Goals and Highlights: Argentina 0-2 Australia in Tokyo 2020
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8:56 AM10 days ago

Live ended

Thank you for watching this game and see you soon.
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8:47 AM10 days ago

Next round

The next round of Group C will be played again at the Sapporo Dome, in Sapporo, Japan. The matches will take places next Sunday morning.

- Egypt vs Argentina - 3:30 AM ET

- Australia vs Spain - 6:30 AM ET

8:45 AM10 days ago

Group C classification

  1. Australia - 3
  2. Egypt - 1
  3. Spain - 1
  4. Argentina - 0
8:30 AM10 days ago

Full time

Game over. Australia wins!
8:30 AM10 days ago

So close!

90+4' Australia takes advantage of spaces in Argentina's defense in the final stretch of the game to create more danger. Baccus comes forward from the right and crosses for Duke to miss a clear chance. The ball bounces back off the crossbar and out.
8:26 AM10 days ago

Yellow card

90' Watts, Australia midfielder. Foul in Medina.
8:26 AM10 days ago

Additional time

90' Five minutes.
8:24 AM10 days ago

Australia substitution

88' Genreau out, Baccus in.
8:23 AM10 days ago

Yellow card

86' Souttar, Australia defender. Elbow in Ponce.
8:23 AM10 days ago

Yellow card

84' Ponce, Argentina striker. Foul in Watts.
8:22 AM10 days ago

Argentina still tries to react

83' Adolfo Gaich receives Payero, opens space on the edge of the area and hits a cross. Glover stretches and saves.
8:21 AM10 days ago

Argentina substitution

81' Barco out, Vega in.
8:21 AM10 days ago

GOAL! Australia!

80' And what a goal! Duke comes forward from the left and rolls the ball to Marco Tilio. On his first touch on the ball, the striker's left-footed shot is beautifully struck and glances wide of Ledesma's net to virtually secure the victory for Australia, their first in an Olympic debut since 1988.
8:21 AM10 days ago

Australia substitution

78' McGree out, D'Agostino in.
8:21 AM10 days ago

Australia substitution

78' Arzani out, Tilio in.
8:20 AM10 days ago

Argentina substitution

77' Alexis Mac Allister out, Payero in.
8:20 AM10 days ago

Argentina subtitution

77' Colombatto out, Belmonte in.
8:20 AM10 days ago

In the hands of goalkeeper

76' Alexis Mac Allister takes a corner kick from the left and Glover jumps to save calmly.
8:10 AM10 days ago

What a shot!

73' McGree sees goalkeeper Ledesma ahead of him and shoots from midfield. The ball went over the goal, but was quite scary.
8:05 AM10 days ago

Australia substitution

71' Wales out, Watts in.
8:05 AM10 days ago

You can't waste chances like this

70' McGree is free on the right side of the penalty area. He could have scored, but preferred to give the ball to Wales. The striker makes room for the ball, but Ledesma saves with his chest.
7:57 AM10 days ago

Yellow card

66' Medina, Argentina defender. Hard foul on Wales.
7:52 AM10 days ago

Yellow card

62' Gaich, Argentina striker. Foul in Atkinson.
7:51 AM10 days ago

Substitution in Argentina

61' Fuente out, Herrera in.
7:51 AM10 days ago

Easy save by Glover

58' Barco receives in the midfield and risks, but Glover makes the save.
7:50 AM10 days ago

So close!

56' Alexis Mac Allister takes a free-kick from the left wing and crosses it into the penalty box. Deng makes a partial save and Fausto Vera picks up the rebound and hits the outside of the net.
7:50 AM10 days ago

Yellow card

55' Genreau, Australia midfielder. Foul on Barco.
7:50 AM10 days ago


54' Pérez takes a shot from midfield and Glover saves in two shots.
7:43 AM10 days ago

Yellow card

49' Metcalfe, Australia midfielder. Foul by Esequiel Barco.
7:43 AM10 days ago

Yellow card

48' Atkinson, Australia right-back. Tough tackle on Medina.
7:42 AM10 days ago

He felt

47' Atkinson, Australia's right-back. He is in pain but is recovering without the need for medical attention.
7:42 AM10 days ago

Ledesma again

46' Arzani shoots a cross from the edge of the box and Ledesma makes a save.
7:42 AM10 days ago


46' It would be an Aussie goal! Wales sent Duke into the box on the right side of the attack. The striker tries to dribble over Ledesma and hits the crossbar.
7:42 AM10 days ago


