Highlights and goals: Italy 1(4) - 1(2) Spain in 2020 UEFA Euro semifinal match
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6:08 PM22 days ago

Federico Chiesa, the Star of the match

5:56 PM22 days ago

Italy's celebration

5:46 PM22 days ago


Jorginho's shot to the left post deceives Unai Simon to give Italy the victory. ROBERTO MANCINI'S TEAM FINALISTS!


5:43 PM22 days ago

Morata missed!

Soft shot to the left post of Donnarumma, who arrived with ease. If Italy scores they go through to the Euro final.
5:42 PM22 days ago

Italy's Goal!

Bernardeschi's strong shot, unkillable for Unai Simón.
5:41 PM22 days ago

Spain's Goal!

Tiago Alcantara's cross shot low to the right post and Donnaruma went wide.
5:40 PM22 days ago

Italy's Goal!

Bonucci charged to the left post and Dani Olmo played to the right post.
5:39 PM22 days ago

Spain's Goal!

Gerard Moreno's left-footed cross shot from Gerard Moreno upwards is too high for Donnarumma.
5:38 PM22 days ago

Italy's Goal!

Belotti's cross is struck hard to the right post.
5:37 PM22 days ago


Dani Olmo's overhead kick went over the goal. 0-0.
5:36 PM22 days ago


Manuel Locatelli's cross shot to the right post and Unai Simón arrived.
5:35 PM22 days ago

Penalty shootout series is coming

Italy kicks off with a penalty kick
5:31 PM22 days ago

120' End of overtime

Termina la prórroga y hay penaltis para decidir el primer finalista de la Eurocopa.
5:28 PM22 days ago

118' Yellow card

Leonardo Bonucci is cautioned in Italy.
5:27 PM22 days ago

115' Last five minutes

Italy tries to get some fresh air and look for a goal, but the Spanish defense is well positioned.
5:20 PM22 days ago

109' Substitution in Spain

Pau Torres Replaces Eric García.
5:17 PM22 days ago

107' Substitution in Italy

Fererico Bernardeschi replaces Federico Chiesa.
5:16 PM22 days ago

Second overtime begins

The second overtime is underway. Last 15 minutes of game! There was one change in Spain. Thiago Alcántara came on in place of Sergio Busquets.
5:13 PM22 days ago

105' First overtime ends

The first 15 minutes of overtime are over. The score is still level.
5:10 PM22 days ago

102' Italy was saved

Gerard Moreno's cross from the right, Donnaruma denied the ball, then Marco Llorente shot and Leonardo Bonucci blocked it.
5:07 PM22 days ago


Dani Olmo's low shot sailed across the area and the Italian goalkeeper stretched to make a save. Then Morata shot and ended up going out after several rebounds.
5:04 PM22 days ago

97' Yellow card!

The first important situation of the extra time, a yellow card for Rafael Tolói in Italy.
4:58 PM22 days ago

Extra tieme begins

Overtime is underway in the match.
4:52 PM22 days ago

90+3' End of game!

The game ends in the 90 minutes, a draw between Italy and Spain! Extra time at Wembley.
4:49 PM22 days ago

90' Additional time

Three more minutes will be played in the match.
4:44 PM23 days ago

85' Substitution in Spain

Marcos Llorente replaces César Azpilicueta.
4:43 PM23 days ago

85' Double substitution in Italy

Manuel Locatelli and Andrea Belotti replace Nicolò Barella and Lorenzo Insigne.
4:40 PM23 days ago

80' GOOOOAL by Spain!

MORATA TIES THE GAME! Good one-two from the striker with Dani Olmo, who gave it back to him and in went the Juventus attacker to make it 1-1 in the game.
4:38 PM23 days ago

78' Spain unable to find the equalizer

Mancini has set up his team very well with the changes. Spain continued to dominate the ball, but Italy was already playing on the counter-attack, trying to beat the back of the opposing defenders.
4:32 PM23 days ago

74' Double substitution in Italy

Rafael Tolói and Matteo Pessina replace Emerson and Marco Verratti.
4:29 PM23 days ago

70' Double substitution in Spain

Rodri and Gerard Moreno replaces Mikel Oyarzabal and Koke.
4:28 PM23 days ago


Pass into the empty space for Berardi, he settled and shot, but Unai Simón was there to make a save.
4:26 PM23 days ago

66' Spain approached!

