Goals and Highlights: Sweden 3-1 Japan in Tokyo 2020 Olympics Women's Football
Sweden vs New Zealand, Olympic Games // Source: Sweden National Team


7:59 AM2 months ago


Sweden qualifies for the Olympic semifinals with a 3-1 win over Japan. Australia will be their next opponent. That's all, until next time.
7:57 AM2 months ago

End of the match

The match ended at Saitama Stadium, Sweden defeated Japan 3-1 to advance to the Olympic semifinals. Japan, on the other hand, is eliminated from the competition.
7:50 AM2 months ago

90'| Five minutes of added time

The match will have five extra minutes, so we will go to the 95th minute. The score is still 3-1.
7:42 AM2 months ago

82'| The game settles down

With a two-goal lead, the Swedes forget to attack and wait for the Japanese at the back. Japan can't create any danger and the game has a low rhythm of play.
7:32 AM2 months ago

68' Sweden goal

Asllani scores from eleven meters to put his team two goals ahead. Sweden are now on the verge of the semifinals, 3-1.
7:28 AM2 months ago

67' Penalty for Sweden

After the VAR review, the referee calls a penalty. A chance for the Swedes to half-settle the game. Asllani is going to shoot.
7:27 AM2 months ago

66' | VAR review

There is a VAR review, the referee goes to the monitor to see if there is a penalty or not. The ball seems to hit the Japanese player in the hand. What will happen...
7:23 AM2 months ago

56' Good save by Lindahl

Another good move by Japan ends with Tanaka's shot, but Lindahl sends it to a corner. The score is still 2-1.
7:14 AM2 months ago

53'| Sweden goal

A good move by Sweden ends with Blackstenius' shot in the Japanese goalkeeper's net. Sweden take the lead, 2-1.
7:10 AM2 months ago

49'| Japan's arrival

Good play by Shimizu, who made a one-two with Tanaka, for the right back to shoot at goal. Lindahl saves. Still 1-1.
7:05 AM2 months ago

46'| Second half begins

As the ball rolls for the final 45 minutes, Sweden draws 1-1 with Japan, what will happen in the second half?
6:51 AM2 months ago


The first half ended with a 1-1 draw, Sweden was slightly superior but did not convert the chances they had into goals.
6:43 AM2 months ago

35'|Another saves for Yamashita

Asllani got to the inside of the box, shot but the Japanese goalkeeper saved the ball again, what a game Yamashita is having.
6:39 AM2 months ago

32'| No penalty

After reviewing the VAR, the referee decides not to call a penalty. Sweden take the kick. The score remains 1-1.
6:35 AM2 months ago

30'| Penalty for Japan

Ilestedt brings down the Japanese striker, who received a great through ball, and the referee blows for a penalty.
6:29 AM2 months ago

24' Japan goal

Japan scored after mounting a counterattack down the right flank, which ended with a great cross from Hasegawa to Japan striker Tanaka, who slotted the ball into Lindahl's net. Japan equalize, 1-1.
6:26 AM2 months ago

19'| How well Minami crossed.

Blackstenius receives a through ball behind the Japanese backline and heads towards goal, shoots and... Minami appeared to send it to the corner. Japan is saved from the second.
6:18 AM2 months ago

12' | Rolfo could have scored

What a start for Sweden, who could have scored the second goal through a shot from the edge of the area that the Japanese goalkeeper saves. The score is still 1-0.
6:14 AM2 months ago

7'| Sweden goal

The Swedes take the lead, thanks to Eriksson's header. Good play on the left flank by Rolfo who puts in a great cross for the Swede to finish and put her team ahead. Sweden 1-0 Japan.
6:12 AM2 months ago

6'| Sweden had it

The one that Sweden just had, good arrival of Angeldal who shot from inside the area, but Yamashita makes a good save. It will be a corner kick.
6:09 AM2 months ago

The meeting begins

The quarterfinals get underway at the Saitama Stadium, in a battle for a place in the semifinals of the Olympic Games. Who will advance?
5:51 AM2 months ago

Japan lineup

And now let's go to the lineup of the Japanese, Asako Takakura goes with a 4-4-2. Her eleven is as follows: Yamashita; Shimizu, Kumagai, Minami and Miyagawa; Hasegawa, Nakajima, Miura and Sugita; Iwabuchi and Tanaka.
5:37 AM2 months ago

Sweden's lineup

Peter Gerhardsson lines up a 4-2-3-1, his eleven is as follows: Lindahl; Glas, Ilestedt, Bjorn and Eriksson; Angeldal and Seger; Jakobsson, Asllani and Rolfo; Blackstenius.
5:29 AM2 months ago

Half an hour to kick-off

This is going to begin shortly, half an hour to the start of these Quarterfinals. Let's go to the lineups of both teams.
9:33 PM2 months ago

The quarterfinal crossings

Apart from Sweden vs Japan, the other three quarterfinal matches are as follows: Canada vs Brazil, Great Britain vs Australia and Netherlands vs U.S.A. Who will advance to the semifinals?
9:28 PM2 months ago

Photo of Chile vs Japan

Chile vs Japan, Olympic Games // Source: Chile National Team
Chile vs Japan, Olympic Games // Source: Chile National Team
9:23 PM2 months ago

Where is it televised?

The match between Sweden and Japan in women's soccer will be televised on Eurosport and Eurosport Player.
9:18 PM2 months ago

Schedule and venue

The match will be played at 19.00 local time (12.00 Spanish time) at the Saitama Stadium, which will host this quarterfinal match.
9:13 PM2 months ago

Photo of Sweden

Celebración de Suecia en los Juegos Olímpicos // Fuente: Selección de Suecia
Sweden's celebration at the Olympic Games // Source: Sweden National Team
9:08 PM2 months ago

What happened in the group stage? (Japan)

Japan, meanwhile, finished third in the group with four points, having drawn with Canada (1-1), lost to Great Britain (1-0) and beaten Chile (0-1) to advance to this round.
9:03 PM2 months ago

What happened in the group stage? (Sweden)

The Swedes finished top of the group with nine points out of a possible nine, beating the USA (3-0), Australia (4-2) and New Zealand (2-0).
8:58 PM2 months ago

Japan's last match

In the previous match the Japanese eliminated Chile, as they were defeated by the minimum, 0-1, and the Chileans had to win the match. The goal was scored by Tanaka in the last quarter of an hour of the match.
8:53 PM2 months ago

Sweden's last match

In the last match, the Swedes beat New Zealand 2-0, thanks to goals by Anvegard and Janogy. New Zealand did not advance from the group stage, having failed to win a single match.
8:48 PM2 months ago

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