Goals and highlights San Jose Earthquakes 1-1  Houston Dynamo: in 2021 MLS
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12:28 AM2 months ago

Thank you very much!

Thank you for following today's match in VAVEL, i'm Santiago Suarez it has been a pleasure being here! Good Night!
12:26 AM2 months ago

Both goals of today's match!

A goal's a goal 😅 pic.twitter.com/bxvFxJJBvm

— San Jose Earthquakes (@SJEarthquakes) July 25, 2021

12:12 AM2 months ago

Aaaaaand the match ends!!

The match ended 1-1 after many chances created, and it could have been 3-1 or even more for Houston, but Marcinowski was great at the back
12:11 AM2 months ago

Min 97: Chaos in the pitch!

The referee decides to show the red card to Carlos Fierro for the unnecesary foul and the yellow card for Maxi Urruti!!
12:09 AM2 months ago

Min 96: Counter attack for San José!

The counter ends badly, Fierro is knocked down by Urruti, but Fierro on the ground, angrily kicks Urruti, and Urruti is down on the floor, but nothing bad happened. 
12:05 AM2 months ago

Min 93: dangerous free kick for San José

the free kick is taken and the ball is in!! 2-1!! but it is marked offside!! it's still 1-1 
12:04 AM2 months ago

Min 92: change from Houston Dynamo

Mateo Bajamich comes in 

Joe Corona leaves the pitch

12:02 AM2 months ago

Min 90: the referee decides to add 6 minutes

The referee ads 6 minutes after many fouls and yellow cards.
12:00 AM2 months ago

Min 88: Houston Dynamo player is injured

Teenage Hadebe can't continue!
11:59 PM2 months ago

Min 85: A great cross from San Jose

Cade Cowell sends a los cross to Andres Rios, the defenders can't comunicate properly and Maric needs to clear it with both feet!!
11:55 PM2 months ago

Min 84: great shot following a corner!!

Andres Rios waits for the ball to bounce and it pases milimiters above the goal!
11:55 PM2 months ago

Min 83: The player can continue

Teenage Hadebe can continue. 
11:53 PM2 months ago

Min 81: Free kick taken!!

But the ball is weak and Maric grabs it 
11:52 PM2 months ago

Min 80: A player from Houston is down

Teenage Hadebe is in need of Medical Atention 
11:51 PM2 months ago

Min 79: free kick for San José

Dangerous free kick for San José!!
11:49 PM2 months ago

Min 76: another change for San José

Chris Wondolowski leaves the pitch

Andres Rios enters the pitch 

11:47 PM2 months ago

Min 72: Double change for San José:

Javier Lopez leaves the pitch 

Florian Jungwirth enters the pitch 


Luciano Abecasis leaves the pitch 

Paul Marie Enters the pitch 

11:44 PM2 months ago

min 71: Another change for Houston Dynamo

José Rodríguez leaves the pitch 

Adam Lundqvist enters the pitch 

11:43 PM2 months ago

Min 70: the first yellow card for San José

Nathan Pelae, takes the deserved yellow card, after 4 fouls. 
11:42 PM2 months ago

Min 68: another yellow card for Houston

Matías vera gets the third yellow card of the match. 
11:39 PM2 months ago

Min 64: Another change for Houston

Griffin Dorsey leaves the pitch 

Derrick Jones enters the pitch 

11:39 PM2 months ago

change for Houston Dynamo

Fafá Picault leaves the pitch

Darwin Quintero entera the pitch 

11:35 PM2 months ago

Min 64: two changes for San José

Carlos Fierro comes in 

John Skhan is out 


Cade Cowell comes in 

Cristian Espinoza is out 

11:32 PM2 months ago

Min 60: corner kick for San José

Salinas recovers and gets a corner kick! The corner kick is taken badly and Fafá Picault clears it.
11:30 PM2 months ago

Min 57: another yellow card for Houston

Houston's Captain Tim Parker takes the yellow card. 
11:28 PM2 months ago

Min 55: corner nick for Houston

A great sprint from Fafá Picault, but Nathan slide tackles badly, but the corner ends in the goalies hands. 
11:24 PM2 months ago

Min 52: first yellow card for Houston

Fafá Picault makes contact elbow to head with Alanis. 
11:22 PM2 months ago

Min 50: Weak shot from Houston!

