Goals and Highlights: Italy (3) 1-1 (2) England in Euro 2020


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Star of the match

The man of the match was Bonucci.

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Azzurri celebration!

This is how the Italians celebrate Donnaruma's save.

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In a penalty shootout with many mistakes and saves (3-2), Italy is crowned Euro 2020 champion and wins its second Euro title.

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Penalties: Saka fails

Donnaruma saves. Italy is the champion!

Italy: O X O O X

England: O O X X X

5:55 PMa year ago

Penalties: Jorginho fails

Pickford saves and England still alive!

Italy: O X O O X

England: O O X X

5:52 PMa year ago

Penalties: Sancho fails!

Donnaruma saves!

Italy: O X O O

England: O O X X

5:52 PMa year ago

Penalties: Goal Bernardeschi

Italy: O X O O

England: O O X

5:51 PMa year ago

Penalties: Rashford fails! 2-2

Italy: O X O

England: O O X

5:50 PMa year ago

Penalties: Goal Bonucci

Italy: O X O

England: O O

5:49 PMa year ago

Penalties: Goal Maguire

Italy: O X

England: O O

5:48 PMa year ago

Penalties: Pickford's save

Italy: O X

England: O

5:47 PMa year ago

Penalties: Goal Kane

Italy: O

England: O

5:46 PMa year ago

Penalties: Goal Bernardi

Italy: O


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It will be kicked at the goal where there are English fans. Italy will kick first.
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Since 1976, for the first time the Euro final goes to penalties. England has been successful in its last two penalty shootouts in all competitions, while Italy could be the first team to succeed twice through penalties in a single Euro.

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Overtime ends! The champion will be defined in penalty kicks.
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The referee adds three more minutes.
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119' Substitution

England: Henderson and Walker out; Rashford and Sancho in.
5:35 PMa year ago

117' Substitution

Italy: Emerson is out and Alessandro Florenzi is in.


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Yellow card for Jorginho.
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Medical assistance enters the field to check Jorginho and Grealish.
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Chiellini! Sterling was getting dangerously close in the area, but the Italian defender bravely takes the ball away from him.
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Dangerous cross from Italy. The ball is passing through the area, but the defense gets in the way.
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Bernardeschi's powerful free kick is blocked by Pickford, but he recovers to keep the ball.
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Yellow card for Harry Maguire.
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The second overtime begins.
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First extra time ends. Italy 1-1 England.
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The referee adds one more minute to the first overtime.
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Italy miss it! Pickford pushes away a cross and on the rebound, no Italian was able to send the ball on goal.
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England: Mount is out, Grealish is in.
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Phillips' shot passes very close to Italy's goal.
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95' Substitution

Italy: Verrati leaves, Locatelli enters.
5:07 PMa year ago


The first overtime begins!
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Regular time ends! Italy 1-1 England.
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Yellow card for Chiellini.
4:56 PMa year ago


Walker chests down a cross into the area to deflect away a dangerous chance from Italy.
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The referee adds six more minutes to the match.
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85' Substitution

Italy: Chiesa could not continue playing. Federico Chiesa comes off due to injury and Federico Bernardeschi comes on.
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Yellow card for Lorenzo Insigne.
4:44 PMa year ago


Federico Chiesa returns to the game.
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Chiesa lies on the field and hurts his left leg.
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This was the goal

Scored by Bonucci.
4:35 PMa year ago

73' Substitution

England: Decian Rice is out and Jordan Henderson is in.
4:34 PMa year ago

70' Substitution

England: Kieran Trippier is out, Bukayo Saka is in.
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The celebration

This is how he celebrated the Azzurri's equalizer. In the end he got his reward.


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66' GOAL

Goal Italy! Scored by Bonucci.
4:25 PMa year ago

Pickford's save

This was the English goalkeeper's save that could be key in the match.
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Pickford! Kick at the left post, but Jordan Pickford manages to get a hand to keep out the equalizer.
4:21 PMa year ago


Italy is still on top. Half an hour to play and Roberto Mancini's team is pushing and looking for the equalizer.
4:18 PMa year ago


Insigne was getting into the area! After a rebound from Trippier, Insigne finds the ball in the small area, but Pickford makes the correct save.
4:16 PMa year ago


Yellow card for Leonardo Bonucci.
4:16 PMa year ago

54' Substitution

Italy: Nicolo Barella and Ciro Inmobile are out; Bryan Cristante and Domenico Berardi are in.
4:11 PMa year ago


Insigne's free-kick goes over Pickford's goal.
4:09 PMa year ago


Sterling falls in the area! But the referee says there is no foul.
4:08 PMa year ago


Yellow card for Barella.
4:06 PMa year ago


The second half starts!
3:51 PMa year ago

45'+4 MT

The first half ends! Italy 0-1 England.

