Goals and Highlights: Brazil (1-0) Chile in Copa América 2021
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9:58 PM22 days ago


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9:56 PM22 days ago

97' Match ends

At the end of the match, the first semifinals key is formed, with the qualification of Brazil, which will face Peru.
9:54 PM22 days ago

95' Last minute

It becomes a back-and-forth match, where there is no risk on either side.
9:52 PM22 days ago

92' Chile's quick attack

The visiting team looks for attacks on the flanks, but fails to be dangerous in the opponent's area.
9:49 PM22 days ago

90' Addition time

The referee adds six minutes to the match.
9:47 PM22 days ago

87' Last chances for Chile

The Chileans became desperate when they did not achieve an equalizer quickly, and felt that time was running out.
9:43 PM22 days ago

84' Chile presses high

The visitors put their players in the opponent's field, and pressured Brazil's exit, in order to be closer to the goal.
9:41 PM22 days ago

82' Brazil drags the ball away from its area

The local players look for infringements away from their own goal, in an attempt to secure a place in the semifinals.
9:39 PM22 days ago

80' Last ten minutes

Chile is looking for the equalizer, in desperation, while Brazil, on the other hand, is looking to close the game.
9:36 PM22 days ago

78' Brazil is saved

Meneses' shot on the edge of the area is blocked by Ederson.
9:35 PM22 days ago

76' Control by Brazil

Brazilian players seek to cool down the intensity of their opponents.
9:32 PM22 days ago

73' Dangerous foul for Brazil

Good play by Neymar, to get a free kick in Brazil's favor.
9:31 PM22 days ago

71' Chile centers

The Chilean fullbacks look for Breneton's header to tie the game.
9:29 PM22 days ago

69' Brazil is saved

Breneton's header surprised goalkeeper Ederson and hit the crossbar, blocking the equalizer for the visitors.
9:27 PM22 days ago

68' Controlled ball from Chile without risk

The visitors hold the ball, but fail to create dangerous actions on Ederson.
9:25 PM22 days ago

66' Total possession by Chile

The visitors held the ball in search of an equalizer, while Brazil looked for a counterattack.
9:23 PM22 days ago

64' Substitution for Chile

Vegas is replaced by Palacios in the Chilean national team, in search of the equalizer.
9:21 PM22 days ago

62' A possible goal is analyzed in the VAR

In a set piece, Chile scored the equalizer, but it was disallowed for offside, which was confirmed by the VAR decision.
9:20 PM22 days ago

59' Match with many interruptions

The teams use the strong leg in the middle of the field, and make many interruptions in the field.
9:18 PM22 days ago

56' Brazil attack

The Brazilian team attacks on the counter-attack and creates danger in the opponent's goal.
9:14 PM22 days ago

54' Total possession by Chile

The Chilean team seeks to score the equalizer.
9:12 PM22 days ago

52' Dangerous shot by Chile

Pulgar takes a direct free kick, but the ball goes wide.
9:10 PM22 days ago

49' Gabriel Jesus is sent off!

Gabriel Jesus' strong tackle, which sends him out of the engagement.
9:07 PM22 days ago

47' Brazil goal!

Excellent play between Neymar and Paqueta, where the latter manages to score the first.
9:04 PM22 days ago

Second half begins

The Brazilian team started the second half with the ball.
8:48 PM22 days ago

46' First half ends

Referee Patricio Lousteau decrees the end of the first half.
8:47 PM22 days ago

45' Addition time

One minute is added to the first half.
8:44 PM22 days ago

42' The ball is being fought for in the midfield

The ball is fought for in the middle of the field, and infractions are constantly committed.
8:41 PM22 days ago

40' Chance for Brazil

Brazil's shot is deflected for a corner kick.
8:39 PM22 days ago

38' Local pressure continues

The Brazilian team holds the ball and attacks with possession, while allowing the opposing team to retreat.
8:37 PM22 days ago

36' Brazil possession

Brazil's attack on the right flank, with a team move between Jesus and Firmino, which is turned away for a corner kick.
8:36 PM22 days ago

34' Constant struggle in the middle

The teams look to hold the ball in the middle, and the marking is tough in every region of the field.
8:34 PM22 days ago

32' Chile regains possession

The visitors sought to dismantle the rival defense with quick attacks and short touches, and score the first goal of the match.
8:33 PM22 days ago

30' Brazilian dominance continues

The Brazilian team, through set pieces, sent dangerous balls into the opponent's area.
8:31 PM22 days ago

27' Dangerous attacks by Brazil

Brazil begins to gain confidence in the match and arrives with more danger to Claudio Bravo's goal.
8:25 PM22 days ago