The goalie grabs it easily!
11:16 PM2 months ago

And the second half starts!!

San José move the ball!
11:16 PM2 months ago

And the first half ends! it's 1-1

This has been an exiting first half, with many chances, and a lot of free kicks, Nathan, from San Jose has been running all over the pitch, left and right, and he has comited a lot of fouls, but still no yellow card. I'll be back for the second half! 
11:02 PM2 months ago

Min 51: goal for San José!!!

San Jose gets advantage of the free kick after the bad shot; Espinoza ends the free kick in, but Zarek Valentin couldn`t clear it properly and it ends in the back of the net!!! its 1-1!
10:59 PM2 months ago

Min 49: a bad shot from San José

The shot ends really bad, but there is a free kick for San José!
10:55 PM2 months ago

Min 45: 6 minutes of added time!

The referee decides to add 6 minutes!!
10:49 PM2 months ago

Min 39: Goal for Houston Dynamo!!!

Great clearance by San José, but Matías Vera gets the ball on a half voley and smahes it bottom bins!! 1-0
10:47 PM2 months ago

Min 38: a Houston player is down again!

Dangerous free kick for Houston!
10:43 PM2 months ago

Min 33: great shot from Urruti!!

the shot is a half voley, inside the box but Marcinkowski makes a great save!!
10:39 PM2 months ago

Min 29: Free kick for Houston!!

A player is down and the free kick is taken, nothing happens!!
10:36 PM2 months ago

Min 27: Great cross from San José!!

the stricker makes contact with the ball, but it goes wide!
10:35 PM2 months ago

Min 25: San José player continues!

Nothing happened with San José player
10:31 PM2 months ago

Min 22: corner for Dynamo!

The corner ends in a goal kick!!
10:31 PM2 months ago

Min 21: San Jose player down!

San José are playing with 10 men, Joe Corona entera the pitch again!
10:28 PM2 months ago

Min 19: Houston player May be injured

Houston is playing with 10 men at the moment 
10:27 PM2 months ago

Min 18: Dangerous shot by Dynamo!!

Great shot by Picault, but Marcinowski grabs it calmly!
10:23 PM2 months ago

Min 14: Dangerous free kick for Dynamo

Dangerous free kick for Houston that ends in the goalies hands.
10:20 PM2 months ago

min 10: the referee can´t continue!!

The fourth referee needs to enter the pitch
10:18 PM2 months ago

Min 8: The referee is in need of atention

The referee  colides with a San Jose player 
10:15 PM2 months ago

Min 5: Chance for San José!!!

Wondolowski enters the area, puts it on the Mexican Lopez who sends it out !!!
10:13 PM2 months ago

Min: 3 foul against San José

Free Kick that ends in a goal kick.
10:09 PM2 months ago

And the match begins!!

Houston move the ball
10:07 PM2 months ago

San José Earthquakes have 3 players out!

Thompson has problems on the knee 

Judson has a red card from the last match 

Bersano has problems on the knee as well

10:05 PM2 months ago

There is a debutant for Houston Dynamo

10:05 PM2 months ago

Houston Dynamo Starting XI

Marko Maric; Teenage Hadebe, Tim Parker, Samuel Junqua, Zarek Valentin; José Rodriguez, Joe Corona, Matias Vera, Griffin Dorsey; Maxi Urruti, Fafá Picault. 
9:25 PM2 months ago

San José Earthquakes starting XI

James Marcinowski; Tanner Beason, Oswaldo Alanis, Nathan Pelae; Luciano Abecasis, Eric Remedi, John Skahan, Shea Salinas; Cristian Espinoza, Chris Wonsolowski, Javier Lopez. 
9:13 PM2 months ago

Houston Dynamo player arriving at the Pay Pal arena

9:01 PM2 months ago

San Jose could go up to 10th place

Although San Jose haven't had the best season, they have one of the best midfielders from last season, Christian Espinoza, and he is having a good season, and San Jose are on a Roll with 3 matches without losing, 3 draws. 
8:59 PM2 months ago

can Houston Dynamo Win against San Jose today?

