Goals and Highlights: River (1-2) Colon in Liga Profesional 2021


7:03 PM17 days ago


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7:00 PM17 days ago

94' Match ends

The referee signals the end of the match, with victory for Colón.
6:56 PM17 days ago


Pinola's header assist, and Matías Suarez takes advantage of it to score the discount.
6:55 PM17 days ago

90' Addition time

Four minutes were added to the match.
6:53 PM17 days ago

87' Colón is saved

Montiel's shot is blocked for a corner kick by the visiting goalkeeper.
6:49 PM17 days ago

84' River attack

Angilieri's cross, which the forwards fail to capitalize on in the opponent's area.
6:46 PM17 days ago

81' Last ten minutes

River fails to be precise and loses the options created to score the discount.
6:43 PM17 days ago

78' River long possession

The home side continued to hold the ball, and were looking for a quick way to take the lead.
6:41 PM17 days ago

75' Colón is saved

Fernandez's shot goes wide, and he does not manage to score the discount.
6:38 PM17 days ago

73' River's shot

Zucullini's shot is deflected for a corner kick.
6:36 PM17 days ago

70' The game is stopped

The match is stopped due to a Colón player lying on the ground.
6:34 PM17 days ago

68' River control

The locals controlled all the options in the match, without being consistent.
6:31 PM17 days ago

65' River's shot

Matias Suarez shoots from outside the area but the ball goes wide of the opponent's goal.
6:29 PM17 days ago

62' River's constant attacks

The home side continued to attack more dangerously in search of a second-half equalizer.
6:26 PM17 days ago

59' Colón bets on counterattack

The visitors' wingers are speeding up their at
6:21 PM17 days ago

56' Total control by River

The home team continues to look for the discount but is not deep in its attacks.
6:19 PM17 days ago

54' Yellow card for River

Carrascal fouls Goez, for which he is cautioned.
6:16 PM17 days ago

52' River is saved

The visitors attack down the left flank but Pinola blocks the ball.
6:15 PM17 days ago

51' River attack

The local team is constantly looking for a goal.
6:11 PM17 days ago

Second half begins

The players enter the field and the second half begins.
5:52 PM17 days ago

48' End of the first half

The referee signals the end of the first half.
5:50 PM17 days ago

45' Addition time

The judge adds three minutes.
5:49 PM17 days ago

44' Dangerous free kick for Colón

The visiting team collects the free kick but the ball goes wide.
5:45 PM17 days ago

41' River's shot

Carrascal's shot goes wide.
5:44 PM17 days ago

39' River attack

River is unable to take advantage of the attacks from the flanks.
5:41 PM17 days ago

36' Colón attack

Colón's attack without generating danger in the opponent's goal.
5:38 PM17 days ago


Yeiler Goez follows the play and scores the second goal in front of goal. 
5:34 PM17 days ago

30' River's quick attacks

The local team takes advantage of the flanks to generate danger in the opponent's goal.
5:32 PM17 days ago

28' Yellow card for River

Robert Rojas is cautioned for a foul on Farias in the middle of the field.
5:30 PM17 days ago

25' River control

Total and complete domination of the match by the locals.
5:27 PM17 days ago

22' Slow pace of the match

The teams do not generate danger in the opposing goals.
5:24 PM17 days ago

19' River control

The home side took advantage of the extra man and controlled the ball in the match.
5:21 PM17 days ago

17' Colón is saved

Carrascal's header hits the post.
5:19 PM17 days ago

14' Expelled in Colón

Gonzalo Piovi brings down Carrascal and cuts off an obvious goal-scoring opportunity.
5:17 PM17 days ago

13' Colón's shot

After a good play, the visitors shot and their ball went wide.
5:16 PM17 days ago

11' Control by Colón

The visitors controlled the ball and the chances of the match.
5:13 PM17 days ago

8' The ball is being fought for in the midfield

There is no clear dominator of the game in the midfield.
5:10 PM17 days ago

6' River attack

Carrascal shoots and the goalkeeper controls the ball.
5:08 PM17 days ago


Aliendro takes advantage of a defensive error and scores the first goal of the match.
5:06 PM17 days ago

