Goals and Highlights: Denmark 2-0 Scotland in European Qualifiers
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4:41 PM17 days ago

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4:40 PM17 days ago

48' Final Time

Denmark 2-0 Scotland
4:39 PM17 days ago

45'+2 Substitution (Denmark)

↑In: 12. Lindstrom
↓Out: 14. Damsgaard
4:35 PM17 days ago


+3 minutes
4:32 PM17 days ago

41' Substitution (Scotland)

In: 18. Turnbull
Out: 23. McLean
4:31 PM17 days ago

39' Substitution (Denmark)

↑In: 17. Larsen, 15. Norgaard, 
↓Out: 18. Wass, 8. Delaney
4:26 PM17 days ago

35' DEFENSE!!!

Robertson, on the left side, makes a low cross into the middle of the area, the striker Dykes, with his back to the goal, adjusts, and Fraser arrives finishing in the left corner, but the goalkeeper Schmeichel stretched all the way and saved for a corner. A MILLAGRE!!!
4:21 PM17 days ago

31' Good arrival!

Christie receives on the right side of the field, makes a cross inside the area, the ball was coming to Dykes, but the defender Andersen anticipated and made the cut head
4:16 PM17 days ago

28' Schmeichel!

McGregor comes in from outside the box and shoots a hard shot at the Danish goal. But the goalkeeper, Schmeichel, well placed, holds without giving a rebound and reassures the scoring.
4:11 PM17 days ago

26' Substitution (Scotland)

↑In: 11. Christie
↓Out: 10. Adams
4:06 PM17 days ago

22' Substitution (Denmark)

↑In: 19. Wind
↓Out: 20. Poulsen
4:01 PM17 days ago

18' Get the defense off!

McLean receives a pass on the right side of the field, makes a cross inside the area, the ball travels high, but defender Kjaer makes a header
3:56 PM17 days ago

15' Gordon!

Delaney receives the ball on the halfway line, turns it around and shoots a hard shot from outside the box, but goalkeeper Gordon saves it, in two seconds, and saves Scotland.
3:51 PM17 days ago

13' Hold on, Schmeichel!

From a corner on the right side of the field, the cross is taken into the Denmark box, but it goes too close, and goalkeeper Schmeichel comes out of his goal to keep the ball
3:46 PM17 days ago

6' Crooked shot!

A corner on the left side of the field, Damsgaard makes a cross into the area, the Scottish defense cuts it off. On the left side, Wass arrives with a first-time shot, but sends it too far away from the goal
3:41 PM17 days ago

3' Out!

Gilmour receives the ball in the middle, goes forward, the defense doesn't close spaces and he shoots hard, the ball goes to the left corner, it brushes the post and goes out. DANGER!
3:36 PM17 days ago


Second half kicks off in Denmark
3:31 PM17 days ago

00' Substitution (Scotland)

↑In: 9. Dykes
↓Out: 14. McKenna
3:26 PM17 days ago

Teams on the field

The teams enter the field to start the second half
3:21 PM17 days ago

46' Half-Time!

Denmark 2-0 Scotland
3:16 PM17 days ago


+1 minute
3:11 PM17 days ago

41' Hold on, Gordon!

Wass receives a pass on the right side of the field, goes over the marking, invades the area and makes a low cross, but goalkeeper Gordon gets out of the goal and holds
3:06 PM17 days ago

39' No dominion!

Olsen wins a challenge from McKenna in the middle of the field, advances with speed, tries to open the play with Damsgaard on the left, but he misses the domain and then fouls Hanley
3:01 PM17 days ago

37' Confusion!

Denmark's Maehle and Scotland's Hanley are at each other's throats on the side of the pitch, and a mix-up ensues.
2:56 PM17 days ago

32' Defend, Gordon!

A free-kick on the right side of the field, Wass is positioned to take the ball and makes a cross inside the area, the ball arrives at the second stick and Poulsen with freedom finishes first, but goalkeeper Gordon saves
2:51 PM17 days ago

27' Locked!

A corner from the right side of the field, Damsgaard makes a cross inside the Scotland area, Delaney gets a hold of it, tries to finish, but the defense stops
2:46 PM17 days ago

23' isolated!

Hojbjerg receives the ball in the middle, the defense opens spaces and he takes a shot at the opponent's goal, but it goes too far!
2:41 PM17 days ago

14' Goal Detail

Denmark regains the ball and attacks at speed. Damsgaard's good cross from the midfield puts Maehle in front of the goal, and he only shoots past goalkeeper Gordon to score.
2:36 PM17 days ago


Maehle scores the second goal for the Danish national team. 2 a 0!
2:31 PM17 days ago

13' Goal Detail

Hojbjerg receives on the left side and gives a beautiful pass that rips the Scottish defense, arrives at the second stick, and Wass appears in the back of the marking to head and score
2:26 PM17 days ago


Wass opens the scoring for the Danish National Team. 1 a 0!
2:21 PM17 days ago

9' Not reached!