Tab Ramos needs some inspiration to win; he could change the lineups, he could do some tactical changes or anything, but he needs to win today to go up in the table. 
12:41 AM2 months ago

Tune in here San José vs Houston Dynamo Live Score

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this San José vs Houston.
12:36 AM2 months ago

Can Tab Ramos get going on winning ways?

The Houston Dynamo coach, as mentioned before, has not known victory since Matchday 6, and has had to move  lineups a lot, make changes of players to find the piece that completes the puzzle and be able to win. Can  Tab Ramos's team beat  San Jose earthquakes?
12:31 AM2 months ago

Player in form for Houston Dynamo: Maximiliano Urruti.

The 30 year old argentinian striker Maxi Urruti, has been a key for Tab Ramos's team. He's played Great football, and has scored 6 times and assisted once, that makes him the highest scorer from the team. 
12:26 AM2 months ago

Player in form for San José Earthquakes: Cristian Espinoza

The 26 year old argentinian midfielder Christian Espinoza has played 14 matches out of 14 and he has been subed off once. He has socorred 1 goal across the 14 matches, but he has assisted 4 times, being the highest asister in the team.
12:21 AM2 months ago

Last XI for Houston Dynamo

Marko Maric; Samuel Junqua, Teenage Hadebe, Tim Parker, Zarek Valentin; Matías Vera; Joe Corona, Derrick Jones, Adam Lundqvist, Fafá Picault; Maximilano Urruti. 
12:16 AM2 months ago

Last XI for San Jose Earthquakes

James Marcinowski; Nathan Pelae, Oswaldo Alanis, Tanner Beason; Marcos Lopez, Judson Silva, Eric Remedi, Shea Salinas; Cristian Espinoza, Chris Wondolowski, Javier Lopez. 
12:11 AM2 months ago

When and where can you watch San Jose Earthquakes vs Houston Dynamo?

The match will be available on ESPN+, the ESPN app and on NBC sports. If you want to watch it on internet, live, your best option is VAVEL México. 
12:06 AM2 months ago

Schedules of different countries to see the duel

These are all the different times to watch this game between San Jose Earthquakes and Houston Dynamo:

Mexico: 5:15 p.m.

Brazil: 7:15 p.m.

Ecuador: 5:15 p.m.

Argentina: 7:15 p.m

 Chile: 6:15 p.m.

Canada: 6:15 p.m.

Colombia: 5:15 p.m.

Guatemala: 4:15 p.m.

United States: 3:15 p.m. PT / 6:15 p.m. ET

12:01 AM2 months ago

¡Houston Dynamo don´t know how to win!

Tab Ramos's team hasn`t won since matchday 6 against Whitecaps FC after matchday 6 they have drawn 5 times and lost twice. Their last match was against Whitecaps and they drew 0-0 at the Rio Tinto Stadium can Tab Ramos wake up their team and win against San Jose?
11:56 PM2 months ago

!San Jose Earthquakes were held up in the last minute of the match!

San José Earthquakes last match was intense. they played against Sporting Kansas City and the match ended 1-1 but the intense part was that the San Jose defender Nathan Pelae socorred in the 53rd minute, but Sporting KC drew the match in the 90th minute thanks to a gol by Daniel Salloi.
11:51 PM2 months ago

Promising duel!

PayPal Arena, located in San Jose, California, Will be the venue that will host the match between San Jose Earthquakes vs Houston Dynamo corresponding to the matchday 15 of the MLS. The stadium has space for 18,000 people 



11:46 PM2 months ago

¡Hello, and Welcome!

Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the transmission of the   San Jose Earthquakes vs Houston Dynamo match corresponding to the 15th matchday of the MLS. The venue of the match will be at the PayPal Arena at 9:00 p.m.