Goals and Highlights Brazil vs Germany (4-2)
Photo by Lucas Figueiredo/CBF


10:30 AM4 days ago

See you next time

Thank you for joining us in our broadcast of the game Brazil vs Germany at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Stay tuned to VAVEL for all the latest sports news.
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Next matches

The second round of group D is on Sunday 25th in the same Yokohama International Stadium. Brazil and Ivory Coast play at 4:30 am ET and then it's time to Saudi Arabia x Germany.
10:19 AM4 days ago

Brazil leads the group D

Earlier, Ivory Coast beat Saudi Arabia 2-1, with goals from Kessie and Alamri (own goal), and Aldawsari pulled one back. With this, the Africans reached the same three points as Brazil, but lose on goal difference (2 against 1). The Saudis and the Germans have zero points and are in the 3rd and 4th positions, respectively.
10:12 AM4 days ago

Richarlison, brazilian forward

"It is my first hat-trick, it's impossible to explain, especially since it is with the Brazilian national team, I will never forget it. I am very happy, fulfilling a dream. When I asked to be released from Everton it was for this, to honor this shirt, and I hope to continue like this. I will celebrate a lot because it was an important victory for us. I want to send a big hug to my family, unfortunately I only had two days to stay with them, but it was enough to recharge my batteries, I needed it because I was a little sad after the America Cup. I just have to thank the affection of everyone who cheered for us"
9:58 AM4 days ago

Statistics Brazil 4-2 Germany

Ball possession - Brazil: 52%, Germany: 48%
Total shots: 24-7
Shots on target: 13-4
Corner kicks: 6-4
Offsides: 0-2
Passes: 441-419
Tackles: 10-7
Interceptions: 11-8
Acc. passes - Brazil: 85%, Germany: 82%
Fouls: 16-20
Yellow cards: 1-6
Red cards: 0-1
9:52 AM4 days ago


50' El Salvador referee points to the center of the pitch and Brazil debuts at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with a 3-2 win over Germany!
9:46 AM4 days ago


49' PAULINHO! Bruno Guimarães makes a quick throw-in from the backfield to the striker on the right wing, he cuts inside and fills his right foot, hitting Müller's angle
9:43 AM4 days ago


47' Reinier makes the infiltration to Matheus Cunha, he hits with his right foot and goalkeeper saves again
9:40 AM4 days ago

Injury time

45' Five minutes to end the game
9:40 AM4 days ago


43' Bruno Guimarães falls inside the area after a dispute with the defense and complains to the referee, that nothing marks, the ball touches the hand of the defender, and following Ivan Barton scored a foul by Matheus Cunha
9:36 AM4 days ago

Over the goal

42' Douglas Luiz takes a free-kick over the barrier, but gets too low on the ball and it goes too high
9:33 AM4 days ago

Yellow card

41' Uduokhai, from Germany, for pulling Malcom's shirt
9:31 AM4 days ago

Yellow card

40' Henrichs, from Germany, foul committed Bruno Guimaraes
9:20 AM4 days ago


39' ACHE! After a free-kick, Raum crosses and the number 6 appears on Diego Carlos' back to head in the right corner, against Santos' backhand
9:18 AM4 days ago

Yellow card

37' Douglas Luiz, from Brazil, for a foul on Teuchert
9:15 AM4 days ago

Substitution in Germany

34' Schlotterbeck in place of Stach
9:14 AM4 days ago

Goalkeeper saves

29' Matheus Cunha serves Bruno Guimaraes and he shoots in the middle of the goal
9:10 AM4 days ago

Double substitution in Brazil

28' Reinier and Paulinho in place of Richarlison and Antony
9:08 AM4 days ago


26' Malcom plays to Antony, who hits a left-footed shot over the goal
9:05 AM4 days ago

Double substitution in Germany

22' Löwen and Ache in place of Kruse and Richter 

9:03 AM4 days ago

Punched out

20' Dani Alves lifts in the box, goalkeeper pulls away
9:01 AM4 days ago

Substitution in Brazil

18' Malcom in place of Claudinho
9:01 AM4 days ago


17' Arnold, of Germany, receives the second yellow card for a foul on Daniel Alves
8:57 AM4 days ago


13' Ball is lifted in the area, Nino and Diego Carlos go up but no one completes for goal, Antony catches the left but is stopped
8:56 AM4 days ago

Yellow card

13' Stach, of Germany, foul comitted
8:51 AM4 days ago


11' AMIRI! Ritcher shoots from a distance, the ball touches Nino and is left to the number 11, who hits it firmly, the ball bounces on the grass and deceives goalkeeper Santos
8:50 AM4 days ago

