Highlights and goals: Athletico-PR 4-1 America in Copa Sudamericana 2021
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Our coverage of the Athletico-PR vs América de Cali match for the round of 16 of the Copa Sudamericana 2021 comes to an end. Thanks for joining us! Stay tuned to VAVEL.com to keep up to date with the world of sports.
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90+8' Match ends!

Match ends in Curitiba - PARANAENSE WON AND QUALIFIED! Furacao wins 4-1 to qualify for the quarterfinals of the Copa Sudamericana.
10:29 PM15 days ago

90+7' GOOOAL by Athletico-PR

Great shot by Fernando Canesin from distance to the upper left corner. Impossible for Graterol.
10:26 PM15 days ago

90' Additional time

Eight more minutes will be played in the match.
10:25 PM15 days ago

90' America was saved

Renato Kayser headed a long ball into the area and it went wide.
10:23 PM15 days ago

89' Double substitution in Paranaense

Jáderson and Fernando Canesin replaces Vitinho and Christian.
10:21 PM15 days ago

88' Ball to the post!

Jadson's shot was deflected by Joel Graterol and the ball crashed into the horizontal.
10:16 PM15 days ago

82' Double substitution in Athletico-PR

Renato Kayser and Jádson replace Matheus Babi and David Terans.
10:12 PM15 days ago

79' GOOOAL by Athletico-PR

Nikao's shot crossed to the left post of Graterol, who, beyond guessing, was unable to save.
10:11 PM15 days ago

77' Penalty for Athletico-PR

A cross from the left, Babi was going to head it in, Joel Graterol came out to deny, but took the Brazilian player with him. Yellow card for the Venezuelan goalkeeper.
10:05 PM15 days ago

71' GOOOAL by Athletico-PR

America's hopes were short-lived. Vitinho put the Brazilians ahead again with a low shot to the left post.
10:02 PM15 days ago

70' GOOOAL by America!

Adrián Ramos' strong shot to the center, Bento played to his left and the game was tied.
10:01 PM15 days ago

68' Penalty kick for America

After the VAR review, the referee decrees an infringement in favor of the Colombian team.
9:57 PM15 days ago

64' There is a VAR check

A possible penalty kick in favor of América de Cali is being reviewed.
9:52 PM15 days ago

59' Yellow card

Thiago Heleno cautioned in Athletico-PR.
9:47 PM15 days ago

54' Red card!

Red card for Kevin Andrade in América de Cali for double yellow card.
9:43 PM15 days ago

49' Paranaense approached

The ball was crossed to Babi, but he failed to control it well and it went wide.
9:40 PM15 days ago

Second half begins

The second half of the match gets underway.

There were two changes for América: Emerson Batalla and Joao Rodríguez came on in place of Emerson Batalla and Carlos Cortés Barreiro.

9:23 PM15 days ago

45+4' First half ends

The first half ends. Athletico Paranaense wins 1-0 and has the aggregate 2-0 in its favor partially.
9:21 PM15 days ago

45+3' Yellow card

Héctor Quiñones cautioned for América.
9:20 PM15 days ago

45' Additional time

Four more minutes will be played in the first half.
9:19 PM15 days ago

44' Paranaense approached

Babi's shot went very close.
9:13 PM15 days ago

45' Last five minutes

The end of the first half is near. America is unable to get the ball back.
9:09 PM15 days ago

35' America is saved!

Cross from the left flank, Babi headed and the ball went wide left.
9:04 PM15 days ago

30' Yellow card

Kevin Andrade cautioned for América de Cali.
9:03 PM15 days ago

29'The match restarts

The goal is validated and the series is now 2-0.
9:01 PM15 days ago

27' There is a VAR check

A possible out of place is analyzed.
9:00 PM15 days ago

26' GOOOAL by Athletico-PR

Vitinho scored after a good combination by the home team, who took advantage of a mistake at the start of the game by the visitors.
8:52 PM15 days ago

20' Boring game

We only had the option of Vitinho at the beginning of the match. Otherwise, we only had a few close calls in the match.
8:50 PM15 days ago

15' First Quarter of an hour

The scoreboard at the Arena da Baixada is not open yet.
8:44 PM15 days ago

10' Paranaense insists

The home team continues to try to open the scoring early, but still cannot find clarity.
8:39 PM15 days ago

5' First minutes

Paranaense tries to press from the start, but América moves forward to try to stop this momentum.
8:35 PM15 days ago

1' Athletico-PR approached!

