Goals and highlights: Chivas 2-0 Mazatlan in Liga MX Femenil Apertura 2021
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4:08 PM18 days ago

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Goals and highlights

1:28 PM18 days ago

Game over!

With goals from Gabriela Valenzuela and Carolina Jaramillo, Chivas easily defeated Mazatlán at the Verde Valle facilities.

With this victory, Guadalajara now has 19 points and is the overall runner-up, while the Sinaloa team is in last place with only two points.

On the eighth matchday of the Apertura 2021 Liga MX Femenil, the Rebaño will host Atlas, and the Buccaneers, FC Juárez.

(Photo: Chivas)
(Photo: Chivas)
1:25 PM18 days ago


Three minutes of reinstatement are added.
1:21 PM18 days ago


Mazatlan Femenil makes its last change: Yaharia Flores comes in for Valeria Lagunes.
1:12 PM18 days ago


Mazatlan Femenil also makes another change: Brenda Sosa comes in for Michell Guerrero.
1:11 PM18 days ago


Final changes for Chivas Femenil: Isabella Gutiérrez and Gabriela Valenzuela are replaced by Atzimba Casas and Lia Romero.
1:05 PM18 days ago


The match is stopped again for both teams to rehydrate.
1:05 PM18 days ago


Mazatlan makes its first change: Fatima Bracamonte comes on in place of Paola Aleman.
12:59 PM18 days ago


Chivas Femenil moves its lineup: Carolina Jaramillo and Joseline Montoya are out and Anette Vázquez and Rubí Soto are in.
12:52 PM18 days ago


The start of the second half was quite disputed; neither team had clear possession of the ball.
12:38 PM18 days ago

The second half begins!

The match between Chivas and Mazatlan resumes.
12:23 PM18 days ago

The first half ends!

Without having a great performance, Chivas is beating Mazatlan 2-0 at Verde Valle, in the seventh date of the Liga MX Femenil.
12:21 PM18 days ago


Two minutes of compensation are added.
12:14 PM18 days ago


Metal! Great play by Chivas: Joseline Montoya sets up Alicia Cervantes, who scores with a first-time shot, but the ball hits the crossbar.
12:12 PM18 days ago


Almost there! Norma Gaitan enters the box and takes a shot that Celeste Espino can't quite contain, but Dayana Madrigal appears to cut off the danger. Mazatlan came close to scoring.
12:09 PM18 days ago


In this way, Caro Jaramillo scored Chivas' second goal. 
12:02 PM18 days ago


The game is stopped for both teams to have a minute to rehydrate.
11:56 AM18 days ago


Carolina Jaramillo scores Guadalajara's second goal with a great shot from outside the box that goes into the upper right corner of the goal.
11:55 AM18 days ago


With this goal by Gabriela Valenzuela, who scored for the first time in Liga MX Femenil, Chivas is beating Mazatlan. 
11:48 AM18 days ago


Chivas had total control of the match; however, beyond the goal, they were not very precise in the opponent's half.
11:41 AM18 days ago


Gabriela Valenzuela appears at the far post after taking advantage of a rebound off the crossbar to score with a low, powerful shot.
11:36 AM18 days ago

The match begins!

Chivas and Mazatlan are already playing their seventh match in the Liga MX Femenil, Apertura 2021 edition.
11:25 AM18 days ago

History between Chivas and Mazatlan in the Liga Femenil

These clubs have only met on two occasions, and on both occasions Guadalajara won, with scores of 5-0 and 2-1.
11:14 AM18 days ago

Mazatlan Femenil: substitutes

Anais Ramos; Ana Gutiérrez, Alejandro Escobedo, Wendy Padilla, Valeria Lagunes, Brenda Sosa y Fátima Bracamonte.
11:13 AM18 days ago

Chivas Femenil: substitutes

Karol Contreras; Diana Rodríguez, Rubí Soto, Cynthia Rodríguez, Anette Vázquez, Lía Romero y Atzimba Casas.
11:07 AM18 days ago

Mazatlán Femenil: confirmed lineup

Mariana Zárraga; Silvia López, Alma López, María Sandoval, Michell Guerrero (C), Ixchebel Romero, Belkis Escalante, Montserrat Peña, Paola Alemán, Yahaira Flores y Norma Gaitán.
11:02 AM18 days ago