Dani Olmo's shot went wide.
4:25 PM23 days ago

64' Oyarzaba missed it!

cross from the left, Oyarzabal appeared on the right but he did not head the ball in the right direction.
4:23 PM23 days ago

62' Substitution in Spain

Alvaro Morata replaces Ferran Torres.
4:23 PM23 days ago

61' Substitution in Italy

Domenico Berardi replaces Ciro Immobile.
4:21 PM23 days ago

60' GOOOAL by Italy!!!

BUT WHAT A GOAL! Donnarumma's quick start, the ball came to Ciro Immobile but he was closed down, then Federico Chiesa appeared, entered the box and curled the ball to Unai Simon's left post to score the first goal of the match.
4:18 PM23 days ago

58' Italy approached!

Mikel Oyarzabal's long-range shot and the ball arrived calmly for Donnarumma.
4:13 PM23 days ago

53' Italy approached!

Italy responded with a quick start, which ended with a shot by Chiesa that was well saved by Unai Simon.
4:12 PM23 days ago

52' Spain missed it!

Oyarzabal broke down the right, closed in and made the pass to Busquets, who shot first time and the ball went very close.
4:10 PM23 days ago

51' Yellow card!

The first novelty of the second half is the caution for Sergio Busquets for Spain.
4:05 PM23 days ago

Second half begins

The second half of the match gets underway. There were no changes at halftime.
3:49 PM23 days ago

45' End of first half

The first half ends at Wembley. Goalless draw between Italy and Spain.
3:48 PM23 days ago

45' Italy missed it!

Italy approached from the left with Insigne, who left the ball for Emerson, who played with him, the winger shot and the ball hit the horizontal post.
3:41 PM23 days ago

39' Oyarzabal missed it

Spain came out quickly after recovering a ball in the middle of the pitch and the play ended with a shot by Oyarzabal that went wide.
3:39 PM23 days ago

35' Last 10 minutes

The end of the first half is approaching. There have not been many actions to highlight.
3:36 PM23 days ago

32' Dani Olmo tried

Spanish player's shot on the run and the ball went over the goal.
3:34 PM23 days ago

30' Half an hour of game

Spain dominates the game, although Italy does not suffer much the game. So far, only Dani Olmo's option and the rest has been to control possession.
3:28 PM23 days ago


Dani Olmo tried a shot that crashed into an opponent, he took the rebound and shot low again, but Donnarumma's reaction was even better,
3:25 PM23 days ago

21' Italy missed it!

Pass to Emerson who broke away down the left, Unai Simon came out in a hurry and the Italian full-back made the pass to Immobile, who looked for Barella, who didn't decide to finish and had the ball taken out of his hands at the end.
3:20 PM23 days ago

17' Italy has not been able to cope with Spain's pressure

The Italian team tries to come out with the ball under control, but Spain is pressing very well and is quickly losing control.
3:18 PM23 days ago

15' Spain's approaach

Barella made a mistake, Verratti was put under pressure and Ferran Torres finished the move with a shot that went wide.
3:15 PM23 days ago

10' Spain begins to control possession

The first few minutes there was a little more insistence on the part of Italy... Now Spain seeks to lower the momentum by appealing to their typical possession game.
3:10 PM23 days ago

7' First minutes

The teams are looking to press their opponents when they have the ball. For now, the Italian team is more concerned.
3:08 PM23 days ago

4' First italian approach!

