Highlights and goals: Argentina 1(3) - 1(2) Colombia in Copa America 2021
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11:12 PM21 days ago


Edwin Cardona's shot to the left post was saved by Emiliano Martínez, but the ARGENTINEAN goalkeeper made another great save!
11:10 PM21 days ago

GOOOAL by Argentina

Cross shot over the top by Lautaro Martínez. Impossible for Ospina. If Colombia misses, Argentina goes through.
11:09 PM21 days ago

GOOOAL by Colombia, 2-2

Miguel Borja's very strong shot to the middle.
11:08 PM21 days ago

GOOAL by Argentina!

Leandro Paredes' cross shot and Ospina played to the left.
11:07 PM21 days ago


Yerry Mina shot to the left post and Emiliano guessed again.
11:06 PM21 days ago


The Argentine player crossed and the ball went high. Still 1-1.
11:05 PM21 days ago


Davinson Sánchez shot to the left post and Dibu Martínez made a save.
11:04 PM21 days ago

GOAL for Argentina

Lionel Messi's cross shot, impossible for anyone.
11:04 PM21 days ago

GOAL by Colombia

Good cross shot by Juan Guillermo Cuadrado. 1-0.
11:03 PM21 days ago

Colombia kicks off the series

Juan Guillermo Cuadrado go for first penalty kick.
10:59 PM21 days ago

90+4' END OF GAME!

The game ends at the Mané Garrincha stadium. 1-1 STANDING AND WE WILL HAVE PENALTIES!
10:56 PM21 days ago

90+1' Yellow card

Germán Pezzella is cautioned in Argentina for a hard foul on Luis Díaz.
10:55 PM21 days ago

90' Additional time

Four more minutes will be played in this match.
10:53 PM21 days ago

88' Yellow card

Wilmar Barrios is cautioned in Colombia for a foul on Lio Messi. Dangerous foul for Argentina.
10:51 PM21 days ago

87' Another yellow card

Guido Rodríguez is now cautioned for Argentina.
10:50 PM21 days ago

86' Yellow card

Edwin Cardona cautioned in Argentina.
10:49 PM21 days ago

85' Last five minutes

The end of the match is near. There is a lot of uncertainty about the definition.
10:46 PM21 days ago

80' Ospina saves!

Di María's filtered ball to Messi between the defenders, he took the shot and the Colombian goalkeeper's response was even better.
10:40 PM21 days ago

76' Yellow card

Daniel Muñoz is cautioned for Colombia for a foul on Messi. Dangerous free kick for Argentina.
10:40 PM21 days ago

73' Colombia was saved

Cuadrado's ball to Daniel Muñoz, who misplayed the ball to Di María; Ospina came out in a hurry and the 'Fideo' passed it to Lautaro Martínez, who scored and WILMAR BARRIOS SAVED ON THE LINE!
10:36 PM21 days ago

72' Yellow card

Gonzalo Montiel is cautioned in Argentina for a hard foul on Luis Díaz.
10:35 PM21 days ago

70' Argentina approahed

Di María's soft shot that reached the hands of David Ospina.
10:32 PM21 days ago

67' Substitution in Argentina

Ángel Di María came in to replace Nicolás González.
10:31 PM21 days ago

65' Colombia keeps trying

The Colombian team continues to gain confidence to go towards the opponent's goal.
10:26 PM21 days ago

61' GOOOOOAL by Colombia!

A deep ball for Luis Díaz, who entered the area in front of Otamendi's marker, and falling down, scored before Emiliano Martínez's exit to tie the game.
10:25 PM21 days ago

60' Substitution in Colombia

Miguel Borja replaces Duván Zapata.
10:22 PM21 days ago

56' Substitution in Argentina

Leandro Paredes replaces Giovani Lo Celso.
10:21 PM21 days ago

55' Yellow card

Frank Fabra is cautioned for Colombia.
10:19 PM21 days ago

53' Colombia tries

Reinaldo Rueda's team tries to be more intense from the start and manages the ball.
10:15 PM21 days ago

49' Game was stopped

Lionel Messi suffered a blow in a disputed ball with Frank Fabra, but is now recovered.
10:11 PM21 days ago

Second half begins

The second half between Argentina and Colombia is underway.
10:10 PM21 days ago

Substitution in Argetina

Gonzalo Montiel replaces Nahuel Molina.

