Highlights: Russia vs Denmark in Euro (1-4)
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We will stop here with our broadcast. Thank you very much for choosing VAVEL and staying with us to follow the Russia vs Denmark duel. Have a great afternoon and see you next time!
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Duty Accomplished! Denmark is reborn at Euro 2020 and advances to the round of 16 after 17 years after thrashing Russia. Belgium is also classic in Group B.
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Ball Possession: 35% x 65

Passes: 277 x 499

Passing Accuracy: 67% x 82%

Shots: 6 x 16

Onsides: 2 x 10

Fouls: 15 x 16

Yellow Cards: 2 x 1

Corners: 1 x 7

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The crowd shouts "Olé, olé!" with every passing move by Denmark.
4:43 PMa year ago

40' Substitution in Denmark

Out: Cornelius

In: Jensen

4:42 PMa year ago

40' Substitution in Denmark

Out: Braithwaite

In: Cornelius

4:41 PMa year ago


Maehle moves forward on a counterattack, with the goalkeeper's corner in his sights.
4:40 PMa year ago


Stryger shoots, Safonov deflects. Christensen grabs the rebound and unleashes a bomb.
4:37 PMa year ago

26'Substitution in Denmark

Out: Damsgaard

In: Nörgaard

4:34 PMa year ago


Dzyuba displaces Schmeichel and sends it into the middle of the goal.
4:31 PMa year ago


Vestergaard grabs Sobolev inside the box and prevents the striker from making the turn.
4:29 PMa year ago

21'Substitution in Russia

Out: Kuzyaev

In: Mukhin

4:28 PMa year ago

21'Substitution in Russia

Out: Kudryashov

In: Karavaev

4:28 PMa year ago


Braithwaite leaves it to Dolberg in a great position in the middle of the penalty area. The player tries to dribble and shoots over the marker.
4:27 PMa year ago

16' Substitution in Russia

Out: Miranchuk

In: Sobolev

4:26 PMa year ago

16' Substitution in Russia

Out: Ozdoev

In: Zhemaletdinov

4:24 PMa year ago

15'Substitution in Denmark

Out: Poulsen

In: Dolberg

4:23 PMa year ago

15'Substitution in Denmark

Out: Wass

In: Stryger

4:21 PMa year ago


Dzhikiya misses a back pass to Safonov. The ball falls to Poulsen, who has only the job of putting the ball in the back of the net.
4:17 PMa year ago


Poulsen is stretched in the attack, but he overaccelerates and Safonov picks up the slack.
4:13 PMa year ago

11' Yellow card for Denmark

Delaney, for killing Zobnin's attack
4:12 PMa year ago


Wass plays it behind the goal line. Braithwaite gets free, gets tangled up in his grasp, and loses possession.
4:10 PMa year ago


Poulsen moves forward on the right, but Diveev clears underneath.
4:07 PMa year ago


The game restarts.
4:06 PMa year ago


Kudryashov hits head on with Höjbjerg in dispute over the top. The Russian takes the worst of the clash.
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3:56 PMa year ago


Ball Possession: 31% x 69%

Passes: 152 x 318

Passing accuracy: 67% x 82%

Shots: 4 x 3

Definite shots: 1 x 1

Fouls: 7 x 7

Yellow Cards: 1 x 0

Corners: 1 x 2

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After a corner, Vestergaard rises high and deflects it into the middle. Delaney tries to clear at the second post, but the ball goes to the left of the goal.
3:41 PMa year ago


GOAL! Damsgaard gets rid of his marker, and his shot is well placed past Safonov, who watches it go into the corner.
3:31 PMa year ago

28' WOW

Wass sets up the play on the right.  The ball falls to Höjbjerg in the middle. The No. 23 shoots a cross that skims the post.
3:29 PMa year ago

27' Yellow card for Russia

Kudryashov, for hitting Wass in a challenge from above
3:21 PMa year ago


Danish fans let their voices out to push their team.
3:19 PMa year ago


Delaney makes a mistake in midfield, gives it to Golovinm who carries it to the edge of the box and shoots. Schmeichel makes a good save.
3:11 PMa year ago


Denmark dominates all the offensive actions of the game. Russia closes in and tries to get out on the counterattack.
3:09 PMa year ago


After a corner, Poulsen brings down Diveev. Attacking foul.
3:06 PMa year ago


Maehle receives a good pass on the left, takes on Mario Fernandes, crosses into the box. The defense rebounds Poulsen's attempt.
3:04 PMa year ago


Kjaer is elbowed in the face by Dzyuba. Referee stops the match and waits for the defender to recover.
3:02 PMa year ago


Game Starts
2:57 PMa year ago


The national anthem of Denmark being sung with the support of the fans.
2:55 PMa year ago


The Russian national anthem playing
2:54 PMa year ago


Russian National Team
2:47 PMa year ago


Denmark's team moments in the stadium
2:42 PMa year ago

Fala, Kasper Hjulmand!