Far far away

8' Matheus Cunha leaves the area, crosses to Claudinho, who shoots, but misses the ball and it goes too high
8:47 AM4 days ago

By an inch

7' Dani Alves plays to Matheus Cunha in the area, he shoots in the box and the goalkeeper saves again
8:44 AM4 days ago


5' Matheus Cunha heels to Antony, who hits a left-footed shot and Müller saves
8:42 AM4 days ago

Not yet

3' After a corner kick, Uduokhai heads the ball but the referee signals a foul on Nino
8:40 AM4 days ago

Germany attack

1' Richter receives from Raum and shoots, the ball goes to Santos' left
8:37 AM4 days ago


45' Game restarts
8:36 AM4 days ago

Substitution on Germany

Torunarigha in place of Pieper
8:30 AM4 days ago

Germany substitutes

Brodersen, Plogmann, Torunarigha, Schlotterbeck, Löwen, Ache, Teuchert
8:29 AM4 days ago

Brazil substitutes

Brenno, Ricardo Graça, Gabriel Menino, Matheus Henrique, Reinier, Paulinho, Malcom
8:27 AM4 days ago


49' End of first half
8:27 AM4 days ago

Very close

48' Matheus Cunha receives from Bruno Guimaraes and shoots a cross, but the ball goes to the left of the goalkeeper
8:24 AM4 days ago


46' Matheus Cunha takes a shot on the right corner and goalkeeper Müller sprawls to avoid the fourth goal
8:22 AM4 days ago


45' Matheus Cunha takes a free-kick on the right side, Dani Alves raises in the area and the number 9 jersey head for goal, but the ball touches the arm of Henrichs 
8:18 AM4 days ago

Germany on

43' Henrichs crosses, but the ball touches the defense
8:17 AM4 days ago


41' Ball is thrown in the area, Diego Carlos moves away and in the sequence the referee marks Raum's irregular position
8:14 AM4 days ago

From top

39' Germany wins a corner kick on the left, the ball is picked up in the box and the brazilian defense moves away
8:11 AM4 days ago

Yellow card

35' Arnold, from Germany, for another foul on Richarlison
8:08 AM4 days ago


33' Dani Alves plays to Richarlison, who invades the area and tries to dribble the defender, but misses the ball and it goes to the right of the goal
8:06 AM4 days ago

Hard foul

31' Arnold hits Douglas Luiz, referee warns and asks the German to calm down.
8:01 AM4 days ago


29' RICHARLISON scores a hat-trick in Yokohama! Matheus Cunha comes forward and plays it to the No. 10 on the left, who smashes a low shot into Müller's left corner
8:01 AM4 days ago

Yellow card

25' Pieper, of Germany, foul comitted in Richarlison
7:59 AM4 days ago

Germany on

24' Amiri is launched on the left, Nino misses the ball, Dani Alves arrives at the defensive cover but is dribbled and the German shoots, but Santos saves without giving a rebound
7:54 AM4 days ago


22' RICHARLISON! Bruno Guimarães makes the long pass to Guilherme Arana on the left, he goes to the end line and lifts the ball to Richarlison's head, who is free inside the area and increases the advantage
7:52 AM4 days ago

Brazil goes up

18' Matheus Cunha receives from Arana and shoots from outside the area, goalkeeper saves
7:51 AM4 days ago

Almost the second!

15' Pieper head back to the goalkeeper, but misses and the ball is left to Richarlison, who in front of goal tries to dribble Muller, but he slaps the ball away. Claudinho picks up the rebound but he finishes low and German saves
7:48 AM4 days ago

Germany attacks

13' Arnold takes a free-kick, but afterwards Santos makes the save
7:45 AM4 days ago

Watch out

12' Douglas Luiz fouls Amiri in the midfield
7:44 AM4 days ago

Long ball

09 Diego Carlos plays Richarlison no attack, but defending out wide
7:37 AM4 days ago


07' RICHARLISON! Matheus Cunha wins a dispute in the midfield, Antony comes back for it and throws the number 10 shirt at speed on the right. He shoots, the goalkeeper makes a partial save and the rebound falls to the striker to open the scoring in Yokohama.
7:37 AM4 days ago

Brazil attack

04' Dani Alves steals the ball in the middle of the field, Richarlison breaks at speed on the counterattack and rolls to Matheus Cunha, who shoots a cross and Müller saves for a corner
7:35 AM4 days ago

First Foul

03' Antony brings down Amiri in the attack field
7:33 AM4 days ago

Moves on

01' Germany tries to leave the game, Brazil tightens the exit
7:31 AM4 days ago


00' The First Half begins. Richarlison makes his first touch on the ball
7:28 AM4 days ago

Ready to go

Brazil wears its main uniform, with a yellow shirt, blue shorts, white socks with green, yellow, and blue details. Goalkeeper Santos all in green.
Germany is all in black, with white details, goalkeeper Florian Müller in red.
7:24 AM4 days ago

Turn it up, DJ!

