Summary and highlights of Brondby 1-2 Salzburg
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4:59 PM2 years ago

Thank you all!

Thank you all for joining us in this intense duel, it has been a pleasure to be with all of you. ¡WE'LL SEE YOU!
4:58 PM2 years ago


A good start of Salzburg together with the first leg result has made them take this tie and consequently their qualification for the group stage of the Champions League, tomorrow they will know their opponents in the draw. While Brodby will play in the Europa League;
4:57 PM2 years ago

End of the match


4:52 PM2 years ago


Brondby hangs it up after a free kick but it is cleared by Red Bull Salzburg;
4:49 PM2 years ago

90' 4 minutes to go

The referee has given 4 extra minutes before the end of the match;
4:44 PM2 years ago

84' Changes in both teams

For the visitors, Bernardo enters, while for the locals Morten Frendrup enters.
4:41 PM2 years ago

81' The Danish team tries

Two arrivals of Brondby that fail to reach the goal, as the defense has blocked both shots;
4:39 PM2 years ago

74`Berisha's chance


4:34 PM2 years ago

74' Salzburg almost scored

Mergim Berisha missed a clear opportunity. His header went over the goal;
4:27 PM2 years ago

First change in the Austrian team

First change for Red Bull Salzburg: Zlatko Junuzovic is replaced by Mohamed Camara.
4:25 PM2 years ago



4:22 PM2 years ago

62'Brondby's goal arrives

Kevin Tshiembe's free kick is finally headed home by Andreas Maxso;
4:20 PM2 years ago

Triple change at Brondby

Changes in the Danish team include Anis Slimane, Anton Skipper and Jens Martin Gammelby;
4:15 PM2 years ago

56' Chance for Austrian team

Kristensen picks up the ball after the corner and shoots, but his shot goes wide.
4:11 PM2 years ago

Salzburg dominated

At the start of the second half, the Austrian team is the one in control of the ball, gaining possession;
4:09 PM2 years ago

Start of the second part

Luka Sucic crosses the ball into the area, but a defender arrives first and clears the ball out of danger;
3:49 PM2 years ago



3:48 PM2 years ago

1 minute addition

After reaching the end of the first 45 minutes, the Spanish referee decided to add a minute of extra time;
3:46 PM2 years ago

43' Very close to 0-3

Red Bull Salzburg missed out on a near-miss with Luka Sucic's chance, which was cleared off the goal line by the defense after the ball had beaten the goalkeeper. 
3:36 PM2 years ago

Celebration of one of Salzburg's goals


3:30 PM2 years ago

24' Another one from Brondy

Bruus takes a shot, but it is too weak for Kohn to catch the ball without difficulty;
3:23 PM2 years ago

20'The Danes continue to press

Tshiembe gets a shot on goal, but his header is deflected wide of the right post;
3:16 PM2 years ago

14' Clear chance for Brondy

Mathias Greve gets his head to the ball, but a defender touches it away for a corner kick in favor of the Danes.
3:14 PM2 years ago



3:11 PM2 years ago

10' Salzburg's second

The goal was scored by Brenden Aaaronson, finishing a good play by the Austrian team 
3:09 PM2 years ago



3:08 PM2 years ago

3'The first goal arrives

Salzburg takes the lead through Benjamin Sesko who finishes off a good cross;
3:02 PM2 years ago

The game kicks off

Salzburg is in charge of the kick-off; it will have the first possession of the match.
3:01 PM2 years ago

Match Referee

The match will be officiated by Spanish Carlos del Cerro Grande.
2:31 PM2 years ago

All set at Brondby Stadim

In half an hour the match that will decide who will be in the group stage of the Champions League will kick off;
2:31 PM2 years ago

Salzburg eleven

Kohn, Solet, Kristensen, Ulmer, Camara, Seiwald, Aaronson, Sucic, Seko , Wober y Adeyemi
2:31 PM2 years ago

Brondby's eleven

The Danish team plays with Hermansen, Boorkeeit, Tshiembe, Frendurp, Radosevic, Greve, Bruns, Mensah, Uhre and Hedlund.
8:22 PM2 years ago

Where and how to watch Brondby vs Salzburg ?

The match will be played at 3:00 p.m. and can be seen on Galavision.

However,  a good option is to follow it through ;VAVEL. com.

8:17 PM2 years ago

What time is Brondby vs Salzburg?

This is the kickoff time for the Brondy vs Salzburg match on August 25 in several countries:

Argentina: 15:00 AM
Bolivia: 15:00 AM
Brazil: 16:00 AM
Chile: 15:00 AM
Colombia: 14:00 AM
Ecuador: 14:00 AM
USA (ET): 15:00 AM
Spain: 21:00 PM
Mexico: 14:00 AM
Paraguay: 15:00 AM
Peru: 15:00 AM
Uruguay: 15:00 AM
Venezuela: 15:00 AM
England : 20.00 AM
Australia : 05:00 AM
India: 00:30 AM

8:12 PM2 years ago

Salzburg's position in the Austrian League

The Austrian team has played five games in the Admiral Bundelisga League where they have won all their matches and conceded only three goals so far in the domestic competition;
8:07 PM2 years ago

Brondby's situation in the Danish league

Brondby has yet to win a single match in the six games played, has only four points and is in ninth place;
8:02 PM2 years ago

Red Bull Salzburg losses

The German coach will not have Koita and Vallci available for this match due to injuries;
7:57 PM2 years ago

Brondy casualties

In the Danish team there are numerous absentees due to COVID-19. Coach Frederiksen will not be able to count on Borkeeiet, Cappis, Greve, Mikkelsen, Rosted. 
7:52 PM2 years ago

First leg

The Austrian team won the first leg 2-1 thanks to goals from Adeyemi and Aaronson. For the Danes, Uhre scored;
7:47 PM2 years ago

Venue: The match will be played at the Brondby Stadium in Denmark.


7:42 PM2 years ago

Preview of the game

Brondby and Salzburg will face each other in the second leg of their final Champions League qualifier;
7:37 PM2 years ago

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