3:47 PMa year ago


Verrati tries after a rebound in the England area, but his shot without power is easily saved by Pickford.
3:46 PMa year ago


The referee adds four more minutes to the first half of this great final.
3:45 PMa year ago


Last minutes of the first half and Italy have possession, but the English defensive wall is unbreakable.
3:44 PMa year ago


The fans at Wembley begin to boo and jeer at the Italian team.
3:37 PMa year ago


Luke Shaw again! A cross into the area is blocked by the defense and sent out for a throw-in.
3:36 PMa year ago


Federico Chiesa! He opens up space outside the area and unleashes a powerful left-footed shot that goes just wide of the English goal.
3:32 PMa year ago


We have passed the first half hour of the match. Italy are finding it hard to get into the game. England look comfortable on the pitch.
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Jorginho returns to the field to play the match.
3:26 PMa year ago


Insigne arrives on the left flank who sends a cross that nobody can close. Italy insists.


3:23 PMa year ago


Red alert in Italy! Jorginho feels a discomfort in his leg and medical assistance comes in to check him.
3:21 PMa year ago


First quarter of the match where adrenaline and great excitement were already present at Wembley. Bonucci and Chiellini try to close Kane's space, while trying to limit the threat of England's fullbacks.
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The celebration

Luke Shaw scored the fastest goal in a Euro final, surpassing the record set by Jesús María Pereda, who scored after just six minutes for Spain in the 1964 final. This is how Shaw celebrated.

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First ten minutes of the match and Italy wants to recover from the hard blow with that early goal. However, England continue to arrive with danger.
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This was the goal

The fastest goal in a Euro final. Great cross to the far post by Trippier and there was only Luke Shaw to score perfectly.
3:05 PMa year ago

2' GOAL!

Goal England! Scored by Luke Shaw.
3:03 PMa year ago


The match starts!
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We begin!

The closing ceremony of this Euro 2020 begins at Wembley Stadium with a show of lights, music, and great atmosphere by the English and Italian fans. The protocol has begun and the trophy presentation is already on the field.

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The cup

The trophy that will be lifted at Wembley Stadium today is already in the air, but will it be the team that has never played in a Euro final or will it be the team that has gone 33 games undefeated and is two games away from equaling the world record shared by Spain and Brazil?


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Both the English and Italian players are already warming up on the pitch at Wembley Stadium. Meanwhile, fans continue to pour into the stadium to cheer on their teams.


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Lineup Italy

On Roberto Mancini's side, the lineup of the Italian national team is also confirmed.

Donnarumma, Di Lorenzo, Bonucci, Chiellini, Emerson Palmieri, Barella, Jorginho, Verratti, Chiesa, Immobile, Insigne. 

Subs: Sirigu, Locatelli, Belotti, Berardi, Pessina, Acerbi, Cristante, Bernardeschi, Bastoni, Florenzi, Toloi, Meret.

2:37 PMa year ago

Lineup England

Gareth Southgate's line-up for the final has been confirmed.

Pickford, Walker, Stones, Maguire, Trippier, Phillips, Rice, Shaw, Mount, Sterling, Kane.

Subs: Grealish, Henderson, Rashford, Ramsdale, Mings, Coady, Sancho, Calvert-Lewin, Johnstone, James, Saka, Bellingham.


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Fans at Wembley

The UK government announced that it will allow 60,000 fans to enter, a number that was also allowed for the semi-final against Denmark. Despite the fact that the English are at home, Azzurri fans are also making their presence felt at the English venue with large flags and banners reading 'It's coming to Rome', mocking the famous English phrase 'It's coming home'. 

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Spinazzola present

Roma's Leonardo Spinazzola will miss the final due to a ruptured Achilles tendon, but the Italian defender is already at Wembley to support his teammates as one of the fans. 



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Nobody wants to miss it

With just minutes to go before the start of Italy vs England, the fans at Wembley have not stopped cheering. Although a light rain is already present in the stadium, it is not an obstacle for thousands of fans to be ready for this great final.

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The players

The protagonists of this great final of the Euro are already in the field recognition prior to the opening whistle.

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Host data

England could become the fourth team to lift the European Championship trophy on home soil. However, the last two teams to reach this stage have fallen at the last hurdle, including France five years ago.
2:07 PMa year ago

Statements Harry Kane

At a press conference, the England star commented on the confidence his teammates have to win their first European Championship.

"We have great confidence in the team. We have great strength in the squad, but a lot can happen in a final and we have to make sure we are on the right side. We have been breaking down barriers along the way, but we started this tournament with the goal of winning it and now we have the opportunity," he commented.

2:02 PMa year ago

The English defense

The Three Lions' defense has shown great solidity in this Euro. Southgate's men have been an impenetrable wall for rival attacks. In fact, they reached the semi-final of the tournament without conceding a single goal. Only the Danes, through Damsgaard in the first half, were able to score against Jordan Pickford.
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Other finals

The Italian team also lost two Euro finals (2000 and 2012) to France and Spain, although since becoming champions of their continent they have won two of the four World Cups they have in their trophy cabinet.

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Italy's only title

Italy's only Euro title came as hosts in the now distant year of 1968 against Yugoslavia. The Yugoslavian team had dominated the 'Azzurri' and were leading 1-0 at the Olympic Stadium in Rome in the 39th minute, but it was in the 80th minute when Angelo Domenghini equalized to make it 1-1 and force a play-off two days later.