10:10 PM21 days ago

Triple substitution in Colombia

Frank Fabra, Edwin Cardona and Yimmi Chará replace William Tesillo, Rafael Santos Borré and Daniel Muñoz.
9:53 PM21 days ago

45+5' End of first period

The first half of the match ends. Argentina partially wins 1-0 with a goal by Lautaro Martinez.
9:52 PM21 days ago

45+4' Yellow card

Yellow card for Colombia's Juan Guillermo Cuadrado for a hard foul on Nicolás Tagliafico.
9:49 PM21 days ago

45' Additional time

Four more minutes will be played in the first half.
9:47 PM21 days ago


Lionel Messi's cross, Nicolás headed down and David Ospina miraculously saved Colombia's goal.
9:44 PM21 days ago

40' Last minutes

The end of the first half is near. Argentina is looking to keep Colombia away from their ground.
9:41 PM21 days ago


Cuadrado's cross from the right, Yerry Mina got up to head and this time the ball hit the horizontal post.
9:40 PM21 days ago


Wilmar Barrios' shot deflected off an opponent and hit the left post.
9:39 PM21 days ago

35' Last 10 minutes

Colombia tries with more desire than soccer. It lacks more clarity in attack.
9:34 PM21 days ago

30'Half an hour of match

Colombia has had the ball in the last few minutes, but it's not deep yet.

9:30 PM21 days ago

28'Cuadrado tried

Juan Guillermo Cuadrado took a free kick, but the ball went over the goal.
9:27 PM21 days ago

24' Colombia tries to find the opponent's goal

The power of Duván Zapata is the hope in Colombia's attack now. Luis Diaz and Juan Guillermo Cuadrado have not been able to play their game.
9:23 PM21 days ago

21' Yellow card

Giovanni Lo Celso is cautioned in Argentina for a hard foul on Wilmar Barrios.
9:17 PM21 days ago

15' First quarter of an hour

First 15 minutes of the match. Colombia does not manage to dominate the ball yet. The match is played at the pace proposed by Argentina.
9:13 PM21 days ago

10' Game stopped

There was a collision between Duván Zapata and Emiliano Martínez in an offensive play for Colombia, but fortunately nothing to worry about.
9:11 PM21 days ago

8' Colombia approached!

A ball to Luis Díaz on the left, he crossed the ball into the area and Juan Guillermo Cuadrado appeared to shoot with his left foot, but Emiliano Martínez saved with his legs.
9:11 PM21 days ago

7' GOOOAL by Argentina!

A deep pass to Lionel Messi, who turned and found Lautaro Martinez, who shot first-time to score the first goal of the match.
9:07 PM21 days ago

4' Argentina approached!

Lionel Messi's genius left three Colombian players in his wake, he crossed from the right and Lautaro Martínez appeared to head the ball in, but it went just wide of the right post.
9:03 PM21 days ago

Match begins!

The game between Colombia and Argentina is underway.
9:00 PM21 days ago

Teams take the field

The players of Colombia and Argentina take the field at the Mané Garrincha stadium.
8:59 PM21 days ago

Alternates - Colombia

12. Camilo Vargas (PO), 22. Aldair Quintana (PO), 02. Stefan Medina, 03. Óscar Murillo, 04. Carlos Cuesta, 09. Luis Muriel, 10. Edwin Cardona, 19. Miguel Borja, 21. Sebastián Pérez, 25. Baldomero Perlaza, 26. Frank Fabra, 28. Yimmi Chará.
8:57 PM21 days ago

Starting lineup - Colombia

Tactical formation: 1-4-4-2

| 01. David Ospina |
| 16. Daniel Muñoz | 13. Yerry Mina | 23. Davinson Sánchez | 06. William Tesillo |
| 11. Juan G. Cuadrado | 05. Wilmar Barrios | 08. Gustavo Cuéllar | 14. Luis Díaz |
| 18. Rafael Santos Borré | 07. Duván Zapata |

Coach: Reinaldo Rueda.

8:55 PM21 days ago

Alternates - Argentina

01. Franco Armani (GK), 28. Juan Musso (GK), 02. Lucas Martínez Quarta, 04. Gonzalo Montiel, 05. Leandro Paredes, 08. Marcos Acuña, 09. Sergio Agüero, 11. Ángel Di María, 14. Exequiel Palacios, 21. Ángel Correa, 24. Alejandro Gómez, 25. Lisandro Martínez.
8:52 PM21 days ago

Starting lineup - Argentina

Tactical formation: 1-4-3-3

| 12. Emiliano Martínez |
| 26. Nahuel Molina | 06. Germán Pezzella | 19. Nicolás Otamendi | 03. Nicolás Tagliafico |
| 07. Rodrigo De Paul | 18. Guido Rodríguez | 20. Giovanni Lo Celso |
| 10. Lionel Messi | 22. Lautaro Martínez | 15. Nicolás González |

Coach: Lionel Scaloni.

8:44 PM21 days ago

Formations, coming soon

In a few minutes we come with the formations of both teams for this match.
8:34 PM21 days ago

Argentina wants one more final

Argentina has only been eliminated in one of the last six CONMEBOL Copa América semifinals: it was against Brazil, in the 2019 edition (0-2). The Argentines have never played a Copa América final on Brazilian soil.
8:29 PM21 days ago

Colombia wants revenge against Argentina

Argentina and Colombia will play their third CONMEBOL Copa América semifinal. The first was in the 1993 edition, where Argentina advanced on penalties and ended up emerging champion, and the most recent was in 2004, also with a win for the Argentine team, which would later lose the final to Brazil. The last Copa meeting between the two teams was also in Brazil, in the 2019 edition, and ended with a 2-0 victory for the Colombians.
8:16 PM21 days ago

Argentina vs Colombia history

This will be the 39th match between these teams. The numbers favor the Argentines, who won 19 matches, while the Colombians won 9 and drew 10.

