Goals and highlights: Australia 0-2 Egypt in Tokyo Olympics
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9:01 AM2 years ago


I would like to thank you here for your audience in another Olympics match. Stay tuned here for the repercussions of this game. Have a nice day and see you next time!
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Group C

Spain came first in the group with five points. And Egypt came second with four, and passed by virtue of goal difference, which was 1, against -1 of Argentina, who came in second place. Australia, with three points, finished at the bottom of the group. By passing in second position Egypt will face Brazil in the quarterfinals!
8:56 AM2 years ago


With goals from Rayyan and Hamdi, Egypt beats Australia 2-0, sees Argentina draw 1-1 with Spain and qualifies for the next round of the Olympics!
8:50 AM2 years ago


Yellow for Hamdi, for a tackle on Baccus in the Egyptian backfield.
8:45 AM2 years ago


Sobhi's beautiful play, with two cuts to the defender, he hit it hard and goalkeeper Glover saved, but Hamdi was on the rebound to put the ball in the back of the goal!
8:40 AM2 years ago


At the corner kick coming from the right Souttar got the header high and El Shenawy went for it on the right corner, saving Egypt from an equalizer!
8:36 AM2 years ago


And nothing happens in the last few minutes. The match lives of small peaks of chances created and others with no chance at all.
8:28 AM2 years ago


Ahmadi received the ball inside the box, beat the defense and hit it hard, but against the post! On the rebound Rayyan headed out!
8:23 AM2 years ago


Arzani risked his shot from outside the area and sent it too far away from the goal.
8:15 AM2 years ago


The Australian team is on the attack, with crosses and moves along the side of the field, but still without efficiency.
8:07 AM2 years ago


At the corner kick, the Egyptian defense took it and Baccus hit it hard from outside the area, but in the hands of goalkeeper El Shenawy.
8:03 AM2 years ago


Rayyan gets the first touch on the ball and it rolls into the second half of the match between Australia and Egypt!
8:01 AM2 years ago

Teams on the pitch

The teams now reappear on the pitch to start the second half. And in the other group match, Spain and Argentina go to a scoreless draw!
7:48 AM2 years ago


With a goal by Rayyan, Egypt wins 1-0 against Australia!
7:46 AM2 years ago


In a beautiful move by Ahmdi on the left, he took out his marker and crossed back, where Rayyan was to finish for the goal!
7:37 AM2 years ago


Yellow for El Hagrasi, for a hard tackle in midfield. It's the first yellow in the match.
7:35 AM2 years ago


At Abou's cross in the box, Egypt got a corner, which was played short and the rehearsed move had the cross blocked by the defense.
7:33 AM2 years ago

Line-up of Egypt

Egypt are lined up for the match with: El Shenawy, El Eraki, Toeima, Hegazy, Hamdi and Abou; Shalabi, El Hagrasi, Sobhl and Mohamed; Rayyan.
7:33 AM2 years ago

Line-up of Australia

Australia have GLover, Deng, Souttar, Rowles and King; Pierias, Genreau, Metcalfe and Wales; Tilto and D'Agostino in the starting line-up
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We now begin the broadcast of the Olympic match between Australia and Egypt. Pardon the delay and the match is still 0-0 after 31 minutes, with 56% of possession for Egypt, against 44% for Australia. Egypt came more, with five shots, but none of them were on goal, against an Australian shot, which was also not on goal - ugly game until then.
5:30 PM2 years ago

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Posible Egypt

And the probable Egyptian team is: El Shenawy, El Eraki, Toeima, Hegazy, Hamdi and El Fotouh; Shalabi, El Hagrasi, Omar and Sobhi; Rayyan.
5:15 PM2 years ago

Posible Australia

With this, the probable Australian team is: Glover, D'Agostino, Deng, Souttar, and King; Wales, Genreau, Metcalfe, and Arzani; Watts, and Rowles.
5:10 PM2 years ago

Players out!

Australia will be without McGree, Duke and Atkinson, all suspended for their second yellow cards against Spain. Egypt, on the other hand, will be at full strength for the confrontation.
5:05 PM2 years ago

Shawky Gharib

After the match against Argentina, Shawky Gharib commented on the team's performance and on some players: "When an Egyptian player loses focus, he becomes a problem. Argentina scored their only dangerous chance of the game. This is soccer, you have to take risks. We are still working, and we have a chance to qualify, we haven't lost hope. Mostafa Mohamed is a big star, and the top scorer of the team, and he would have made us stronger. But I won't use his absence as an excuse. I have Ahmed Yasser Rayan, the top scorer in the league, and I have Taher Mohamed, Ramadan Sobhi and Salah Mohsen."
5:00 PM2 years ago

Graham Arnold

Graham Arnold, after the loss to Spain, commented on his team's situation: "We have deep, fresh players ready to go. We have shown in the past that we can play different systems, different players and we have a lot of depth so you can't look at the negatives, I look at the positives. "I'm very, very proud of the players and the performance. "It was a fantastic effort against a nation and an obviously very good soccer team in Spain. I thought we did exceptionally well. We are here today with qualification in our own hands, so it's all up to us. We're not counting on anyone having to beat anyone else. I thought we defended fantastic, we can do better with the ball, of course, and we'll get better with that. I have no complaints, I'm extremely proud of the boys and again we have everything in our own hands. Let's keep smiling and enjoy this experience.
4:55 PM2 years ago

Group C

Group C of the competition is tightly bunched, with Spain leading the group with four points, followed closely by Australia and Argentina, both with three points. Australia is in the lead because it has a goal difference of 1, against -1 for Argentina. Egypt, on the other hand, has one point and is at the bottom of the competition.
4:50 PM2 years ago

Sentence: Egypt

Egypt comes from a defeat in the group stage, when they lost 1-0 to Argentina. The goal of the match was scored by Facundo Medina. Before that Egypt faced Spain, when they drew 0-0.
4:45 PM2 years ago

Sentence: Australia

Australia also comes from a defeat, when they lost 1-0 to Spain, who scored with Oyarzabal. In the first group match the Australians beat Argentina 2-0, with goals from Wales and Tilio.
4:40 PM2 years ago

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