24' Different styles of play

Brazil looks for a more direct game, with long balls to the back of the rival defense, while Chile seeks to hold the ball.
8:23 PM22 days ago

22' Brazil close to the first goal

Neymar's cross behind the back of the defense, which Firmino fails to convert for the first goal of the match.
8:21 PM22 days ago

20' Chance for Brazil

Richarlison's long ball to Richarlison, who shot at goal, but his chance was disallowed for offside.
8:19 PM22 days ago

18' Game with no clear dominator

The teams fail to be consistent in possession and in creating attacking soccer for their forwards.
8:17 PM22 days ago

16' Chile's control in the middle

Arturo Vidal, Alexis Sanchez and Erick Pulgar hold possession of the ball in the middle, creating the play from there.
8:15 PM22 days ago

14' Brazil's first attack with space

Richarlison's shot after a breakaway down the left flank is blocked by Claudio Bravo.
8:12 PM22 days ago

11' Nervousness in the home team

The locals are unable to consistently control the ball, and their defensive line suffers.
8:10 PM22 days ago

10' Evenly matched fight in the midfield

The teams are unable to hold the ball for long periods of time, and it becomes a constant struggle in the middle of the field to avoid the opponent's advances.
8:09 PM22 days ago

8' Constant attacks by Brazil

The locals took possession of the ball in the middle of the field, and generated constant dangerous attacks on Claudio Bravo's goal.
8:06 PM22 days ago

6' Match with many interruptions

The teams, in their eagerness to recover quickly, commit repeated fouls in the middle of the field.
8:05 PM22 days ago

4' Chile generates danger in the opponent's goal

The Chileans hold the ball, and take away the main tool of the locals, and approach with short touches on the rival defense.
8:03 PM22 days ago

2' Shy possession by Brazil

The home side wants to start with their consistent possession, but the Chileans press quickly in the middle of the field.
8:01 PM22 days ago

Match starts

Chile starts moving the ball and kicking off the match in search of a place in the semifinals.
7:59 PM22 days ago

Captain's draw

The captains meet with the referee team to find out which team will kick off the match. Thiago Silva and Claudio Bravo approach the referees.
7:54 PM22 days ago

The teams take the field

The teams take the field in search of qualification to the next round of the Copa América, where they will face Peru.
7:44 PM22 days ago

Condition of the playing field

The field at the Nilton Santos Stadium in Rio de Janeiro is not in the best condition. Several sections of the field have stability problems, making it dangerous for the players who will be playing the match in the next few minutes.
7:40 PM22 days ago

Pre-competitive activities

The teams perform warm-up activities prior to the start of the game, segmented by positions. On the Brazilian side, the coaching staff is concerned about a minor injury to Neymar during the ball control phase.
7:32 PM22 days ago

Chile's starting eleven

On the part of the visiting team, the players will be as follows:
Tactical module: 1-5-3-2
In goal will be Claudio Bravo; in defense will be Mauricio Isla, Francisco Sierralta, Gary Medel, Sebastián Vegas and Eugenio Mena; in midfield will be Arturo Vidal, Erick Pulgar and Charles Aránguiz; and up front will be Eduardo Vargas and Alexis Sanchez.
Chile's technical director is Martín Lassarte.
7:25 PM22 days ago

Starting eleven for Brazil

The team used by the locals will be as follows:
Tactical module: 1-4-2-3-1
In goal will be Éderson; in the defensive line will be Danilo, Marquinhos, Thiago Silva, Renan Lodi; in the midfield in the double five will be Casemiro and Fred; and up front will be Richarlison, Gabriel Jesus, Neymar and Roberto Firmino.
The coach of the Brazilian national team is Tite.
7:19 PM22 days ago

Arrival of the teams

In accordance with the security and management guidelines of the tournament, the teams are already at the Nilton Santos Stadium to begin final preparations for tonight's match.
7:14 PM22 days ago

We start the Brasil-Chile coverage

We start with all the preparations for the match that will be played tonight, as the second match of the quarterfinals of the Copa América, in which the team that will face Peru in the semifinals will be defined.
7:09 PM22 days ago

Tune in here Brazil vs Chile Live Score

In a few minutes we will start with all the details of this match. Don't miss a single detail of the Brazil vs Chile live match and VAVEL's comments.
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How to watch Brazil - Chile Live Stream on TV and Online?