In Copa América, the balance is seven Argentinean victories, against three Colombian victories and four ties.

8:11 PM21 days ago

Referee's team

The central referee for the match will be Venezuelan Jesús Valenzuela accompanied by his compatriots Carlos López and Jorge Urrego as assistants, and Juan Soto as emergency referee. Ecuador's Byron Romero will act as fifth referee.

Chile's Julio Bascuñán will act as VAR referee, with his compatriot Cristian Garay and Paraguay's Eduardo Cardozo as assistants. Paraguay's Enrique Cáceres will be the referee advisor.

8:06 PM21 days ago

We start!

We are ready to bring you all the information about the semifinal match between Argentina and Colombia in the Copa America.
8:01 PM21 days ago

Tune in here Argentina vs Colombia Live Score

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the Argentina vs Colombia live match, as well as the latest information from the Mané Garrincha stadium. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live coverage of the match on VAVEL.
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How to watch Argentina vs Colombia Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the match on TV, your options are: Telemundo Deportes, FOX Sports, TUDN, FOX Sports 1, FOX Sports 2 y Univision.

If you want to watch it online, VAVEL USA is your best option.

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Statements - Reinaldo Rueda (Colombia Coach)

"It is a great satisfaction and pride to be part of this process... order, good communication and support will be important, due to the soccer developed by Argentina and Lionel Messi's influence on the team. Our players must be confident to get the opportunities and that they can be effective in finishing the work they have done.

"We know the goodness of our players, the trajectory and maturity of Juan Guillermo (Cuadrado) are vital. That makes those partnerships have that tendency (to the right), but Luis (Diaz) is demonstrating his technical qualities. It is important to have balance on both flanks for the development of our game concept."

"Colombia will look to attack and play their soccer, that is clear to us, and even more so against a big rival like Argentina. I think everything will happen from the possibility we have to play the game we want and if the opponent allows it. We have worked to overcome the advantages that a rival of these characteristics can give us".

7:46 PM21 days ago

Statements - Lionel Scaloni (Argentina Coach)

"Speaking as an Argentine fan, I'm convinced that these guys will give their all to reach the final. They will always leave the jersey and the flag standing tall. I think people appreciate that. They don't give a ball for lost.

"There are some players who are tired, with some discomfort, and we will wait for the next few hours to confirm the team. In any case, the idea we have been putting forward will not change".

"Our goal is to take it one game at a time. It is a long road with great teams. We are ready to fight until the last day to reach the final that we want so much and to give joy to all Argentines.

"We are here to grow, to help. We are all on the same path. It was nice to have scored the first goal, but the most important thing is to have won. We are here to add up, it is always important to give the maximum for this shirt. When you give your all like that, there's a good chance that things will work out well".

7:41 PM21 days ago

Key player - Colombia

In the Colombian team, the work of Luis Díaz stands out, a player who offers imbalance and speed on the flanks. He has been one of the pleasant revelations of the tournament.
7:36 PM21 days ago

Key player - Argentina

In the Argentine team, the presence of Lionel Messi, who has been the star in each of the matches he has played, undoubtedly stands out. He is the pillar of this team thanks to his quality.
7:31 PM21 days ago

Colombia's road to the semifinal

Colombia was part of group B of the competition, where it started by defeating Ecuador 1-0, tied in its second match against Venezuela without goals, lost 2-1 against Peru and ended up losing 2-1 against Brazil. In the quarterfinals they defeated Uruguay on penalties after a 0-0 draw in the 90 minutes.
7:26 PM21 days ago

Argentina's road to the semifinal

Argentina was in group A of the competition. There they tied 1-1 against Chile in their first match, then beat Uruguay 1-0, Paraguay by the same score and ended with a 4-1 victory over Bolivia; in the quarterfinals they defeated Ecuador 3-0.
7:21 PM21 days ago

Colombia wants a final after 20 years

Colombia comes to this match with the illusion of getting the other place in the final of the Copa América to face Brazil. The victory against Uruguay is an important blow to their morale and helps their motivation to face another of the greats in the final stage. The Colombians have not reached the final of this tournament since the 2001 edition.
7:16 PM21 days ago

Argentina wants the South American classic in the final

The Argentine team comes to this game after defeating Ecuador consistently in the semifinal and starts as the big favorite due to the good tournament they have played. If they achieve victory, they would be returning to a final since 2016 and seek revenge for the 2004 and 2007 finals in the South American classic against Brazil.

7:11 PM21 days ago

The match will be played at the Mane Garrincha Stadium

The Argetnina vs Colombia match will be played at the National Stadium of Brasilia or as it is commonly known as Mané Garrincha Stadium. This place has a capacity for 80,000 people.
7:06 PM21 days ago

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