The Italian team came close with a shot by Nicolò Barella that hit the post, but was disallowed for offside.
3:05 PM23 days ago

Match begins

The match between Italy and Spain gets underway at Wembley Stadium.
3:04 PM23 days ago

Spains in Italy

Álvaro Morata (Juventus 2014-16, 2020 - loan) and Fabián Ruiz (Napoli 2018 - currently) are the players of this Spanish team who have been in some Italian team.
3:02 PM23 days ago

Italians in Spain

The following players of the Italian squad, have been in some Spanish team:
  • Salvatore Sirigu (Sevilla 2016/17 loan, Osasuna 2017 loan)
  • Ciro Immobile (Sevilla 2015/16)
  • Alessandro Florenzi (Valencia 2020 loan)
2:58 PM23 days ago

Players take the field

The protagonists of this great match are already on the field, and the game between Italians and Spaniards is about to begin!
2:50 PM23 days ago

Alternates - Spain

01. David De Gea (GK), 13. Robert Sánchez (GK), 03. Diego Llorente, 04. Pau Torres, 06. Marcos Llorente, 07. Álvaro Morata, 09. Gerard Moreno, 10. Thiago Alcántara, 14. José Gayà, 16. Rodri, 17. Fabián Ruiz, 20. Adama Traoré.
2:49 PM23 days ago

Starting lineup - Spain

Tactical formation: 1-4-3-3

| 23. Unai Simón |
| 02. César Azpilicueta | 12. Eric García | 24. Aymeric Laporte | 18. Jordi Alba |
| 08. Koke | 05. Sergio Busquets | 26. Pedri |
| 11. Ferran Torres | 21. Mikel Oyarzabal | 19. Dani Olmo |

Coach: Luis Enrique

2:44 PM23 days ago

Alternates - Italy

01. Salvatore Sirigu (GK), 26. Alex Meret (GK), 05. Manuel Locatelli, 09. Andrea Belotti, 11. Domenico Berardi, 12. Matteo Pessina, 15. Francesco Acerbi, 16. Bryan Cristante, 20. Federico Berardeschi, 23. Alessandro Bastoni, 24. Alessandro Florenzi, 25. Rafael Tolói.
2:44 PM23 days ago

Starting lineup - Italy

Táctical formation: 1-4-3-3

| 21. Gianluigi Donnarumma |
| 02. Giovanni Di Lorenzo | 19. Leonardo Bonucci | 03. Giorgio Chiellini | 13. Emerson |
| 18. Nicolò Barella | 08. Jorginho | 06. Marco Verratti |
| 14. Federico Chiesa | 17. Ciro Immobile | 10. Lorenzo Isigne |

Coach: Roberto Mancini

2:39 PM23 days ago

Lineups, coming soon

In a few minutes we come with the team formations for this match.
2:37 PM23 days ago

Spain's record in UEFA Euro semifinals

The Iberian team has played four times in the semifinals of the European Championship and has a perfect record. In the first series they played in this instance they won 2-1 against Hungary in extra time; in the 1984 edition they defeated Denmark 5-4 on penalties, after a 1-1 draw in regulation time. In 2008 they beat Russia 3-0 and in 2012 they eliminated Portugal 4-2 on penalties after a 0-0 draw in regulation time.
2:23 PM23 days ago

Italy's record in UEFA Euro semifinals

The Azzurri's have played in four European Championship semifinals, winning three times and losing only once. In 1968 they drew 0-0 with the Soviet Union, but won the draw to reach the final; in 1988 they lost 2-0 to the Soviet Union; in 2000 they beat the Netherlands 3-1 in the penalty shootout series after a goalless draw in regulation time and in 2012 they beat Germany 2-1.
2:18 PM23 days ago

Italy vs Spain - Recent history

June 27, 2016 was the last time these teams met in a Eurocup match. The Italian side won 2-0 and put an end to the Spanish hegemony in this tournament after their titles in 2018 and 2012. The goals were scored by Giorgio Chiellini, still active in the national team, and Grazziano Pellè.
2:13 PM23 days ago

We start!

We are ready to bring you the rebroadcast of the UEFA Euro 2020 semifinal match between Italy and Spain.
2:08 PM23 days ago

Tune in here Spain vs Italy Live Score

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups live, as well as the latest information from the Wembley Stadium. Do not miss a detail of the match Spain vs Italy live updates and commentaries of VAVEL
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How to watch Italy vs Spain Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the match Italy-Spain live on TV, your options are: Mitele.es and ZDF (M+ Astra) in Spain; ESPN+, TUDN.com and ESPN in the United States; Sky Sports in Mexico, and DirecTV in most of South America.

