Goals and Highlights: Sweden vs Ukraine in the Euro 2020
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5:45 PMa year ago

Thank you

Andrés Mesa bids farewell, we thank you for joining us in this great game that left the round of 16 of the European Championship and we invite you to join us in a future opportunity.
5:42 PMa year ago


Everything is already defined in this Euro 2020 and the quarterfinals will begin to be played this Friday, this is how the crossings are: 

One of the best games will be Belgium vs Italy, also Switzerland will have to defeat Spain, if they want to continue with the dream of reaching glory. 

On the other side of the table we find Denmark, who will face Czech Republic and England, who just met their rival, Ukraine. 

5:39 PMa year ago

Match ended

Ukraine qualifiedooooooooooooo!

History is made to be broken and that's what Dovbyk, who came from the bench, knows about, to give the qualification to the Ukrainians, who don't know how to celebrate with so much emotion.

And as expected in this match, there were surprises as in the rest of the matches. Sweden was the favorite, but luck and goals were with the Ukrainians. 

Ukraine will face England on Friday at 2 p.m. and all the quarter-final brackets are now set.

5:35 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 120+3

¡Ese debe ser el gol ganador!

Ucrania golpea muy tarde en el partido pero con mucha suerte el sustituto Dovbyk cambia el marcador. Ucrania ha estado presionando y es un buen centro de Zinchenko, y Dovbyk se lanza para superar de cabeza a Olsen. Todo el equipo ucraniano lo celebra de forma increíble, e incluso Shevchenko corre por la línea de banda. Qué momento. 

5:33 PMa year ago


Dovbyk makes history in the Round of 16.

It is a historic goal for his country and there is no time left for Sweden to react. 

5:32 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 120+1


Goooooooooooooooooooooooool by Ukraineaaaaa

Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolooooooooooooooooooo historicooooooooooooooo goal 

5:31 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 120

3 more minutes are played in this match.
5:31 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 120

Bezus goes down in the area, it seems that he had a problem with his right shoulder when he collided with an opponent, he must leave the game to be treated.
5:28 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 118

Malinosvkyi's shot went wide of Oslen's goal.
5:26 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 116

Time is running out and Ukraine is missing its biggest chance to make history and reach the quarterfinals of a major tournament for the first time.
5:25 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 114

The player Iceberg is on the floor, after a blow he received after colliding with an opponent.
5:22 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 112

Unbelievable play by Ukraine, which is lost due to an offside.

Malinovskyi gave a perfect pass to Dovbyk, who scored over the goal, but the play was disallowed for offside. 

5:20 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 110

With Sweden completely withdrawn, the Ukrainians tried to open spaces, but the defensive block of their opponents was very organized and difficult to penetrate.
5:17 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 108

Sweden takes a breather when the ball is stopped in its own half and the goalkeeper will send it into the air as far away from his goal as possible.
5:16 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 106

The ball goes to Ukraine and Sweden continues to hold on, it seems that the only thing they want is to finish the game and go to penalties.
5:15 PMa year ago

Second overtime begins

The last 15 minutes of soccer begins. 

Sweden is playing from midfield and the teams seem to be physically exhausted. 

5:12 PMa year ago

First overtime ended

The match is still tied and it is Ukraine who has the initiative, numerical superiority and better play.
5:09 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 105+3

The Ukrainian team's offensive wave from the wings and with consecutive corner kicks.
5:08 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 105

Three more minutes are played in this first overtime.
5:07 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 105

Sweden holds and Ukraine attacks with all its might.

Besedin was substituted for Tsygankov, who was injured.

5:05 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 102

Ukraine, who had started the first extra time better, now dominated more easily after the expulsion of the Swedish player.
5:04 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 100

Ultimately the player will not be able to continue and there will be a change in Ukraine.
5:03 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 98

Danielson committed a strong foul, the referee gave a yellow card, but the VAR called it, the referee reviewed it and now the card is red.