Second half begins.
7:42 AM10 days ago

Substitution in Argentina

Valenzuela out, Ponce in.
7:41 AM10 days ago


Athletes back on the field.
7:26 AM10 days ago


End of the first half.
7:26 AM10 days ago

Red card

45+2' Ortega, Argentina left back. He receives the second yellow card in two minutes and is out of the match.
7:24 AM10 days ago

Yellow card

45+2' Ortega, Argentina left back. Argument with McGree in the box.
7:23 AM10 days ago

Yellow card

45+2' McGree, Australia midfielder. Argument with Ortega in the box.
7:18 AM10 days ago

Yellow card

45' Ortega, Argentina left back. Foul on Atkinson.
7:15 AM10 days ago

Additional time

45' One minute.
7:15 AM10 days ago


43' King is again given free rein on the left side and sends Wales through. The striker shoots on goal and hits the crossbar. The referee cancels the play as it is ruled to be offside.
7:07 AM10 days ago


33' Barco opens space and crosses from the left. The ball hits the crossbar. It would be a great goal if the ball goes in.
7:04 AM10 days ago

It's not like that

32' Alexis Mac Allister takes a corner from the right, Atkinson deflects it, and Vera tries to finish with a first-time shot, but drills it.
7:02 AM10 days ago

Yellow card

31' Duke, Australia striker. Foul on Valenzuela.
7:01 AM10 days ago

Ledesma saves Argentina

29' Duke disputes the ball on the right side and crosses into the box. McGree gets on the end of it and saves a beautiful bicycle. Ledesma makes a good double save to prevent Australia's second goal. It would have been a great goal.
6:58 AM10 days ago

Off target

26' Fuente recovers the ball in the midfield and plays to Fausto Vera. The midfielder tries a front kick and the ball goes to Glover's right.
6:56 AM10 days ago


22' Argentina controls the ball in the offensive field, but finds it difficult to break through the Australian defensive blockade.
6:51 AM10 days ago

It's not like that

18' Play rehearsed at the corner kick and Alexis Mac Allister punctures in time to finish.
6:49 AM10 days ago


17' Valenzuela receives a diagonal pass from Barco on the right side of the area, opens space and shoots hard. Deng deflects it and avoids the Argentine equalizer.
6:49 AM10 days ago


15' Argentina presses forward in search of an equalizer.
6:46 AM10 days ago

GOAL! Australia!

13' King is sent forward on the left, gets into the box, and crosses low for Wales to complete the ball into the empty net. Socceroos in front!
6:41 AM10 days ago

He felt

9' Valenzuela, Argentina midfielder. He feels pain in his knee and receives medical attention.
6:41 AM10 days ago

Glover defends

8' Valenzuela comes down the right side at speed and crosses for Glover to save without problems.
6:39 AM10 days ago

Missed the finish

6' Atkinson moves freely down the right side and crosses. The ball passes through the box and no one appears to finish the move.
6:38 AM10 days ago

First shot

4' Adolfo Gaich takes a shot from outside the area and Glover saves in two times.
6:35 AM10 days ago

Australia animated

1' Arzani makes a beautiful individual move through the middle, gets past the marking, enters the left side of the area and rolls to the middle, but the Argentina defense keeps the danger away.
6:33 AM10 days ago


Game on in Sapporo!
6:33 AM10 days ago

All set

The ball will start rolling soon.
6:32 AM10 days ago


Argentina - sky blue and white vertically striped jersey, white shorts and socks

Australia - green shirt with yellow details, green shorts and green socks

6:32 AM10 days ago


National anthems of Argentina and Australia are playing.
6:32 AM10 days ago


Referees and players from Argentina and Australia are on the pitch.
6:28 AM10 days ago


VAR - Tiago Martins (POR)

AVAR - Muhammad Bin Jahari (SGP)

6:27 AM10 days ago


Referee - Srdjan Jovanović (SER)

Assistant Referee #1 - Uroš Stojković (SER)

Assistent Referee #2 - Milan Mihajlović (SER)

Fourth official - Hiroyuki Kimura (JPN)

6:13 AM10 days ago

Australia reserves

Maynard-Brewer; Rowles, Pierias, Baccus, Watts, D'Agostino, Tilio.

HC: Graham Arnold.

6:11 AM10 days ago

Argentina reserves

Morales; Mosevich, Herrera, Payero, Belmonte, Vega, Ponce.

HC: Fernando Batista.

6:10 AM10 days ago

Australia line-up

Glover; Atkinson, Souttar, Deng, King; McGree, Metcalfe, Genreau; Wales, Duke, Arzani.

Head coach: Graham Arnold.

6:08 AM10 days ago

Argentina line-up

Ledesma; Fuente, Pérez, Medina, Ortega; Vera, Colombatto; Valenzuela, Mac Allister, Barco; Gaich.

