Goals and Highlights: Ecuador 2-0 Paraguay in World Cup Qualifiers
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Thank you for following the Ecuador-Paraguay game for the South American qualifiers for Qatar 2022.
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About the time

Ecuador sharpened its aim in the last seconds and earned a valuable victory over Paraguay that keeps it at the top of the South American qualifying table.
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End game

Ecuador 2-0 Paraguay.
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Ecuador Goal

Michael Estrada breaks free from the flank and gets into the box to take the cross shot that makes it 2-0.

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Goal Ecuador 1-0

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Five more minutes are added.
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Ecuador Goal

A cross to the far post is headed in by Torres to open the scoring in agonizing fashion.

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Florentín and Melgarejo came in.

Sánchez and Arzamendía came out 

Paraguay's changes.

6:40 PMa month ago


Estrada and Sornoza enter and Mena and Valencia leave, changes for Ecuador.
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Ángel Mena inside the area ends up shooting it upwards.
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Ángel Mena's free kick goes wide.
6:28 PMa month ago


Alonso with the sweep to the edge of the area and is cautioned.
6:26 PMa month ago


Rojas leaves and Corozo enters, Ecuador's substitution.
6:25 PMa month ago


Martinez and Romero leave

Ojeda and Samudio are substituted

Paraguay changes.

6:19 PMa month ago


Cifuentes and Plata join

Gaibor and Arreaga leave

Ecuador changes.

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Second caution for Ecuador and it is Joao Rojas.
6:12 PMa month ago


Estupiñán's cross to the near post is blocked by the goalkeeper.
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The second half begins between Ecuador and Paraguay.
5:49 PMa month ago

Half time

Ecuador 0-0 Paraguay.
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Two more minutes are added.
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Rojas' shot hits the side.
5:44 PMa month ago


Gaibor's shot goes wide of the goal.
5:42 PMa month ago


Castillo's half-turn passes close, but goes over the top of the goal.
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Mena was looking for a bicycle kick, but Martinez beat him to it and sent it to a corner.
5:40 PMa month ago


Estupiñán's free kick goes over the top of the goal.
5:39 PMa month ago


Morel cuts off a dangerous play and is cautioned.
5:36 PMa month ago


Estupiñán was fouled and cautioned for it.
5:31 PMa month ago


Sanchez's free kick is controlled by Ecuador's goalkeeper without bouncing.
5:24 PMa month ago


Estupiñán came within a whisker of deflecting the ball into the back of the net.
5:18 PMa month ago


Romero's long-range shot that Galíndez stretches out to save.
5:15 PMa month ago


Mena's header from a corner at the far post goes wide.
5:14 PMa month ago


Rojas enters and Espínola leaves for Paraguay.
5:06 PMa month ago


Espínola is left lying on the field and it is likely that there will be a change.
5:03 PMa month ago


A cross for Valencia is blocked by Silva with both fists.
5:01 PMa month ago


The match between Ecuador and Paraguay kicks off.
4:58 PMa month ago

They are in the field

The anthems are played and the teams are ready to get the ball rolling.
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To minutes

In a few minutes the game between Ecuador and Paraguay will start at the Rodrigo Paz Delgado Stadium. Don't miss the coverage.
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Substitutes for Paraguay

2 Rojas, 3 Duarte, 5 Giménez, 9 Sanabria, 10 Romero, 12 Aguilar, 15 Ojeda, 17 Melgarejo, 18 Samudio, 21 Romero, 22 Ortiz, 23 Florentin.
4:41 PMa month ago

Substitutes for Ecuador

3 Palacios, 6 Guerra, 9 Campana, 10 PLata, 11 Estrada, 12 Ortiz, 18 Cifuentes, 19 Sornoza, 20 Corozo, 21 Franco,22 Ramírez, 23 Arroyo.
4:36 PMa month ago

Already warming up

The Paraguayan national team is already on the field performing its warm-up protocol.
4:31 PMa month ago

This is how the Albirroja arrived

Paraguay thus arrived in Ecuador to face a new elimination match where it will seek its second away victory, remembering that it already defeated Venezuela.
4:26 PMa month ago

There is support

The stadium will be open on a restricted basis to receive the Ecuadorian fans who will be reunited with their national team.

