Summary Ross County 2-4 Rangers in the Premiership


11:56 AMa month ago

Thank you all!

Thank you all for joining us in this intense duel, it has been a pleasure to be with all of you. ¡WE'LL SEE YOU!
11:55 AMa month ago


Rangers dominated the entire game, but Ross Conty was in the game all game until Arfiel's goal;
11:53 AMa month ago

End of the match


11:52 AMa month ago

93' Laidlaw stops

Tremendous save by the Ross goalkeeper to keep out Ryan Kent's goal.
11:47 AMa month ago

90' 5 more minutes

The referee decided to add five minutes of extra time.
11:43 AMa month ago



11:42 AMa month ago

84' Rangers' fourth

Morelos' shot is saved by the goalkeeper, but the rebound falls to Arfield who picks up the rebound and sends the ball into the back of the net;
11:37 AMa month ago

Rangers react with a change


11:35 AMa month ago

2-3 Ross County scores on penalty


11:31 AMa month ago

74' Rangers substitution


11:30 AMa month ago

72' Hungbo yellow card

Yellow card for the new player after a hard foul.
11:29 AMa month ago

Change at Ross County


11:20 AMa month ago

63' McGregor saves for Rangers

Good chance for Spittal, but the Rangers goalkeeper with a good stretch prevents the goal;
11:18 AMa month ago

57' Ross County chance

A good cross by White that Charles-Cook  Cook  fails to head home;
11:15 AMa month ago

56' Rangers' third goal by Alfredo Morales


11:09 AMa month ago

50' Randall yellow card

Foul in favor of Rangers after Connor Randall's foul. 
11:07 AMa month ago

46' Second half begins

The protagonists return to the field after the break 
11:06 AMa month ago

Moment of Aribo's goal

Source: Rangers
10:47 AMa month ago



10:44 AMa month ago


After a free kick, the rebound is taken by Ben Paton and finds Clarke who manages to score. 
10:44 AMa month ago

39' Ross County gets into the game


10:34 AMa month ago

33' Laidlaw again saves the day

The Ross County goalkeeper with a great save saves Godson's goal after his header;
10:33 AMa month ago

29' Good play by Rangers

Combination between Aribo and Morelos to create a chance, Aribo's shot hits a defender and goes into the corner;
10:26 AMa month ago

23' Laidlaw avoids the third

A good shot from Hagi almost made it three, but the Ross County goalkeeper kept it out;
10:22 AMa month ago

19' Rangers' second


10:20 AMa month ago


Nice shot by Joe Aribo to beat Laidlaw. 
10:16 AMa month ago

14' Se adelanta el Rangers en el marcador


10:09 AMa month ago

6' Corner kick for Ross County

A shot from a corner kick by center back Lacovetti, but the referee whistles for an attacking foul;
10:07 AMa month ago

5' Rangers start dominating

First minutes of the match and the Rangers are in control of the ball with 77% of possession;
10:02 AMa month ago

1' Match starts

The match at the Global Energy Stadium 
9:39 AMa month ago

Warm-up begins

The players of both teams take the field for a warm-up before the start of the match;
9:37 AMa month ago

All set

Everything is ready at the Global Energy for the start of the match between Ross County vs Rangers.
9:36 AMa month ago

Confirmed lineups for both teams

En el Ross County juegan: Callachan, Cancola, Charles Cook, Clarke, Iacovitt, Laidaw, Paton, Randall, Spitall, Tillson y White;

While Gerrard has started with Aribo, Balogun, Bassey, David, Godson, Hagi, Kamara, Kent, McGregor, Morelos and Tevenier

9:30 AMa month ago

Gerrard speaks before the match


9:29 AMa month ago

Rangers lineup


9:28 AMa month ago

Ross County lineup


5:49 PMa month ago

Where and how to watch Ross County vs Rangers?

The match will be played at 10:00 pm ET hours and will not be available to watch on TV.

So the best option is to follow it through VAVEL. com.

5:44 PMa month ago

What time is Ross County vs Rangers?

This is the kick-off time for the Ross County vs Rangers match on August 22 in several countries:

Argentina: 11:00 AM
Bolivia: 10:00 AM
Brazil: 11:00 AM
Chile: 10:00 AM
Colombia: 9:00 AM
Ecuador: 9:00 AM
USA (ET): 10:00 AM
Spain: 16:00 PM
Mexico: 9:00 AM
Paraguay: 10:00 AM
Peru: 10:00 AM
Uruguay: 11:00 AM
Venezuela: 10:00 AM
England: 15.00 AM
Australia : 00:00 AM
India : 19:30 AM

5:39 PMa month ago

Gerrard's statements


5:34 PMa month ago

Ross County Warming


5:29 PMa month ago

How does the Rangers arrive?

The Rangers won last Thursday in the qualifying round of the Europa League. Of the two matches they have played in the Scottish League, they have won one and lost another;
5:24 PMa month ago

How does Ross County arrive?

Ross County started by being beaten, in their second match they won 4-1 and in the third match they drew 0-0 against St. Johnstone;
5:19 PMa month ago


In the past season they have faced each other three times. The Rangers won all three, with the last two goals;
5:14 PMa month ago

Venue: The stadium for the meeting will be the Global Energy Stadium.


5:09 PMa month ago

Preview of the game

Ross County and Rangers face each other in the third round of the Scottish League;
5:04 PMa month ago

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