Highlights and Goals: Egypt (0-1) Argentina in Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
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95' The game ends

The referee determines the end of the match.
5:22 AM2 years ago

92' Egypt high pressure

The Egyptian team presses close to the opponent's defense to start the attack early.
5:20 AM2 years ago

90' Addition time

The referee adds five minutes to the match.
5:18 AM2 years ago

88' Dangerous chance for Egypt

Constant shots from outside the area put the rival goal in danger.
5:16 AM2 years ago

86' Dangerous foul for Egypt

Ramadah's shot is deflected for a corner kick.
5:15 AM2 years ago

83' Argentina yellow card

Tomás Belmonte is cautioned for Argentina.
5:11 AM2 years ago

80' Two different styles of play

Egypt seeks to score through associated play, while Argentina bets on the counterattack. 
5:09 AM2 years ago

77' Egypt approaches

Egypt's side sustain possession and intentions but fail to be deep.
5:05 AM2 years ago

74' Egypt possession

The Egyptian team looks for the equalizer with combined actions.
5:02 AM2 years ago

71' Chance for Egypt

Fotouh's shot from outside the box is deflected for a corner.
4:58 AM2 years ago

68' The ball is being fought for in the midfield

The teams do not allow their opponents to advance and there is no clear dominator of the match.
4:56 AM2 years ago

65' The commitment is stopped

Alexis is lying on the ground with a blow to his head.
4:55 AM2 years ago

62' Actions controlled by Argentina

The South American team controls the actions and opportunities of the match.
4:52 AM2 years ago

59' Control by Argentina

The Argentinean team controls the actions of the match.
4:48 AM2 years ago

56' Egypt attack

The Egyptian side are constantly looking for an equalizer down the flanks.
4:45 AM2 years ago

55' Argentina gains possession of the ball

The Argentinian team takes advantage of the momentum and looks for the second goal. 
4:41 AM2 years ago


Medina takes advantage of a rebound in the opponent's area and scores the first goal of the match.
4:40 AM2 years ago

50' Egypt attack

The Egyptian team uses combined attacks on the left to attack their opponents.
4:38 AM2 years ago

49' Chance for Argentina

Alexis' shot goes wide.
4:37 AM2 years ago

47' Initial control by Argentina

The Argentinian team uses the flanks to constantly attack the opponent's goal.
4:35 AM2 years ago

Second half begins

The ball is rolling in the second half of the match.
4:21 AM2 years ago

48' First half ends

The referee signals the end of the first half.
4:20 AM2 years ago

45' Addition time

Three minutes are added to the match.
4:19 AM2 years ago

42' New attack by Argentina

The Argentinian team attacks constantly without being deep.
4:14 AM2 years ago

38' Argentina's constant attacks

The Argentinian team is looking for the first goal of the match.
4:12 AM2 years ago

34' Fighting for the ball in the middle of the field

The teams are constantly using their strong legs to prevent their opponents from advancing.
4:07 AM2 years ago

31' Egypt comes dangerously close

Constant attacks down the left flank and generates danger to the opponent's goal.
4:00 AM2 years ago

28' The ball is being fought for in the midfield

The teams are constantly battling in the midfield for possession of the ball.
3:57 AM2 years ago

25' Chance for Argentina

Argentina's right wing attack goes for a corner kick.
3:55 AM2 years ago

22' Argentina is saved

Egypt's shot goes slightly wide.
3:52 AM2 years ago

19' Argentina resumes possession

Argentina are looking for the first goal of the match.
3:48 AM2 years ago

16' Constant attacks from Egypt

The Egyptian team is constantly attacking down the left flank.
3:44 AM2 years ago

13' Argentina is saved

Egypt's shot is controlled by goalkeeper Ledesma.
3:41 AM2 years ago

10' Egypt's first long possession

The Egyptian team starts attacking down the flanks to create danger for their opponents.
3:38 AM2 years ago

7' Total dominance of Argentina

The American team controls the intentions of the match.
3:35 AM2 years ago

4' Constant pressure from Argentina

Argentina's shot hits the Egyptian post.
3:32 AM2 years ago

2' Argentina starts attacking

A chance at the start for the South American team.
3:30 AM2 years ago

Start of the match

The judge signals the midpoint and the match starts.
3:29 AM2 years ago

Protocol activities

The anthems are played on the playing field.
3:28 AM2 years ago

The teams take the field

The teams come out to start the match.
3:19 AM2 years ago

Equipment preparation

The players enter the dressing rooms to finalize the preparation for the game.
3:13 AM2 years ago