Teams lined up on the lawn in Yokohama for the playing of the National Anthems of Brazil and Germany.
7:21 AM4 days ago

Final adjustments

7:20 AM4 days ago

Germany starting XI

Müller, Henrichs, Pieper, Uduokhai e Raum; Maier, Arnold, Amiri, Stach, Richter, Kruse.
Head Coach: Stefan Kuntz.
7:17 AM4 days ago

Brazil starting XI

Santos; Daniel Alves, Nino, Diego Carlos e Guilherme Arana; Douglas Luiz, Bruno Guimarães e Claudinho; Antony, Matheus Cunha e Richarlison.
Head Coach: Andre Jardine.

7:14 AM4 days ago

Germany: team information

Most of the Germans play in local soccer, at clubs such as Arminia Bielefeld, Augsburg, Bayer Leverkusen, Bochum, Cologne, Greuther Fürth, Hertha Berlin, Hamburg, Hoffenheim, St. Pauli, Stuttgart, Union Berlin, Werder Bremen, Wolfsburg. The exception is midfielder Niklas Dorsch from Gent (Belgium).
7:09 AM4 days ago

Brazil: team information

The midfielder Reinier and the strikers Paulinho and Matheus Cunha play in German soccer, for Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen, and Hertha Berlin, respectively. In addition, there are nine who play in Brazil (Abner, Claudinho, Dani Alves, Gabriel Menino, Guilherme Arana, Matheus Henrique, Nino, Ricardo Graça, Santos) and players from Ajax (Netherlands), Arsenal, Aston Villa, and Everton (England), CSKA and Zenit (Russia), Lyon (France), and Sevilla (Spain).
7:04 AM4 days ago

Who will be the referee and his assistants?

Referee: Ivan Barton (El Salvador)
Assistant Referee 1: David Moran (El Salvador) 
Assistant Referee 2: Zachari Zeegelaar (Suriname)
4th Official: Georgi Kabakov (Bulgaria)
Match Commissioner: Outi Saarinen (Finland)
General Coordinator: Mario Monterrosa (Guatemala)
Video Assistant Referee (VAR): Marco Guida (Italia)
Assistant VAR (AVAR): Erick Miranda (Mexico)
6:59 AM4 days ago


Hi, everyone! We're back to bring you the latest news, behind-the-scenes information, and everything you need to know about the Brazilian team's debut at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The opponent of this start is Germany, in a replay of the Rio 2016 final. The kick-off is 7:30 am ET. So come with us to find out everything that happens before, during, and after the ball rolls at the International Stadium of Yokohama.
6:54 AM4 days ago

Where and how to watch Brazil vs Germany live on TV in real time?

Event: Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
Venue: International Stadium of Yokohama in Yokohama (Japan)
Kick-off time: 07:30 AM ET
Where to watch: Bandsports and SporTV (Brazil), ARD and ZDF (Germany), RTVE (Spain), NBC Sports (USA)
6:49 AM4 days ago

When is Brazil vs Germany game and how to watch it LIVE and in real time?

The match Brazil-Germany will start at 7:30 am ET, being played in Yokohama, and will be broadcast live on Bandsports and SporTV (Brazil), ARD and ZDF (Germany), RTVE (Spain), NBC Sports (USA). You can check everything here on VAVEL.
6:44 AM4 days ago

What time is Brazil vs Germany match for Olympic Games Tokyo 2020?

Argentina: 8:30 AM
Brazil: 8:30 AM
Germany: 1:30 PM
Japan: 8:30 PM
Spain: 1:30 PM
USA (NY): 7:30 AM
USA (LA): 4:30 AM 
6:39 AM4 days ago

Possible lineup from Germany

Brodersen, Löwen, Pieper, Torunarigha, Henrichs; Maier, Arnold, Stach, Teuchert, Ache, Richter.
6:34 AM4 days ago

Possible lineup from Brazil

Santos; Daniel Alves, Nino, Diego Carlos e Guilherme Arana; Douglas Luiz, Bruno Guimaraes e Claudinho; Antony, Matheus Cunha e Richarlison.
6:29 AM4 days ago

Germany: last match

Florian Müller, Pieper, Uduokhai, Henrichs, Maier, Raum, Amiri, Arnold, Stach, Max Kruse, Richter started the game against Honduras, but the team is expected to change for the Olympic debut. Germany went behind, but got a draw through Augsburg defender Uduokhai.
6:24 AM4 days ago