Denmark attack quickly, Damsgaard on the left side lifts the ball on the second stick for Wass, but he can't reach it and the ball goes out
2:16 PM17 days ago

7' Dropped on the field!

Poulsen collides with McLean on a play without the ball, and gets the worst of it. The number 20 hits his face with his hand and falls to the ground. He receives proper medical attention!
2:11 PM17 days ago

5' He sent it far!

Damsgaard tries to play fast through the middle, is disarmed, and Poulsen catches the rest finishing first time, but sends it far away from the goal
2:06 PM17 days ago

4' No danger!

Delaney makes the throw into the box, Wass rises behind Tierney to slide the ball into the middle, but sends it straight into the hands of goalkeeper Gordan
2:01 PM17 days ago


First half kicks off in Denmark
1:56 PM17 days ago

Teams on the field

The teams enter the field to start the game
1:51 PM17 days ago

All set!

With about 10 minutes to go until kickoff, Denmark and Scotland have finished warming up on the Parken Stadium pitch
1:46 PM17 days ago


Denmark and Scotland take to the pitch at Parken Stadium, in Copenhagen, to warm up in preparation for the match to be played soon - at 3:45 pm ET.
1:41 PM17 days ago

Scotland Reserves

12. Kelly (GK), 21. Clark (GK), 15. Gallagher, 13. Hendry, 17. Ferguson, 11. Christie, 18. Turnbull and 9. Dykes
1:36 PM17 days ago

Scotland's lineup

(3-5-2) 1. Gordon; 14. McKenna, 16. Cooper, 5. Hanley; 6. Tierney, 8. McGregor, 23. McLean, 4. Gilmour, 3. Robertson (C); 10. Che Adams and 20. Fraser

Coach: Steve Clarke

1:31 PM17 days ago

Denmark Reserves

16. Lossl (GK), 22. Ronnow (GK), 3. Nelsson, 13. Kristensen, 17. Stryger Larsen, 15. Norgaard, 7. Christiansen, 27. Daramy, 12. Lindstrom, 10. Ingvartsen, 19. Wind and 9. Jacob Larsen
1:26 PM17 days ago

Denmark's lineup

(3-4-3) 1. Schmeichel; 6. Christensen, 4. Kjaer (C), 2. Andersen; 5. Maehle, 8. Delaney, 23. Hojbjerg, 18. Wass; 14. Damsgaard, 11. Skov Olsen and 20. Pousen

Coach: Kasper Hjulmand

1:21 PM17 days ago

Game Stage

1:16 PM17 days ago

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From now on you can follow the pre-match news and the live coverage of Denmark vs Scotland in the European Qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup here on VAVEL. The game kicks off at 3.45 pm EST.
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How to watch Denmark - Scotland live on TV in real time?

Match: Denmark vs Scotland

Tournament: European Qualifiers 2022

Venue: Parken Stadium

Time: 03:45 PM

Where to follow: VAVEL

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Where to watch the Denmark - Scotland match?

It is possible to watch the match exclusively on VAVEL, which will broadcast the match in real time.
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History of the duel

16 matches

10 wins for Scotland

no draws

6 wins for Denmark

20 goals for Scotland

12 goals for Denmark

12:56 PM17 days ago

Last Matches

29-03-2016| Scotland 1-0 Denmark - Friendly match

10-08-2011| Scotland 2-1 Denmark - Friendly match

27-04-2004| Denmark 1-0 Scotland - Friendly match

20-08-2002| Scotland 0-1 Denmark - Friendly match

12:51 PM17 days ago

Denmark - Departures (October)

Scotland (H) - 01/09

Faroe Islands (O) - 04/09

Israel (H) - 09/07

12:46 PM17 days ago

Scotland - Departures (October)

Denmark (O) - 01/09

Moldova (H) - 09/04

Austria (O) - 09/07

12:41 PM17 days ago

Participations - World Cup

Denmark - 5 participations (1986, 1998, 2002, 2010 and 2018)

Scotland - 8 participations (1954, 1958, 1974, 1978, 1982, 1986, 1990 and 1998)

12:36 PM17 days ago

Group F - Classification

1nd Denmark - 9 pts - 3W, 0E, 0L

2nd Scotland - 5 pts - 1W, 2E, 0L

3nd Israel - 4 pts - 1W, 1E, 1L

4nd Austria - 4 pts - 1W, 1E, 1L

5nd Faroe Islands - 1 pt - 0W, 1E, 2L

6nd Moldova - 1 pt - 0W, 1E, 2L

12:31 PM17 days ago

Group F

Group F, in addition to Denmark and Scotland, includes the teams from Austria, Israel, the Faroe Islands, and Maldives.
12:26 PM17 days ago


Hello fans! From now on you can follow live and in real time all the plays and news from the match between Denmark vs Scotland live in the 4th round of Group F of the World Cup 2022 Qualifiers. The duel takes place on Wednesday (01), at 03:45 pm ET, at Parken Stadium.