That final, in which the Italians overcame Yugoslavia after finishing the first match 1-1, is the only one in a European Championship or World Cup to be decided by two matches.


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The Italian National Team has never lost to the English side in a major finals, with 2-1 victories at the 1990 FIFA World Cup (third place) and 2014 (group stage), in addition to those wins at the Euro.
1:42 PMa year ago

News about England

Although the official announcement is yet to be made, Gareth Southgate's planned lineup may be all but confirmed.

Kieran Trippier looks set to start, and Southgate could opt for a three-man defense. Mike McGrath and Matt Law are the favorites.

1:37 PMa year ago

The Great Final

Hours before the start of the Euro 2020 final between Italy and England, many English fans are already in the vicinity of Wembley Stadium. They have been there since very early in the morning with an atmosphere of excitement and happiness for wanting to lift the trophy this day.
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Absences in Italy

Italy has several absentees such as Sensi, Pellegrini but more sensitive is Spinazzola, the Roma fullback who was the best in his position during the tournament. Emerson will once again replace the Italian defender after rupturing his Achilles tendon. On the other hand, the England team has all its starters except for Dean Henderson who suffered a hip injury that left him unable to play in the final.
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Previous meetings between Italy and England

The two teams have met 27 times, with 11 wins for the Azzurri, eight for the English and eight draws. It is worth mentioning that Italy has never lost to England in a major finals.
1:12 PMa year ago

Possible England line-up

Pickford; Walker, Stones, Maguire, Shaw; Rice, Phillips; Saka, Mount, Sterling; Kane


1:07 PMa year ago

Italy's possible line-up

Donnarumma; Di Lorenzo, Bonucci, Chiellini, Emerson; Barella, Jorginho, Verratti; Chiesa, Immobile, Insigne
Absentee: Spinazzola (Achilles tendon).
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England's road at Euro 2020

Group D: England - Croatia 1-0 (London)
Group D: England - Scotland 0-0 (London)
Group D: Czech Republic - England 0-1 (London)
Round of 16: England - Germany 2-0 (London)
Quarterfinals: Ukraine - England 0-4 (Rome)
Semifinals: England - Denmark 2-1 (London)
12:57 PMa year ago

Italy's road at Euro 2020

Group A: Turkey - Italy 0-3 (Rome)
Group A: Italy - Switzerland 3-0 (Rome)
Group A: Italy - Wales 1-0 (Rome)
Round of 16: Italy - Austria 2-1 (t.p.) (London)
Quarter-finals: Belgium - Italy 1-2 (Munich )
Semifinals: Italy - Spain 1-1 (penalty shootout, Italy wins 4-2 on penalties) ( London )
12:52 PMa year ago

Key player England

Harry Kane, striker | One of the stars of the Three Lions team is Kane. He has already scored four goals in this Euro 2020 and could tie the leader who is Cristiano Ronaldo. He scored the penalty that put them in the final and together with Sterling, he makes a dangerous duo.

12:47 PMa year ago

Key Player Italy

Lorenzo Insigne, striker |After a great season with his club, in which he scored 19 goals, Insigne has carried that form into this competition and has scored two goals so far. His goal against Belgium sums up his game perfectly and the partnership he makes with Inmobile will be worrying for the English defense.

12:42 PMa year ago

Last lineup England

Pickford; Shaw, Maguire, Stones, Walker; Rice, Phillips, Mount; Sterling, Saka y Kane.
12:37 PMa year ago

Last lineup Italy

Donnarumma; Di Lorenzo, Bonucci, Chiellini, Emerson; Barella, Jorginho, Verratti; Chiesa, Immobile e Insigne.
12:32 PMa year ago

The refereeing quartet for 2020 UEFA Euro Final Match

The referee for the final between Italy and England will be the Dutch referee Björn Kuipers; Sander van Roekel, first line; Erwin Zeinstra, second line; Carlos del Cerro Grande, fourth assistant referee.
12:27 PMa year ago

England: Their first final

The historic English National Team has the best scenario to finish this Euro 2020: they will play at Wembley, with fans present and they will play their first final in a European Championship. England hopes to win its first major title since the 1966 World Cup, also won at the old Wembley Stadium. The team led by Gareth Southgate reached the final of the tournament after beating Denmark, taking advantage of their home advantage to tip the scales in their favor and win 2-1 in extra time thanks to a penalty kick taken by Harry Kane who will look to finish as leading scorer.

12:22 PMa year ago

Italy: A pleasant surprise

The Italian National Team started quietly, without taking the spotlight and today is in the final. Teams like France, Germany, Spain or Belgium, were the favorites throughout the tournament, however, the Italians made a great Euro surprising more than one and today could end with the cherry on the cake: lifting the trophy. The pupils led by Roberto Mancini were installed in the final after beating the Spanish national team on penalties 4-2 after a 1-1 draw in regular time.


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Italy vs England: The Final

This afternoon, Wembley will dress up to receive the match that will define the champion of Euro 2020. A match that generates great expectations due to the great things that both teams have shown. The stadium has a capacity of 90,000 spectators.

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