Sweden is down to 10 players and Ukraine will have to find a way to replace their player who is in a lot of pain after the foul. 

5:01 PMa year ago

🔄 Change

In Sweden, three changes are made at the same time:

Kulusevski brings on Quaison, Isak also comes off to let Berg come on and finally Larsson comes off to give his position to Claessson.

4:59 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 96

Sweden is now preparing for a change. It seems that the entire offensive zone of the team will be renewed.
4:58 PMa year ago

🔄 Change

In Ukraine there is a change and Stepanenko comes out to make way for Makarenko.
4:56 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 94

Ukraine is the one who has the ball at the moment, playing slowly but confidently and avoiding losing the ball, reaching three quarters of the field and returning if necessary to their own half.
4:55 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 92

Now the fear in both teams is of a possible penalty shootout.

We will see who will try to take the initiative and avoid reaching that stage. 

4:53 PMa year ago

First overtime begins

Ukraine moved and the extra time is played.
4:49 PMa year ago

Terminó el partido

The 90 minutes are over and there is extra time, England will have to wait another half hour to find out their quarter-final opponent.
4:48 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 90+2

The match is coming to an end and it seems that everything will be defined in the next half hour of overtime.
4:47 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 90

Everything is uncertain, in the stands you can feel the nervousness and it is reflected on the field.

The referee gave 2 minutes of extra time. 

4:45 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 88

Everything indicates that there will be extra time and that's why the managers saved changes for that stage of the match.
4:44 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 86

Everything is played in the middle and with great care not to make mistakes that at this time can be definitive.
4:42 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 84

Yellow card for Forsberg, who in a dispute for the ball hits his opponent in the face unintentionally.
4:40 PMa year ago

🔄 Change

The first changes of the match for Sweden:

Lusting and Augustinsson come off, to make way for Krafth and Bengtsson.

4:39 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 82

Augustinsson falls to the ground and medical assistance must come in to check whether or not he can continue in the match.

Many players look exhausted and if everything remains the same, they will have to face overtime. 

4:36 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 80

Yellow for Yarmolenko, who angrily complains to the referee because he considers that the foul he has just been fouled deserved a caution for a Swedish player.
4:35 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 78

Almost 80 minutes into the match and only one change has been seen in the match, Ukraine still has 4 changes and Sweden has all of them.
4:33 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 76

The players look a little tired, the level and intensity drops.

The teams lend each other the ball, attack at times and defend as best they can. 

4:31 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 74

Ukraine goes forward and Malinovskyi starts the attack again, although the game is very slow when Ukraine is attacking.
4:28 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 72

Less than 20 minutes of official time left and the match is still deadlocked, although Sweden is doing more for the game and Ukraine is starting to hold on deep in its own half.
4:27 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 70

Ukraine slows down a bit and possession goes to Sweden, who in the last few minutes do more for the game than their opponents.
4:26 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 68

In short, luck was not on either team's side in the second half.

Great shot by Forsberg, who crashed the ball against the crossbar and almost scored a tremendous goal.

4:25 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 66

Great counter-attack by Ukraine, with a good decision and timing by Malinovskyi and a wrong ending, with a very weak shot by Yarmolenko.
4:22 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 64

Shevchenko makes a change, bringing on Malinovskyi, who many expected to be in from the opening whistle.

With his excellent distribution and ability to retain possession, create space and slip between the lines, not to mention his venomous shot from distance, he can have a big impact on Ukraine's play.

4:19 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 62

The game is played very intensely, the match is of little formality in the middle of the field and is played in both areas, with long transitions and a back and forth game.

It looks like the game could go either way and with Sweden's change, it looks like they are going for it all. 

4:18 PMa year ago

🔄 Change

Ukraine´s change is Shaparenko, who makes way for Malinovskyi
4:17 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 60

Forsberg plays in Augustinsson on the left, but his cross is excellently cleared by Matviyenko. However, the danger does not end and a second cross from the left back is also very well cleared by the defenders.
4:13 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 58

Now the post saves Ukraine and denies a goal to Sweden, who from the feet of Forsberg shot and the right post of the Ukrainian goal said no to it.
4:12 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 56

Sweden saved!

