Highlights and goals: Liverpool 2-0 Burnley in Premier League Match
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9:41 AMa month ago

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9:25 AMa month ago

End of game

Liverpool win 2-0 against Burnley, the goals were scored by Diogo Jota and Sadio Mane.
Photo: Reuters
Photo: Reuters
9:22 AMa month ago

92' Liverpool change

Joe Gomes in, Tsimikas out
9:21 AMa month ago

90' Time expired

At Anfield, time running out, Liverpool lead 2-0 against Burnley. 6 out of 6 for Kloop's side in the Premier League opener.
9:15 AMa month ago

86' Mane had the third

Salah rides the ball to Mane in the box, however, the 10 could not connect with the ball.
9:10 AMa month ago

79' Changes

Double change Liverpool: Thiago and Firmino in, Keita and Jota out
9:09 AMa month ago

78' Changes

Burnley substitution: Erik Pieters in, Gudmundsson out
9:05 AMa month ago

75' Changed

Burnley change: Jay Rodríguez in, Wood out
8:58 AMa month ago


Sadio Mané scores the second goal, he shoots past goalkeeper Pope in the box and the Reds lead 2-0.
8:51 AMa month ago

61' Mane again

Mane's shot, but Pope makes an extraordinary save.
8:49 AMa month ago

59' Salah tries

McNeil prevents the second goal after a shot from Mo Salah.
8:47 AMa month ago

57' Mané had it

After a shot from Van Dijk, Mané was unable to push the ball into the back of the net. 
8:36 AMa month ago

46' Wood offside

Goal disallowed for offside by Wood.
8:34 AMa month ago

The second half begins

Second half kicks off at Anfield Road.
8:20 AMa month ago

Half Time

Liverpool 1- Burnley 0

Jota (LIV) 17'


8:17 AMa month ago

44' Tarkowski had it

Burnley's center-back anticipates Allison and almost ties the game.
8:14 AMa month ago

42' Liverpool is a storm

The Reds have been hit on the attack, and the Clarets are aiming to hurt the opposition on a counter. Kloop's men have had the best chances.
8:08 AMa month ago

35' Arnold tries

Another run in by Alexander-Arnold, but he couldn't connect with Salah in the box.
8:00 AMa month ago

27' Offside - Goal disallowed

Salah was offside and this prevented the goal from being scored.
7:54 AMa month ago

21' Salah tries

Mo Salah takes advantage of a counter-attack and sends a shot that Pope controls. 
7:52 AMa month ago


Jota scores the first, taking advantage of a cross from the left and with a header that deflects the shot unreachable for Pope.
7:50 AMa month ago

17' Chance for Wood

Great save by Brazilian Allison against a dangerous arrival of striker Wood. 
7:45 AMa month ago

13' Liverpool take a corner

Little by little the Red team gets closer, but without much danger for Pope's goal. 
7:36 AMa month ago

4' Arnold saved

On the line, the full-back saves Burnley's first goal.
7:31 AMa month ago

The match is underway!

The game is underway between Liverpool and Burnley at Anfield Road. 
7:22 AMa month ago

Dyche waits for a new contract

The Clarets boss, speaking ahead of the weekend trip to Liverpool in the Premier League, said: "It's taking a bit longer than expected. It's in process and I never said I was leaving, I never said anything other than I'm still here and I'm still here.

"So I'm waiting for news on when it can be sorted and when it's being sent to me. Hopefully it's all in place and it gets sorted out."

7:14 AMa month ago

Jürgen Klopp: 'Welcome back - we've missed you like crazy'.

Kloop's statement on the fans' return to Anfield: 

"Good afternoon and welcome back to Anfield for our Premier League game against Burnley". 

"You have no idea how good it feels to say that. Welcome back. And a full welcome. A full Anfield. With a full away support. Soccer is back and it's wonderful". 

"Last week against Norwich City was a great learning experience for us. We didn't start the game well and I'm sure part of that was us all adjusting to the 'new' environment we faced with the return of the capacity attendance."

"It helped us to have the two friendlies at home before the campaign started and it served as a reacclimatization measure. But nothing can compare to when it's for real. And that will be today".

