Highlights and Best Moments: Uruguay 0(2) - 0(4) Colombia in Copa America 2021 Semifinal Match
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8:30 PM23 days ago


Our coverage of the Uruguay vs Colombia match has come to an end. Thank you for joining us! Stay tuned to VAVEL.com to keep up to date with the world of sports.
8:23 PM23 days ago

Next match!

Colombia's next match will be on Tuesday in the semifinals against either Argentina or Ecuador.
8:07 PM23 days ago


Matias Viña's shot crossed and David Ospina saved with his left hand... COLOMBIA IS IN THE SEMIFINALS OF THE AMERICAS CUP!
8:05 PM23 days ago

GOOAL for Colombia

Borja's cross shot. If Uruguay misses, Colombia wins.
8:05 PM23 days ago

GOOOAL for Uruguay

Luis Suarez's cross shot. David Ospina played to the left post. 3-2.
8:04 PM23 days ago

GOOOAL for Colombia

Yerry Mina's effective shot. 3-1.
8:04 PM23 days ago


Joséma Giménez's shot was saved by Ospina!
8:03 PM23 days ago

GOOOAL for Colombia

Davinson Sánchez's shot that Muslera could not save. 2-1.
8:02 PM23 days ago

GOOOAL for Uruguay

Edinson Cavani scores by putting the ball past Ospina's left post. 1-1
8:01 PM23 days ago

GOOOAL for Colombia

Duván Zapata shot over the top to score the first goal of the series. 1-0.
8:00 PM23 days ago

The penalty shootout series is coming

Colombia will start by taking the penalty kick.
7:53 PM23 days ago

90+4' ¡End of game!

End of the match! 0-0 draw between Colombia and Uruguay in regulation time and we will have penalty kicks!
7:50 PM23 days ago

90' Additional time

Four more minutes will be played.
7:47 PM23 days ago

87' Substitution in Colombia

Enter Miguel Borja in place of Rafael Santos Borré.
7:45 PM23 days ago

85' Final stretch of the game

Last five minutes of play. Colombia looks for the goal.
7:39 PM23 days ago

80' Substitution in Uruguay

Martin Cáceres replaces Federico Valverde.
7:39 PM23 days ago

78' Colombia continues to insist!

Reinaldo Rueda's team keeps trying to open the scoreboard but still can't find the goal.
7:33 PM23 days ago


Rafael Santos Borré's cross was headed down by Duván Zapata and the Uruguayan goalkeeper reacted superbly.
7:28 PM23 days ago

68' Substitution in Uruguay

Facundo Torres replaces Giorgian de Arrascaeta.
7:26 PM23 days ago

66' Substitution in Colombia

Yimmi Chará replaces Luis Muriel.
7:20 PM23 days ago

60'All the same for now

The game remains goalless. Colombia generates more sense of danger.
7:17 PM23 days ago

57' Uruguay approached

De Arrascaeta's low shot was easily caught by David Ospina.
7:16 PM23 days ago

55' Good start to the second half for Colombia.

The tricolor team has started the second half very well, but with the same momentum, they are leaving spaces for the Uruguayans.
7:10 PM23 days ago

49' David Ospina saves!!

Nahitán Nández's cross was close and David Ospina, who was going to play to the center, was able to react to handle it.
7:08 PM23 days ago

46' Colombia approached

Luis Díaz went down the left sector, put the pass into the middle and Diego Godín saved in front of the goal when Duván Zapata arrived.
7:05 PM23 days ago

Second half begins

The second half of the match is underway.
6:50 PM23 days ago

45' End of first half

End of the first half. Goalless draw so far between Uruguay and Colombia.
6:49 PM23 days ago

44' Colombia missed it!

Duván Zapata broke away on the left, but he was left with a closed angle, but he still shot and Fernando Muslera saved, the rebound was taken by Luis Muriel, who shot a strong shot that went just wide of the right post.
6:46 PM23 days ago

40' Last minutes for first half

The end of the first half is approaching. The teams make the game back and forth, but do not make good decisions getting to the penalty area.
6:38 PM23 days ago

35' Yellow card

Uruguay's Diego Godín is cautioned for a foul on Duván Zapata. The first of the match.
6:32 PM23 days ago

29' Uruguay approached!