Brazil: last match

Matheus Cunha was the main player in the last friendly match of the Brazilian national team, 5-2 over the United Arab Emirates, last 15th in Serbia. He scored two goals, Diego Carlos, Gabriel Martinelli and Reinier completed the scoring. Nino (against) and Abdalla Alnaqbi scored.
6:19 AM4 days ago

Save the date

Group D:

7/22 - Ivory Coast-Saudi Arabia
7/22 - Brazil-Germany
7/25 - Brazil vs. Ivory Coast
25/7 - Saudi Arabia vs. Germany
28/7 - Saudi Arabia vs. Brazil
28/7 - Germany vs. Ivory Coast


6:14 AM4 days ago

Germany: key player

Union Berlin's number 10, Max Kruse was trained at Werder Bremen and is now 33 years old. The striker was part of the Wolfsburg squad that won the German Super Cup in 2015, a team that included names like Belgian Kevin De Bruyne and Croatian Ivan Perisic, as well as Brazilian defender Naldo. On that occasion, the team won the title against Bayern Munich on penalties. Since then Kruse also played for Fenerbahce, where he scored seven goals in 23 appearances in the 2019/20 season.
Photo from Max Kruse's Instagram
Photo from Max Kruse's Official Instagram
6:09 AM4 days ago

Brazil: key player

A Copa America runner-up, Richarlison is a starter for the senior national team and has put his vacation aside to be one of the Premier League's stars on the Japanese pitch. The 24-year-old striker scored 13 goals in 40 games for Everton last season. 
Foto: Lucas Figueiredo/CBF
Photo by Lucas Figueiredo/CBF
6:04 AM4 days ago

How Germany arrives

The last friendly match of the German national team took place on Saturday (17) in Wakayama, southern Japan, and when the score was 1-1 the game was interrupted by insults to defender Jordan Torunarigha, who is of Nigerian origin. The coach is Stefan Kuntz, UEFA Euro champion in 1996 and top scorer of the German Championship in 1986 and 1994. A Kaiserslautern idol, he is 58 years old and led the Under-21 team to the UEFA European Under-21 Championship title in 2017
5:59 AM4 days ago

Current champion, Brazil is the team to beat

Almost two years after taking over the Olympic team, André Jardine faces the biggest challenge of his career in Japan. He has played only 18 games since then, with 13 wins. The coach, who turns 42 in August, has the mission of leading the players to equal Hungary and Argentina in the attempt to enter the select group of countries that have won two Olympic titles.
5:54 AM4 days ago

Germany: squad list

Goalkeepers: Florian Muller, Svend Brodersen, Luca Plogmann.
Defenders: Benjamin Henrichs, Amos Pieper, David Raum, Jordan Torunarigha, Felix Uduokhai, Keven Schlotterbeck.
Midfielders: Nadiem Amiri, Maximilian Arnold, Ismail Jakobs, Eduard Lowen, Arne Maier, Anton Stach, Ragnar Ache.
Forwards: Max Kruse, Marco Richter, Cedric Teuchert.
5:49 AM4 days ago

Brazil: squad list

Goalkeepers: Brenno, Santos, Lucão
Defenders: Daniel Alves, Gabriel Menino, Guilherme Arana, Abner, Nino, Diego Carlos, Bruno Fuchs, Ricardo Graça
Midfielders: Matheus Henrique, Bruno Guimarães, Douglas Luiz, Reinier, Claudinho
Forwards: Paulinho, Matheus Cunha, Antony, Martinelli, Richarlison, Malcom
5:44 AM4 days ago

Kick-off time

The game Brazil-Germany starts at 7:30 am ET, valid for group D, the same as Ivory Coast and Saudi Arabia, who play the preliminary round. The complete round includes eight matches, all this Wednesday (22), in four different stadiums. 
5:39 AM4 days ago

The match will be played at the International Stadium Yokohama

Brazil-Germany  will be played at the International Stadium Yokohama, which is located in Kanagawa, in the Tokyo metropolitan area. The venue has a capacity of around 72,000 fans and hosts matches of Yokohama Marinos, who play in the J-League. It was opened in 1998 and four years later hosted four World Cup matches, among them the final between Brazil and Germany, which was won with two goals by Ronaldo.
5:34 AM4 days ago

Welcome to VAVEL.com’s coverage of the 2020 Olympic Games match: Brazil vs Germany Live Updates!

My name is Bia Palumbo and I’ll be your host for this match. We will provide you with pre-game analysis, score updates, and news as it happens live here on VAVEL. Let's follow the emotions of Brazil-Germany in the replay of the last Olympic final, in Maracanã Stadium, which gave the Brazilian team the gold medal for the first time! This time the ball will roll at the International Stadium Yokohama, which also brings back fond memories of the five-time world champions.