Goals and highlights Liverpool 1-1 Athletic Bilbao: in 2021 club friendlies


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12:33 PMa year ago

Thank you!!

Thank you for following today's game at VAVEL, my name is Santiago Suárez. It has been a pleasure to be here! 
12:32 PMa year ago

Both goals of today's match!

12:21 PMa year ago

And the match ends 1-1!!

The match ends 1-1, a very even match, with many chances for both teams, the match could have ended with victory for either team but the defenses were very solid.
12:13 PMa year ago

Changes for Bilbao and Liverpool


Mikel Vesga enters Dani Garcia leaves 

Aitor Paredes enters, Iñigo Martinez  leaves 


Jake Cain enters Harvey Elliot leaves 

Tyler Morton enters Naby Keita leaves 

12:10 PMa year ago

Min 79: corner for Liverpool

Conceded by Petxerroman, Trent takes it and Villalibre clears it!
12:07 PMa year ago

Changes for Bilbao

Oier Zarraga enters the pitch Unai Vencedor leaves 

Jon Morcillo enters the pitch Alex Berenguer leaves

12:05 PMa year ago

Min 74: What a shot by Elliott

He gets a great ball goes one vs one against a defender, curls a ball and it hits the crosbar!!!
12:00 PMa year ago

Liverpool make two changes

Rhys Williams for Van Dijk 

Ben Woodburn for Jota

11:59 AMa year ago

Changes for Bilbao

Unai Nunez for Sancet

Alex Petxarroman for Dani Vivian

Iñigo Lekue for Balenziaga

Villalibre for Iñaki Williams

Raul Garcia for Iker Muniain

Nico Williams for De marcos

11:44 AMa year ago

Min 52: goal for Bilbao!!! 1-1

Inaki Williams puts a great ball across to Sancet who puts it to Berenguer and he just taps it in!
11:34 AMa year ago

Change for Liverpool

Owen Beck comes in Andy Robertson is out
11:33 AMa year ago

And the second half begins!!

Liverpool move the ball!
11:20 AMa year ago

And the first half ends!!

Liverpool and Bilbao finished this first half evenly, Liverpool had the ball almost all 45 minutes and had many chances, but Bilbao did not give up; and he also had chances, Aguirrezabala had a lot of action in this game, but he conceded a goal thanks to a shot from Diogo Jota!
11:17 AMa year ago

Min 43: Robertson is injured!!

The Liverpool left back can continue, he injured his hip!
11:08 AMa year ago

Min 34: What a save from Alisson!!

a ball High ball is put to to Iñaki Williams, who lowers it, and hits it very well but Alisson saves it, followed by a Van Dijk clearance !!
11:07 AMa year ago

Min 32: What a save!!

Trent puts a great ball to Salah, who curls it, and Aguirrezabala sends it to a corner, taken low by Trent and it ends in nothing!! 
11:05 AMa year ago

Min 30: corner for Liverpool

Trent sends it in, Van Dijk headers it but it goes just wide!!
11:01 AMa year ago

Min 27: Shot from Bilbao!

Sancet shoots outside the box, it's blocked by Van Dijk and Alisson grabs it calmly!
10:57 AMa year ago

Min 23: what a shot from Elliott!!!

Salah puts a great ball to Elliott who curls it but it goes just wide!!
10:54 AMa year ago

Min 20: What a ball from Muniain!!

He puts a great ball in to Inaki Williams who rounds the keeper, but Allison saves it afterwards!!
10:50 AMa year ago

Min 17: foul outside of the box for Liverpool

Direct free kick for Liverpool, Trent takes it, but it ends in nothing 
10:46 AMa year ago

Min 12: Goal for Liverpool!!!

Mane puts a low cross Jota arrives and he smashes it in, 1-0!!
10:46 AMa year ago

Min 11: what a save from Aguirrezabala!!

A beautifull ball from Elliott to Salah, who chips it, but he saves it!!
10:43 AMa year ago

Min 10: counter attack from Bilbao!

