Summary and highlights of Rangers 1-0 Celtic
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8:55 AM18 days ago

Thank you all!

Thank you all for joining us in this intense duel, it has been a pleasure to be with all of you. ¡SEE YOU ALL AGAIN!
8:55 AM18 days ago

Match summary

Rangers take the derby and the three points in a match where Celtic was better in the first half and Rangers in the second. A goal from a set piece decided the match;
8:53 AM18 days ago

End of the match


8:49 AM18 days ago


Four minutes added by the referee;
8:45 AM18 days ago

86' McCrorie saves his team again

Furuhashi had a chance inside the area with a very precise shot, but the Rangers goalkeeper intervened brilliantly;
8:43 AM18 days ago


Five minutes to the end of the match, Rangers have the game in their hands 
8:41 AM18 days ago

77' Alfredo Morales' shot

Rangers attacker's shot, but it goes off target, as it had no angle;
8:40 AM18 days ago

77' Alfredo Morales' shot

Rangers attacker's shot, but it goes off target, as it had no angle;
8:34 AM18 days ago

Change at Rangers


8:32 AM18 days ago

Changes at Celtic


8:30 AM18 days ago



8:30 AM18 days ago

69' Celtic on the verge of equalizing

Furuhashi's one-on-one after a pass into space, but McCrorie makes a good save to deflect the shot into the net;
8:28 AM18 days ago


The Rangers go ahead after the corner kicked by Barisic that finishes off Helender, ahead of the defense and with the header sends the ball into the back of the net;
8:24 AM18 days ago

65' Yellow card for a Celtic player

Eduard was cautioned for protesting to the referee.
8:21 AM18 days ago

60' Double chance for Rangers

First Kent from half distance tests Hart, who makes an easy catch, and then Roofe shoots a low shot but his shot goes wide;
8:17 AM18 days ago

57' Corner kick for Rangers

Barisic's cross to the area that is finished by Connor Godson, but his shot goes very high of the goal defended by Hart;
8:11 AM18 days ago

51' Rangers continue to press

Kamara after a rebound tries to shoot, but again the shot is blocked;
8:10 AM18 days ago

51' Another foul for Rangers

This time shot by Steven Davis, but again the ball is cleared by the Celtic defense;
8:06 AM18 days ago

Second part starts

The second half begins with a free kick in favor of the Rangers, which Balogun crosses, but his cross was cleared by the rival defense;
8:06 AM18 days ago

Second part starts

The second half begins with a free kick in favor of the Rangers, which Balogun crosses, but his cross was cleared by the rival defense;
7:49 AM18 days ago

Great atmosphere at Ibrox Stadium


7:48 AM18 days ago

REST 0-0


7:46 AM18 days ago

43' Foul in favor of Rangers

Steven Davis free-kick, but his shot is caught by Hart. 
7:45 AM18 days ago

First yellow card

The first card shown by referee Clanci is for David Tumbull for arriving late and taking away the opponent;
7:37 AM18 days ago

32' To the post Kent

The Rangers player again generates a good chance from the edge of the area, but his shot meets the right post to prevent the 1-0;
7:28 AM18 days ago

26' Clear chance for Edouard

Furuhashi's pass to Edouard who was in the área, the striker managed to ó finish, but his shot went wide. 
7:21 AM18 days ago

18' Good attempt by Kent

Shot from outside the area of the English player, but his shot goes over the goal defended by Hart.
7:19 AM18 days ago

17' Kent goes on the counterattack, but only

The home team player tried to make a solo run, but the Celtic defense prevented his advance and took the ball away from him;
7:19 AM18 days ago

15' Good defense by Rangers

Celtic try to dominate, but do not get into dangerous positions due to the good defense of the Scottish team;
7:10 AM18 days ago

7' Another arrival by Ralston

Again a cross from the Celtic full-back, but the ball is cleared by the Rangers backline;
7:06 AM18 days ago

4' Celtic reply

Ralston arrives to the attacking positions, putting a good cross, but it does not find a finisher;
7:05 AM18 days ago

2' Clear chance for Rangers

Good chance for the local team after the arrival of Barisic on the left flank, a cross that reached Alfedro Morales but the striker finished badly and went wide of the goal;
7:03 AM18 days ago


Celtic is in charge of kicking off the match  with a fantastic atmosphere in the stands;
6:26 AM18 days ago

All prepared

Both teams are already inside the Ibrox Stadium finalizing the details for the classic of Scottish soccer. The referee Clancy will be in charge of directing this match;
6:24 AM18 days ago

Changes in the Celtics eleven

Eduoard and Juranovic in the eleven for Rogic and Taylor, the only two new players compared to the Europa League match;
6:22 AM18 days ago

Changes in the Rangers eleven

Stevan Gerrard has introduced three new players compared to the last Europa League match: Balogun, Roofe and Kent started today;
6:19 AM18 days ago

Celtics starting eleven


6:18 AM18 days ago

Rangers starting eleven


2:39 PM19 days ago


Celtic are fifth in the table with six points. Rangers are just behind with the same points as Celtic, but goal difference has Celtic ahead in the standings. Hibernian are currently the leaders in Scottish football;
2:34 PM19 days ago

Where and how to watch Rangers vs Celtic?

The match will be played at 7:00 ET. time and can be seen on ESPN. 

However,  a good option is to follow it through  VAVEL. com.

2:29 PM19 days ago

What time is Rangers vs Celtic?


This is the kickoff time for the Rangers vs Celtic match on August 29 in several countries:

Argentina: 7:00 AM
Bolivia: 7:00 AM
Brazil: 8:00 AM
Chile: 7:00 AM
Colombia: 6:00 AM
Ecuador: 6:00 AM
USA (ET): 7:00 AM
Spain: 13:00 PM
Mexico: 6:00 AM
Paraguay: 7:00 AM
Peru: 7:00 AM
Uruguay: 7:00 AM
Venezuela: 7:00 AM
England : 12.00 AM
Australia : 21:00 AM
India: 16:30 AM

2:24 PM19 days ago

Departures of both teams

Coach Steven Gerrard will not be able to count on Jack, for calf injury and Sakala for pubis problems. In Celtic the only low Demb & eacute; l & eacute; who is injured ankle. 
2:19 PM19 days ago

Rangers vs Celtic the great Scottish soccer classic

2:14 PM19 days ago

How are Celtic coming along?

Celtic lost in their Europa League match, but thanks to their first leg advantage. They have won their last six matches;
2:09 PM19 days ago

How does the Rangers arrive?

Rangers are coming off a draw in their Europa League qualifier, but it was enough to get them into the group stage. Their three previous matches in the Scottish League were all wins;
2:04 PM19 days ago


Of the last six matches between Rangers and Celtic, five of them have been won by Rangers;
1:59 PM19 days ago


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1:54 PM19 days ago

Preview of the game

Rangers and Celtic will face each other in round 4 of the Scottish Premiership;
1:49 PM19 days ago

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