Goals and Highlights Flamengo 5-1 Olimpia in 2021 Copa Libertadores
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Final Score

Flamengo beats Olimpia 5-1 (aggregate 9-2) and advances to the Semifinals of the Copa Libertadores 2021.
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Final whistle and the match ends at Mané Garrincha Stadium.
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Free kick for Flamengo
7:02 PM2 years ago


Yellow card for Gamarra
7:01 PM2 years ago


Free kick for Flamengo
7:00 PM2 years ago


Hugo Quintana's shot that goes off course.
6:57 PM2 years ago


Free kick for Flamengo
6:55 PM2 years ago


Free kick for Flamengo
6:55 PM2 years ago


Olympia change:

Enter Fernando Cardozo for Derlis González.

Enter Jordán Santacruz for Richard Ortiz.

6:51 PM2 years ago


GOAL Flamengo

Gabigol heads in and scores his second goal of the game.

6:50 PM2 years ago


Flamengo change:

Matheuzinho enters replacing Rodinei

6:49 PM2 years ago


Free kick for Olimpia
6:45 PM2 years ago


Offside Olimpia
6:44 PM2 years ago


Flamengo change:

Enter Ramon for Filipe Luís.

6:42 PM2 years ago


Yellow card for Bruno Viana
6:41 PM2 years ago


Free kick for Olimpia
6:40 PM2 years ago


Yellow card for Otálvaro
6:40 PM2 years ago


Yellow card for Vitinho
6:38 PM2 years ago


Otálvaro's shot that goes off course.
6:37 PM2 years ago


Olimpia change:

Enter Néstor Camacho for Jorge Recalde.

Enter Walter González for Roque Santa Cruz.

6:36 PM2 years ago


Flamengo change:

Enter Michael for Giorgian de Arrascaeta.

Enter Pedro for Everton Ribeiro.

Enter Vitinho for Bruno Henrique.

6:31 PM2 years ago


Free kick for Flamengo
6:31 PM2 years ago


Offside Olimpia
6:30 PM2 years ago


GOAL Flamengo

Own goal by Saúl Salcedo. Olimpia dramatically sinks.

6:28 PM2 years ago


Corner kick for Flamengo
6:27 PM2 years ago


Free kick for Flamengo
6:26 PM2 years ago


Offside Olimpia
6:25 PM2 years ago


Corner kick for Olimpia
6:22 PM2 years ago


GOAL Flamengo

Willian Arao shoots very close to the goal line after a free kick.

6:19 PM2 years ago


Start the second half
6:10 PM2 years ago

Half Time

This is how we go to rest after an intense first half between Flamengo and Olimpia:
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End the first half

Flamengo 2-1 Olimpia

6:02 PM2 years ago


GOAL Olimpia

Jorge Recalde shoots crossed to beat goalkeeper Alves.

6:00 PM2 years ago


Free kick for Flamengo
5:59 PM2 years ago


Offside Flamengo
5:58 PM2 years ago


Free kick for Flamengo
5:54 PM2 years ago


GOAL Flamengo

Bruno Henrique's header that defeats Aguilar.

5:51 PM2 years ago


Free kick for Flamengo
5:49 PM2 years ago


GOAL Flamengo

Shot from Gabigol that enters the goal

5:46 PM2 years ago


Olimpia tries to unfold its game, more based on effort than good football.
5:42 PM2 years ago


Gabigol's shot that goes over the goal.
Offside is marked.
5:39 PM2 years ago


Free kick for Olimpia
5:37 PM2 years ago


Free kick for Olimpia
5:36 PM2 years ago


Free kick for Flamengo
5:34 PM2 years ago


Flamengo dominates the game but has no clarity to attack. Olimpia waits looking for the counterattack.
5:29 PM2 years ago


Free kick for Flamengo
5:28 PM2 years ago


Corner kick for Olimpia
5:26 PM2 years ago


Game stuck in midfield. Flamengo maintains possession of the ball.
5:24 PM2 years ago


The position of Olimpia seems clear, it will wait behind Falmengo, giving the initiative to the Brazilians.
5:20 PM2 years ago


Dangerous shot by Iván Torres taken by goalkeeper Alves.
5:18 PM2 years ago


Flamengo takes control of the game and begins to touch the ball from side to side.
5:15 PM2 years ago

Game Starts

The referee whistles and the game starts.
5:06 PM2 years ago

All ready for a great match tonight

We are a few minutes away from the start of the match and we meet the second semifinalist of this Copa Libertadores 2021.

Let's go guys!

4:57 PM2 years ago

Olimpia with new Coach

The Paraguayan team comes with the motivation for the change of Coach, however they know that they must score in the first minutes to condition the game.
4:52 PM2 years ago

Flamengo begins to warm up

The Brazilian team appears on the pitch and begins its warm-up exercises.

The team looks calm and relaxed after gaining a wide lead in the first leg.

