Highlights and Best Moments: USA 6-1 New Zealand in 2020 Olympic Games
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Thank you for following the Olympic Games women's soccer match between the United States and New Zealand on VAVEL.
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End game

United States 6-1 New Zealand.
8:23 AM2 years ago

Return to victory

The United States made a comeback with their good soccer and now in the last matchday they will play against Australia after beating New Zealand.
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Goal United States

Press with the cross that is deflected by Bolt into his own goal.

8:19 AM2 years ago

Goal USA 5-1

8:19 AM2 years ago


Three more minutes are added.
8:16 AM2 years ago

Goal USA 4-1

8:15 AM2 years ago


United States Goal

Two-time Alex Morgan crossed the ball to seal the win.

8:14 AM2 years ago


Hasset leaves

Longo enters

New Zealand change.

8:12 AM2 years ago


Horan and Dunn leave

Macario and Kruger enter

U.S. Changes

8:08 AM2 years ago


United States Goal

Press receives the ball and puts it on the post to increase the lead.

8:07 AM2 years ago


Rennie enters and Cleverley leaves. New Zealand change.
8:04 AM2 years ago


Horan sends a delayed diagonal shot into the side of the goal.
8:03 AM2 years ago

Goal New Zealand 3-1

8:02 AM2 years ago

Goal USA 3-0

8:01 AM2 years ago


Lloyd leaves

Morgan enters

Change of United States.

7:59 AM2 years ago


New Zealand Goal 

Betsy Hassett finishes off the delayed diagonal without a goalkeeper to make the breakthrough.

7:55 AM2 years ago


Lavelle and Press leave

Mewis and Rapinoe enter

United States changes

7:51 AM2 years ago


Goal United States

Abby Erceg cannot clear and sends the ball into her own goal.

7:50 AM2 years ago

Goal USA 2-0

7:47 AM2 years ago


Carli Lloyd's left-footed shot goes wide of the goal.
7:45 AM2 years ago


Rapinoe's cross-shot is cut out by the New Zealand defense.
7:43 AM2 years ago


The start of the second half was very eventful with several fouls by both teams.
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The second half begins.
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Half time

United States 2-0 New Zealand.
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Add one more minute.
7:16 AM2 years ago


United States goal

A cross into the six-yard box is headed in by Lindsey Horan to increase the deficit.

7:14 AM2 years ago


The equalizer came close, but Hannah Wilkinson's header went just wide.
7:05 AM2 years ago


Now the disallowed goal goes to Lindsey Horan who had headed the ball into the back of the net.
7:01 AM2 years ago


Once again Rapinoe's goal was disallowed, again for a previous offside.
6:59 AM2 years ago


Lavelle's left-footed shot goes over the top of the goal.
6:58 AM2 years ago


Goal disallowed for the United States after Tobin Heath's goal, because there was a previous offside.
6:55 AM2 years ago

Goal USA 1-0

6:50 AM2 years ago


Lavelle with the shot inside the box, but the ball hits the outside netting.
6:48 AM2 years ago


Hannah Wilkinson turns her neck but her shot goes wide.
6:46 AM2 years ago


Carli Lloyd had scored over the top of the goal, but it was disallowed for a previous offside.
6:40 AM2 years ago


United States Goal

Rose Lavelle's one-on-one through ball into the back of the net to open the scoring.

6:39 AM2 years ago


Rapinoe with a mid-range shot that goes over the top of the goal.
6:38 AM2 years ago


Katie Bowen's mid-range shot forces the keeper to lie down to save her goal.
6:34 AM2 years ago


Carli Lloyd's shot is blocked by the New Zealand defense.
6:31 AM2 years ago


The match between New Zealand and the United States kicks off.
6:20 AM2 years ago

The Stadium

Saitama Stadium, built for the 2002 World Cup, will be the venue for this match between the United States and New Zealand.
6:11 AM2 years ago

Substitutes New Zealand

10 Annalie Longo

 3 Anna Green

 1 Erin Nayler

 13 Paige Satchell

 16 Emma Rolston

 6 Claudia Bunge

 9 Gabi Rennie

6:11 AM2 years ago

Substitutes United States

13 Alex Morgan

 4 Becky Sauerbrunn

 11 Christen Press

 22 Jane Campbell

 3 Sam Mewis

 20 Casey Krueger

 19 Catarina Macario

6:09 AM2 years ago

100 games

This morning's match marks Lindsey Horan's 100th international cap for the United States.
6:04 AM2 years ago