Clear chance for Ukraine with Sydorchuk. who shot from outside the box and the ball hit the woodwork to come back and miss his team's second. 

4:11 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 54

The captain was encouraged and Sweden almost went up on the scoreboard.

Larsson shot from half distance, the ball went flush to the ground and did not want to take a curve to get into the opponent's goal. 

4:08 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 52

The match is very tangled for both teams, neither team is able to finish plays, there are many delivery errors and no one dominates the match as such.

The match is still tied and it seems that there is no one who can break the parity. 

4:06 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 50

Now it is Ukraine who dominates possession, plays close to the opponent's area and knows that it cannot make a false step, because if it gets caught wrong, it can cost them a lot and end the play badly.
4:04 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 48

Everything is played on Ukraine's field, Sweden has a great offensive surge and the Ukrainians hold the match.
4:03 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 46

Sweden dominates possession and plays in the opponent's half, looking for space with ball circulation.
4:02 PMa year ago

The second half started

Sweden moves and the second half in the match between Swedes and Ukrainians is already played.

Both for a place in the quarterfinals of Euro 2020.

3:51 PMa year ago

First half ended

Not a single minute was added to the first half and the teams went to the locker room with the match tied and Sweden playing better, but Ukraine had better luck and scored a goal in one of the two shots they had in the first half.
3:48 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 45

The match continues and the teams are still trying to win before the end of the first half.
3:46 PMa year ago


 Forsberg, it couldn't be anyone else but him, as he is the one who has tried the most in the match.
Forsberg took a shot from half distance, the ball hit an opponent and dislodged the rival goalkeeper, so that the ball came in slow and bouncing into the Ukrainian goal. 
3:44 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 42


Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool for Swedenaaaaaaaaaaa


3:42 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 40

In the last part of the first half, everything remains the same and Sweden's patience begins to fade and the game starts to be more vertical and with more friction between players.
3:41 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 38

All of Ukraine is behind the line of the ball and defends as best they can to emerge victorious in this first stage of the match.
3:39 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 36

Sweden does not abandon its idea of wing play and finishing through the air, so Ukraine puts more people in the box to defend better.
3:37 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 34

Ukraine creates a defensive block with a line of 5 and later a line of 4, which is arranged horizontally and blocks both the middle and the flanks.
3:35 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 32

Sweden doesn't get too desperate, they know that being calm is the best option to create good soccer and try to equalize as soon as possible.
3:33 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 30

Ukraine's offensive play continues and now they have a free kick from the right flank that will surely go through the air to generate a lot of danger in Oslen's goal.
3:30 PMa year ago


Zinchenko's shot inside the box bounced off the ground and generated a rare spin on the ball to beat Oslen's goal.
3:29 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 27


Goooooooooooooooooooool by Ukraineaaaaaaaaa


3:28 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 26

Sweden plays all their play on the left flank and always looks to finish their moves in the box, but they still do not dare to take shots from medium or long distance, which could be a solution to the block that Ukraine generates.
3:26 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 24

Sweden's possession increases and Ukraine starts to retreat, to hold the game and come out against as soon as they get back into the game.
3:23 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 22

Ukraine plays slower and without taking many risks, trying to make precise and safe passes, but that makes it a bit predictable and still ends up losing the ball.

On the contrary, Sweden has a more explosive game on the flanks (especially on the left) and tries to finish every play. 

