Goals and Highlights Necaxa femenil 0-2 America femenil in Liga MX Femenil
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Thank you for following the Necaxa vs. América Femenil game for Liga MX Femenil matchday 7. See you next time.
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Still at the top

Necaxa Femenil played a good first half, but América did what they needed to take the three points and stay in the top half of the table.
7:55 PM25 days ago

End game

Necaxa 0-2 América femenil.
7:53 PM25 days ago


Necaxa's free kick goes over the goal.
7:52 PM25 days ago


Farías is now cautioned and concedes a free kick.
7:51 PM25 days ago


Five more minutes are added.
7:48 PM25 days ago

Goal América 2-0

7:46 PM25 days ago


Perez and Espinoza leave and Garcia and Gonzalez join the team.
7:44 PM25 days ago


America Goal

Dani Espinoza with a pass inside the six-yard box that Flores finishes off to increase the lead on the scoreboard.

7:41 PM25 days ago


Lopez enters and Karen de Leon leaves for Necaxa.
7:38 PM25 days ago


Martínez's left-footed shot easily reaches the goalkeeper's position.
7:37 PM25 days ago

Goal América 1-0

7:33 PM25 days ago


Double change for Necaxa

García and Fuentes come out

Castro and Guerrero come in

7:29 PM25 days ago


Hernandez's cross is deflected by Flores and the ball passes close to the goal.
7:25 PM25 days ago


Goal América

Farías with a header inside the box that he sends into the back of the net for the 1-0.

7:25 PM25 days ago


Luebberth leaves and Hernandez enters, change for America.
7:23 PM25 days ago


The game begins to be constantly interrupted by many fouls from both teams.
7:18 PM25 days ago


Monica Rodriguez has been cautioned.
7:18 PM25 days ago


They asked for a penalty against América, but the referee said there was nothing.
7:18 PM25 days ago


Pelayo's cross is deflected by the keeper and a corner kick is awarded.
7:09 PM25 days ago


He bounces the ball to Masciarelli and has to kick the ball to save his goal.
7:08 PM25 days ago


Orejel's shot from a set piece goes wide.
7:05 PM25 days ago


The second half begins between Necaxa and América Femenil.
6:50 PM25 days ago

Half time

Necaxa 0-0 América femenil.
6:50 PM25 days ago


Dani Espinoza's shot had gone in for Luebbert's header, but was penalized for offside.
6:46 PM25 days ago


Four more minutes are added.
6:45 PM25 days ago


Fuentes' half back hits the crossbar and then the ball goes slightly over the side.
6:44 PM25 days ago


Pelayo enters and Ribeiro leaves, a change for América Femenil.
6:41 PM25 days ago


A cross shot passed through the entire Necaxista area without finding a recipient.
6:38 PM25 days ago


Rodriguez's left-footed shot hits the defender and the ball easily reaches the goalkeeper.
6:33 PM25 days ago


Ribeiro makes a mistake with the service and the ball goes wide.
6:28 PM25 days ago


Calvillo with a bad finish when he had anticipated the first post.
6:28 PM25 days ago


Little by little, Necaxa is adjusting its lines and midfield, so that the Azulcrema's dominance has faded.
6:18 PM25 days ago


Dani Espinoza's free kick hits the wall.
6:16 PM25 days ago


Ribeiro's shot from half distance goes high.
6:15 PM25 days ago


A floated free-kick cross is blocked by Masciarelli.
6:11 PM25 days ago


Ribeiro's half-volley misses the target and is blocked by the Necaxista defense.
6:10 PM25 days ago


Murillo with a shot at the far post on a corner kick that goes high.
6:07 PM25 days ago


Ribeiro's mid-range shot was saved by the red-and-white goalkeeper.
6:06 PM25 days ago


There is no precision from either team, although it is America that has had possession of the ball the longest without clarity.
6:00 PM25 days ago


The match between Necaxa and América Femenil begins.
5:57 PM25 days ago

They jump into the field

Necaxa and América Femenil take the field under Liga MX Femenil protocol.
5:52 PM25 days ago

To minutes

We are minutes away from kickoff at Estadio Victoria in Aguascalientes between Necaxa and América Femenil.
5:49 PM25 days ago


A few minutes ago, América announced the signing of North American Sarah Luebbert, who will be the second foreign player to play for the "emplumadas" (feathered women's soccer team).
5:44 PM25 days ago


32 Zoe Aguirre, 3 Selena Valera, 4 Ana Lozada, 5 Ximena Ríos, 11 Dorian Hernández, 12 Zaira Moreno, 13 Eva González, 15 Diana García, 17 María Mauleón, 27 Mayra Pelayo-bernal.
5:39 PM25 days ago

Necaxa Substitutes

12 Daniela Muñoz, 3 Lessli Horta, 22 Andrea Balderas, 7 Alejandra Guerrero, 10 Libeth Castro, 14 María Acosta, 15 Diana Anguiano, 23 Joselin Hernández, 9 Saira López, 16 Iraida Fernández.
5:34 PM25 days ago

Thus they arrived

Defender Farías and all her teammates arrived at the Estadio Victoria to try to get the three points.