If you want to watch it online, VAVEL USA is your best option.

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Referee's Team

The central referee will be German Felix Brych, who will be assisted by his compatriots Mark Borsch and Stefan Lupp. The fourth official will be Russian Sergei Karasev.

German Marco Fritz will also be in charge of the VAR, accompanied by his compatriots Christian Dingert and Christian Gittelmann as assistants, as well as Bastian Dankert.

1:53 PM23 days ago

Statements - Spain

Luis Enrique (DT): "I don't think both can dominate, so it will be interesting to see who wins this match. Apart from having top players, Italy is a real team. They attack and defend as a unit, which is very similar to what we do. They also employ high pressing, something it would be hard to imagine an Italian team of the past doing. They are now strong in a number of ways, which means the match will be really interesting. Both teams will have their moments.

Unai Simon: "We have to go into the semi-final fresh, confident and with our heads held high. We have to want to win the EURO now".

Pedri: "I think Italy is a great team, they have great players, and we know they will give their all in this match. But we also know that we are going to fight for it and be totally focused on our task".

1:48 PM23 days ago

Statements - Italy

Roberto Mancini (Coach): "It will be difficult, even if Spain is different from Belgium. It won't be the same kind of game as the last one, but it will certainly present a lot of difficulties. Spain have been outstanding for years, although now they have undergone a change and are a younger team. They have a good coach and very good players".

Leonardo Bonucci: "Spain has been criticized, but Luis Enrique was right to armor his team and unite the group much more. He has a very united lineup, just like the rest of the squad. When you face such a mentally strong opponent, the match is always difficult. But if we show the Italy of the last 30 games, we can achieve the result we want.

1:43 PM23 days ago

Key player - Spain

In the Iberian team, the work of Sergio Busquets stands out, someone who has undoubtedly earned his place in the national team and who is still in place to lead a team that is going through a "generational change". His ability to lead plays in the midfield is crucial to generate danger.
1:38 PM23 days ago

Key player - Italy

In the Azzurri team the presence of Lorenzo Insigne stands out, a player who has demonstrated his quality throughout the competition. He is undoubtedly one of the most important cards for Roberto Mancini in offensive play and someone who does a lot of damage if left the slightest space.
1:33 PM23 days ago

Spain's road to the semifinals

Luis Enrique's team began their UEFA Euro campaign in Group E, where they drew against Sweden (0-0), Poland (1-1) and won against Slovakia (0-5). In the round of 16, they left Croatia in the way in a vibrant match that went to extra time, with a final score of 5-3 for the Spaniards, and they have just left Switzerland in the way after a series of penalties after 120 minutes.
1:28 PM23 days ago

Italy's road to the semifinals

The team coached by Roberto Mancini reached the semifinals thanks to their group stage victories over Turkey (0-3), Switzerland (3-0) and Wales (1-0). In the round of 16, they had a tough match against Austria, whom they eliminated in extra time (2-1), and in the quarterfinals they beat the great favorites Belgium (2-1).

1:23 PM23 days ago

Two teams looking to reach the final after 9 years

The Iberian team has not known what it means to play in the final of a major tournament since 2013, when they lost to Brazil in the Confederations Cup. They reached this tournament after winning the last final they played in a EURO, in 2012, where they defeated precisely the Italians, who since that final have not known what it means to reach a final match... A pending assignment for both.
1:18 PM23 days ago

The match will be played at the Wembley Stadium

The Italy vs. Spain game will be played at the mythical Wembley Stadium, in the city of London, England. This historic venue has a capacity for 82,000 people.
1:13 PM23 days ago

The match will be played at the Wembley Stadium

The Italy vs. Spain game will be played at the mythical Wembley Stadium, in the city of London, England. This historic venue has a capacity for 82,000 people.
1:08 PM23 days ago

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