Chivas Femenil: confirmed lineup

Celeste Espino; Michelle González, Karol Bernal, Dayana Madrigal, Angélica Torres, Miriam Castillo, Carolina Jaramillo, Isabella Gutiérrez, Joseline Montoya, Gabriela Valenzuela y Alicia Cervantes (C).
10:57 AM18 days ago

The Sinaloans arrive at Verde Valle

Mazatlan Femenil is already at the red and white facilities, where this morning they will be looking for their first victory of the tournament.
10:52 AM18 days ago

Sensitive losses for the Rebaño

During the semester, Chivas Femenil has suffered many injuries to its players; now they will be without Victoria Acevedo, who suffered a fracture of the fifth metatarsal, which will keep her out for almost three months; she joins Casandra Montero and Kinberly Guzmán, who were also injured in recent days.
10:47 AM18 days ago

Chivas Femenil call-up

Through a press release, Guadalajara announced the 18 players who will be eligible for Edgar Mejía this morning:
  • Goalkeepers: Celeste Espino and Karol Contreras.
  • Defenders: Jaqueline Rodríguez, Araceli Torres, Dayana Madrigal, Michelle González and Karol Bernal.
  • Midfielders: Miriam Castillo, Isabella Gutiérrez, Carolina Jaramillo and Cynthia Rodríguez.
  • Forwards: Anette Vázquez, Alicia Cervantes, Rubí Soto, Joseline Montoya, Lía Romero, Gabriela Valenzuela and Atzimba Casas.
10:42 AM18 days ago

Referee designations for the Chivas Femenil vs Mazatlán Femenil match

The referee for this match will be Itzel Hernández; Aranza Quero, first assistant referee; Karla Hurtado, second assistant referee; and Alan Rodríguez, fourth official.
10:37 AM18 days ago

Tune in here Chivas Femenil vs Mazatlán Femenil Live Score

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Chivas Femenil vs Mazatlán Femenil live, as well as the latest information from Verde Valle facilities. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live coverage of the match on VAVEL.
10:32 AM18 days ago

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Mazatlán Femenil: last lineup

Mariana Zárraga; Silvia López, Alma López, María Sandoval, Michell Guerrero (C), Ixchebel Romero, Belkis Escalante, Montserrat Peña, Paola Alemán, Yahaira Flores and Norma Gaitán.
10:22 AM18 days ago

Chivas Femenil: last lineup

Celeste Espino; Damaris Godínez, Diana Rodríguez, Michelle González, Kinberly Guzmán, Miriam Castillo, Carolina Jaramillo, Rubí Soto, Victoria Acevedo, Joseline Montoya and Alicia Cervantes (C).
10:17 AM18 days ago

What's next for Mazatlan Femenil?

Meanwhile, on Monday, in a duel with many goals, Mazatlán Femenil failed to manage their advantage and in the final stretch ended up being tied at 3-3 by Pachuca Femenil; their goals were scored by Belkis Escalante, Yahaira Flores and Norma Gaitán. This point is the first and only one they have earned.
10:12 AM18 days ago

How are Chivas Femenil coming along?

Last Monday, on their visit to Baja California and in a very close match, they defeated Xolos Tijuana Femenil by the narrowest of margins, with a goal from Alicia Cervantes, who has eight goals in the competition and leads the individual scoring table, along with Tigres' Katty Martínez.
10:07 AM18 days ago

Mazatlán Femenil, looking for a reaction

On the other hand, the team coached by Miguel Hernández has had a very poor tournament, as can be seen by the fact that it is at the bottom of the general table with only one point, after five defeats and one draw. They have scored 3 goals for and 17 against.
(Photo: Mazatlan FC)
(Photo: Mazatlan FC)
10:02 AM18 days ago

Chivas Femenil, to maintain their unbeaten record

Both in terms of results and soccer, the team coached by Edgar Mejía has been one of the best in the competition; they are in third place with 16 points, the result of five wins and one draw. They have scored 17 goals and conceded 3.
(Photo: Chivas)
(Photo: Chivas)
9:57 AM18 days ago

Two completely different realities

This Sunday morning, in the city of Guadalajara, the women's teams of Chivas and Mazatlán will play their seventh match of the semester; at the moment, the two teams have fared completely differently, as the Jalisco women are in first place, while the Sinaloenses are at the bottom of the standings.
9:52 AM18 days ago

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