2' Colón attack

The visiting team attacks from the wings.
5:04 PM17 days ago

Match starts

The ball is rolling in the match between River and Colón.
5:01 PM17 days ago

Captain's draw

The kick-off is drawn between the captains and the referee team at the beginning of the match.
4:58 PM17 days ago

The teams take the field

The protagonists take the field in search of their first victory.
4:50 PM17 days ago

Final details

The teams enter the locker room to finalize their preparations for the game.
4:47 PM17 days ago

Colón's starting eleven

Tactical module: 1-4-4-2
Ignacio Chicco; Facundo Mura, Facundo Garcés, Bruno Bianchi, Gonzalo Piovi; Cristian Bernardi, Federico Lertora, Rodrigo Aliendro, Alexis Castro; Facundo Farias, Nicolás Leguizamón.
Coach: Eduardo Domínguez 
4:32 PM17 days ago

River Plate starting eleven

Tactical module: 1-4-4-2
Franco Armani; Federico Angileri, Javier Pinola, Paulo Díaz, Milton Casco; Jose Paradela, Ignacio Fernández, Bruno Zuculini, Agustín Palavecino; Federico Girotti and Agustín Fontana.
Coach: Marcelo Gallardo
4:25 PM17 days ago

Pre-competitive activities

The teams warm up in order to improve their performance and arrive in the best shape to face the game.
4:12 PM17 days ago

Arrival of equipment

The teams arrive at the stadium for the match that will start in less than an hour. River and Colón are looking for a good start to the Argentine tournament.
4:08 PM17 days ago

We continue our coverage

We continue with all the news from the teams as we begin this engagement.
5:55 AM17 days ago

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In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the River Plate vs Colón de Santa Fe live match, as well as the latest information from the Monumental. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live coverage of the match on VAVEL.

5:50 AM17 days ago

How to watch River vs Colon Live Stream on TV and Online?

If you want to watch the game River vs Colón live on TV, your options is: FOX Sports Premium (Argentina), ESPN (Rest of Latin America).

If you want to directly stream it: Fanatiz.com

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

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What time is River vs Colon match for Liga Profesional?

This is the start time of the game River vs Colon of 18th July 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 18:00 PM in FOX Sports Premium
Bolivia: 17:00 PM in ESPN
Brazil: 18:00 PM in ESPN
Chile: 17:00 PM 
Colombia: 16:00 PM ESPN
Ecuador: 16:00 horas in ESPN
USA (ET): 17:00 PM in Fanatiz
Spain: 21:00 PM
Mexico: 16:00 PM 
Paraguay: 18:00 PM in ESPN
Peru: 16:00 PM in ESPN
Uruguay: 18:00 PM in ESPN

5:40 AM17 days ago

Key player - Colon

In Colón, the presence of Paolo Goltz, one of the team's incorporations for this semester, stands out. Undoubtedly, his experience will be key for Eduardo Domínguez's team.
5:35 AM17 days ago

Key player - River Plate

The work of Matías Suárez, one of River Plate's most important players at present, stands out in the millonario team. His unbalance and his facility to reach the area are his main argument to try to hurt his rivals.
5:30 AM17 days ago

River vs Colon History

In total, River and Colón have faced each other 72 times. The numbers are in favor of El Millonario, who came out victorious on 36 occasions, while Colón was victorious on 15 occasions and they played to a draw on 21.
5:25 AM17 days ago

Colon wants to be the favorite

The reigning champion of the Professional League Cup will face a tough opponent as the millonario team, and after finally achieving the celebration of a title, they arrive with more confidence and desire of favoritism in the fight for the championship.
5:20 AM17 days ago

River starts the road in search of ending the league drought

River Plate has had seven years of drought when it comes to winning the first division title. Since that conquest by Ramón Díaz, the "millonario" has not known what it means to win a league and the main objective for this tournament will be to finally win the first division title in the Gallardo era.
5:15 AM17 days ago

The match will be played at Monumental

The River Plate vs Colón de Santa Fe match will be played at the Monumental, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This venue, which is one of the most historic in world soccer, has a capacity for 70,000 people.
5:10 AM17 days ago

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