A pass to De Arrascaeta, which was eventually left loose for Cavani, who shot, but the ball went wide.
6:30 PM23 days ago

27' Colombia approached!

The ball was played to Duván Zapata, who took a left-footed shot and Muslera made a save. However, the play was disallowed for offside.
6:28 PM23 days ago

25' The game was stopped

Davinson Sanchez had been laid out after a close call. For now he can continue.
6:23 PM23 days ago

20' Uneventful match

The match has not yet had its first clear goal option. The only dangerous approach was made by Colombia with Rafael Santos Borré and the refereeing team disallowed it.
6:18 PM23 days ago

15' First quarter of game

Although Colombia has started with three strikers on paper, it is Luis Muriel who is the one who is delayed to connect with the midfielders.
6:17 PM23 days ago

12' Uruguay tries

The right sector was the most used by the Uruguayans at the beginning of the match, taking advantage of the constant projection of Nahitán Nández.
6:14 PM23 days ago

10' First minutes

The match is not yet in rhythm, Colombia tries to be the one who plays a more collective soccer, while Uruguay wants to be more direct.
6:09 PM23 days ago

5' Corner kick for Colombia

The Uruguayan defense clears a ball sent in from the right. Colombia tries a free kick.
6:06 PM23 days ago

2' Dangerous foul for Uruguay

Nahitán Nández was on the right and Wilmar Barrios fouled him.
6:04 PM23 days ago

Game start!

The match between Uruguay and Colombia is underway!
6:01 PM23 days ago

Teams to the field

All set at the Mané Garrincha! The players of Uruguay and Colombia come out for the match.
5:59 PM23 days ago

Alternates - Uruguay

12. Martín Campaña (GK), 23. Sergio Rochet (GK), 04. Ronald Araújo, 13. Giovanni González, 14. Lucas Torreira, 18. Maximiliano González, 19. Sebastián Coates, 20. Jonathan Rodríguez, 22. Martín Cáceres, 24. Fernando Gorriarán, 25. Facundo Torres, 26. Brian Ocampo.
5:56 PM23 days ago

Starting lineup - Uruguay

Tactical formation: 1-4-2-2-2

| 01. Fernando Muslera |
| 08. Nahitán Nández | 02. José Giménez | 03. Diego Godín | 17. Matías Viña |
| 06. Rodrigo Bentancur | 05. Matías Vecino |
| 15. Federico Valverde | 10. Giorgian De Arrascaeta |
| 21. Edinson Cavani | 09. Luis Suárez |

Coach: Óscar Washington Tabárez

5:51 PM23 days ago

Alternates - Colombia

12. Camilo Vargas (GK), 22. Aldair Quintana (GK), 02. Stefan Medina, 03. Óscar Murillo, 04. Carlos Cuesta, 10. Edwin Cardona, 19. Miguel Borja, 21. Sebastián Pérez, 25. Baldomero Perlaza, 26. Frank Fabra,  27. Jaminton Campaz, 28. Yimmi Chará.
5:49 PM23 days ago

Starting lineup - Colombia

Tactical formation: 1-4-4-2

| 01. David Ospina |
| 16. Daniel Muñoz | 13. Yerry Mina | 23. Davinson Sánchez | 06. William Tesillo |
| 18. Rafael Borré | 05. Wilmar Barrios | 08. Gustavo Cuéllar | 14. Luis Díaz |
| 07. Duván Zapata | 09. Luis Muriel |

Coach: Reinaldo Rueda

5:42 PM23 days ago

Referee's team

The refereeing team is made up of the Spanish team headed by Jesús Gil Manzano as center referee, his assistants Diego Barbero and Ángel Nevado and Paraguayan Eber Aquino as assistant referee.

Spain's Ricardo de Burgos will be in charge of the VAR, with his compatriot José Luis Munuera and Paraguay's Milciades Saldivar as his assistants.

Paraguay's Enrique Cáceres will be referee advisor.

5:28 PM23 days ago

Uruguay, to impose its style

For the team coached by 'Maestro' Tabarez, it will be important to counteract the virtues of the Colombians despite their losses, which will help them to continue consolidating their game in this Copa América to gain confidence.
5:23 PM23 days ago

Colombia to overcome its losses

The team coached by Reinaldo Rueda will have two very important absentees. The first one is Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, who will miss the match due to an accumulation of cards, while Mateus Uribe suffered a soleus injury, which will keep him out for at least a couple of weeks.
5:18 PM23 days ago

We start!

