Goals and Higlights: Nacional (2-0) Cali in Liga BetPlay Match
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7:30 PM2 years ago

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Thank you for joining us for Nacional's victory over Deportivo Cali, on date 4 of the BetPlay League. Stay tuned to VAVEL for all the latest sports news.
7:28 PM2 years ago

93' The match ends

Three minutes are added to the match.
7:27 PM2 years ago

90' Additional time in the match

Three minutes are added to the match.
7:26 PM2 years ago

88' The visitors keep the ball

Correct finish of the match by the visitors, but not effective.
7:22 PM2 years ago

85' Cali's shot

Andrade's shot goes wide, and he fails to score.
7:20 PM2 years ago

83' Cali's shot

Harold Preciado's shot goes slightly wide.
7:18 PM2 years ago

81' Deportivo Cali keeps trying

The visiting team tries to get the discount in the match.
7:16 PM2 years ago


Marulanda's shot from outside the area scores the second goal of the match.
7:15 PM2 years ago

76' Respite for Nacional

Nacional players look to hold the ball better.
7:11 PM2 years ago

73' Total control by Cali

The sugar cane growers maintain possession of the match.
7:07 PM2 years ago

69' The visitors keep possession

Constant crosses from the team, who fail to score a goal.
7:03 PM2 years ago

67' Cali's best minutes

The visiting team maintains possession of the match.
7:00 PM2 years ago

64' Visitor's possession

The Sugar team constantly attacks through the flanks in search of an equalizer.
6:57 PM2 years ago

61' Deportivo Cali attack

Rodriguez's shot is blocked by the goalkeeper and a corner kick is awarded.
6:54 PM2 years ago

58' Nacional attack

Counterattack by the home team in search of the second goal of the match.
6:51 PM2 years ago

56' No difference in the game

The teams are looking for constant pressure in the match.
6:50 PM2 years ago

54' The ball is being fought for in the middle of the pitch

The teams are looking for constant pressure in the match.
6:47 PM2 years ago

51' Nacional attack

A cross from the flank by Nacional is saved by the home goalkeeper.
6:46 PM2 years ago

50' Attack by the visitors

Cali players continue to look for the equalizer.
6:43 PM2 years ago

47' Deportivo Cali possession

The visitors start looking for an equalizer.
6:41 PM2 years ago

The second half begins

The visiting team made changes, with the entrance of Ortega and Robles, and the departure of Colorado and Rodríguez.
6:23 PM2 years ago

47' First half ends

The referee decrees the end of the first half.
6:22 PM2 years ago

45' Addition time

The referee adds two minutes.
6:20 PM2 years ago

43' The ball is being fought for in the midfield

The teams do not allow their opponents to advance from the midfield.
6:17 PM2 years ago

41' Chance for Cali

Preciado's shot goes slightly wide of Nacional's goal.
6:15 PM2 years ago

39' Nacional presses high

The home team holds the ball close to the area and generates constant actions in their favor.
6:13 PM2 years ago

37' Constant chances for Nacional

Constant shots by Barrera and Andrade in search of the second goal of the match.
6:11 PM2 years ago

35' Chance for Nacional

Álvez's shot that Menosse saves on the line. 
6:08 PM2 years ago

32' The ball is being fought for in the midfield

The teams seek to control the action in the match.
6:07 PM2 years ago

30' Control of the locals

The Verdolaga team holds the ball in all phases of the game.
6:04 PM2 years ago

27' Yellow card for Deportivo Cali

Andrés Colorado gets a yellow card.
6:02 PM2 years ago

25' Total control of the match by Nacional

The Nacional team constantly holds the ball.
5:59 PM2 years ago

22' Chance for Deportivo Cali

Andrade's shot hits the post.
5:56 PM2 years ago

20' The game is stopped

Olivera is lying on the ground.
5:54 PM2 years ago

18' Different styles of play in the match

Nacional bets on possession while Deportivo Cali bets on speed. 
5:52 PM2 years ago

15' The visitors try to react

The visitors are looking for a quick equalizer.
5:49 PM2 years ago


After an elaborate play on the left flank, Álvez scores the first goal of the match. 
5:48 PM2 years ago

10' Better options for Cali

The sugar team is more dangerous with their feet.
5:46 PM2 years ago

8' The ball is being fought for in the midfield

The teams do not allow their opponents to advance.
5:42 PM2 years ago

6' The home team seeks possession

Nacional look to attack Deportivo Cali on the flanks.
5:40 PM2 years ago

4' The ball is being fought for in the midfield

The teams seek to control possession from the midfield.
5:38 PM2 years ago

2' Attack of the visitor

Deportivo Cali looks down the left flank and earns the first corner kick of the match.
5:36 PM2 years ago