To be able to follow the Copa America match Brazil - Chile on a constant basis, we present you the best options today.
If you want to watch the Brazil - Chile match live on TV, your options are: CBS.
If you want to stream it directly: Streaming services and CBS app.
If you want to watch it online, the best option is VAVEL USA!
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What time is Chile-Brasil match for Copa América?

This is the start time of the game Brazil - Chile of 2th July 2021 in several countries:
Argentina: 22:00 PM in DirecTV Sports y TyC Sports
Bolivia: 21:00 PM in FOX Sports
Brazil: 22:00 PM in ESPN
Chile: 21:00 PM in DirecTV Sports
Colombia: 20:00 PM in DirecTV Sports 
Ecuador: 20:00 horas in DirecTV Sports y TyC Sports
USA (ET): 21:00 PM in CBS
Spain: 01:00 PM in Cuatro TV
Mexico: 20:00 PM in DirecTV Sports
Paraguay: 22:00 PM in DirecTV Sports
Peru: 20:00 PM in DirecTV Sports
Uruguay: 22:00 PM in DirecTV Sports
6:54 PM22 days ago

History between the teams

The teams have a record of 21 official matches in the oldest national team tournament in the world, the Copa América. Of these, the Brazilian team has won 16 times, both teams have drawn twice, and the Chilean team has won three times, being a clear dominance by the Brazilian team in the Copa América throughout its history. The last match played in this tournament was in the 2007 edition, with a 6-1 victory for Brazil over Chile.
6:49 PM22 days ago

Chile's key player

For the visitors, Arturo Vidal is the player who manages to be important in the management and creation of play in the center of the field. In the different matches he has managed to be the main axis of the Chilean balance, being a player who goes back and forth on the field. Arturo Vidal has been important in Lasarte's approach, and is the player with the greatest impact due to his great international career.
6:44 PM22 days ago

Key player in Brazil

The player who has led the Brazilian National Team in the current Copa América is Neymar, who with his creativity and ball handling, has become indispensable for his team, and a constant danger for the rival defenses. In the current cup, the player has scored two goals, which are decisive for the good campaign of the Brazilian team.
6:39 PM22 days ago

Chile's possible lineup

The Chilean team will have as a possible formation:
Claudio Bravo will be the goalkeeper chosen to defend the goal. In defense, Marcelo Isla will be on the right flank, Gary Medel and Guillermo Maripán as central defenders, and Eugenio Mena will be on the left flank. Arturo Vidal, Erick Pulgar and Charles Aránguiz will play in the midfield. Up front, Jean Meneses, Eduardo Vargas and Ben Brereton will play. The visitors' coach is Uruguayan Martín Lasarte.
6:34 PM22 days ago

Possible starting lineup for Brazil

The possible lineup for the home side is:
In goal, there will be Alisson, being the coach's most trusted goalkeeper. In the defensive line, Danilo will be on the right flank, the center-back pairing will be Marquinhos and Thiago Silva, and Alex Sandro will be on the left flank. In the midfield, a line of three will be formed by Casemiro, Everton Ribeiro and Lucas Paqueta. In the attacking zone, Neymar will lead the Brazilian attack, accompanied by Richarlison and Gabriel Jesus.
6:29 PM22 days ago

Referee team

The judges who will be in charge of the match are:
Center: Patricio Loustau (Argentina)
Assistant 1: Ezequiel Brailovsky (Argentina)
Assistant 2: Gabriel Chade (Argentina)
Fourth official: Guillermo Guerrero (Ecuador)
VAR: Andrés Cunha (Uruguay)
AVAR: Daniel Fedorczuk (Uruguay)
AVAR 2: Christian Lescano (Ecuador).
6:24 PM22 days ago

Chile, with more doubts than certainties

The Chilean team did not end its participation in group A in the best way, with one win, two draws and one loss, leaving it in fourth place in the table. The visitors have not been able to consolidate their game in the different areas of the field, being permissive in the defensive part, and failing to be effective in the chances created.
6:19 PM22 days ago

Brazil arrives as favorite

The local team arrives undefeated, after three wins and a draw in the group stage of the current Copa América, winning its matches against Venezuela, Peru and Colombia, and drawing in the last match against Ecuador, giving up the first points of the competition. The locals arrive with the doubt of Renan Lodi, who has not yet recovered from his physical discomfort to face the match.
6:14 PM22 days ago

Where will it be played?

The match will be played at the Nilton Santos Olympic Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. This stadium has a capacity for 46,831 people, but this match will be played without public due to local sanitary restrictions.
6:09 PM22 days ago

Start of transmission

Hello, we begin the transmission of the match Brazil vs Chile, which corresponds to the quarterfinals of the Copa America 2021, played in Brazil.