6:54 AMa month ago

Burnley substitutes

These are the substitutes for Dyche's side: Hennessey (GK), Norris, Rodriguez, Collins, Pieters, Bardsley, Thomas, Richardson, Dodgson.
6:52 AMa month ago

Liverpool substitutes

These are the substitutes for Kloop's team: Adrian (GK), Kelleher, Konate, Thiago, Firmino, Gomez, Jones, Minamino, Robertson.
6:50 AMa month ago

Fans returning to Anfield

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images
6:46 AMa month ago

Burnley FC- Starting Lineup

1. Pope
2. Lowton   5. Tarkowski  6. Mee   3. Taylor
7. Gudmundsson   8. Brownhill   4. Cork   11. McNeil
9. Wood  10. Barnes
DT. S. Dyche
6:39 AMa month ago

Liverpool- Starting Lineup

1. Allison
66. Arnold    32. Keita            4. Van Dijk    21. Tsimikas
           8. Keita             14. Henderson       67. Elliott
   10. Mané                       20. Jota                11. Salah
DT. J. Kloop
6:29 AMa month ago

We start!

We are now ready to bring you the action from this match between Liverpool and Burnley.
12:19 AMa month ago

Tune in here Liverpool vs Burnley Live Score!

In a few moments we will share with you the Liverpool vs Burnley live starting lineups, as well as the latest information from the Anfield Road. Keep an eye on the action with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage.
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If you want to watch stream it, your options is: ESPN Play Sur in South America and Peacock in USA.

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What time is the Liverpool vs Burnley match?

This is the start time of the Liverpool vs Burnley match, on August 21, 2021, in several countries is:

Argentina: 8:30 hrs.
Bolivia: 7:30 hrs.
Brasil: 8:30 hrs.
Chile: 7:30 hrs.
Colombia: 6:30 hrs.
Ecuador: 6:30 hrs.
España: 13:30 hrs.
México: 6:30 hrs.
Paraguay: 7:30 hrs.
Perú: 6:30 hrs.
Uruguay: 8:30 hrs.

12:04 AMa month ago

Key player - Burnley

Nick Pope, the Clarets goalkeeper will be essential in today's game. The goalkeeper of the English team will have to face one of the most feared strikers in English football. 
Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

Last season with Pope in goal, they not only managed to get the zero, at Anfield, but they took all three points for Turf Moor, a feat they hope to repeat this Saturday.

11:59 PMa month ago

Key Player - Liverpool

Diogo Jota since he came to the Reds from the Wolves, has been earning a place in the attack front of Kloop's team, so much so that he staggered the ownership of any of the three members of the Anfield offensive trident.
Photo: Reuters
Photo: Reuters

Jota opened the offensive account of the season, and proposed to fight Roberto Firmino on the attack front.

11:54 PMa month ago

Rivalry and history

The number of matches between Liverpool and Burnley is 124, counting all the competitions, where 29 draws are registered, but in terms of victories, the reds take a great advantage with 57 wins against 38 of the clarets.
11:49 PMa month ago

The Clarets want to add to get out of the red zone

Sean Dyche's team lost their first meeting against Brighton, rival for permanence with a comeback of two goals in less than five minutes.

It can be to become a negative point for those led by Dyche, or a turning point that allows them to face a rival of carats, like this Saturday, to start adding in the fight not to fall to the Championship.

11:44 PMa month ago

Reds never walk alone

Last season with a lot of ups and downs; indebted to the Kloop team. Today with Virgil Van Dijk, who returned; is season after sustaining an injury that left him off the pitch for more than nine months, the Liverpool team aspires to get back into the fight for the Premier League title. Started the season, with a notable 3-0 win over newly promoted Norwich City. However, you must improve to stay in the running for the league title fight.
11:39 PMa month ago


The mythical Anfield Road, the home of the Liverpool Reds, will host this meeting. For the first time in the campaign, team fans will be able to see their idols at home.

The fans of the team, after a long time without being able to attend the field, are expected to accompany Jurgen Kloop's team en masse.

11:34 PMa month ago


Hi everyone! Welcome to coverage of the Liverpool FC vs Burnley FC match, corresponding to matchday 2 of the 2021-22 season of the Premier League.

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