3:21 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 20

Now it was Isak who shot inside the box, when he came in from the left flank and the ball went very close to the right post of the Ukrainian goal.
3:20 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 18

Sweden's great play on the right flank ended with a cross for Forsberg who failed to get a good header on target and Sweden missed the first of the match.
3:18 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 16

The first quarter of the match was still scoreless, the game had no clear dominator and a lot of play took place in the middle of the field, as had been foreseen before the start of the match.
3:16 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 14

The game drops in intensity for a moment, it seems monotonous and is only played in the center of the field, but then there are sparks and the teams change rhythm and the plays come close to the opponent's area.
3:13 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 12

Ukraine, who have the initiative, have almost no possession, but they have already scared the opposing team and demanded the opposing goalkeeper.
3:12 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 11

Great team play by Ukraine, Yaremchuk shot and goalkeeper Oslen saved his team.
3:11 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 10

Shaparenko arrived at the last quarter of the cache, looked very lonely, took his shot and the ball went wide of Oslen's goal.
3:09 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 8

Sweden is a little more daring and has already earned its first corner, but without generating any real danger.

All the dangerous moves pass through the feet of Larsson, who is their most important man. 

3:07 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 6

A lot of things happen in the match, but nothing really happens. That is to say, there is a lot of fighting in midfield, several delivery errors and above all a lot of high pressure from both teams, but there is not a single action of real danger for the teams.
3:05 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 4

In the first minutes the initiative was for Ukraine, who had a very long possession, but never reached the opponent's area, while in Sweden's first action with the ball on the ground, they managed to play very close to the Ukrainian goalkeeper's goal.
3:03 PMa year ago

⏱ Min 2

Possession in the defensive zone for Ukraine, which gives horizontal circulation in the midfield, to look for spaces in the offensive part of the field.
3:01 PMa year ago

The game started

Ukraine moved and in the city of Glasgow, capital of Scotland, the round of 16 is already being played between Sweden and Ukraine, who are looking for a place to face England next Saturday.
2:57 PMa year ago

It's time to play

The captains' draw has been made, everything is ready and only the referee's order is needed to start today's match. 
2:56 PMa year ago

Teams on the court and protocol events

The referee gives the order and the Swedish team comes out first and then the Ukrainian team.

The anthems of both countries are played and after that the captains are drawn.

2:55 PMa year ago

Mixed Zone

Teams in the mixed zone, the players greet each other, they are friends and teammates in several clubs around the world, only the order of the central referee is missing, so that they go out to the field and the match begins.
2:54 PMa year ago

Match with predictable forecast

En el papel, el pronóstico del juego dicta que el ganador será Suecia, pero en esta fase de octavos de final, nos hemos topado con varías sorpresas, entre ellas la eliminación de Francia (mayor candidato al título), la complicación que tuvo Italia y la eliminación de Países Bajos, así que cualquier cosa puede pasar en la tarde de hoy.
2:53 PMa year ago

All set

Everything is ready for the teams to take the field, it is expected that at any moment they will be in the mixed zone and together with the referee team, they will take the field to start today's match. 
2:48 PMa year ago

Previous statements by Andriy Yarmolenko, Ukraine midfielder:

"I want to thank Sweden [for the win against Poland that put Ukraine in the round of 16], but now we will play against them. We will try to play our soccer and show our best form. "We haven't played our best soccer here yet."
2:43 PMa year ago

Previous statements by Mykola Shaparenko, Ukraine midfielder:

"We have made history, but we want to make new history now. Sweden is a tough team with great character; they fight for every meter of the field and have great individual players."
2:38 PMa year ago

Costumes and data

The players will go to the dressing room, change and go to the mixed zone where the referees will give the signal for them to take the field.

Emil Forsberg accumulated three goals, tied with names like Lukaku, Lewandowski or Wijnaldum. The Leipzig player has not disappointed and has become one of Sweden's best assets to advance to the quarterfinals.

2:33 PMa year ago

Warm-up and tactical analysis

The warm-up continues, both teams play 'little games' with the ball and begin to finish the warm-up. 
As an additional fact, the teams will have two different tactics, Sweden will play with a classic 4-4-2 tactic, which in attack can be converted into a 2-4-4-4, by splitting the fullbacks and increasing the flow of people in midfield.

