Goals and highlights: Bermuda 8-1 Barbados in CONCACAF Gold Cup 2021 Qualifying
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6:33 AM25 days ago

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6:30 AM25 days ago

Goals and highlights

9:54 PM25 days ago

Game over!

Bermuda crushes Barbados 8-1 to advance to the second round of the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup Qualifying, where they will face Haiti for a place in the group stage of the competition.
9:49 PM25 days ago


Nahki Wells himself converted the penalty to score his team's eighth goal.
9:44 PM25 days ago


Penalty for Bermuda! Dwayne Pascal commits an infraction on Nahko Wells.
9:39 PM25 days ago


Barbados also makes another change: Akeem Hill replaces Krystian Pearce.
9:34 PM25 days ago


Bermuda further modifies its pieces: Reece Jones and Luke Robinson take the place of Dante Leverock and Zeiko Lewis.
9:29 PM25 days ago


Zeiko Lewis further widens the gap on the scoreboard.
9:24 PM25 days ago


Kane Chriclow scores his team's sixth goal.
9:19 PM25 days ago


New Bermuda move: Jonte Smith replaces Eusebio Blankendal.
9:14 PM25 days ago


New change for Barbados: Antone Greaves comes on for Jomo Harris.
9:09 PM25 days ago


Krystian Pearce scores an own goal and increases the lead on the scoreboard.
9:04 PM25 days ago


Bermuda makes two changes: Roger Lee and Kane Crichlow come in for Willie Clemons and Reggie Lambe.
8:59 PM25 days ago


Mario Williams also receives the yellow card.
8:54 PM25 days ago

The second half begins!

Bermuda, to seal their passage; Barbados, for the comeback.
8:49 PM25 days ago

End of the first half!

Bermuda is scoring 4-1 against Barbados.
8:44 PM25 days ago


Hadan Holligan crossed to close the gap on the scoreboard.
8:39 PM25 days ago


Barbados makes a double move: Ryan Trotman and Ackeel Applewhaite come in for Omani Leacock and Rashad Smith.
8:34 PM25 days ago


That's how Bermuda's fourth goal fell.  
8:29 PM25 days ago


Dante Leverock scores his team's fourth goal with a diving header.
8:24 PM25 days ago


The yellow cards continue! Now it's Omani Leacock.
8:19 PM25 days ago


Willie Clemons joins the cautioned.
8:14 PM25 days ago


Eusebio Blankendal is the second yellow card of the match.
8:09 PM25 days ago


Bermuda scored its third touchdown.  
8:04 PM25 days ago


Reggi Lambe scores his team's third goal of the night in great fashion inside the box.
7:59 PM25 days ago


This was Bermuda's second goal. 
7:54 PM25 days ago


Barbados' Rashad Smith is the first cautioned player of the match.
7:49 PM25 days ago


On a pass from Zeiko Lewis, captain Nahki Wells scored inside the box to score his brace and increase the lead for his team.
7:44 PM25 days ago


With this goal, Bermuda is defeating Barbados.  
7:39 PM25 days ago


Nahki Wells appears at second to push the ball in and put her team ahead on the scoreboard.
7:34 PM25 days ago

Game on!

Bermuda and Barbados seek to advance to the second round.
7:29 PM25 days ago

Delayed for another half hour!

Weather conditions have not improved, but the match between Bermuda and Barbados is expected to kick off at 7:00 pm.
7:24 PM25 days ago

This is what the DRV PNK, the stadium where Bermuda vs Barbados will be played, looks like

7:19 PM25 days ago


Due to heavy rain, the meeting has been delayed for half an hour.
7:14 PM25 days ago

Barbados: substitutes

Kishmar Primus; Nashton Browne, Carl Hinkson, Akeem Hill, Dwayne Pascal, Niall Reid, Antone Greaves, Ackeel Applewhaite, Rashad Jules, Ryan Trotman, Curtis Jay y Keon Atkins.
7:09 PM25 days ago

Bermuda: substitutes

Detre Bell; Quinaceo Hunt, Roger Lee, Daren Usher, Reece Jones, Jomei Bean, Lejaun Simmons, Kane Crichlow, Keishon Bean, Luke Robinson, Kole Hall and Jonte Smith.
7:04 PM25 days ago

Barbados: confirmed lineup

Liam Brathwaite; Andre Applewhaite, Rasahd Smith, Krystian Pearce, Mario Williams, Jomo Harris, Hadan Holligan (C), Omani Leacock, Emile Saimovic, Hallam Hope, and Nicholas Blackman.
6:59 PM25 days ago

Bermudas: confirmed lineup

Dale Eve; Eusebio Blankendal, Calon Minors, Jaylor Bather, Dante Leverock, Justin Donawa, Zeiko Lewis, Willie Clemons, Milan Butterfield, Reggie Lambe y N. Wells (C).
6:54 PM25 days ago

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In a few moments we will share with you all the details of Bermuda vs Barbados, in what will be a very important match in their quest to make history to compete in the Gold Cup. Do not miss a detail of the match Bermuda vs Barbados live updates and commentaries of VAVEL.
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The center referee for Bermuda vs. Barbados will be Drew Frischer; Michael Barwegen, first line; Iroots Appleton, second assistant; César Ramos, fourth official; Armando Villarreal, VAR; and Ismael Cornejo, AVAR.
6:39 PM25 days ago

Barbados: last lineup

A. Hill; H. Holligan, J. Harris, A. Greaves, D. Richards, O. Leacock, L. Brathwaite, C. Hinkson, A. Applewhaite, R. Smith and H. Hope.
6:34 PM25 days ago

Bermuda: last lineup

K. Hall; A. Furbert, W. Clemons, R. Jones, E. Blankendal, R. Smith, L. Steede, T. Harris, J. Bell, D. Bell and L. Robinson.
6:29 PM25 days ago

How did Barbados advance to this round?

The Barbados team topped League C Group A with 12 points after four wins and two losses; they faced the Cayman Islands, St. Maarten and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
6:24 PM25 days ago

How did Bermuda reach this qualification?

The Bermuda team finished third in Group B of League A with three points from one win and three losses; they played against Mexico and Panama.
6:19 PM25 days ago

The match will be played at the DRV PNK Stadium

Bermuda and Barbados, to keep moving forward. This afternoon in Florida, the teams of Bermuda and Barbados will seek to become the second team to advance to the second round of the 2021 Gold Cup qualifiers.

The winner of this match will face the winner of the match between Haiti and St. Vincent and the Grenadines next Tuesday 6. 

6:14 PM25 days ago

CONCACAF Gold Cup 2021 Qualifying Format

Twelve teams will compete in this phase; the four third-placed teams from the A League sectors, the four second-placed teams from the B League groups and the four first-placed teams from the C League zones.

The first round will consist of six single-legged groups; the six winners will advance to the second round and there will be three new groups, which will also be single-legged.

The three winning teams will advance to the Gold Cup and will join the already qualified participants: Mexico, United States, Costa Rica, Honduras, Jamaica, Canada, Panama, El Salvador, Martinique, Curacao, Suriname, Grenada and Qatar.

6:09 PM25 days ago

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Bermuda and Barbados will determine the second team to advance to the second round of qualifying.