Pre-competitive activities

The teams are warming up on the playing field.
3:10 AM2 years ago

Argentina's starting eleven

Tactical model: 1-4-2-3-1
Ledesma J.; De La Fuente H., Perez N., Medina F., Bravo C.; Payero M., Vera F.; de La Vega P., Mac Allister A., Barco E.; Gaich A.
DT: Batista F.
3:04 AM2 years ago

Egypt starting eleven

Tactical model: 1-5-2-3
El Shenawy M.; Ahmed El Fotouh, Hamdi M., Hegazy A., Galal O., El Eraki K.; Hamdy A., Tawfik A.; Sobhi R., Yasser Rayyan A., Mohsen S.
DT: Gharib S.
2:40 AM2 years ago

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Tune in here Egypt vs Argentina Live Score

Continue our coverage of the match between Egypt and Argentina in men's Olympic soccer, with both teams looking for their first win. In a moment we will continue with the lineups and relevant information of the match.
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How to watch Egypt vs Argentina Live Stream on TV and Online?

If you want to watch the game Egypt vs Argentina live on TV, your options is: CBS.
If you want to directly stream it: YouTube.
If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!
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What time is Egypt vs Argentina match for Olympic Games?

This is the start time of the game Egypt vs Argentina of 25th July 2021 in several countries:
Argentina: 4:30 AM in TyC Sports
Bolivia: 03:30 AM in Olympic TV
Brazil: 4:30 AM in Olympic TV
Chile: 03:30 AM in Olympic TV
Colombia: 02:30 AM in Olympic TV 
Ecuador: 02:30 AM in Olympic TV
USA (ET): 03:30 AM in CBS
Mexico: 02:30 AM in Olympic TV
Paraguay: 4:30 AM in Olympic TV
Peru: 02:30 AM in Olympic TV
Uruguay: 4:30 AM in Olympic TV
Venezuela: 03:30 AM in Olympic TV
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Argentina's call-up list

11:00 PM2 years ago

Egypt call-up list

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Last match between Egypt and Argentina

In the Olympic Games, the only precedent between the two teams dates back to the 1928 Amsterdam Games, where they faced each other in the semifinals, where the South Americans defeated the Africans 6-0 to reach the final, while Egypt disputed the third place in the games in question.
10:50 PM2 years ago

Argentina's key player

Adolfo Gaich is the player with the best performance in the previous phases played by the Argentine National Team in the attacking area. However, in the first match he failed to be consistent and to demonstrate the reasons why he was called up to the South American team.
10:45 PM2 years ago

Egypt's key player

Taher Mohamed is the most experienced player, being the reference in attack, and who is the delegate to score the team's goals in the Olympic competition. Egypt has not scored any goals in the current tournament, and Taher is looking to break the deadlock.
10:40 PM2 years ago

Argentina's probable starting eleven

The most likely eleven for the Argentines is: Jeremías Ledesma; Hernán De La Fuente, Nehuén Pérez, Facundo Medina, Claudio Bravo; Fausto Vera, Santiago Colombatto; Fernando Valenzuela, Alexis Mac Allister or Martín Payero, Ezequiel Barco; Adolfo Gaich.
10:35 PM2 years ago

Egypt's possible lineup

The possible team that will be formed by the Africans is: El Shenawy; El Eraki, Hamdi, Hegazy; Galal, Ahmed El Fotouh, Ashour, Tawfik; Sobhi, Yasser Rayyan and Mohamed Taher. 
10:30 PM2 years ago

Argentina wants to wake up from a bad start

The Argentine team comes into the match after a surprise defeat in its first match against Australia, with a score of 0-2 in favor of the Oceania team. Due to this, the South American team will have to look for a victory to continue the tournament in a good way.
10:25 PM2 years ago

Egypt: looking for its first win

The African team arrives to this match after a goalless draw with the Spanish National Team, achieving the first point of this tournament, and being a tough opponent for their rivals.
10:20 PM2 years ago

The match will be played at the Sapporo Dome

The players will arrive at the Sapporo Dome, a sports complex located in the city of Sapporo. The stadium has a capacity of 42,300 spectators. This complex hosted the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup.
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Start of transmission

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