very close to the goal.
6:44 PMa month ago


Kaye and Baird enter

Cifuentes and Musovski leave.

LAFC changes.

6:42 PMa month ago


The second half begins.
6:26 PMa month ago

Half time

Kansas City 0-1 LAFC.
6:25 PMa month ago


Two more minutes are added.
6:23 PMa month ago


Atuesta's cross that Mosovski misses the far post and goes just wide.
6:22 PMa month ago


Sanchez is cautioned and LAFC are awarded a free kick.
6:21 PMa month ago


Romero's poor start was a bit off-target, but Sanchez's shot went wide with no goalkeeper on hand.
6:18 PMa month ago


Lindsay leaves due to injury and Zusi enters, Kansas City change.
6:17 PMa month ago


One Kansas City player remains down, so both teams take the opportunity to have a brief moment to rehydrate.
6:14 PMa month ago


Kim with the service that went all over the area. Then Cifuentes recovered the ball and put the shot that hit the top of the net.
6:06 PMa month ago

Goal LAFC 1-0

6:03 PMa month ago


LAFC goal.

Hwan cuts back and shoots low to open the scoring.

6:01 PMa month ago


Hernandez's left-footed shot from outside the area, but the ball went wide.
6:00 PMa month ago


Rossi's powerful shot, but the ball goes into the goalkeeper's hands.
5:58 PMa month ago


Pulido's free kick hit the wall and then the rebound hit the side.
5:56 PMa month ago


Kansas filled the opponent's area with crosses, but failed to score.
5:55 PMa month ago


Segura commits the infraction and again gives Sporting a free kick.
5:51 PMa month ago


Espinoza's cross to the near post goes over the goal.
5:50 PMa month ago


Blackmon commits the pull and early in the game has been cautioned.
5:48 PMa month ago


The game was very tight in midfield, where neither team, especially LAFC, caused any danger to the opponent's goal.
5:42 PMa month ago


Lindsey's cross is sent over the top of the area and Lindsey finishes the ball over the top of the goal. Kansas close.
5:38 PMa month ago


The match between Kansas City and LAFC kicks off.
5:36 PMa month ago

Concludes heating

A few moments ago, LAFC's warm-up concluded.

5:30 PMa month ago

Goes to the bench

Mexico's Carlos Vela will not start this game and will do so from the substitutes' bench.
5:26 PMa month ago

Join us at

In minutes the game between Sporting Kansas City and LAFC will kick off. Join us.
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Last game Kansas

Kansas was convincing last Wednesday to beat Colorado 3-1 and keep up the good pace at home.
5:13 PMa month ago

In high spirits

With smiles and even with the family, this is how the Kansas players arrived in search of their seventh victory of the season.
5:04 PMa month ago

How Kansas City arrived

4:59 PMa month ago


Romero; Farfán, Segura, Murillo, Blackmon; Cifuentes, Atuesta, Moon-Hwan; Rossi, Mosuovski, Blessing.
4:58 PMa month ago

XI Sporting Kansas City

Melia; Lindsey, Ilie, Fontás. Martins; Espinoza, Busio, Hernández, Russell; Pulido, Salloi.
4:51 PMa month ago

Saturday's MLS slate

4:49 PMa month ago

Convincing victory

LAFC defeated Dallas 2-0 in midweek, returning to winning ways and regaining confidence after several poor performances.
4:44 PMa month ago

To get into the top 8

LAFC needs a win to finish this round within the top eight of the conference, after they have not had a good start.
4:39 PMa month ago

The scoring team

Kansas City is second in the West with 20 points, being the highest scoring team with a total of 20 touchdowns.
4:34 PMa month ago

We start

Kansas City and LAFC will play the most attractive game of the day in MLS and we will bring you all the details. Let's get started.
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What time is Sporting Kansas City-LAFC match for MLS?

This is the start time of the game Sporting Kansas City-LAFC of 26th June 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 18:30 PM in ESPN

Bolivia: 17:30 PM in ESPN

Brazil: 18:30 PM in DAZN

Chile: 17:30 PM in ESPN

Colombia: 16:30 PM in ESPN

Ecuador: 16:30 horas in ESPN

USA (ET): 17:30 PM in TUDN

Spain: 11:30 PM in Cuatro TV

Mexico: 16:30 PM in ESPN

Paraguay: 18:30 PM in ESPN

Peru: 16:30 PM in ESPN

Uruguay: 18:30 PM in ESPN

Venezuela: 17:30 PM in ESPN

4:19 PMa month ago

Last games

On four occasions in their history they have faced each other, where the first two games were victories for Kansas City, but the last two have been for the California team.
4:14 PMa month ago

Key player LAFC

Mexico's Carlos Vela has struggled to get into rhythm, but on Wednesday he found the back of the net again with a goal and an assist to play a key role in the win against FC Dallas.
Vela scored in the last game // Photo: Agency
Vela scored in the last game // Photo: Agency
4:09 PMa month ago

Key player Kansas City

Mexico's Alan Pulido has established himself as one of the best in the attacking front and what he can do in the final stretch could be key to this game.
Pulido is one of Kansas' most outstanding players // Photo: Récord
Pulido is one of Kansas' most outstanding players // Photo: Récord
4:04 PMa month ago

Last Team LAFC

Romero; Him, Murillo, Segura, Farfán; Blessing, Atuesta, Cifuentes; Vela, Jennings, Rossi.
3:59 PMa month ago

Last Team Kansas City

Melia; Lindsey, Ilie, Fontás, Martins: Espinoza, Busio, Hernández; Russell, Shelton, Salloi.
3:54 PMa month ago

LAFC: to get into the top 8

LAFC got back to winning ways in midweek, but now they need to keep up the momentum if they want to move into the top eight in the conference.
3:49 PMa month ago

Kansas City: make home advantage count

With seven games unbeaten at home and as runners-up in the Western Conference, Kansas City is in great form and is the bookmakers' favorite to win.
3:44 PMa month ago

Kick-off time

The Sporting Kansas City-LAFC match will be played at the Children’s Mercy Park, in Kansas City, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 5:30pm ET.
3:39 PMa month ago

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