Goals and Highlights: Russia 5(5)-(4) 5 Switzerland in Beach World Cup
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12:58 PMa month ago

To the grand final

12:27 PMa month ago


Thank you for following the broadcast of the Beach World Cup semifinal between Russia and Switzerland. See you next time.
12:27 PMa month ago

Suffered pass

Russia beat Switzerland 5-4 on penalties after a 5-5 draw and will be in the final awaiting the winner between Senegal and Japan.
12:26 PMa month ago


Russia goal. Krash scores the goal and Russia will be in the grand final of the Beach Soccer World Cup.
12:25 PMa month ago


Stankovic with the goal for Switzerland and stays alive.
12:24 PMa month ago


Switzerland goal by Holan and Novikov scores to make it 4-3 in the penalty shootout.
12:23 PMa month ago


Shishin goal for Russia to make it 3-2.
12:22 PMa month ago


Swiss goal. Sandro powerfully scores the goal.
12:21 PMa month ago


Russia goal. Nikonorov with the penalty and puts Russia up 2-1.
12:20 PMa month ago


Switzerland missed it, the Russian goalkeeper saves the penalty.
12:20 PMa month ago


Fedorov scores the goal for Russia and ties the game.
12:19 PMa month ago


Swiss goal. Borer makes it 1-0.
12:17 PMa month ago

End game

Russia 5-5 Switzerland and there will be penalties.
12:12 PMa month ago

3Q 03:00

Overtime begins.
12:12 PMa month ago

End of third quarter

Russia 5-5 Switzerland.
12:10 PMa month ago

3Q 00:19

Goal Russia

Shkarin in the dying moments of the game scores the equalizer and makes the whole stadium vibrate.

12:06 PMa month ago

3Q 01:10

Nikonorov is cautioned.
12:03 PMa month ago

3Q 02:21

Goal Russia

Nikonorov with a shot that he barely manages to get a shot off and through the middle of his feet to score the goal.

12:00 PMa month ago

3Q 03:40

Shishin with a powerful shot that goes high over the goal.
11:55 AMa month ago

3Q 06:10

Ott commits the foul to prevent the counterattack and is cautioned.
11:53 AMa month ago

3Q 06:54

Switzerland goal

Holen with the penalty effectively and now the lead is already two goals.

11:52 AMa month ago

3Q 06:48

Romanov commits the pull and is ejected.
11:49 AMa month ago

3Q 08:21

Misev commits the foul in the area and is sent off.
11:45 AMa month ago

3Q 20:00

The third period begins.
11:41 AMa month ago

End of second quarter

Russia 3-4 Switzerland.
11:38 AMa month ago

2Q 02:16

Swiss goal

Stankovic with a bicycle kick in a prefabricated play and they turned the score around.

11:34 AMa month ago

2Q 05:54

Swiss goal

Hodel takes advantage of a defensive error and shoots into the back of the net to tie the game.

11:32 AMa month ago

2Q 06:40

Swiss goal

Hodel's bicycle kick to put it beyond the goalkeeper's reach and bring them back to within one.

11:29 AMa month ago

2Q 08:09

Novikov with the powerful volley shot that goes over the top of the goal.
11:24 AMa month ago

2Q 11:00

Russia goal

Kotenev's half-volley to put it into the corner and increase the difference.

11:23 AMa month ago

2Q 20:00

The second period begins.
11:20 AMa month ago

End of first quarter

Russia 2-1 Switzerland.
11:20 AMa month ago

1Q 00:40

Kash with a long-range free kick that goes wide.
11:17 AMa month ago

1Q 02:37

Chuzhkov with a shot from half distance that goes over the top.
11:12 AMa month ago

1Q 06:24

Swiss goal

Ott from a direct free kick hits it with power and puts it in the corner.

11:09 AMa month ago

1Q 07:13

Goal Russia

Nikomorov's cross-shot hits the sand, making it impossible for the goalkeeper to do anything else.

11:06 AMa month ago

1Q 08:40

Russia's Kotonev is cautioned and concedes the kick for a possible equalizer.
11:02 AMa month ago

1Q 11:24

Russia goal

Krash's volley and cross shot to open the scoring.