We are ready to bring you the action of the match between Colombians and Uruguayans.
5:13 PM23 days ago

Tune in here Uruguay vs Colombia Live Score

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the Uruguay vs Colombia live match, as well as the latest information from the Mané Garrincha stadium. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live coverage of the match on VAVEL.
5:08 PM23 days ago

How to watch Uruguay vs Colombia Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the match on TV, your options are: Telemundo Deportes, FOX Sports, TUDN, FOX Sports 1, FOX Sports 2 y Univision.

If you want to watch it online, VAVEL USA is your best option.

5:03 PM23 days ago

Statements - Reinaldo Rueda (Colombia coach)

"We have been thinking about changing the module, but we are giving stability to the concept and to the players who have been doing well. We are trying to decide what is best for each game".

"We will have variants, the alternative of Daniel Muñoz as a winger could happen and we have been thinking about it. We have one training unit left and then I will talk to the players."

"We have a big commitment against Uruguay, we must be full of character to be able to impose ourselves in this Copa América. All matches are demanding, the quality of the selected players makes us have to have a lot of order to be able to advance to the next stage."

"Football, like life, is made up of moments. We as a coaching staff are not here to evaluate or judge the previous performance against Uruguay. There is no comparison. We have alternatives not only nominally, but in terms of system of play."

"In all matches, order is important. Then we look for efficiency in the opponent's goal, even though all the rivals are different. Brazil and Uruguay have a lot of quality in their work and we will have to redouble our efforts".

4:58 PM23 days ago

Statements - Óscar Tabarez (Uruguay coach)

"We are confident, but also attentive. It will be a difficult match against an opponent we respect a lot. Against Colombia, we will try to continue on the path we have started, aiming to improve our game.

"We have improved, and that goes beyond a feeling. Not only the results but the numbers of the players (...), their technical actions and the collective assembly. We have gained in confidence, but not to the point of pretending that we are already an invincible team"".

"I wouldn't say that history is written. Maybe there is a range of probabilities of some team in favor of its rival, but in the panorama of world soccer, in the Copa América and in the UEFA Euro, there are always surprises".

4:53 PM23 days ago

Key player - Colombia

In the Colombian team, the presence of Luis Diaz stands out, a player whose characteristics offer a lot of dribbling and unbalance on the flanks, a factor that if well exploited, can increase the chances of doing damage.
4:48 PM23 days ago

Key player - Urugay

The Uruguayan team is notable for the presence of Edinson Cavani, a player who should always be taken with great caution due to his eye for goal.
4:43 PM23 days ago

Uruguay vs Colombia - History

In total, there have been eleven meetings between Uruguayans and Colombians. The numbers favor the Charrúas, who have come out winners in six matches, while the Cafeteros have won in three, leaving a balance of two wins and two defeats.
4:38 PM23 days ago

The Colombian road so far

The tricolor started their participation in the Copa América defeating Ecuador 1-0 thanks to Edwin Cardona, but in the following match they would draw goalless against Venezuela and then lose 2-1 against Peru and Brazil respectively.
4:33 PM23 days ago

Uruguay's road to the quarterfinals

The Uruguayans began their participation in the Cup on the second day of Group A, in the classic match against Argentina, in which they lost 1-0. In the following match, they drew 1-1 against Chile and then they won two matches, one against Bolivia 2-0 and the other against Paraguay 1-0.
4:28 PM23 days ago

Colombia and the obligation to change its face

The Colombian team has a difficult task in this match, as it qualified third in its group, leaving many doubts and uncertainty as to whether it will have the tools to aspire to at least reach the semifinals. In their zone, they only managed one victory, tied another game and lost the other two.

4:23 PM23 days ago

Uruguay, to prove its favoritism

The uruguayan team comes into this match as the favorite team to qualify for the semifinals. In the group stage, they finished second behind Argentina, after two wins, a draw and a loss.
4:18 PM23 days ago

The match will be played at the Mané Garrincha Stadium

The match will be played at Brasilia's National Stadium, or as it is commonly known as the Mané Garrincha Stadium. It has capacity for 72,800 spectators.
4:13 PM23 days ago

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