5:29 PM25 days ago

The referee

Katia Itzel García Mendoza will be in charge of the game between Necaxa and América Femenil.
5:24 PM25 days ago

XI America femenil

1 Renata Masciarelli, 2 Jocelyn Orejel, 6 Janelly Farías, 14 Mónica Rodríguez, 8 Betzy Cuevas, 18 Amanda Pérez, 19 Angelique Saldívar, 22 Sarah Luebbert, 9 Daniela Flores, 10 Daniela Espinoza, 22 Stephanie Ribeiro.
5:19 PM25 days ago

XI Necaxa femenil

35 Guadalupe Olvera, 2 Andrea Martínez, 4 Lucía Muñoz, 6 María Tovar, 8 Karen de León, 13 Fanny Grano, 21 Reyna Velázquez, 24 Dayán Fuentes, 11 Samantha Calvillo, 20 Luciana García, 29 Flor Rodríguez.
5:14 PM25 days ago

Do not fall behind

The Águilas del América need a win to stay ahead of leaders Monterrey, Chivas and, pending Tigres, who will host Toluca in a while.
5:09 PM25 days ago

Back to win

Necaxa's first win of the season came last week when they narrowly defeated La Franja of Puebla, something they will be looking to repeat this Monday at Estadio Victoria.
5:04 PM25 days ago


The big Liga MX Women's league match starts on Monday and first of all, from Aguascalientes, Necaxa Femenil will do the honors against América Femenil. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
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Tune in here Necaxa femenil vs América femenil Live Score

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What time is Necaxa femenil vs América femenil match for Liga MX Femenil?

This is the start time of the game Necaxa femenil vs América femenil of 30th August in several countries:

Argentina: 7:00 PM

Bolivia: 6:00 PM

Brazil: 7:00 PM

Chile: 6:00 PM

Colombia: 5:00 PM

Ecuador: 5:00 horas

USA (ET): 6:00 PM in TUDN

Spain: 12:00 AM

Mexico: 5:00 PM in TUDN

Paraguay: 7:00 PM

Peru: 5:00 PM

Uruguay: 7:00 PM

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Last games

In the last four matches, the Azulcremas have maintained their dominance with three wins and a draw; the most recent time they played in Aguascalientes was in the Clausura 2021, where América won 1-0 with a goal by Mayra Pelayo-Bernal.
4:44 PM25 days ago

Key player America femenil

Although she is not among the top 10 scorers of the championship, Daniela Espinoza continues to be a key player for the Águilas where she has scored three goals in 509 minutes for an average of a goal every 169.67 minutes.

4:39 PM25 days ago

Key player Necaxa femenil

Being one of the best defenders on the team, Fanny Grano gave Necaxa what it needed so badly, a win with her goal last week to boost the team's confidence.

4:34 PM25 days ago

The refereeing

Katia Itzel García Mendoza will be the main referee for the game between Necaxa and América Femenil; Karla Angélica Flores Ortega will be the first official and Mauricio Ortega Hernández the second; Ignacio Góngora García will be the fourth official.
4:29 PM25 days ago

Last Team America femenil

1 Renata Masciarelli, 2 Jocelyn Orejel, 6 Janelly Farías, 14 Mónica Rodríguez, 8 Betzy Cuevas, 11 Dorian Hernández, 13 Eva González, 18 Amanda Pérez, 19 Angelique Saldívar, 10 Daniela Espinoza, 20 Stephanie Ribeeiro.
4:24 PM25 days ago

Last Team Necaxa femenil

35 Guadalupe Olvera, 2 Andrea Martínez, 4 Lucia Martínez, 6 María Tovar, 8 Karen de León, 13 Fanny Grano, 21 Reyna Velázquez, 24 Dayán Fuentes, 11 Samantha Calvillo, 20 Luciana García, 29 Flor Rubio.
4:19 PM25 days ago

América Femenil: stay near the top of the table

After that surprising loss to Toluca at home, América has had a good season with five wins and the aforementioned loss, so they need to keep winning in order to keep up with Tigres, Rayadas and Chivas, as the situation is very evenly matched.
4:14 PM25 days ago

Necaxa women's team: to continue on the right track

The Necaxa Centellas have already tasted the sweetness of victory, as last week they defeated La Franja del Puebla 1-0 in a match that ended in a brawl, but beyond that, they will seek to reflect their improvement on the field and América will be a good parameter to reflect it.
4:09 PM25 days ago

Kick-off time

The Necaxa femenil vs América femenil match will be played at the Victoria Stadium, in Aguascalientes, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 6 pm ET.
4:04 PM25 days ago

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