11:00 AMa month ago

Right now

The match between Russia and Switzerland kicks off.
10:56 AMa month ago

In this moments

Each player is introduced and the national anthems of Switzerland and Russia are played.
10:54 AMa month ago

All set

The first semifinal of the Beach World Cup between Russia and Switzerland will kick off in a few minutes.
10:51 AMa month ago

The titles

In 2011, Russia beat Brazil in the final and, two years later, they repeated the dose but now against Spain.
10:46 AMa month ago

Savoring the sweetness of victory

Russia already knows what it's like to be champion and did it in 2011 and 2013, so after eight years it will seek to be crowned again, but now on its own soil.
10:41 AMa month ago

The referee

Directly from Azerbaijan, Ingilab Mammadov will be the main referee for this match.
10:36 AMa month ago

For supremacy

Stankovic is the championship leader with eight goals and tied for the top spot, but with one more he would be the outright leader pending whether his team (Switzerland) advances to the final.
10:31 AMa month ago

Making history

The Swiss team has only once reached the semifinals and that was in 2009, when it reached the final after losing to Brazil by a score of 10-5.
10:26 AMa month ago

The billboard

This is today's line-up for tomorrow's grand finale.

10:21 AMa month ago

Good exhibition

Switzerland has just demonstrated that it has all the necessary skills to be a champion after a 10-1 thrashing of Uruguay in the quarterfinals.
10:16 AMa month ago

No South Americans

Brazil was eliminated and no team from South America or CONCACAF made it to this stage, which includes two Europeans, one African and one Asian team.
10:11 AMa month ago


The final will be played in the first instance between the host Russia and the surprising Switzerland. We begin with the coverage of the final.
10:06 AMa month ago

Tune in here Russia vs Switzerland Live Score

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What time is Russia vs Switzerland match for Beach World Cup Russia 2021?

This is the start time of the game Russia vs Switzerland of 28th August in several countries:

Argentina: 12:00 PM

Bolivia: 11:00 AM

Brazil: 12:00 PM

Chile: 11:00 AM

Colombia: 10:00 AM

Ecuador: 10:00 AM

USA (ET): 11:00 AM in Telemundo.

Spain: 17:30 PM

Mexico: 10:00 AM in TUDN.

Paraguay: 12:00 PM

Peru: 10:00 AM

Uruguay: 12:00 PM

9:56 AMa month ago

Key player Switzerland

The number 9 of the European team, Dejan Stankovic, has been the sensation of the tournament with eight goals and shining in the quarter-final win over Uruguay.

9:51 AMa month ago

Key player Russia

Boris Nikonorov, who has scored five goals in the tournament, has been the Russian team's goal scorer of the tournament and has been a key player in getting to this stage.

9:46 AMa month ago

Last lineup Switzerland

1 Elliott Mounoud, 6 Tobias Steinemann, 8 Philipp Borer, 9 Dejan Stankovic, 10 Noel Ott.
9:41 AMa month ago

Last lineup Russia

1 Maksim Chuzhkov, 4 Alexey Makarov, 7 Anton Shkarin, 11 Fedor Zemskov, 14 Kotenev.
9:36 AMa month ago

The road to Switzerland

Like their opponents, Switzerland have not known defeat in the championship by finishing on top of their section and having no problems in the quarterfinal round.

Switzerland 5-5 Brazil (won 4-3 on penalties)

Switzerland 7-3 Belarus

Switzerland 8-7 El Salvador

Switzerland 10-1 Uruguay (quarterfinals)

9:31 AMa month ago

The road to Russia

The host Russia, or as it is often called the Russian Football Union, has had a flawless tournament at home and is the top favorite to win the title after there are no more American teams. They do not know what it is like to lose in the tournament, remembering that they finished the group stage in the lead with six points.

Russia 5-4 United States

Russia 4-4 Paraguay (won 5-4 on penalties)

Russia 7-1 Japan

Russia 4-2 Spain (quarterfinals)

9:26 AMa month ago

Who will the winner go up against?

The winner of this game will face the winner of the other semifinal between Senegal and Japan.
9:21 AMa month ago

The Kick-off

The Russia vs Switzerland match will be played at the Luzhniki Beach Soccer Arena, in Moscow, Russia. The kick-off is scheduled at 11:00 am ET.
9:16 AMa month ago

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