Goal and Highlights: Brazil 1-0 Egypt in Tokyo Olympics
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6:54 AM2 years ago

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6:52 AM2 years ago

48'End of the Game!

Brazil 1 x 0 Egypt
6:51 AM2 years ago

45'+1 Substitution (Brazil)

↑Enter: 2. Gabriel Menino
↓Out: 7. Richarlison
6:50 AM2 years ago


+3 mins
6:45 AM2 years ago

42' Shot!

Mohsen receives a pass in the intermediary, the Brazilian defense does not close the space, and the forward shoots strong, but the ball goes to the center of the goal, and goalkeeper Santos holds
6:40 AM2 years ago

41' Pressure from Egypt!

In a free-kick from distance, the ball is taken inside the Brazilian area, the ball almost goes to Hegazy, but the defense cuts it off, in the left side, another close cross from the right side, but goalkeeper Santos comes out of the goal and holds on high
6:35 AM2 years ago

39' Substitution (Egypt)

↑Enter: 8. Maher
↓Exits: 9. Taher Mohamed
6:30 AM2 years ago

36' You've got it wrong!

Richarlison receives a beautiful ball passing in the back inside the area, on the left side in the face of the goal in freedom, tries to dominate, but loses control and the ball goes to the bottom line
6:25 AM2 years ago

31' Truncated game!

The match becomes emotionless in this final stretch, Brazil lacks creativity to create plays
6:20 AM2 years ago

28' Catch, El Shenawy!

Paulinho receives a pass on the left side of the field, after a tabelinha involving Malcom and Reinier, he invades the area, brings the good leg and finishes in the middle of the goal, goalkeeper El Shenawy holds without difficulty
6:15 AM2 years ago

24' Hold on, Santos!

A deep pass in the back of the Brazilian defensive line, Mohsen, on the right side, gets a shot across the box, but goalkeeper Santos saves it without difficulty
6:10 AM2 years ago

21' What a chance!

Daniel Alves advances with freedom through the middle and gives a pass in the back of the defense to Paulinho who arrives in the face of the goal on the right and finishes in the middle, the goalkeeper El Shenawy saves
6:05 AM2 years ago

19' Substitution (Brazil)

↑Enter: 17. Malcom, 19. Reinier
↓Out: 11. Antony, 20. CLaudinho
6:00 AM2 years ago

16' Substitution (Egypt)

↑Enter: 17. Mohsen, 15. Ashour
↓Out: 14. rayan, 13. El Eraki
5:55 AM2 years ago

15' LOST!

Brazil arrives very well in the attack, Antony right back to inside and opens the game with Claudinho on the left inside the area, he tries the pass in the small area to Richarlison that can not get the domain in the arrival of the defense
5:50 AM2 years ago

13' Not reached!

Antony receives on the right wing gets great spin over the marker, gives a deep pass to Bruno Guimarães, he makes a low cross, Richarlison appears in the small area but does not reach
5:45 AM2 years ago

11' Too far ahead!

Paulinho receives a deep pass in the back of the marking, takes it to the right, brings it inside and opens for Guilherme Arana inside the area on the left, he advances the ball too much, the goalkeeper closes the space, and the full-back finishes over El Shenawy
5:40 AM2 years ago

8' Substitution (Brazil)

↑Enter: 7. Paulinho
↓Out: 9. matheus Cunha
5:35 AM2 years ago

6' Take it off, Nino!

Fotouh receives on the left side of the field, saw the positioning inside the Brazilian area, and made a strong cross from the top, but defender Nino managed to cut it off
5:30 AM2 years ago

2' Defend, El Shenawy!

Cunha was unlucky, he gave a touch over the top, but the goalkeeper saved. A sensational ball from Douglas Luiz, in the dribble and in the pass to the Brazilian.
5:25 AM2 years ago

1' Bad shot!

Antony on the right, goes over the marking, gives elastic in defender takes to the bottom line and makes the cross half height, Matheus Cunha adjusts to Claudinho who tries to finish with three fingers, but catches bad and sends out
5:20 AM2 years ago

0' Starts the second half

The second half begins in Saitma
5:15 AM2 years ago

Teams in the field

The teams enter the field to start the second half
5:10 AM2 years ago

48' End of the 1st quarter

Brazil 1 x 0 Egypt
5:05 AM2 years ago

45'+1 OH!

In a foul on the edge of the penalty area, Claudinho and Douglas Luiz are positioned on the ball, but it is the number 5 who shoots straight at goal, in the corner of the goalkeeper, the ball passes and goes out inches from the goal
5:00 AM2 years ago


+3 mins
4:55 AM2 years ago

41' Yellow Card (Egypt)

Akram Tawfik is cautioned for fouling Richarlison
4:50 AM2 years ago

37' Goal Detail

Claudinho through the middle opens the game with Richarlison on the left side of the field, he goes over the marking, brings to the middle and plays to Matheus Cunha alone in the middle of the area, and finishes well in the left corner to score
4:45 AM2 years ago


Matheus Cunha opens the score for the Brazilian National Team. 1 a 0!
4:40 AM2 years ago

33' Isolated!

Brazil went down on a counterattack, Richarlison fought in the middle of three inside the area, the ball was left on the edge of the area with Matheus Cunha that first sent in the defense, in the left over Douglas Luiz isolated
4:35 AM2 years ago

32' Yellow Card (Brazil)

Antony is cautioned for a foul on Fotouh
4:30 AM2 years ago

30' Low shot!