"No matter what happens, we will try to win the game. It's going to be an incredibly difficult duel against Russia. They have a good team. We don't have to force anything. We all know how hard it is to force something, we have to keep our emotional balance and avoid mistakes. We're going to have another good, long game."
2:41 PMa year ago

Denmark reserves

Jonas Lössl, Frederik Rønnow; Joachim Andersen, Mathias Jørgensen, Jens Stryger Larsen, Robert Skov, Christian Nørgaard, Mathias Jensen, Andreas Skov Olsen, Kasper Dolberg, Jonas Wind, Andreas Cornelius. Técnico: Kasper Hjulmand.
2:39 PMa year ago

Denmark escalation

Kasper Schmeichel; Andreas Christensen, Simon Kjær, Jannik Vestergaard; Daniel Wass, Pierre-Emile Højbjerg, Thomas Delaney e Joakim Mæhle; Martin Braithwaite, Yussuf Poulsen e Mikkel Damsgaard.
2:38 PMa year ago

Fala, Stanislav Cherchesov!

"This will be our first away game in two tournaments in a row and without our fans. However, that is not a problem. We haven't used the word 'problem' in the last five years. It is just a contingency and we know how to deal with it. Our task is to do our job well and get the result we need."
2:35 PMa year ago

Russia's reserves

Anton Shunin, Yuri Dyupin; Vyacheslav Karavaev, Andrei Semyonov, Roman Yevgenyev, Denis Cheryshev, Dmitri Barinov, Rifat Zhemaletdinov, Maksim Mukhin, Aleksandr Sobolev, Anton Zabolotny, Aleksei Ionov. Técnico – Stanislav Cherchesov.
2:34 PMa year ago

Russia escalation

Matvei Safonov; Igor Diveev, Georgi Dzhikiya, Fedor Kudryashov; Mário Fernandes, Magomed Ozdoev, Roman Zobnin, Daler Kyzyaev; Aleksei Miranchuk, Aleksandr Golovin; Artem Dzuyba. 
2:29 PMa year ago


Cloudy night in Copenhagen. Temperature 64.4°F, with humidity 69%.
2:24 PMa year ago

Video Arbitration

Referee: François Letexier (France) Assistant Referee 1: Jérôme Brisard (France) Assistant Referee 2: Benjamin Pages (France) Assistant Referee 3: Alejandro Hernández (Spain)
2:19 PMa year ago

Field Arbitration

Referee: Clément Turpin (France)

Assistant Referee 1: Nicolas Danos (France)

Assistant Referee 2: Cyril Gringore (France)

Fourth official: Sandro Schärer (Switzerland)

2:14 PMa year ago

How to watch Russia vs Denmark Live TV and stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: ESPN

If you want to directly stream it: TUDN.com, TUDN App, ESPN+, SiriusXM, Prende TV.

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

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Denmark Euro Cups Campaign

1960 Not qualified
1964 4th place
1968 Did not qualify
1972 Did not qualify
1976 Did not qualify
1980 Did not qualify
1984 Semifinals
1988 Group Stage
1992 Winner
1996 Group stage
2000 Group stage
2004 Quarterfinals
2008 Not qualified
2012 Group stage
2016 Not qualified
2:04 PMa year ago

Russia's Euro Cups Campaign

1960 Winner (as Soviet Union)
1964 Runner-up (as Soviet Union)
1968 Fourth Runner-Up (as Soviet Union)
1972 Defeated finalist (as Soviet Union)
1976 Did not qualify (as Soviet Union)
1980 Did not qualify (as Soviet Union)
1984 Did not qualify (as Soviet Union)
1988 Lost finalist (as Soviet Union)
1992 Group stage (as Commonwealth of Independent States)
1996 Group stage
2000 Not qualified
2004 Group stage
2008 Semifinals
2012 Group stage
2016 Group stage
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Group B

1:54 PMa year ago

Situation of Group B

Belgium has already qualified for the round of 16 with a 100 percent record. However, the fight for second place is hotly contested, as everyone has a chance to advance.

- Finland: Must beat the Belgians to equal the same score.

- Denmark: Beat Russia and hope for a Belgium victory.

- Russi: beat Denmark and hope for Belgian wins.

1:49 PMa year ago

All or nothing

Close to matching its worst record at the 2000 editions - when it did not win a single match - Denmark languishes in fourth place. However, there is still hope. To do so, they must win to reach the knockout phase.
1:44 PMa year ago

One foot in the round of 16

For the first time since 2016, Russia will play a competition away from home. With one foot in the next round, Stanislav Cherchesov's team occupies second place with three points.
1:39 PMa year ago

Kickoff time

The Russia vs Denmark  match will be played at the Parken Stadium, Copenhagen, Danmark.

The kick-off is scheduled at 14:00pm ET

1:34 PMa year ago

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