Ukraine has a slightly more balanced formation, but they can also take advantage of it to add people in the midfield, which will be decisive to win today. Shevchenko's team will play 4-3-3, but when the team goes forward, it can be a 2-5-3.

Exciting play awaits us and a lot of ball dispute in the middle will be what we will see in a few minutes from Glasgow.

2:28 PMa year ago


The teams are about to take the field to begin their respective warm-up, first they will do it physically, then they will work with the ball.
The goalkeepers are working separately. 

Despite being a very evenly matched duel, Sweden enters the match as favorites after coming out of the group stage as first with seven points out of a possible nine.

2:23 PMa year ago

Today's line-ups are confirmed

This is how Sweden will line up: Olsen; Lustig, Lindelöf, Danielson, Augustinsson; Kulusevski, Olsson, Larsson, Ekdal, Forsberg; and Isak.

On the other hand, these are the selected players for Ukraine: Bushchan; Zabarnyi, Kryvtsov, Matviyenko; Karavaev, Sydorchuk, Shaparenko, Stepanenko, Zinchenko; Yarmolenko and Yaremchuk.

2:18 PMa year ago

This is what the stadium looks like today

2:13 PMa year ago

Ukraine Preview

Ukraine has been the Jekyll and Hyde side of the competition. They were outplayed by the Netherlands but almost snatched a point, looked in control against North Macedonia but came close to letting a two goal lead slip away, then were second best in their loss to Austria . However, in Andriy Yarmolenko and Roman Yaremchuk they have goal threats who can turn the tide once again.
2:08 PMa year ago

Preview of the Swedes

Sweden is in an upbeat mood after topping a competitive group. The Swedes have never won a playoff at the finals, which represents their best chance yet to break history.

2:03 PMa year ago


The teams are already living with intensity their next game of Euro 2020, valid for the round of 16, for a place in the key that faces England, who already qualified, after beating Germany 2-0, the teams use social networks to live a preview with their fans.
1:58 PMa year ago

Tune in here live score of Sweden vs Ukraine

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How to watch Sweden vs Ukraine live on TV and online in US?

If you want to watch Sweden vs Ukraine live on TV from Mexico, your options are:  DIRECTV, DIRECTV Play Deportes, America TVGO, DIRECTV Sports and America Television. While in Spain it can be seen on TeleCinco Espana and Mitele Plus. And in the United States through PrendeTV, ESPN, SiriusXM FC and TUDN Radio.
If you want to stream it directly: Streaming services and the Pirlotv.fr app.

If you want to watch it online: the best option is VAVEL US!

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What time is the Sweden vs Ukraine Euro 2020 match?

Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico: 14:00 p.m.

Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Venezuela: 15:00 p.m.

Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina: 16:00 p.m.

Spain, Italy, France, Germany: 21:00 hours

United States: 10:00 a.m. PT / 15:00 p.m. ET

1:43 PMa year ago

Previous statements by Andriy Shevchenko, Ukraine coach:

"Sweden is a very organized team and I am full of respect for them. They have a certain style of play and they don't deviate from it. The things they do they do very well, especially their upfield passing. They have two great strikers and they are very strong physically, so they rarely lose one-on-one battles."
1:38 PMa year ago

Previous statements by Janne Andersson, Sweden's head coach:

"I gathered the players and told them that I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world than in that room, at that time, with those people. Ukraine is a good team; they know how to switch from defense to offense. They looked exhausted against Austria, but like us, they have rested a bit, even more actually."
1:33 PMa year ago

The fact: the participation of both in the Euro

This is the third time that Sweden has advanced to the knockout stage in a European Championship. The first two occasions were against Germany, when in 1992 they reached the semifinals, but the Bavarians eliminated them with a score of 3-2; the second time was in Euro 2004, when in the quarterfinals and after a draw against the Netherlands, they were eliminated in a penalty shootout.

For its part, Ukraine has lost 7 of its last 8 matches at the European Championship, with its victory against North Macedonia being enough to qualify for a direct elimination round. This is the second time they have advanced to this round in a major Cup, in 2006 they went out in the quarterfinals of the World Cup played in Germany. 