Williams runs towards the goal, passes it to Muniain who puts it wide!!
10:33 AMa year ago

Andddd the match begins

Bilbao move the ball
10:18 AMa year ago

Van Dijk prepared to play

9:41 AMa year ago

Some players posing at Anfield

9:36 AMa year ago

Starting XI for Bilbao

Julen Aguirrezabala; Mikel Balenziaga, Inigo Martinez, Dani Vivian, De Marcos; Iker Muniain, Unai Vencedor, Dani Garcia, Alex Berenguer; Inaki Williams, Oihan Sancet
9:31 AMa year ago

Starting XI for Liverpool

Allison; Andy Robertson, Virgil Van Dijk, Joel Matip, Alexander-Arnold; Naby Keita, Harvey Elliott, James Milner; Mohamed Salah, Diogo Jota, Sadio Mane
9:26 AMa year ago

Athletic Bilbao come to this match with a Big injury

The Three Lions are going to have to play another match without a star player, and it is Yuri Berchiche, will it be a big loss for Bilbao not having Berchiche?
9:21 AMa year ago

Can Bilbao win against another big team?

Two games ago Bilbao beat Dortmund 0-2, and now they have to face Liverpool of Jürgen Klopp, a big team, can they beat them?
9:16 AMa year ago

Can Liverpool win their 3rd match in a row?

Liverpool come against Athletic Bilbao with a 1-0 win against Bologna , and before that they won against Bologna as well 2-0, can they make it three wins in a row by beating Bilbao?
9:11 AMa year ago

Tune in here: Liverpool FC Vs Athletic Bilbao live score

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. 
9:06 AMa year ago

Player to watch from Liverpool: Sadio Mane

He's always been one of the best players for Liverpool and he's been the top scorer for Liverpool in pre-season, he has scored 3 times in the 7 games, can he deliver and score against Athletic Bilbao?
9:01 AMa year ago

Player to watch from Bilbao: Inaki Williams

The Spanish striker has always been on good form, in these friendlies he's scored once, but he always is on good form playing for Bilbao, and if he starts, he can do damage to Liverpool.
8:56 AMa year ago

Last XI for Athletic Bilbao

Julen Aguirrezabala; Inigo Martinez, Dani Vivian, Mikel Balenziaga, Alex Petxa; Unai Vencedor, Dani Garcia, Morcillo; Alex Berenguer, Oihan Sancet; Inaki Williams
8:51 AMa year ago

Last XI from Liverpool

Caoimhin Kelleher; Tsimikas; Konaté, Joel Matiz, Trent Alexander-Arnold; Naby Keita, James Milner, Harvey Ellliott; Sadio Mane, Takumi Minamino, Mohamed Salah. 
8:46 AMa year ago

When and where to watch Liverpool vs Athletic Bilbao

The match wil be broadcast in LFC TV GO, or you can watch it live and online in VAVEL.
8:41 AMa year ago

Different times to watch the match

These are the different hours where you can watch the match. 

England: 5:00 pm 

Spain: 5:00 pm 

Mexico: 10:00 am

Brazil: 12:00 pm

Argentina: 12:00 pm 

Canada: 11:00 am 

United States: 8:00 am PT/11:00 am ET

8:36 AMa year ago

¡Athletic Bilbao are in a decent-ish form!

Marcelino Garcia's team have played 5 friendlies, they have lost 3 matches and won two; They lost against ST Gallen,and Union Berlin, and they have won against Dynamo Kyiv and Dortmund. Can they win on Sunday against Jürgen Klopp's team?
8:31 AMa year ago

¡Liverpool have a good win ratio!

Liverpool have played two club friendlies in a space of a couple of days, and they have won against Mainz 05 1-0 lost  against Hertha Berlin 4-3, they won twice against Bologna they drew against Stuttgart and against Wacker Innsbruck Can they beat Bilbao on Sunday?
8:26 AMa year ago

¡Promising duel!

The Anfield Stadium located in Merseyside, England will be the stadium that will house the match between Liverpool and Athletic Bilbao, corresponding to a matchday of International friendlies. This stadium has space for 53,394 people. 


8:21 AMa year ago

¡Good evening to all VAVEL readers!

Welcome to the transmission of Liverpool  vs Athletic Bilbao match corresponding to club friendlies. The venue of the match will be at the Anfield stadium at 10:00 am (CDMX)