Head coach: Fernando Batista.

6:06 AM10 days ago

Lineups defined

The teams have just released their starting lineups for the game that starts in a little over half an hour.
6:01 AM10 days ago

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How to watch Argentina vs Australia Live Stream on TV and online?

If you want to watch the game Argentina vs Australia live on TV, your options are Olympic Channel, Universo and Telemundo Deportes.

If you want to directly stream it: Universo Now, NBC Sports App and NBCOlympics.com.

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option.

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What time is Argentina vs Australia match for Tokyo 2020?

This is the start time of the game Argentina vs Australia in 22 July 2021 in several countries.

Argentina - 7:30 AM in TV Publica, TyC Sports and Claro Sports

Australia - 8:30 PM in Channel 7

Bolivia - 6:30 AM in Claro Sports

Brazil - 7:30 AM in SporTV 2

Chile - 6:30 AM in Claro Sports

Colombia - 5:30 AM in Claro Sports

Ecuador - 5:30 AM in Claro Sports

Mexico - 5:30 AM in Claro Sports

Paraguay - 6:30 in Claro Sports

Peru - 5:30 AM in Claro Sports

Spain - 12:30 PM in Eurosport Player Spain

United States - 6:30 AM ET, 5:30 AM CT, 4:30 AM MT, 3:30 AM PT, 2:30 AM AKT, 12:30 AM HT in Olympic Channel, NBC Sports, Universo and Telemundo Deportes

Venezuela - 6:30 AM in Claro Sports

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Total medals in men's and women's soccer

8 - Brazil

7 - United States of America

6 - Germany

5 - Hungary, Soviet Union, Yugoslavia

4 - Argentina, Sweden, East Germany, Denmark

3 - Great Britain, Spain, Poland, Nigeria, Canada, Italy, Norway, Netherlands

2 - Uruguay, Czechoslovakia, France, Bulgaria, Belgium, Japan

1 - Cameroon, Mexico, Austria, China, Paraguay, Switzerland, Chile, South Korea, Ghana

5:41 AM10 days ago

Soccer in the Olympic Games

Soccer was the second team sport to form an official part of the Olympic Games in the modern era (London 1908). The first was water polo.
5:36 AM10 days ago

Australia's squad

Goalkeepers - Tom Glover, Ashley Maynard-Brewer, Jordan Holmes.

Defenders - Nathaniel Atkinson, Kye Rowles, Jay Rich-Baghuelou, Harry Souttar, Dylan Pierias, Thomas Deng, Joel King.

Midfielders - Keanu Baccus, Riley McGree, Denis Genreau, Caleb Watts, Connor Metcalfe, Cameron Devlin.

Forwards - Reno Piscopo, Nicholas D'Agostino, Daniel Arzani, Mitchell Duke, Marco Tilio, Lachlan Wales.

Head coach - Graham Arnold.

5:31 AM10 days ago

Argentina's squad

Goalkeepers - Jeremías Ledesma, Lautaro Morales, Joaquín Blázquez.

Defenders - Nehuén Pérez, Claudio Bravo, Hernán de La Fuente, Leonel Mosevich, Marcelo Herrera, Facundo Medina, Francisco Ortega.

Midfielders - Fausto Vera, Agustín Urzi, Santiago Colombatto, Alexis Mac Allister, Esequiel Barco, Martín Payero, Tomás Belmonte, Thiago Almada, Carlos Valenzuela.

Forwards - Adolfo Gaich, Pedro de La Vega, Ezequiel Ponce.

Head coach - Fernando Batista.

5:26 AM10 days ago

Men's soccer groups in Tokyo 2020

Group A - France, Japan, Mexico, South Africa.

Group B - Honduras, New Zealand, Romania, South Korea.

Group C - Argentina, Australia, Egypt, Spain.

Group D - Brazil, Germany, Ivory Coast, Saudi Arabia.

5:21 AM10 days ago

How does men's soccer compete in the Olympics?

There are 16 teams divided into four groups with four teams. The top two teams advance to the quarterfinals.
5:16 AM10 days ago


The official opening of the Tokyo Olympic Games will be next Friday, but soccer and softball will begin earlier to adjust to the Olympic schedule. Women's soccer started last Wednesday.
5:11 AM10 days ago


The Argentina vs Australia match will start at 6:30 AM ET/3:30 AM PT.
5:06 AM10 days ago

The match will be played at the Sapporo Dome

The Argentina vs Australia match will be played at the Sapporo Dome, in Sapporo, Japan. The stadium have a capacity of 42,000 people. But because of the restrictions still caused by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, the stadium will not receive the presence of the fans.
5:01 AM10 days ago

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