1:28 PMa year ago

Ukraine key player

Today's highlight of the Ukraine National Team is its striker Roman Yaremchuk, who participated and scored in Ukraine's only victory in this current Euro and is a key player of the team.

This is his first Eurocup and he already played with his national team a total of 27 games, where he scored 10 goals so far.

1:23 PMa year ago

Sweden's key player

Today's highlight will be Sebastian Bengt Ulf Larsson. The midfielder is usually a starter in his national team and brings a lot of play and balance in the midfield. 

It is his fourth Eurocup, he played 132 games so far with his national team and scored 10 goals.

1:18 PMa year ago

Possible lineups for Sweden vs Ukraine

Sweden: Olsen; Lustig, Lustig, Lindelöf, Danielson, Augustinsson; S. Larsson, Ekdal, Olsson, Forsberg; Isak, Quaison 

Miss next game if cautioned: Danielson, Lustig, Olsson

Ukraine: Bushchan; Karavaev, Zabarnyi, Matviyenko, Mykolenko; Malinovskyi, Sydorchuk, Zinchenko; Yarmolenko, Yaremchuk, Tsygankov
Out: Popov (calf injury)
Doubtful: Zubkov (calf injury) 
Misses next match if cautioned: Shaparenko, Sydorchuk

1:13 PMa year ago

Who will be the referee and his assistants?

The center referee for this game between Sweden and Ukraine will be Daniele Orsato (ITA); the assistants, Alessandro Giallatini (ITA) and Fabiano Preti (ITA); Davide Massa (ITA), fourth assistant.
VAR: Massimiliano Irrati (ITA), video assistants, Marco Di Bello (ITA) and Filippo Meli (ITA). VAR assistant 3: Paolo Valeri (ITA).
1:08 PMa year ago

History between Sweden and Ukraine

The two teams have only met four times, with one win for the Swedes, one draw and two Ukrainian victories.

The last meeting between the two teams took place on August 11, 2011, with a narrow victory for the Swedes in an international friendly.

1:03 PMa year ago

Ukraine and its qualification as one of the best third-place finishers

Ukraine's story is a bit different from that of their opponents, they advanced to the next round after only 3 points.

They shared the group with the Netherlands, Austria and North Macedonia.

As expected, the winner of the group was the Clockwork Orange, the second place was a big surprise, as no one expected Austria to take that position from Ukraine, who qualified in third place, while the debutant, North Macedonia, could not score any points in the group stage.

The Ukrainians suffered defeat against the Netherlands on the first matchday, then defeated North Macedonia and lost again to Austria.


12:58 PMa year ago

Sweden, the surprise of group E

The Swedish team comes from winning group E, over one of the favorite teams, such as the super Spain, winner of two consecutive Euros and the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Sweden drew in the first day of the group stage with Spain, in a match that shone by the absence of goals. On the second day, Sweden beat Slovakia, the easiest opponent in the group, and closed its presentation in the first phase with a hard-fought and suffered victory over the Poles, leaving a score of 2-3.

12:53 PMa year ago

This exciting game will be played at Hampden Park Stadium.

The venue for this round of 16 of Euro 2020 will be Hampden Park, a soccer stadium in Glasgow, Scotland. It has a capacity of 52 500 seated spectators and serves as the national soccer stadium in Scotland.

In addition to the Scottish national soccer team, it is a regular venue for the final playoffs of the Scottish Cup and the Scottish League Cup. Queen's Park F.C. played its home games there from 1903 to 2021. It is also used for music concerts and other sporting events, such as when it was reconfigured as an athletics stadium for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

12:48 PMa year ago

Start of transmission

My name is Andrés Mesa and with the greatest of pleasure I will be your host for this game between Sweden and Ukraine, valid for the round of 16 of Euro 2020. We will provide you with pre-match analysis, score updates and live news here on VAVEL.