The judge again authorizes the start of the engagement

Nacional moves the ball at the Atanasio Girardot stadium.
5:34 PM2 years ago

The players take the field

The players are ready to start the match.
5:31 PM2 years ago

Match starts

The players have not yet taken the field and the referee kicks off the match.
5:26 PM2 years ago

The hymns are playing

The players do not go out to the ceremonial acts due to the protest generated against violent acts in the stadiums.
5:16 PM2 years ago

Final preparations

The teams enter the dressing rooms to make final preparations for the upcoming match. 
5:04 PM2 years ago

Deportivo Cali arrives at the stadium

5:02 PM2 years ago

First images of Nacional at the stadium

4:58 PM2 years ago

Pre-competitive activities

The players are on the playing field warming up for the game.
4:55 PM2 years ago

Deportivo Cali starting eleven

Tactical Module: 1-4-2-3-1
De Amores; Balanta, Menosse, Marsiglia, Andrade; Valencia, Colorado; Rodríguez, González, Vásquez; Preciado 
Coach: Alfredo Arias.
4:52 PM2 years ago

Nacional's starting lineup

Tactical module: 1-4-2-3-1
Quintana; Marulanda, Olivera, Perea, Banguero; Rovira, Perlaza; Andrade, Barrera, Candelo; Alvez.
D.T.: Alejandro Restrepo.
4:40 PM2 years ago

Arrival of equipment

The protagonists arrive at the Atanasio Girardot stadium.
4:38 PM2 years ago

We start the coverage

From VAVEL we are ready to bring you all the information about the match between Atlético Nacional and Deportivo Cali.
11:27 AM2 years ago

Tune in here Nacional vs Cali Live Score!

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the Atlético Nacional vs Deportivo Cali live match, as well as the latest information from the Atanasio Girardot Stadium. Keep an eye on the action with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage.
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How to watch Atlético Nacional vs Deportivo Cali?

If you want to watch the game Nacional - Cali live on TV, your option is: WIN Sports +

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What time is the Nacional vs Cali match?

This is the start time of the game Nacional vs Cali of 7th August 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 19:30 hrs.
Bolivia: 18:30 hrs.
Brazil: 19:30 hrs.
Chile: 18:30 hrs.
Colombia: 17:30 hrs.
Ecuador: 17:30 hrs.
Spain: 00:30 hrs. (August 8th)
Mexico: 17:30 hrs.
Paraguay: 18:30 hrs.
Peru: 17:30 hrs.
Uruguay: 19:30 hrs.

11:12 AM2 years ago

Referee's Team

Referee: Edilson Ariza - Santander
Assistant No. 1: Jhon León - Caldas
Assistant No. 2: Javier Patiño - Meta
Fourth Referee: Oscar Gómez - Antioquia
VAR: Fernando Acuña - Casanare
AVAR: Alexander Guzmán - Norte de Santander
VAR Observer: Gustavo González - Federación
11:07 AM2 years ago

Key player: Cali

Harold Preciado is the scorer of the sugar team, with a past in the same team, and on whom falls the commitment to score the generated options.
11:02 AM2 years ago

Key player - Nacional

Andrés Andrade is the most unbalanced player up front for the home team, being the player to carry the offensive reins of the team.
10:57 AM2 years ago

Nacional vs Cali history

The teams have met 277 times, with 99 wins for the locals, 70 draws and 109 wins for Deportivo Cali.
10:52 AM2 years ago

Last Deportivo Cali's away match

In their last away game, the Cali team defeated Independiente Santa Fe 1-2.
10:47 AM2 years ago

Last Atlético Nacional's home match

In their last home game, the paisa team defeated Deportes Tolima by one goal to zero.
10:42 AM2 years ago

Cali, to straighten the path

The visiting team arrives after losing 1-2 at home against Atlético Bucaramanga, on third match of the BetPlay 2021-II League.
10:37 AM2 years ago

Nacional to stay at the first sites

The local team arrives after obtaining the victory in its visit to Bogota, with a score of 0-1 against Independiente Santa Fe.
10:32 AM2 years ago


The match will be played at the Atanasio Girardot Stadium, located in the city of Medellín. The match will be attended by 11,000 fans in the stands.
10:27 AM2 years ago

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