Summary and highlights of Blackpool 3-0 Middlesbrough
Blackpool vs Middlesbrough. Source: Getty Images. 


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See you again!

Thank you for following the match on VAVEL! We will meet again very soon;
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End of the game


4:36 PMa month ago

Minute 90

The referee will add two minutes of time for pronunciation;
4:31 PMa month ago

Blackpool will be in the next round


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Blackpool is a Blackpool


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More changes in the visiting team


4:17 PMa month ago

Clear chance for Middlesbrough

The visiting team came close to equalizing after Isiah's chance, his team's best of the match;
4:12 PMa month ago

Minute 65

Bowler comes close to scoring after a shot from 20 yards out;
4:09 PMa month ago

Changes also at Middlesbrough


4:08 PMa month ago

Substitution in the Blackpool


4:04 PMa month ago

Blackpool goal disallowed

Hamilton scored the second for the home team, but the referee disallowed it for offside;
3:55 PMa month ago

Second half kicks off with a change for Blackpool


3:35 PMa month ago

End of the first half


3:31 PMa month ago

Minute 45

Goalkeeper Lumley saves Bowler's shot after a good personal move;
3:27 PMa month ago

Minute 34

First chance for Middlesbrogh after a free kick by Martín Payero;
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Goal celebration


3:18 PMa month ago


Blackpool takes the lead from a corner kick by Bowler, which is finished off by Connolly at the back of the net;
3:09 PMa month ago

Minute 22

Bowler is very participative in the game and daring, another shot from the player that again goes narrowly wide.
3:07 PMa month ago

Josh Coburn


3:00 PMa month ago

Minute 12

The home team keeps trying, Connolly's header after Bowler's free kick;
2:58 PMa month ago

Minute 7

Another chance for Blackpool, this time finished by Bowler near the post;
2:53 PMa month ago

Minute 4

Blackpool's warning from the left with Husband's shot. 
2:51 PMa month ago


Blackpool: Grimshaw, Connoly, Casey, Husband, Ekipiteta, Hamilton, James, Dougall, Bowler, Lavery y Carey. 

Middlesbrough: Lurnley, Robinson, Wood, Bamba, Peltier, Malley,Morsy, Payero, Cobum, Spence y Jones. 

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Where and how to watch Blackpool vs Middlesbrough Live?

The match will be played at 20:45 Spanish peninsular time and cannot be seen live on TV;
So the best option is to follow it through VAVEL. com.
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What time is the Blackpool vs Middlesbrough match?

This is the start time of the match in several countries:

Argentina: 11:00 hrs. Bolivia: 13:45 hrs. Brasil: 14:45 hrs. Chile: 13:45 hrs. Colombia: 13:45 hrs. Ecuador: 13:45 hrs. España: 20:45 hrs. México: 13:45 hrs. Paraguay: 14: 45 hrs. Perú: 13:45 hrs. Uruguay: 15:45 hrs. Inglaterra: 19: 45 hrs EEUU:14:45 hrs. Australia: 4:45 hrs. India: 23:15 hrs.

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New Middlesbrough signing


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Summary of Blackpool's last match

4:59 PMa month ago

Middlesbrough's last match

Middelsbrough drew 1-1 this past weekend against Fulham;
4:54 PMa month ago

Blackpool's last match

Blackpool drew in the first day of the Championship against Bristol;
4:49 PMa month ago


The última time they met was in 2015 where Middlesbrough won ó by 2 to 1. 
4:44 PMa month ago


The match will be played at Bloomfield Road;
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Preview of the game

Blackpool vs Middlesbrough meet in the first round of the EFL Cup;
4:34 PMa month ago

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