The full-back Daniel Alves, supporting well on the right, receives a pass, goes to the back line and makes a low cross inside the opponent's area, but El Wench cuts it off and pushes the danger away
4:25 AM2 years ago

28' What a move!

Brazil makes beautiful play through the midfield, Claudinho gives a pass to Matheus Cunha with his back to the defense, he gives a first pass to Richarlison who tries to turn over, the defense cuts and the ball back at the feet of the number 10 that finishes strong, and goalkeeper El Shenawy saves
4:20 AM2 years ago

24' Bad shooting!

Egypt takes off a counter-attack, El Eraki manages to run free on the left side, he was going to try to turn the game, but he took the ball very badly and sent it into the goal, in the hands of goalkeeper Santos
4:15 AM2 years ago

21' Good Crossing

In a foul on the left side of the field, Guilherme Arana positions himself on the ball and makes a cross inside the area, the ball goes high and the Egyptian defense keeps the danger away
4:10 AM2 years ago

19' Punching!

Antony receives a good pass from Bruno Guimarães on the right side, takes it inside and makes the cross inside the area, the ball was going to Claudinho's head, but the goalkeeper El Shenawy came out of the goal and punched it out
4:05 AM2 years ago

18' Not overpowered!

Egypt tried to leave playing with the ball at his feet, but the pass in the intermediate left wrong and I get Antony that first triggered the Matheus Cunha inside the area facing the goal, but the domain slipped and was in the hands of the goalkeeper
4:00 AM2 years ago

15' Over!

Brazil gets good descent into attack, in a long pass, Matheus Cunha head off to Antony that opens the game on the right side to Richarlison, he brings the middle and finishes from outside the area, but the ball goes over the goal
3:55 AM2 years ago

12' How dangerous!

A cross from the left side into the Brazil box, Diego Carlos misplaces it, the ball stays alive inside the box, Ramadan Sobhi manages to finish, the ball explodes in the defense and goes back to Akram Tawfik's header that goes to the right of the goal with great danger
3:50 AM2 years ago

10' Cut!

In a corner from the left, Claudinho makes a cross inside the area, the ball travels to the second stick, Nino sticks his head in the middle and the defense cuts it off
3:45 AM2 years ago

9' Providential cut!

Brazil makes good play through the middle, with plenty of passing, the defender Diego Carlos makes a first-time lift to Richarlison inside the area, he crosses, but the defense takes away
3:40 AM2 years ago

5' Get the goalkeeper out!

Daniel Alves supporting on the right side of the field, receives a beautiful reversal of play, dominates and makes the cross closed, El Shenawy gets out of the goal badly, but recovers and makes the cut
3:35 AM2 years ago

0' Start the match

1st half started in Saitama
3:30 AM2 years ago

Teams on the field

The teams enter the field to start the game
3:25 AM2 years ago

All set!

With about 10 minutes to go until the start of the game, Brazil and Brazil have already finished warming up on the Saitama field
3:20 AM2 years ago

Brazil's Reserves

12. Brenno (GK), 4. Ricardo Graça, 2. Gabriel Menino, 19. Reinier, 18. Matheus Henrique, 7. Paulinho and 17. Malcom 
3:15 AM2 years ago

Brazil's lineup

(4-4-2) 1. Santos; 6. Guilherme Arana, 3. Diego Carlos, 15. Nino, 13. Daniel Alves (C); 8. Bruno Guimarães, 5. Douglas Luiz, 20. Claudinho, 11. Antony; 10. Richarlison and 9. Matheus Cunha

Coach: André Jardine

3:10 AM2 years ago

Where and how to watch Brazil vs Egypt live on TV in real time?

League: Tokyo Olympic Games 2020

Venue: Saitama

Time: 06:00 AM

Where to follow: VAVEL

3:05 AM2 years ago

Where and how to watch the Brazil vs Egypt match LIVE online?

It is possible to watch the match exclusively on VAVEL, which will broadcast the match in real time.
3:00 AM2 years ago

Probable lineup of Brazil

Santos, Daniel Alves, Nino, Diego Carlos e Guilherme Arana; Douglas Luiz, Bruno Guimarães, Claudinho e Antony; Matheus Cunha and Richarlison. 
2:55 AM2 years ago

Probable lineup of Egypt

El Shenawy; El Eraki, Osama Galal, Hegazy, El Wench e Fotouh; Akram Tawfik, Ammar Hamdy, Ramadan Sobhi e Mohsen; Rayan. Técnico: Shawky Gharib
2:50 AM2 years ago


Referee: Chris Beath (AUS)

Assistant Referee 1: Anton Shechetinin (AUS)

Assistant Referee 2: George Lakrindis (AUS)

VAR: Artur Soares Dias (POR)

2:45 AM2 years ago

Medal table

Brazil - 1 gold medal, 3 silver medals and 1 bronze medal

Egypt - 0 medals

2:40 AM2 years ago

Brazil's Campaign - Group Stage

(Group D) 1st place - 2V, 1E, 0D - 7 goals scored and 3 goals conceded (balance: +4)

Round 1 - Brazil 4-2 Germany

Round 2 - Brazil 0-0 Ivory Coast

Round 3 - Brazil 3-1 Saudi Arabia

2:35 AM2 years ago

Matches - Quarter-finals

South Korea vs Mexico - 8:00am

Brazil vs Egypt - 7:00am

Japan vs New Zealand - 6:00am

Spain vs Ivory Coast - 5:00am

2:30 AM2 years ago


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