4:49 PM2 years ago

Lineup Olimpia

The Paraguayan team has a coach debut and they search a miracle tonight at Mané Garrincha Stadium.

He comes out with the best team to face Flamengo:

4:44 PM2 years ago

Lineup Flamengo

This is the starting eleven that Renato Gaúcho sends for the game:
4:39 PM2 years ago

All ready in Brazil

Everything ready at the Mané Garrincha National Stadium for the start of this match between Flamengo and Olimpia.
4:34 PM2 years ago

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How to watch Flamengo vs Olimpia Live Stream on TV and Online?

If you want to watch the game Flamengo vs Olimpia live on TV, your option is: beIN Sports.

If you want to directly stream it: Streaming services beIN Sports CONNECT.

If you want to watch it on internet , VAVEL US is your best option!

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What time is Flamengo vs Olimpia match for 2021 Copa Libertadores?

This is the start time of the game Flamengo vs Olimpia of August 18th, 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 7:15 PM in Fox Sports 2

Bolivia: 6:15 PM in Fox Sports 2

Brazil: 7:15 PM in Fox Sports

Chile: 6:15 PM in Fox Sports 2

Colombia: 5:15 PM in Fox Sports 2

Ecuador: 5:15 PM in Fox Sports 2

USA (ET): 6:15 PM in beIN Sports

Spain: 12:15 AM in DAZN

Mexico: 5:15 PM in Claro SportsMarca Claro

Paraguay: 6:15 PM in Fox Sports 2

Peru: 5:15 PM in Fox Sports 2

Uruguay: 7:15 PM in Fox Sports 2

Venezuela: 6:15 PM

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Latest games between Flamengo vs Olimpia

The previous match that was played in Asunción, ended with a score: Olimpia 1-4 Flamengo.
The scorers were De Arrascaeta, Gabriel Barbosa twice and Vitinho. For the Paraguayans, Iván Torres discounted.
4:14 PM2 years ago

Key player of Olimpia

William Gabriel Mendieta is a Paraguayan footballer who plays in the position of midfielder and is currently back with the Dean after a fleeting step with the Bravos de Juárez of the Liga BBVA MX
Nicknamed "the Magician" for his great individual technique, he has great facility to turn and shoot at goal from outside the area, and very good vision of the game to assist his teammates thanks to his great ball hitting.
4:09 PM2 years ago

Key player of Flamengo

Known as “Gabigol”, Gabriel Barbosa is a player with great effectiveness in front of goal, especially surprising due to the fact that he is not a classic forward center. Gabigol has been compared to Neymar, however Gabriel is very different from the PSG forward.

Barbosa is left-handed, and his game is much more centralized. Due to his characteristics, he can play in any attacking position, but where he most often starts his plays is on the left wing.

He stands out for his speed, his hitting technique (whether to pass or shoot), as well as for his field vision, without ruling out the main characteristic of every good Brazilian who plays in his position: dribbling. It also highlights the fact that he has an enviable condition, which he takes advantage of to support the team in defensive work.

4:04 PM2 years ago

Probable lineups of Flamengo vs Olimpia


D. Alves; Mauricio Isla, Bruno Viana, Leo Pereira, Filipe Luís; Everton Ribeiro, Gomes, Willian Arão, De Arrascaeta; Pedro, Bruno Henrique.

Coach: Renato Gaúcho


Aguilar; Otálvaro, Santacruz, Salcedo, Torres; Quintana, Ortiz, Ojeda, Sosa; Derlis González, Roque Santa Cruz.

Coach: Enrique Landaida

3:59 PM2 years ago

Who will be the referee and his assistants?

The central referee for this Flamengo vs Olimpia will be Jesús Valenzuela; Tulio Moreno, first row and Lubin Torrealba, second row. The fourth official will be Orlando Bracamonte, all Venezuelans.
3:54 PM2 years ago

Olimpia: For the feat

The Paraguayan squad embarks on a new path now with Coach Enrique Landaida, who will take over the first team after the departure of Sergio Órteman.

This change occurred last Saturday, after the 0-3 defeat against Cerro Porteño in the Paraguayan Clausura 2021 tournament.

With this radical change, Olimpia will go out with new spirit in search of the miracle in Brasilia.

3:49 PM2 years ago

Flamengo: to make the pass

In the first leg, after a very intense and controversial match, the Brazilian team beat the Paraguayan team 4 goals to 1, so they must intelligently manage their home advantage now.

In addition, those led by Renato Gaúcho, last Sunday beat Recife 2-0 at the Brasileirao and arrive strengthened for this match.

3:44 PM2 years ago

The match will be played at the Mané Garrincha Stadium

The Flamengo vs Olimpia match will be played at the Stadium Mané Garrincha, in Brasilia, Brazil with a capacity of 72,800 people.
3:39 PM2 years ago

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