A cross from the right flank was headed in from the other side by Vitinho, but the ball went just wide.
8:33 PM15 days ago

Match starts

The game between Athletico Paranaense and América de Cali is underway.
8:32 PM15 days ago

Minute of silence

Tribute to all those who fight against COVID-19.
8:31 PM15 days ago

Teams take the field

Athletico Paranaense and América de Cali players are leaving.
8:28 PM15 days ago

Alternates - America de Cali

12. Diego Novoa (GK), 09. Joao Rodríguez, 13. Yalitson Martínez, 15. Pedro Bravo, 25. Jhon Ortíz, 26. Mateo Ortíz, 27. Emerson Batalla.
8:24 PM15 days ago

Starting Lineup - America de Cali

This is how the Colombian team is doing
Tactical formation: 1-4-4-2
| 01. Joel Graterol |
| 29. Kevin Andrade | 02. Marlon Torres | 16. Pablo Ortiz | 05. Héctor Quiñones |
| 17. Cristian Arrieta | 19. Luis Paz | 18. Rodrigo Ureña | 03. Jerson Malagón |
| 30. Carlos Cortés | 20. Adrián Ramos |

Coach: Juan Carlos Osorio

8:12 PM15 days ago

Alternates - Athletico-PR

31. Anderson Paixão (GK), 06. Márcio Acevedo, 07. Carlos Eduardo, 08. Fernando Canesin, 09. Renato Kayser, 10. Jádson, 13. Kellven, 19. Jáderson, 27. Zé Ivaldo, 32. Vinicius Mignotti, 43. Edu, 45. Luan Patrick.
8:07 PM15 days ago

Starting Lineup - Athletico-PR

This is how the Brazilian team will line up:

Tactical formation: 1-3-4-2-1
| 24. Bento |
| 34. Pedro Henrique | 44. Thiago Heleno | 18. Léo Cittadini |
| 05. Marcinho | 49. Matheus Babi | 39. Christian | 30. Nicolas |
| 11. Nikao | 28. Vitinho |
| 20. Terans |

Coach: António Oliveira

8:02 PM15 days ago

We start!

We are ready to bring you the action from the second leg of the second leg between Paranaense and América.
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Tune in here Athletico-PR vs America de Cali Live Score

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the Athletico-PR vs América de Cali live match, as well as the latest information from the Arena Baixada. Don't miss any details of the match with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage.

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How to watch Athletico-PR vs America Live Stream on TV and Online?

If you want to watch the game Athletico-PR vs America live on TV, your options is: beIN Sports.

If you want to directly stream it: DirecTV GO (Colombia)

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

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What time is Athletico-PR vs America match for Copa Sudamericana?

This is the start time of the game Athletico-PR vs America in several countries:

Argentina: 21:30 PM in ESPN
Bolivia: 20:30 PM in DirecTV Sports
Brazil: 21:30 PM in NOW NET, Claro y Conmebol TV
Chile: 20:30 PM in DirecTV Sports
Colombia: 19:30 PM in DirecTV Sports
Ecuador: 19:30 PM in DirecTV Sports
Spain: 2:30 AM (21st July)
Mexico: 19:30 PM in DirecTV Sports
Paraguay: 18:00 PM in DirecTV Sports
Peru: 19:30 PM in DirecTV Sports
Uruguay: 21:30 PM in DirecTV Sports

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Referee's team

The Argentinean Dario Herrera will be the central judge of the match. He will be accompanied by his compatriots Ezequiel Brailovsky and Gabriel Chade as assistants and Fernando Echenique as fourth official. Patricio Loustau, also from Argentina, will be in charge of the VAR, assisted by his compatriot German Delfino. Brazilian Silvia Regina has been appointed as referee advisor and Uruguayan Juan Cardellino as video assistant.
7:37 PM15 days ago

Key player - America de Cali

In America de Cali, one of the players to be taken into account for his influence is Adrián Ramos, who with his experience brings hierarchy to the team, is the main leader of the squad and the reference in the attack.
7:32 PM15 days ago

Key player - Athletico Paranaense

In Athletico Paranaense, the presence of Nikão, the main reference in the team's attack, stands out. The 28-year-old has been with the club for six years and has become a key player every season, contributing his skill and ball handling to the furacão.
7:27 PM15 days ago

Evenly matched statistics

These two teams have met on five official occasions, four times in the Copa Libertadores and once, most recently in the Copa Sudamericana.

The numbers are completely even, since out of those five matches, each team has won twice, leaving a balance of one draw.

7:22 PM15 days ago

America wants a comeback

The scarlet team comes from a great debut in the Finalization Tournament 2021 after defeating Junior de Barranquilla 3-1 and is preparing well to face the second leg of the series. The team from Cali has a huge responsibility, as they are one of the two surviving teams representing Colombia in this year's international tournaments.
7:17 PM15 days ago

Paranaense wants to ratify the first leg victory

The furacão has everything in its favor to qualify for the next phase. Despite not having had their best days, they managed to take the lead in the first leg against América. However, at home it is more difficult for them, as they have not won in three games and are fifth in the table.

7:12 PM15 days ago

First leg

The first meeting between these two teams took place on Tuesday, August 13 in the city of Pereira, Colombia. Athletico Paranaense won by the minimum difference with a goal by Nikão in the 70th minute.
7:07 PM15 days ago

The match willbe played at the Arena da Baixada

The Athletico Paranaense vs América de Cali match will be played at the Joaquim Américo Guimarães Stadium, or Arena da Baixada, as it is commonly known. This venue, located in Curitiba, Brazil, has capacity for 42,372 fans.
7:02 PM15 days ago

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