4:23 PMa month ago

XI Paraguay

1 Silva, 14 Martínez, 6 Alonso, 4 Balbuena, 13 Espínola, 20 Morel, 19 Arzamendia, 8 Sánchez, 15 Martínez, 11 Romero, 7 Amarilla.
4:22 PMa month ago

XI Ecuador

1 Galíndez, 2 Torres, 5 León, 14 Arteaga, 4 Castillo, 8 Gruezo, 16 Gaibor, 7 Estupiñan, 15 mena, 13 Valencia, 17 Rojas.
4:18 PMa month ago

How was Paraguay's participation in the Copa América?

Paraguay, on the other hand, was eliminated at the same stage in a great game against Peru, where they tied 3-3 in regular time and overtime, but were unlucky in the penalty shootout and lost 4-3.
4:13 PMa month ago

How was Ecuador's participation in the Copa América?

With a lot of hard work, but Ecuador managed to advance to the quarterfinals of the Copa America where they lost to the champion Argentina by a score of 3-0, although in the development of the match they left a good taste in their mouths and had moments that they did not know how to take advantage of to take the lead on the scoreboard.
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Ecuador and Paraguay seek to return to winning ways in the South American qualifiers. We begin with the coverage of this vibrant game.
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Tune in here Ecuador vs Paraguay Live Score

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What time is Ecuador vs Paraguay match for World Cup Qualifiers?

This is the start time of the game Ecuador vs Paraguay of 2nd September in several countries:

Argentina: 6:00 PM in TyC Sports

Bolivia: 5:00 PM

Brazil: 6:00 PM in Sport TV

Chile: 5:00 PM in TNT Sports

Colombia: 4:00 PM in Caracol Play

Ecuador: 4:00 PM

USA (ET): 5:00 PM in Fubo Sports Network

Spain: 11:00 PM in Movistar Liga de Campeones

Mexico: 4:00 PM in SKY Sports

Paraguay: 6:00 PM in Tigo Sports

Peru: 4:00 PM

Uruguay: 6:00 PM

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Last games

Paraguay has the advantage in the last five matches with a balance of two wins, two draws and only one loss, which occurred eight years ago.

Paraguay 2-1 Ecuador, 2017

Ecuador 2-2 Paraguay, 2016

Ecuador 4-1 Paraguay, 2013

Paraguay 2-1 Ecuador, 2011

Paraguay 0-0 Ecuador, 2011 (Copa América)

3:48 PMa month ago

Key player Paraguay

Richard Sanchez has had a regularity with America that has allowed him to be called in recent months by the Albirroja. Although he is not a striker, his good technique and great mid-range shot make him a dangerous player at any time.

3:43 PMa month ago

Key player Ecuador

The goal man of the team is still Enner Valencia, who has great experience and multiple tours, such as the Mexican one, so he will have to have a good aim to get a good result.

3:38 PMa month ago

Last lineup Paraguay

1 Silva, 24 Martínez, 6 Alonso, 15 Gómez, 13 Espínola, 19 Arzamendia, 16 Cardozo, 23 Villasanti, 11 Romero, 8 Sánchez, 7 Carlos González.
3:33 PMa month ago

Last lineup Ecuador

1 Galíndez, 7 Estupiñán, 3 Hincapié, 4 Arboleda, 17 Preciado, 20 Méndez, 10 Gruezo, 21 Franco, 27 Palacios, 13 Valencia, 15 Mena.
3:28 PMa month ago

Paraguay: back to winning ways

Paraguay's national team has only been able to win one of six matches (against Venezuela), so despite being sixth with six points, they need to win to continue competing for the direct places, even though these are the first dates of the qualifying round.

Eduardo Berizzo called up Premier League players Miguel Almirón and Tony Sanabria, in addition to goalkeeper Antony Silva, Richard Sánchez, Braian Samudio and Carlos González, who play in Mexican soccer.

3:23 PMa month ago

Ecuador: to stay in the top places

After a spectacular start in the qualifiers, Ecuador is in third place with nine points and needs to be strong at home to stay ahead of Argentina and Brazil.

The non-calls of captain Alexander Domínguez, Christian Noboa, Robert Arboleda and Damián Díaz were surprising, although Ángel Mena, Michael Estrada and Washington Corozo will come from Liga MX.

3:18 PMa month ago

The Kick-off

The Ecuador vs Paraguay match will be played at the Rodrigo Paz Delgado Stadium, in Quito, Ecuador. The kick-off is scheduled at 5:00 pm ET.
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