Goes to the bench

After a less-than-stellar performance in the painful 3-0 loss to Sweden, star player Alex Morgan will start on the substitutes' bench, although she is a candidate for a second-half start.
5:59 AM2 years ago

XI United States

1 Alyssa Naeher

 12 Tierna Davidson

 17 Abby Dahlkemper

 2 Crystal Dunn

 14 Emily Sonnett

 8 Julie Ertz

 9 Lindsey Horan

 16 Rose Lavelle

 10 Carli Lloyd

 15 Megan Rapinoe

 7 Tobin Heath

5:54 AM2 years ago

XI New Zealand

18 Anna Leat

 7 Ali Riley

 5 Meikayla Moore

 8 Abby Erceg

 4 C.J. Bott

 14 Katie Bowen

 12 Betsy Hassett

 15 Daisy Cleverley

 2 Ria Percival

 17 Hannah Wilkinson

 11 Olivia Chance

5:49 AM2 years ago

The results

The women's soccer activity began today with the following results:

Chile 1-2 Canada

China 4-4 Zambia 

Sweden 4-2 Australia.

5:44 AM2 years ago

Before the game

The United States knows that they did not get off to a good start in the competition and this morning they will be looking for their first three points.
5:39 AM2 years ago


The United States will try to do better and get their first win against a New Zealand side looking to spring a surprise. We begin with the coverage of the match.
5:34 AM2 years ago

Tune in here USWNT vs New Zealand Live Score

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What time is USWNT vs New Zealand match for Olympic Games?

This is the start time of the game USWNT vs New Zealand of 24th July in several countries:

Argentina: 8:030 AM in Claro.

Bolivia: 7:30 AM in Claro.

Brazil: 8:30 AM in Claro.

Chile: 7:30 AM in Claro.

Colombia: 6:30 AM in Claro.

Ecuador: 6:30 AM in Claro.

USA (ET): 7:30 AM in NBC.

Spain: 1:30 PM

Mexico: 6:30 AM in Marca Claro.

Paraguay: 7:30 AM in Claro.

Peru: 6:30 AM in Claro.

Uruguay: 8:30 AM in Claro.

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Last games

Since 2015 they have faced each other five times with pure victories for the North Americans, highlighting that in Rio de Janeiro 2016 they also faced each other during the group stage of the summer competition with a 2-0 win for the United States.
5:19 AM2 years ago

Key player New Zealand

Erin Nayler will undoubtedly have a night of hard work under the three posts, where she will have to do her best to keep New Zealand's chances of getting a surprise result.

5:14 AM2 years ago

Key player USWNT

A revenge tournament for Alex Morgan, where he will have to start producing in the end zone to help the U.S. regain confidence and pick up three urgent points.

5:09 AM2 years ago

Last Team New Zealand

1 Erin Nayler, 8 Abby Erceg, 3 Anna Green, 5 Meikayla Moore, 2 Ria Percival, 14 Katie Bowen, 7 Ali Riley, 4 C.J. Bott, 17 Hannah Wilkinson, 11 Olivia Chance, 12 Betsy Hassett.
5:04 AM2 years ago

Last Team USWNT

1 Alyssa Naeher, 4 Becky Sauerbrunn, 17 Abby Dahlkemper, 2 Crystal Dunn, 5 Kelley O'Hara, 9 Lindsey Horan, 3 Sam Mewis, 16 Rose Lavelle, 13 Alex Morgan, 11 Christen Press, 7 Tobin Heath.
4:59 AM2 years ago

How is Group G going?

Sweden leads the group with three points, as does Australia, while New Zealand and the United States are bottom of the group with no points.
4:54 AM2 years ago

Surprise package

Although the United States have already lost, they are not invincible, so New Zealand will try to pull off a shock despite starting out as the main victims in this section.
4:49 AM2 years ago

Tough setback

The United States have not found the formula to beat Sweden and in their debut they suffered a real nightmare when they lost 3-0 to the Swedes, so this game will have to be a full vindication to gain confidence and still have a chance to play for everything in the last match against Australia.
4:44 AM2 years ago

Kick-off time

The USWNT vs New Zealand match will be played at the Saitama Stadium, in Tokyo, Japan. The kick-off is scheduled at 7:30 am ET.
4:39 AM2 years ago

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